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US Coach's dim view of the US's chances in the World Cup: Is he negative or just realistic?

Jun 11, 2014|

We discuss the FIFA World Cup (which begins on Thursday) and how the US's own coach didnt the American team a fighting chance. Is he realistic or just negative... we discuss.

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Our number two Elena holly Sports Radio WEEI. I said yesterday that about nine minutes a year -- become horse racing fan. You know three minutes for the Kentucky Derby three minutes for the preakness three minutes for the Belmont -- pretty much eclipses. Our our encapsulates my entire horse racing interest for the year. Don't mind the people who love the sport and got -- wishes and that my friend Bob -- Myers. As good -- handicap or is there is in the United States of America after our people love it good for them. It's not my sport but you know nine minutes a year I watch every four years. I watch sports. While every two years now awaited set up -- and every four years is the Winter Olympics every four years is of the Summer Olympics and I watch sports that I don't watch in between curling. I mean I just love watching curling during the Winter Olympics there's some track and field events love watching -- I feel loved loved I loved it especially. Because of the time change you get up to be on every morning he would be on early every morning. You just watch stuff you would normally watch it's an every four years things out what the heck I'll watch it normally watch soccer -- I don't watch soccer a lot. I get up on the weekends and up and BCS and does a great job. With the Barclays Premier League watch the games on Saturday and Sunday mornings sometimes Monday mornings as well. Monday afternoon love I am I I'm a huge fan. So I'm not the guy I'm talking about because I can't wait to watch World Cup. I think it's going to be great it's a it's a sporting event it's lying and you don't like to hear this out there but it's the biggest sporting event world. That's great I know that it's erupt the beat -- is erupt in and there they're gonna have huge issues with this in Brazil. But that's beside the point when they're actually playing the games I wanna watch cattle. People have a problem with. That the comment that you made it is the biggest sporting event in the world it is the biggest sporting event the world. A lot of people art into it at all. And I and they are OK with with not being into it. I would say that the most of the most interesting thing to me. About the soccer conversations. And and the -- has a little of this too apt to say -- There are some soccer people like hockey people. Who think if you don't understand what they do. You don't understand. It's it's it's too complex for you don't understand it. And so people that's fair I don't understand all the nuances yet but docket their people feel that way you don't get it. And screw you and some people's and they when they try to get it. And soccer people and I hockey be able to go around everywhere. And our sport. It's like. I would admonished you for not understanding it. I would admonish you when you try to under I. I think that the person you just described as the Barry distinct minority I think generally a minority of the -- of -- I think some fans generally appreciated if you come to their sport if you don't understand all the nuances they generally don't criticize the bank. Soccer fans. If someone says and roll and obviously I've heard from a couple of today when guys that Iran listen Mike -- who -- soccer -- Having that so those are people are Arab people or tweet me all the aren't ya know no way I don't wanna watch soccer. If that person says. It within earshot of the soccer fan I don't like it you think your average soccer fan takes that very comfortably -- I don't. But that the other thing you said when when they don't like it if you come to the sport. And if you don't wanna come to the sport but then if you come to the sport and don't understand if they don't like well I don't think that feel that way. If you if you come to the sport and try to watch written and every four years to watch the World Cup okay. I think -- understanding of the fact that. You don't understand all the new wants is all the subtleties and I don't I'm just the fan watches the Barclays Premier League every week I didn't and enjoy it. I think that they are generally understanding that people don't I don't have although the grasp of all the the subtleties. The question is -- I don't wanna be mocked. Then that now they are you've hit the nail on the don't mocked the sport that's where you've hit the nail on the head. Make fun of people like it in in the same way people like horse racing I don't. Like why would I mock somebody for for liking it. Because I'm the B Holland and all I get to decide what sports -- are legitimate what sports aren't you do for two to six everyday I do except Britain all I mean it. I I I cast the net on Twitter earlier today and I sort of asked you know argue interest and are you gonna watch the World Cup. And I just did a quick check here and and it last time I checked I had sixteen people who said yes. I had five people who said no and one person who says -- maybe maybe not so. -- of the quick little Twitter poll but I ran earlier today just to get a sense of it. Most people in the majority of the people