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Danny O Show - Debut Episode

Jun 11, 2014|

Danny and Ben talk about the Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez fight, Andy Lee joins the show to talk about his epic KO Saturday night and we get a major announcement from Danny O'Connor.

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All right folks they made a bed and and they read Lana. From Framingham Massachusetts. It. And he EE EE. EE EE EE EEE. Welcome into the debut edition of the somebody. Doing good man I am really excited and happy to be there it's been a long time since we've been talking about this we've been -- since October. We hung -- game six the Red Sox World Series the clinching game. And protectorate in the -- aspect and finally starting at right now in June 10 hole. Yeah you know of the plan -- hatched back and the time was -- related Justin pulled through book. You know like anything -- it all started with an idea man and I had the idea in my head before even hooked up with -- and you know once we have to open and now there's actually here and you know. There have been so many signs in the last week and just let me believe this is what's what's meant to be in Vietnam. Excited under -- -- in this excited about -- -- long time you don't have that the passion and and you know its global hawks and many other things and how can beat them. I know you're very excited because I got a flurry of texts or perhaps the best. I suppose if you don't know I think kitchen I produced that don't always show here on WEEI outside of a couple of podcasts myself on WEEI dot com. And Danny and I have been friends since the sixth grade when we -- we start playing football together and that's a woman became friendly with each other and maintain a friendship for. Almost -- years I guess. It has been increasing this minute it -- you know what I think that's a good thing because you have to Wear certain comfort level to be in here and talking and talking to someone. So who first colleagues say -- -- industries and thank you for being here. But you know it's cool it's cool that throughout the years who is we had our own pass -- -- way but there are so many. Functions within you know sports or the radio where we -- passing. You know remain friend in and Stockton you know -- great that we can now come together. Two to do this because it's something that number exactly exactly that's exactly -- I need to do there. -- -- -- just lets you guys know that video show is sponsored by a couple wonderful people the -- performance senator in Hudson. It's a high performance training facility. It's a wonderful place and you've had a relationship with them for very long time how how -- that relationship. Built over time through your career so. I went to -- -- in the sharing now from a temporary currency and what is he always is just impressive performance -- Hudson and since 2008 I've been a member there and and a friend. You know it's not just a gym for pro athletes it's for the everyday person. And I'm you know I I can't say enough good things about our recruits is a person's self you know when he's not driven to do what he does my money when he's driven to. Really made -- work at optimal level and be healthier and our quality. You know living your life because that's what he enjoys doing as a person you know he's a reason which is solid do it in and it reflection in his gym in the way he works so. I mean a lot of people at home. You know wanna be healthy but what's the biggest thing they don't know how to you know they go to the gym and you know they're doing some some lists in and they don't really know what to do -- -- to do it right. You know personally does it -- you have he go in there and treat everyone with the level of respect so in -- he just say you know I mean he's going to be nice anyway so. Could it happen again. And I used to go to the gym a lot and I don't matter much anymore but I used to it and it was mostly populated with guys that were just trying to make him almost exactly take himself he's in the -- Type of gym hours ruling proven well. Yes and what he does she brings you an -- -- -- with an evaluation and it's it's he writes a program using you know has time is intelligence it's individualized and you're never say that where a lot of the time. Individualized -- specifically. For you your needs. And you don't just go in the gym and read a -- -- -- regal in the gym and someone on the staff who. You know there just is amazing his name is gonna take you through the whole work make sure you're doing this stuff the need to be doing you do it right and you know if you're doing it wrong which is very important you're gonna be corrected to do a race or your forms right and it's. And you know. There's two -- classes and a whole bunch of other stuff that's that is -- yes it's high intensity that it's not wounded it's not outside the realm of no it's not forget it's for the everyday person they boot camps you know there's mothers -- different aged people. And the biggest thing is you know I never once went to crises and -- -- comment session went to great environment it's a place that I enjoy being. And that's you know it's violent storm on them and -- have them as sponsor. And if you wanna learn more just -- -- crusty performance dot com at CR ES SEY performance America's vote for you but despite yourself. So it's -- performance dot com the James and Hudson it's it's a fantastic place. Also another one of our sponsors is the beard listen I -- -- so. I gotta say this of people that don't know if if you don't know Danny or haven't seen him in later years you've got an epic beard going. My Beers tomorrow right now maybe it might be as phenomenal and even got a little wild today -- the -- -- And -- -- to talk about the bare -- I I went out and and found him so I had a beard during the Sox remember that when the Sox made a run you Wear the beards. In this thing this it was pretty epic you know I was -- now but it was. About four months of growth rate. I shave that -- up and it was one of those situations where it there comes -- time and in your beard when it's gonna get a little Riley is going to be long and you don't know what to do. -- -- that -- -- -- be yes a little bit but what you don't grow with -- you grow with magical locks like Brad -- from -- religious and followed -- Emery is. You do have a kick ass beard and if you wanna learn more just go to the beard parent dot com or you can follow him on Twitter at the -- down one. If you don't stop there it's BA RON. Yet and basically you know he's the beard ambassador -- booming -- the best beer possible and providing the highest quality. Products for your beard and Muslim terror talk -- -- phone yesterday and the student John he's a good dude he -- enthusiasm and passion for the beard and if you need if you're a man. This with a beard or a guy wanted to be a man to grow and a half. Then you know go to the website check my check -- and on Twitter the -- banner and warned. You know his own web -- to be -- com and -- YouTube channel. It's interesting and I have to check Nazi beacon -- one ball to human beard grow he watched a video and he held true sides. Are those are wonderful sponsors across the performance is Jim and Hudson and the beard there and swords and jump right in and we're -- Introduce you to Danny if you don't know if -- you know maybe you'll get some good stories that you have heard before again like I said at the top gaining have been friends since the sixth grade. We started playing pop Warner football together we played baseball together basketball. We both put a lot of sports obviously as -- just ran down and and once -- got high school. You started -- And I think that is really the launching point for what became your professional career which has been in a boxer. And you're good athlete and everything and I -- members typically causes of the days before I lost my memory you succeeded in anything you tried. Provided your mind was into it and if your mind was into it. You did very well. And the first I really saw you really dedicate your life was to wrestling and you were a very good high school wrestler from the -- What was that time like for you was that the first time when he really had. That true passion for a single sport instead of just playing sports because you like on sports. -- federal who has the first passion I mean. When I was playing baseball. Pop Warner. You know soccer I loved all those at the time and in display them because. I've liked him you know I love those at the time -- I think as you mature more as a person when I got into a different level of competition. It's what really. Brought me into you know the one on one -- Breslin and and that was because I quit all other sports to concentrate a wrestling to put my all into it that's really wanna learn more -- you know my work ethic my way. You know my ability of -- push myself and everything like -- -- really was the first time I was. Fully committed to that sport that I could. Put all my efforts into. Now is it individual nature of the sport. Because he went from wrestling to boxing and it's obviously very personal individual one on one sport. And football baseball soccer they're all team sports who does that drive -- a lot is being bonus is really on you and I can't hide. We'll box sorcerer's -- music went on it and it hit me -- at down to the PLO and training and that's where I started. And but you know I never -- -- -- -- -- it's just sparring. A lot of you and a lot of Cuba there on the beginning by. You know I don't know what drove many wrestling you know is just something that that I film over that time and you know -- got better -- -- worked harder and you know definitely the one on one competition you know. In either winning or losing and solid years you know as a team gone there was definitely a part of it and that's probably. Be resume live boxing was you know just fell into smaller wrestle and ended. So you started sparring. Kinda just tour around a little bit in the eighth grade when did you get serious when did you really truly get serious about boxing exits after I was going to. After but I went through you know they amateur ranks and everything. Ultimately I probably knew that I once you've -- actions as a lifestyle into the rest -- Was merely maybe year before the Olympics when I knew that I was close to. Being able to get the Olympic trials and after won a couple of national tournaments as an amateur and -- get more recognition. And once you know was obviously I knew that I was sort of the Olympics. Decided at the Olympics had decided that when -- gonna launch in -- What was that moment in in your amateur career where. It kind of done a -- day. Not only can I do this but I can be successful doing business and I can make an actual nice career nice living out of being a professional boxer. How and it just wasn't any -- I don't culmination of a lot of and -- you know it was just it was just. You know a lot of it was just throw the competition in the amateurs I was having a lot of fun you know I was chime -- on the USA team corner. You know Russia. China all these different places herbs and USA fighting other countries. We have to live at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado with it on the teammates and it was really fun against travelers national tournaments and you know I enjoyed it so -- -- cottages. Had all these hopes and goals and aspirations to be a -- airborne day I don't think I've ever been money. You know profit driven in the sport of auction I don't care about the money in on the on the NF was -- because I loved him because. It's been wearing students in the cubicle. -- it -- it -- but there's a downside to everything is that your punishment conservative. That's true -- her dad as the -- and you get punched in the face off your nose does look very different from the hoop action that's because I had a broken by Tony times roll and a nasal reconstruction surgery which was to one of the worst things that are on tons -- stuff. Yet it was hard. -- -- -- -- -- I wasn't exaggerating when I said the listening out there it is. With this allows the worst thing you'd like surgical. Injury tense situation. Are -- I was bad so that was after my first loss of authority you know down in the dumps to say and you know to fight. Who just got out of prison. Yes I mean this around you know along with other factors went into it by. At the end of the day you know on the amateur program