responded to me said that they were gonna watch it now here's the. Question I don't know about those wild. Yet but you don't want to know about those people. Are at the sixty people just just for information as you were saying earlier. I wanted to know. Are they casual soccer fans -- excuse me casual sports fans. Are the most of the time today at Sunday at one that does go crazy is the NFL. In there watching our -- -- Hanson on the red zone channel all day long. Do they watch. Of those sixteen they watch MLS and they won an upgrade a serious upgrade to watch the best soccer in the world -- where it is such a different it's huge it's huge upgrade. Where they come in front that's -- If if you're one of those people or or are you like me who is now watching is not watch soccer. Unless of the World Cup. And -- filed with and I'm outlet and how watch. And I will enjoy. What do it it can I tell you honestly that I have watched soccer since 2010. No I can't I can't -- well. Professional soccer I watched it -- soccer this last week. What to Canada and soccer. 44 or -- few weeks now but I'm talking about the pro right. I watch every four years and I like it. And that's fine like I said every four years some Olympic sport will -- on my television. I don't watch pole -- I watch it every four years. Every four years I -- -- all Michael public at the said you said something and why would you want an excuse that why wouldn't. I added that -- that the first game is tomorrow at 330 okay. And Obama sports an -- at home. A lot of folks are working men and I understand that but if I'm sitting home and and and and I got TV on -- sports fan right. One ultimate and watch -- like the sport and and that's fine that's what am -- saying that -- against him but if you're a sports beneath San well. I can watch this or I can watch reruns of of NASCAR I don't even know what's on at 330 after or or I can watch you know numbers never lie or some open. I'm probably gonna watch the sporting event even if it's not a sporting event that I necessarily you know follow religiously. I don't think most people are like that I think people are gonna watch. What they like. And in a case like this spectacle like that -- in a world event in your team is Bennett. Yeah maybe you'll maybe you'll get into it but -- get into it when the game's become more important or you watch the first one. And you won't watch to want to be -- -- your team is still standing. When it gets down to the final four. You watch that too but. I'll tell -- this. Who hasn't been a good ambassador. For US soccer. Let's say has it been somebody on the radio marking the sport no. It's in the free -- head coach. The -- your head coach of US soccer. Will tell anybody who will listen we ought to monitor radio right now he'd tell us -- know that the team can't win. Coach. So if you if you -- if you -- soccer. And yeah all your friends to get excited about the World Cup all you don't you turn on instantly turn on TV everybody -- the World Cup we're looking right now there's got Taylor Twellman. Talking about the World Cup and the coach says the team can't win. How is that it's. Too because when you watch the Barclays Premier League they'll do these pregame interviews with the coaches. And I am always mystified by what coach will say you know what were hoping we get it brought to. Because they're just pops the -- they just tell the truth then and what I used to it here what we wanna nearest fire and brimstone what we're gonna go kick somebody's back ticket kick -- but -- it's that the lettuce at the defeat and I had estimates as. Zero chance of winning the World Cup okay you know that I know that. Guess what you're in Klinsmann knows that. What don't wanna deal we don't want him to tell us that now. It's true what -- they have zero achievements but we just don't want him to say. Don't know permanent link -- I'm not sure what to think -- -- -- to -- -- -- until. So delusional you -- 0% yet there is no chance art. I don't like. Don't want any -- In an athletic competition. -- a worldwide competition -- think you've got 0%. Chance of being an. Only this you said they don't have a chance of winning and. Joker got a contract extension. You argue coaching us that why you are coach. Don't think the team can win if spot if if -- didn't matter if March Madness comes maybe. Out of the need to be entertained if March Madness comes out what their -- The two teams playing in the play in game. How much chance to they have a winning the NCAA championship. None 000. I would not I wouldn't say zero. Michael -- -- still has sixteen is never beaten has ever had ever make heavier and some close games -- Part of it but but even if they pulled battle which has never happened it'd have to win you know six up five more here's the problem with your analogy. United States. It's not a number sixteen feet. So the equivalent of sixteen vs one and that they are -- making the the point that there are there are coaches who go into an athletic competition. Knowing they can't win. Now -- different says European coaches will say American coaches will never sick. As the United States you know about you know more about of this team and the support an idea of -- -- and I'm comfortable with. United States is the United States. A number sixteen seed in this world -- having it if you do your analogy NCAA tournament. Give us something that we can understand it is something