Austin I was an excuse yes and AM but you know. So regardless. You know I came home from a -- with one of the broken noses then. Enough you know bad enough that I finally had to the hospital -- him you know my nose amassed. So I got to surgery shortly there after and it was -- problem is. -- recovery you know they put the packing up and you know so that is days -- and they got ripped and and it's you know I was rough I did my dues -- dried blood -- the most consistent all -- insides are healing and it was definitely. -- kids don't try -- -- purchased it in. As bad as that is it could be much worse ugly capsule loses his hold on to situations Orson you know. Cultivating their attitude you've got to commend him never to be here and I'm happy to have accomplished everything you know my personal dreams. And so. So you are hearing now we're in the WBA I studios yes. These lovely lovely W media studios if you think it's a wonderful thing in this equipment -- a piece of crap. So the goal here is you wanna do sports -- -- -- Boxing or or radio like what we're doing kind of now and -- generalists and talk about sports or. Years and color commentator for boxing for actual events. I'm you know -- really open to any direction and that. Comes my way you know I'm not I'm not you know I know that none much my plan and and stuff happens on strategists. Living -- right now to have fun and you know ultimately. Starting here a podcast you know. I love podcast or listen all the time you can finalist for anything so I enjoy doing this is -- through and so -- absolutely was gonna serious feelings meant for -- But if this was a step in the door for. You know on air radio or boxing commentary. -- -- hugest -- just encourage -- great commentator. To be you know partner. Are out there like him is his some I would really enjoyed. I really MO hey guys like talking chocolate -- -- job and it's fun for me and you know if a home. Familiar from Framingham talking junk comes natural gas trust me -- know we go live alone in the house to. And Tom Karen at NASA was a premium and it's interest and. So you know first I got -- thing -- -- obviously he has -- without them in. You as my -- man and you know to be able to sit and talk with -- got to a certain you know level of comfort I think since we have previous relationship it's it's. You know snow -- is is does a good thing for us to do together and basically I have a lot of contact from years in the game -- boxing and I thoroughly enjoy watching boxing a student of the game. Talking about boxing so to be able to calm on air. And talk about something I'm passionate boxing and occupy Russian official the same time it's 100% a win win is something that than him and enjoyed. -- and I can only time. -- everything absolutely. Anything in this on the parts in our mind that we feel -- talking about current events. Anything in sports anything in the news to talk about we're -- time America's are part of some you know carrier opinion. Actually I mean I mean huge advocate to help some of them -- you know I don't know if you and -- a movie you told -- and and you know mom although. You know healthy lifestyle so a lot of stuff that I went to was gonna revolve around that also. Because you know. As writers -- -- in reference to -- right now is hamburgers for dinner how it. I don't dislike me I love me I absolutely love it pages. Don't think that would is -- really is so I statistical hunting in. In my own DOD did absolutely -- -- I would. It all mean for something that. I'm going to you know T actually yeah like am -- gonna -- -- is on a pig and kill it by about a terrorist on an elk or deer or something that. You know I can -- -- woman in. -- -- And they're interfered terrorism hunting is coming soon and hunting podcast and -- So every -- anything we were at -- -- we're gonna entertain you and and it's going to be a fun time and as we talked about before we go way back so. We elected. Have good conversation back and forth and we've been doing this for a long time without might come from a sentiments about we should be natural museum we should keep you -- entertained for a little while. He mentioned something a minute ago about your contacts. Which leads me to believe there's going to be some kickass and -- -- Yeah you know how much as as some. Scroll through to end soon and you know people I know post -- and only home that might be a good guess who showed. And you know just right off the back get mentally today's a big thing you know into these different in my pro life great solid dude. Just fought together nicer to be able to call him and listen I know how it is after a fight. There's a very select among people there is the phone in or screen it because you need that downtime you absolutely need that down time. -- -- -- just for example you you you thought Saturday night you -- -- -- -- and you -- Saturday night. How moms are different kind of feel -- will understand and see my failing in eight weeks it has done to do with normality or or any feeling because a lot of that you know. After fights until they do feel like you have by chuck and I don't we got a bad. But other times -- program. But regardless of how I feel. You know there's a good three days the them I'm gone and I'm with my wife and with myself coming in. You know it's gonna take an emergency again called -- and that's his that's a way that I want because I've been gone for them for eight weeks. And and -- of me to. -- -- -- Who will be joining the show a little bit later in this episode. The Saturday night who's on the undercard of the -- She's the -- Martinez. Fight and -- vicious knockout. You text me earlier today it's going to be an -- of the year. It is not going to be over and over on YouTube and its violent. I don't know -- zero over. As -- -- and we had always had that you know. It was a really opponents it was a solid punch me and he you know for the people who. In boxing is culture cook for the people outside of books and don't know you know he was -- in -- defensive position with his back on the ropes. The other guy who is you know doing a flurry of punches and he kinda used other -- momentum come an end to cottages -- backseat on the back leg turn his -- and connect. With a hook. And it was in the right monies