that we can hold on to is that US sixteen seed in the tournament. Like -- fourteen or fourteen maybe. I saw a -- story earlier we were looking in the office. Nfl.com. Is trying to make the comparison held -- Thomas writing about the world yet is making comparison between World Cup teams and and there are NFL equivalent. So according to NFL -- content of what it's worth. United States is Germany the care don't know the United States is -- answer that was -- yet. The patriots are German all patriots -- Germany and the Carolina Panthers. -- the United States up. So I've represented playoffs last year have a chip when an old shore likely owe favors no of course not had a home game wanted to vision. As a coach get out of saying. Your team. Can't win any tournament. They probably won't win the tournament. It would be a huge upset. And with soccer being alive in the United States of America when I watch it more than every four years of the US win the World Cup yes I would say it would be a bigger upset than the US winning the hockey gold medal late last great. But upsets happen yes -- It's one of our park -- That's part -- the characteristics of being an American isn't picking have a chance working hard. Beating the odds overcoming obstacles David vs Goliath all that -- -- don't buy gas. I don't wanna hear coach say don't have a chance of winning this thing we just don't want him to be honest that's it yeah you tell me. They don't have a chance he said his quote. We got the play seven perfect games that. I can't play seven perfect games. It's that high I have a hard time picture impossible for the US to play above its talent levels seven times may look a -- off a thumb up -- what I'll take it. I told Emma Watson for years. May be something so obvious you've got out Michael come on of course you don't want that drove these -- it. It was very shocking it's alarming to me there's a -- And that the the four team group that the United States is playing in his called group of death there's a group of death every World Cup. The United States happens to be in the group of -- this time. -- Portugal Germany that. It's kinda look I have a hard time picturing the gonna finish in the top two. And come out of agree forget about getting to the knock -- stage in winning a World Cup I'm not sure they're gonna get out in the group. Younger and says the USB and eight tenancy can attend the win. NCAA tournament was Georgetown the vote lowest seeded team to win an NCAA. Don't know what what was Villanova well. -- -- -- I would suggest -- being a little. Higher than I would be so we'll -- it I said they videos of fourteen senior some. If we were using our NCAA basketball analogy. I think it would BA a a bigger upset -- -- spent thinks that there are a little better than I do. In in terms of the world and and how they would have a problem with Clinton saying oh I knew I was gonna touch people lot like what your -- your -- there I thought. What's really unusual is that an American coach would never say that European coach would. They're just different I mean I I watch -- from nearly all the time and I hear coaches say well we really really hope we get a draw here today. And then. Get over here we think it's in what does he think he's coaching him. Think he's -- If an -- is better view when he talks and talks about not have a chance to win also mentioned. I don't have a lot to do with the World Cup -- He also talked about Kobe Bryant's contract is great but you're right about now that's not gonna tell us Michael Bryant. What are the soccer and other soccer coach -- to talk about the Indy. It's funny he lives in California and has lived in California for a long time what's talked about everything else except this team possibly. Playing above its level surprises and people on the world states. They're EU's competition. For the World Cup tomorrow afternoon. If you're looking for alive sporting event tomorrow afternoon you can make your choice between the US open golf or the World Cup on on ESPN you watch both. Back and forth like I'll probably be doing when I get out of here tomorrow. But there is some some serious sports competition between the two. And and that's fun for the folks wanna watch golf and wishes -- that either see this is one of those deals where. I'm not proselytizing. About trying to sell you on the sport I'm not try and I don't get upset if you don't wanna watch that's fine by me. I if you do wanna watch that's great I don't care. What I can't stand with the people assess soccer sucks and you're an idiot if you watch it. -- just a little shortsighted from me I'm not gonna tell you what sports you need to watch. An -- do you tell me what sports I need to watch. Those that the people who drive me crazy although it was and the people who just mock it because they're far too intellectual. And they they've got way more on the ball than you do so they know what's right what is. On this is looking. We may have missed and a pretty obvious fees and when things. How about UConn. This year. But I don't think UConn. -- 88 or ninth -- matter of fact. Looks like they were wrong sectors with the -- like -- four. But -- -- in some 89 seats who have who have gone to the final four and I I mean -- says they'd be an eight to ten I was sort of -- Gary -- championship George Mason that your ten theaters sometime or twelfth. I don't have or are you tell me that US soccer. After all