by you know again when faced names on the campus for awhile. In the stool. You know as as a fighter it's a scary thing to look and you always hope for the best. Opponent pictures -- human being. You know I mean and -- you know and you the I'm so excited because he's such a good dude and he deserves good stuff like that and men and you know it was a great college as a non fighter. I can watch that thing over and over and over again because of the pain and punishment. Is a different story listen when you went Ricky Hatton had that this is -- that I really said hmm I don't know if I'm going to be -- and it's because you -- stay -- -- -- again here's what my spirit -- -- great -- in the -- your Superman. So to say of the sport. Just get you know killed like that is in seizure on the ring like that's a really scary thing and it really mean we said Dan thank. But here's something I want to ask you about and does not something we talked about the foolish but just popped in my head. Now. I watched one of the rocky movies recently rocky three not one of the best ones. And those flights at the end are so violent and its power punch after power punch card now that you've been a professional boxer who would you BS is that. Yeah why me is it's Hollywood the you know they take -- the taken mass amounts of players men with you know. You know those clean punches that you and you know years -- -- you know you can last flight data itself looks like one of those punches detail and yeah I mean you get -- -- -- from a boxer who who knows how to pull pension. You know. -- Martinez and any entrant to -- his last -- and you know coated doctors sometimes you don't get a because he punches he -- law and it was three in the first round during the first one in the ninth in the in the enough to stool between losing their first and seconds of the -- -- forget any further into the the fight Saturday night -- -- jump back into your actual career so -- an amateur ranks. Golden gloves. -- when the -- -- and well multiple times I think history. Won the national England was in 2008 which was you know the whole country and then. USA nationals and those notes in a box of the -- and those who doesn't it's our one bullet nationals back to back this. And and you were. Selected for new entities are less selective Olympic team I didn't have the opportunity to fight I was alternate come to keep that fire enemy -- in California. So you come back you said earlier you made the decision. When you're doing that with the Olympics that when you come back you're gonna turn pro who. Re scared were you nervous turning pro that it's a big -- and you might not be ready for or religious conscious now I'm ready I can do. While reflections settle ever fully think them ready as we need to read because -- always that I can do more and that's. You know what's got me so successful record anyway. But I did I did feel some already -- -- I mean I had a look at the amateur career with a lot of fights and had experience and you know that really is only -- you can have taken anything you do is experience you -- -- and you don't and I -- reading and and you know target little older in my career than. You know people are coming -- now pro in nineteen -- -- -- I was article I don't know bulldozed to reach me here. To lose too doesn't it to your 23 as -- entering this summer 2000. And and favoritism marches on its march to move from. That first moment walking dithering having your name called the professional fight. It to goose bumps. Yeah yeah I remembered really nervous you know on the restore from a parts you know it's if you -- and owners and humans just. You know mindset deterrent and I'm theirs for a moment for its owners for commend the podcasts it's just to sway him -- united -- You get used to it and start to learn how to use it for goodness but it. I remember that I was super nurses -- officer and the good thing about it though is in Manchester, New Hampshire the left all the lights on in the arena. So was like -- walk you know to ring and it was all darkness and let -- he had just yeah exactly exactly Google and Google to close everything -- dark but don't write his soul -- there when you called the thing this year like home and I'm Gordon there. Okay well yeah I am just showed that rate you -- lose or -- I am the ship so wasn't like that mean it's a Saddam and that the lights -- on and you know a -- I was -- would you -- to register back from the Olympics in in egos -- the Olympics I was -- -- partners are -- members. So it is resistant marker -- -- career off on a great note you went undefeated. And then you got that we mention. Your first professional loss. It was on it was nationally televised showtime my big shot is. And you know what you went into the UN -- it was someone that had more experience and you were I'd say you're 125 at the time -- effect for six and he was like 32. What was your thought going into that fight before it. -- actually used in -- in the fight in. That's why it's hard fame and you know. I don't I don't wanna look back concessions on this I could on that because I absolutely couldn't I did everything that I thought they should have been doing at the time I was working hard and you know at the end of the day it just wasn't my night in and that's really what I -- two in you know I don't hold any -- or regrets in you know look back on me you know just. There you know it was out of my control that night perilous. Experience -- -- on. No -- it was you know ice was no blood in the locker room before the five. Ultimately I know I was anemic to a place -- -- and gas after barely entered punches. You know but alone that's one thing that I you know. I thought he looked really yeah fine. -- just did it finally gets nothing to do you know I am yet and an and ultimately they you know it went back in criminalistics and the doctors then you know I am bleeding ulcer which you know whatever but I don't look back and really talk about it that much to -- I just don't. You know. Many would make excuses like it just wasn't my night and it was into it. And the biggest thing is -- election issues and elected too much especially when it's on the -- excuse because you -- opportunity to take that -- even knowing that your hurt. That's