these years. Because the advocates for soccer said it's gonna catch on their building they're building their building they're growing better as a matter of fact. And that could be wrong on this but I think. In the Olympics. In the Sydney Olympics. And Landon Donovan it was a while ago think. Under 21. I believe it was sort of makes cents 200201432. Yeah 121 team. The US did pretty well in the Olympics it was surprising in this was supposed to be a sign that game maybe not in. Maybe maybe not any time soon but down the road. Maybe not 2002 maybe not 2006 but 20102014. The US has got to be a player on the world stage if you're telling me. After all this time that the US is still considered a fourteen seed. Gergen Klinsmann is not the problem Landon Donovan not a problem. Just the whole paradigm of US soccer is a problem if we can't improve that much over fourteen years. Former US coach Bruce Arena I'm right -- Column recently where he said he thinks that that what the United States should do. Is they should just take all the best players from MLS forget about bringing all these players and who -- club. Tournaments club soccer in in other countries. They wouldn't even make the World Cup they just took all the best players out of MLS Klinsmann has opinions on ML are still thinks it sucks. Well compared to the types of of soccer that we're talking about in England in Germany and in Spain in in Italy. It -- now I like it I I watch that to like about a watch the revolution too it's not the statements it's. It's a totally different caliber of a sport. Now. Bruce Arena quite honestly sounds like he dialed a lot of touch he thinks what the United States should do is get all the best players from MLS. And go to the World Cup with that group. You want to talk about no chance that team would have no chance I mean imagine working for somebody who think she's stuck well. I and it's it's what 777979378. TT tech slide is 37937. -- holly and you guys coming up next Sports Radio W media. Just declare a couple things as we get to the calls UConn was a seven seed this year won the NCAA tournament. The lowest seeded team to ever win an NCAA tournament was Villanova they were an eight -- back in 1985. They were the lowest seed to ever win. You know what they did. Different sport. Ready to get my ass kicked it day. By use soccer. Gurus. Soccer enthusiast. Soccer aficionados. And tell -- can't compare to this you can't compare to that on this thing just in terms. The thought process. Of being competitive. On the world stage. This is not a friendly. This is not somebody a soccer game in the backyard. You're part of the World Cup. You have to qualify for the World Cup. Soviet going to be competitive. Gonna have USA. On your shirt. To go out there -- think he had no chance of winning for your coach to say that means. We have ever had and as an athlete we know that that this is it it's incomprehensible. I mean I don't understand why would that. We edit text or who said maybe -- -- using a little reverse psychology here. You know get your dander up get out there and show you know prove me wrong type of thing and I don't know that that's a psychologist you deal with. Some bizarre analogy would be fun if you ran that question by him like he did with Bill Belichick. Matthew a -- you look battery actually got out of the an advocate for direct answer questions about how would you tell an amateur but that's got. -- and let's -- it -- that it's gonna say 85 -- that's just the segment and 85. Villanova lowest seed you know what they did to beat Georgetown at Georgetown Patrick Ewing and big John Thompson the towel draped over shoulders. It's a perfect. Could they do it ten times no they do it again. -- go back in time to play a seven game series Villanova over Georgetown is probably 41 Georgetown but on that night magical night. It great. They were -- They were inspired what level was high. It may be brought about I don't know capital no huddle I know so. What we believe that what we love sports so much -- like the US hockey team you know Lake Placid. And and -- herb Brooks said you know if they win ten times the other gonna lose a bunch but not tonight press -- New Hampshire Europe first and Sports Radio Salem -- Hey guys I appreciate that they would call they can show you. I'm a -- what we're looking at here is is that fat food mentality of America. We want scoring we want action. And to the casual -- soccer doesn't bring. I -- it. Add that to the fact it and you would have been talking about that everybody saying we have no chance. And and Americans don't want to hear that our team doctor that our team is panicked and they collapsed. So those two along with you know the fact -- where they're still playing soccer here or anybody else all the football around the world. Lotta Lotta things that stacked against getting an American in interested in sport. Well you might be right in and you know maybe it's just that because we don't think we can go up -- in and dominate as we think the United States most dominate everything. That that's why we're not interest that we can't win -- and dammit it doesn't matter many that is maybe it's as simple as that. I Steve's an Everett Steve you're next on Sports Radio -- -- If -- -- -- and and Gail welcome back thank you know you and and well Michael there's actually great tandem. Ed thank you for technical and pretty -- -- -- for -- who are immigrants