where that excuse goes out the window -- you could have not technically could have not -- And you know it is what it is you fought with the excuse into the -- -- with the injury to look at the consequences so you know it was a -- just wasn't. -- move on you come back stronger. And another winning streak where you know after halfway. Now on the road came back in and linked with Casey's intricate -- And he resort in the kinda resurrect in my career and you know. I will be here on the saying good things about him and you know you can friend of the dale colleges he has great guy great guy. And drop kicks they're great guys and they're big -- the so we'd love him. And so resurrected your career. What he'd do differently for you want to before. I mean kind of stepped in as. You know role models kind of like a father figure in. You know -- more than just to sport boxing in the business that goes into music box so similar as it. You know I really learned a lot from him not just in the boxing business -- -- but in the -- for a and that's why. You know I'm indebted to him. And a basically he stepped in and and try to help me learn how to build a brand into. Build my name and let people in the Boston because he has so many contacts around here you know kind. I'm get excited about me in my boxing career and let people know about me and you know from -- him. You know -- look back at goals and accomplish in the house of blues was one. Most primary most removed for the government -- -- hear him and of course to the party do that it was amazing and and some of them can ever for. Be in the made that post -- Boston Garden. I mean that's a dream come true in itself and in the first in league play -- to -- ever. In those because again. You have examined yet I was at the house of blues that you beat the stuff -- and a kid who was like three inches taller than you. The much -- I didn't know how now back -- It just didn't look right Maine and ending the Boston guard. That's is that the highlight for you. That is Ireland you know what you see this -- -- and a podcast because. I'm not just aura between your read news you can hear my voice and really know me as a personally visit -- mean in in the garden I almost didn't happen because -- make way. At him anyway -- -- a fine 2000 dollars a mosquito yeah so it's it's it's behind the scenes stuff like this that I like. To you know that you guys in Iran because it's like. So I sat Wasilla for 4 hours -- morning -- the way and over and the gold's gym in Natick ya -- I couldn't I couldn't lose that last. Pound edges wouldn't come off. Record at home -- listening and you know there really is like a scientific method that goes into making weight and there's so many variations of the plan in. Frankly sometimes it just works and sometimes it doesn't in this time about it let that happen and I could lose actual time. So cost me two grand now you five to. Which whose. There's reds game that night it was a it was us it was August. It was us. I yen if I remember crackers and August and in the middle right in the middle of the -- season and at the time they are kind of mired in. -- Was that the biggest audience you ever fought lie audience here or far or was that. In. Honor of the congress ought to have a lot of people out there and maybe and that's got to be intense except you know if. On at lake in my undercard is like when your angle on the road -- well in Canada I fought there and you know. That was a huge car and I I don't know that you -- -- at the Nelson I was actually recently. That's going to be that was a vehicle -- out of time and you know Arafat the -- hard rocking out in Hollywood Florida laden and that place is pretty taxed so. You know normalize a lesser but the guard who was alive and Mohamed who was there would be wrong to say no but maybe 7000. Well. So you've been punched in the face in front of probably let's say. 70000. People. Fifa oh man -- -- employers in the face since September. 1990. I'm an innovator of the game ahead. I'd see go through career a little bit more and and what influence do here's. Since you know the background information what's really on the Wheeling and wanna go through that. Going through your career. Widget with two losses three -- with two losses losses total and government. Two. To squeeze it sets up its support of those and I was forget it's in the twenties yeah so. When you're looking at it today and you look at your record yet to pretty damn good about -- I do you know I feel blessed to have them much. Accomplishments and career and yet here right now and out of where I was. The -- -- -- right now where you in your career what's next for you you know. When that when I do realize it have in this time it is. For anybody that knows me and they know that that I appreciate every single and then you know I love interest to my fans that's -- the -- is such an -- -- is American you know actually talked to them. Hopefully have people calling in tweet in future stuff -- do is -- people -- questions they want -- absolutely absolutely that -- and -- -- and -- -- -- What -- actually. So. You know I wanna stick this time as my first podcast episode two you know officially retired from the sport of boxing. From the fighting aspect. The actual -- -- to assess you know boxing commentary. Box. You know obviously the injuries is of the big key thing. -- news torment anybody man you know it's just not meant to with all that and some people who goes for us and others like. I didn't want a press release to come -- from someone behind a desk that wasn't me with words I was gonna use for these people too -- to read so. I stayed really quiet and trigger for the last little -- knows there was some issues about the future that they want me to address but I didn't want it to between. Going to find a way where I could actually talk to fans and thanked them and you know a source -- this is such good time and so. The important fact is that. You know officially I'm tired right now to thank my fans for anything that they've ever done to me. And it was a one of those things where I was just gonna fade away after an injury in people would never hear from me again. I wanted to address the fact it. I'm leaving boxing on my terms aren't. And I'll tell you exactly