in the United States in the best time of the year and we appreciate guilt for being -- -- sort of an article it. Paula I mean what we've got to come from I'm from Tanzania East Africa. And their -- all the game is so I mean it's. It's called football on the world except Kia and that's the game and you know as they did it the gut feeling is. They have three other plot and people and -- -- mandates all. So people of sources where -- come from. You know that sort of want -- slow the game. Workable looking at it again and even though you -- picture like the growing like system. You know I don't. You don't it would. Does not but it's not the game here's Steve and is -- -- game here. Eight indicate I'm out of high school focus on where I don't look. Check it camper that you it's absolutely. Tanking. Taken out of it it out. Unfortunately you're all you're -- your your dollars -- Obama -- and and your right. It is not the game in this country it's not the top five games in this country. And and in other countries it is the only game it is now basketball is the only other sport on a worldwide basis that. That even approximate soccer in a lot of other countries they don't have American football. Hockey is outside of the Scandinavian countries and Russia is not that big -- deal baseball doesn't exist in much of the world except. Obviously in the in the Asian countries. You're right it is the woman's sport. Every place else that. I mean they have. Their twenty million people. Right now. I where where you know Taylor Twellman is there in Brazil. Reason we were watch him earlier and ESPN is all it. Fox is all they end up on soccer. They're twenty and twenty million people in Sao -- right now. Going crazy. Over soccer. It's. I understand that the drop of -- I understand the excitement. So it's not I think I don't know where Steve was gone with that like hate. You know this is. This is that the world why did we know I think people in America know that. That his phone broke up so. Maybe this is unfair. That seemed like it was going down the lecture circuit. If I give soccer fans. No I don't don't don't don't drop France yours your sport by telling them. How popular it is and other places -- -- the world gained and your people or out of there you people -- the large you don't understand what -- missing. Let people. BAA via an ambassador. For your sport tell people how exciting it is if they don't have -- not into it cannot intuit I think. If for for some folks there's a certain you know watching the accident on the Mass Turnpike aspect of this whole thing. Because there are some people who were expecting this to be a disaster. Because in Brazil and and and they've got huge issues tomorrow the United States was supposed to have a closed door scrimmage against Belgium in preparation. They had -- called off because Belgium said it's too hard to get through traffic to get across Sao Paulo. To play this friendly game against the United States this closed door scrimmage jerheme -- was tweeting it took him two hours and fifteen minutes. To get from the airport -- to his hotel. They built the soccer stadium in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon in the jungle called -- house they built the stadium which will house four games. And then they're not gonna use it again. Here's the problem. It's not done. There -- electrical wires hanging in the dressing rooms the field looks like it's on in a desert. And England to support -- supposed to play Italy there in two days in their opening match of the World Cup. This and and Taylor by delegates to do what game and -- I can't wait to talk to about it. They have logistical issues that are gonna make parts of this a nightmare and there are some people know I'm gonna watch the accidental side of the road type of thing work. We're gonna tune in just to see how bad it's going to be. And here -- eighteen or older who cares about Third World kicked ball. Move on now that's you know and it's hard for media. -- with -- intellect like that Bob's and Attleboro about I don't. You know people like I would I am not a soccer. The only time on the -- and or years or cheers right treatment in the Olympic world. I am exports in the real nice and sports in -- market in Europe and the World Series compartment that they're not I'm. So. It's it's exciting sports. High level -- I -- interested in the world. I'm not cougars -- one team that's why I watch. The World Cup but I really ridiculous but the ballots are -- around your belt all the equipment. Michael that you went when you Bill Belichick on. Maybe you know the first time that it does -- depreciate in whatever -- -- and are gonna win the Super Bowl. This year. It if he -- say. I wanna be realistic it's early in the keys and went focused on game one. How do you. Redouble its effort syndicate. At. I -- you look at the context of what Clinton that that is actually one. He would focus on that realistic. Obviously getting out of our groups are excellent so going to games -- But -- -- a lot of content and could well -- they'll be realistic about winning field. But in the World -- look at it right there. I think that's where you're you're issue -- -- -- to look at and -- -- the entire context or. You'll get a better appreciation. Out okay are now that's that's that's OK that sounds great -- Let them tell what really happened. At the cemetery -- really happen. Headline today is like wil