why I want you Arsenault is not something like. You know obviously -- -- I rovers are members towards boxing this -- just -- -- had a great career and I agree people linking -- helping me who taught me how to not just. The -- about how to be a man and the biggest thing was my happiness I wasn't happy boxing anymore are. I had such a disconnect from my gambling from my friends from home. You know you go -- eight weeks in training camp in Texas you come home for two weeks. Non union and you know maybe one week and you go back for another few weeks to come home for two days and it's like I went from being the person that people. Called to that not even -- -- and knew it was gonna come but the biggest thing is. You know my family and three year old and have -- -- -- best friend and -- -- to death she support me through everything she would. Never be the one to say that in this it was a strain on us be in a way. But I knew was and it just wasn't happy. Doing it anymore so I want to take the time to be honest with myself and start making decisions for my happiness in the first one was. You know coming into the game as a young hungry lion you know I have all these aspirations of being a world champion and going -- to go by. Like a person you know I evolved and a lot of my -- evolved and I'm not quitting boxing is retiring I'm excited to let that chapter behind me in and I had fun times but I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life and you know it just really really. Stop being fun and me and my goal was changed to now. You know wanna be a father and a wannabe husband in one of these changes. I mean really when I was home and you feel like I was -- I knew I had to leave around on it was so miserable I just want to be home. And I was getting farther away from the goals and actually wanted to achieve you know being a father being husband and family. That he that I was getting miserable and and ultimately I talked to coach Ronnie Ronnie shields from Texas -- You know one of the best guys -- government and you know he told his story about when you retire you talk to her chambers about toys and when he retired and and then I made that decision to do that and I honestly don't have any regrets and and and I don't know how close you get to happiness but it. Whenever you as a person can and how that -- of the nation's grab onto and hold on to because when you had -- having is nothing else is that important things and be okay. So they'll ask for much and -- as much when my wife you know moment Dan. I get to wake up my kid hasn't nightmare he doesn't care about how much money in my bank -- cares about me being here. For the experience. With an image on the school. And I'm excited to. Have found this way to translate. Into something that I can still listen I went to the plan on Saturday and I stay up all night long you know who. 'cause I was nervous over the podcasts in my way I'd everything I do I treat like a flight I kinda prepare for. So my way to get rid of the nerves right to counterbalance and nervous to prepare for his five. Am prepared incompetent in Mason nerves go away so we're studying online on the differences. I'm on in Texas a thousand miles away miss my family miraculously been in the room next to me. So I'm doing something an impassioned of boxing like comfort. In with my family so it's it's one of those decisions I had to make paste them happiness. And now I'm just really excited about the future now because it really can be anything. This isn't children retirement. You know I can't say what's in the future but what I can say is you know I will afford it and not only -- enough fighting and you know boxing is not a sport where like you take a year and then you know. Boxing it takes on your body you know look at myself through that I've gone through that trauma. Of trying to come back for another -- You know I don't have anything new to prove I had a great career in and you to think it could of blossomed to a father absolutely. But that's not where I want to go that would -- me happy and and and that's wasn't fun to mean more so it was just. You know -- the courage to change in and I did and I honestly. And just really grateful to even be in this position right now in -- every morning to my kid. Come in my room and wanted to go see Iran sword -- like. I wouldn't change different team and I really want. I applaud you I applaud you for going out on your terms and not just. Doing what. Well not Bernard Hopkins is doing right now because he's still winning fights. But not what some of these old boxers just go through where they kept stuffing beat out of them. And -- -- their for themselves. When you look at Evander Holyfield. Look at him in 1984 before it went the Olympics and he's well spoken guy. Very clearly intelligent guy well spoken you look at him now he can't understand. -- we know that that OK some you know work like separation of family that's that's someone makes him is first it's -- it's a priority in for a lot of the -- actions. Weren't saying the same thing because even though I thought it wasn't doing things to prove it. So that change right but another thing I thought of all the time was was natural and man you know I'm around fighters a lot and I see. Different styles of fighters or fighters new fighters and I never thought about it at all you know until all of a sudden mom dad and I'm responsible for life and -- am now -- not thinking about myself from thinking about the future. At some point. And that's a very scary thing man because that's not something that you know that Thomas and and you know I just would be scared that that would happen. Well the area. And he's retired retired from boxing but notice thirties new career and -- It's a lot less lucrative limited -- -- for a while now. And I don't made maybe 4000 dollars on you know what the line brilliantly. Fifty Patrick -- wall's stats better than anything that anything I mean I never really really any money out boxing literally you know and all the money put back into would try to build the brand like. You know I just -- I'm a bit in poor I don't mind them money to him and I just think it's funny I only try to make decisions now that are based on foreign. And I'm happy sort of -- podcast and that's why we're -- good you know John the -- bearish because that's all -- -- there who still cold Beers and podcasts. -- You're implied. I don't know and and if you are one of those people I don't want him I don't Amaechi and I don't want to listen. So there suck it. All right. -- the data together with. All right so. I mean that was that was. Very well spoken by very well said. And that took a lot of courage we adjusted and -- retire on your own terms and and to explain to everyone -- -- -- just kind of idea and it's my apology for. I've certainly done that thank you and I also wanna thank. You know receive communication ever else on team O'Connor. My fans man and that's why I was so quiet on on -- Lester -- I wanted to. Make sure that time was right for me to make this announcement and and that's why I do think that this was excelling and Angela thank them for her for the journey and to let them know. Then you know. I still have many more during Jimmy podcast. -- commented to an average going to be is just. My boxing journey down fighting has come to and so be excited that you guys stay with me for the next year which I don't know what it is. Well we're in the next we're starting the next -- and right now -- the first step of the next journey which is media yes. And I've been doing it for eight years I love it I think you're gonna love it and again like I said earlier in the podcast when I have known you long enough to know that when you put your mind to something. And you work hard. You will succeed mail so this is just the first step in when you're next -- going to be. And I believe it will be successful career -- and for the purpose of this podcasters can have a lot of fun. But let's get into dom de Miguel Cotto Sergio Martinez fight Saturday night Madison Square Garden it happened to be the weekend of the Puerto Rican parade. Coincidence. I think not. No I mean that's -- no there's no coincidence that suits with him strategically planned I mean it's it's it's a great idea. I mean he's kinda made messenger I'm home I mean they're around these five I think I looked -- record around ten times she's fought there or an area. You know he's a he's a wicked Smart savvy businessman in and he has created a good brand. A definitely a future hall of Famer and just you know real likable I like mediocre allotment I am team Miguel Cotto I had a chance to nineteen to travel to Puerto Rico. On worst team -- only way kid and I thought in cock was. Which is I believe his home his home town and that things -- remembers you know we're in this meeting. We -- do the most on the Ricky -- and handed -- and I end up winning the tournament and I beat to Puerto Rican fighters and on decision. And I just remember Miguel Cotto was having you know in the gym just watching the fights being a regular dude. And and from that day when I got my picture with them. You know I just I think he's a real likable quote dude and and -- -- -- -- him to an open. So coaches. Now he's one was a form of championships and four divisions. Yes so commonly into the fight uses three division world champ -- 4147. And 154 and this played at middleweight his first time middleweight. Well here's a thing. I also the way it was going to be issue could you understand he weighed in at 155 Sergio weighed in at warned. Like fifty I wrote it down 93 quarters or fifty whatever was so I thought the week. Would be a big issue but what it wants -- yeah it was six to really you know Sergio -- a room and away by. So this if -- Miguel had the chance to win this fight -- be. The first four time world champion in Puerto Rican history and he'll be the first world champion at middleweight in Puerto Rican masters so. In the words of you know Pam Pam this was one of the biggest nights of his careers. Is -- in your mind is he the greatest Puerto Rican fighter I mean you've got hall of famers and they believe he's. Q ill will be in line to be the fourth Puerto Rican. International boxing hall of Famer. Behind Wilfred Benitez Felix Trinidad and someone off camera brought to my -- Is he is he the greatest -- -- I in my opinion he has you know I think he's treated I don't know I don't know -- everywhere but he's created something something really great. You know what I -- the long ago corner and is something that pick up the fact that still after being so accomplished. And making money that he is still. Hungry to win and to me that's a great things C because he's not all the money driven he's driven to be the best. To be the best because he loves it and wants to be the best and to me that's refreshing to see because. You know being in the sport being around I know how hard it is sometimes to keep the motivation to keep them focused. And you know to keep that drive and when you see him on 24/7. Which which is one of the best sports shows you see any sport it is it's a great show and I love the way they do it -- they give you an inside look at the fighters you can get. Vested in them as a person. And it was a -- Africa. And Miguel Cotto in his drive and oh yes -- -- and listen here's the reason when you see Jimmy looks super mentally. In the right sparring like it when he's when he's in the -- laughter which is a good thing if you haven't have a four. But on the scene where he's working he's focused he's so focused Visio warned to one of the revelers are in the fight by the -- in heating even break rhythm stride workers had to look at the -- he just kept Congo like a machine. And and there are some that I like to see. Before the fight you to McConnell was gonna win and I'm not a gambling man but I wish I told the whole world to want to order that was my prediction and I was thinking -- no I should've called it but I gave it a decision because I figured Sergio -- And surgical surges 39. You have -- -- you know Hot Springs is all -- -- is an animal and it'll do just that -- old doesn't mean the leader and yet yeah. You know with age comes experience and wisdom. 