McDonough right -- they're OK I want to Klinsmann. Said Michael. -- -- Lost to Michael about this as an aside my favorite punctuation are -- US can't win World Cup. It is not realistic to expect the United States to win the World Cup US coach Jurgen Klinsmann reiterated to reporters in Brazil on Wednesday. That. While adding that he no longer sees the Americans has overmatched. Progress. Quote you have to be realistic every year we are getting stronger. We don't look at ourselves as underdogs we are not. We are going to take began to Ghana and they want to get to us and will be an exciting game then we go from there for us now talking about winning -- World Cup. It's just not realistic. If that is American or not you can correct me. He said reiterating the comments he made this past December to the New York Times magazine. I don't see a lot of evolution. -- a lot of progress. We Jurgen Klinsmann. How he says -- -- underdogs do you repeating the comet that he made last year he didn't care it needed temper them if -- can't win why kind of coaching music. I'm just telling you coaches. In international soccer talk differently than American coaches talk here you would never I mean that the most of the worst team in the National Football League Jackson. The coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars would never say got spread yet we can't win the Super Bowl it's true by the way. He'd be telling the truth that -- -- he would never say. It's just it's a different mentality it's a different way of approaching things except it could you keep saying this though this is where I have a private. What do now boy out of public view. You'll keep comparing. United States to the worst game of football to the world OK I'm just -- in in the United States coaches would never say given what is true but butting into. In international soccer they say stuff like that -- that's fine but they say things of like that about teams that deserve it. You tell me this team deserved it's it's a bad team I know I think they have zero chance of winning the world are you located not a bad team. What you think they have 00 point 00. Anyway and and I bet. When I -- I they're not bad. But to think zero and what 5%. To zero but I think they have zero to someone. Because we don't take the game the same way other countries do it is not the B Altman and all our players are scattered all over the world. We we don't approach it the same way is the 10 and don't let those guys there one of those guys on the team. It probably is for them I just. What number would make you happier -- said we had a 2% chance. I think I'd be exaggerating but -- by said that that would make you feel better. To say and an American team the US team this year no chance of winning this tournament yes I think that's the case. Evidence at a certain instrument. 6177797937. ATT -- -- 37937. -- and holly by the way Jack Edwards who has called the World Cup. Will join us at 430 Iran's Sports Radio WE yeah. Dexter wants to make sure right I give Klinsmann the proper quote. Quote for Ross we have to play the game of our lives seven times to win the tournament. On quote Dexter says the -- habit it's hard but possible are you gonna continue to ignore what he actually said -- better than that. Well that quote is correct but he also said we can I am sorry he did. I mean that you get mad at me if you want but -- as any Michael certainly -- your Klinsmann. Jurgen Klinsmann said we can't we in the World Cup. He did say that other quote you're exactly right. He got the contract extension. That's helped me out here telling you know -- don't know how this works. Why. Why it was necessary to give someone who doesn't really believe. And his current team why it was necessary to give my contract extension. He says because they are counting on him re doing the way American soccer is is built. And that's what he's trying to deal he's he's one of the things for instance was moving Landon Donovan out on Donovan out moving green end. This young kid who plays club hockey here you know. Is lacking in criminal because that you know look when it like everybody else when I heard about it it was a big deal. I don't know -- Landon Donovan at 32 years old is he washed up. -- have been on the team so what I did is. Just read a lot of soccer people on top a lot of soccer people. And you know what I found out. It was a computing move. That is unpopular. Added that that it didn't make a lot of sense the the relevant to what so high profile cases. High profile things we've seen from clones and so far. Let -- Donovan not on the team. And then his statements 12031004. That he can't win. If you read the New York Times -- and it goes on forever like sixteen pages but I read the whole thing. That ran in December where he first said we have coach. It's pretty obvious that what USA soccer has done is they have given this guy. The hammer that no other coaches ever had in fact other coaches like Bruce Arena and other guys does that man he's got resources we never had. But they've decided that the only way they can compete on the world stage in this sport is to completely change how the United States approaches the game. And that's what they've given Klinsmann hammered it change it -- facilities training regiment everything else from from soup to nuts change everything. How they approach -- how they play it. He doesn't think that they're ready now. What he thinks four years from now they might -- It exit you know it's still going to be an uphill climb others other countries will definitely be at a -- But four years from now if this continues on the the pace that that's quite a contract. -- been accused of course you think there's any self interest involved in tricky thing about that the greater plan. Of pay up just try to do what's best for American soccer or. Pay four years from it it's a lot easier. It's a lot easier to say we're know we're no good right now. And it they actually win a game out loud for instance except for the US they -- -- a group of -- actually -- -- -- and I don't. And the United States right now today is currently ranked thirteenth in the latest beef. Coca-Cola standings and at the rankings in in the world they're currently ranked thirteenth. The problem is they're in a group with Germany who's ranked second in Portugal who's ranked fourth right. So the chances of getting in the top two teams get out of each group are thirteen out of oh gosh. I forget. Oh no there is no it's there's like. A hundred and out 207. -- -- seven teams playing soccer and a world. So -- idea they were liberal Tehran they would they would win if they played the Turks and caicos they would win. But unfortunately there and -- with Germany and Portugal. Yeah our -- understand that beyond standard that they're thirteen out of to a seven in the world. I don't think any team in the top twenty. Should be just dismissed out of hand of not being able to win it now I can see if they were 65. -- 150. Aren't wealthy they would need me in the tournament that nothing about you know right but we're we're talking about a team that is. The thirteenth ranked team in the world. It's just it's odd to me and it's it's had its bizarre just don't get it rust is in Walpole -- -- You guys looking -- a lot of -- because I had the pleasure of doing the World Cup soccer cast we've been. -- -- But that's where we're even talking you talked at the Bender in your podcasts are going to address that. I was gonna say -- and I have talked about the subject on on the. Podcasts and both of us agreed we don't have an issue with the -- it felt like Clinton says that people think. That this is a realistic response and it looked and I listened to a lot of -- just like. Just like bill that all these in the national manages to -- the way they talked. All -- -- is being realistic Michael they have been zero chance they're tenth in the -- made it their tenth. Intensity and they don't have a chipped it embarrassing attempts -- -- -- -- -- compete for every four years from now they're building a program to about building a program. I know I gotta say I hurt this. I've heard this for a long time I want the United States of America to do well on the World Cup. I walked World Cup soccer public I was excited when it was here. I thought it would have thought it would really. Get a lot of people weren't interested in soccer interested in soccer. In 1994. It did not happen the way I thought it would. What do you think about that. How many times. -- figure thirty years old. -- your life have you heard a manager as rough but it the coach. Many times you've heard a manager. More people involved in US doctors say we're building something and we're getting close were improving every year. Where it is gonna turn will be right there on the world of hurt this. If you like my entire life. So I'm not impressed with that. I mean have you. And I am I hit it about and I screwed up here. No I've heard -- before and it they've failed which is why they suddenly decided you -- -- -- do we need to go get somebody outside of the United States. To run this thing that's happened before turned and and we'll go get your game Klinsmann Atlanta Charlotte -- -- militants in -- very came Elton. Well I guess Mario. -- allows banks you know cult thing -- been deeply involved in the game thirty plus years and you know the fact is Michael Holley is actually buy dot com. Well what the chances are very slow and but to set it is -- -- I mean European -- living here in 1980 when the US beat Russian hockey. Will it happen now but to accept it was hunting. Self serving. If the guy who wants to keep his position. For the next eight years silent comic talent lies he's in the pro -- The national -- program. You're soccer like here and he's right he's a good space he's very progressive. Nutrition and sports psychology but it suddenly and it's kind of in calculated. All the wrong things back and Micah -- most of us soccer people. There have been involved in the game highest level think it was completely off the market nations -- -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You call her any time. I got no love that one MIA -- my Twitter followers to his side has said the fifa rankings are bogus guys look where Brazil is ranked. Results Frankfurt. -- in the in the latest rankings should -- our state gets Spain first they're the defending World Cup -- are. They get Germany's second they've got results third I don't see what the issue. With. That's that's what I have an issue for us that is different I think that's what is right. 6177797937. -- telephone number Michael is not happy. With Jurgen Klinsmann -- games out patter and getting teams revved up so we're gonna try to help him and yergin. We've got coaches who know just what --

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