33 -- go to a 39 in -- From the get go it was it was that it was dollars domination dominance added bonus of three knockdowns in the first round. So that what started -- just feel bad for the old man was. You know what I did I did feel about it but but there's no way we as as a fighter because I know what it's like to be in that position and and Sergio is a true competitor. True athlete he was a former cyclist a former shocker clearly he. Even in a post fight interview you can see how he did make any excuses he was sad he was visibly upset because he wanted to win that fight. He left a lot in the ring that day and the biggest thing to me that I see out of that is she was at -- -- elite stage for a long time performing. And to get elite stage you have to. Being able to change your game plan on a drop that Sergio didn't do that. Cota was well you know in the latter rounds sometimes -- looked like -- was landing at will it was always -- hook Freddie Roach said before the fight. He needs to bring back the -- A former coach will let me tell you right now Karl -- oldest back he brought the -- back he did it was his last fight against -- Rodriguez for the for the narco. And right away first round first knockdown was the hawks right over the -- out. Right right about and that and that whole kind of home only problem and the thing about surgeries he did not adjust his game plan he didn't only not just his game plan. But but to me. The visible anger in the yelling he had in the corners with it is cultures and clean with him yelling there's chaos in the corner. It is chaos and panic in the corner who's going to be chaos and panic. In the fight and if you look at other scenes of Miguel Cotto. He's calm pretty -- is coached is even calmer. There was a question asked -- -- go -- actually answered it actually in an English as a first language. During the middle of the plate and you know it's also played -- that I look at. You know fighter looking at a flanker fighters guys it is stuff like practicing. What do you prefer stylistically from a boxer. Code those relentless style. Which is just pinpoint jabs. -- -- powerful powerful left -- I think Cota was. Landed 212395. Punches which is 54% which is 4% astronauts. And compare that Sergio Martinez who was a hundred for 322. Which is only 31%. What do you like do you like what -- who did pay your defensive boxer. Do you like photos style pressure pressure pressure or he kind of more vote Floyd Mayweather kinda art. Artful boxing words defense week for a spot hit it and then -- walls. I mean I'm gonna say boxer David uses certain rhythm to an -- and it's just -- look at. -- before a partner I mean there's a special read them it just makes it's so -- I love to -- it's an art form. But to the general public not there was like that because you know it's going to be tend to be maybe on the boring side. Now here's the thing that I'm really bring to them Miguel Cotto I love the way that he fought this -- this is what he had to do. He had to impose his well. On Sergio Martinez and he fared even though he was later he fought like to have your guy who walked around he stalked -- he was thrown flooded punches you know yeah like you said look at that percent of of contact and you look like huge project well. But the biggest thing to come by. Is that it wasn't constant humorous which ended up a couple of those rounds you went to a boxing. And he is a very sneaky smooth boxer and you don't think it because he's so powerful usually. A fighter doesn't always have to he's got all the tools. So couple of those rounds -- switch and abusing good angles and boxes and then lecture come out and and who would go back to stock. And you know I just think that he had a really really good. Game play and I absolutely love him with Freddie -- I mean -- the proof is in the putting his last two fights the cool -- his back and you know what's the difference in this that now he's with Freddie Roach. Is Freddie -- the best -- boxing today in your mind -- No -- in my opinion coach which I guess that's because. Cultural issue from taxes is one of the most underrated. Boxing coaches in the world. In my opinion he is -- us. And I think when the alarm for -- comes in in our wins or you know whatever happens that he won't start take -- to go to like I have. So I'm their person we're we're Freddie Roach you know tournament yet strict so I can't yes I can't say the best buy take money out of the equation. I think he's one of them one of them -- not only one of them and he has a lot of failed to reach created a good brand from Sophia saluted you know -- and provocative golf which by next week against percentage -- He has in new young boy Clinton -- from royalties from the Jersey you know I really like him and Pacquiao obviously attack doesn't want that and went exactly. And you know I don't know is -- coach's style but to be on that level he's you know he's got to have done something to make the same. Turn off on -- just curious and get your thoughts on that. Wow what's next for -- is an -- -- -- operas. So it's going to be. You know cents. It's it's whoever want to think Carter writes his own ticket I mean. You know he just beat the middleweight champion of the world and you didn't just beat them he beat him entirely he beat him up so. I think he writes his own ticket -- he's his own Brandon. People like him so. Whatever the best fight for him it makes sense. It might be our president does seem like a pretty good fight but I I don't know I think he writes notes as for Sergio. I think I think it's it's I'm -- mobile why take that action drama in this is what -- -- before. -- a person at that elite level like Mayweather they need to be able to change the game plan on the dropped of that -- doesn't -- -- the change -- need to plan a BC DE. Sergio is a legit middleweight champion or I think he's had adulterer -- years an area that other great -- -- -- Paul Williams. You still at that level. Change a game plan now that he can't too mean to me that tells me that as a fighter he could do once -- -- that that it's by the time you can't hide from the time line. He travels with a physical therapist I liked -- because people need to understand recovery is just as important as the training aspect so she. Travels with the physical therapist who takes care -- But at the same time you know he's just trying to hold off father time for a little bit. But you know at this point he he's not -- you know I think that. He looked all of 39 years old Byron. His body didn't hold up his body broke down and you know there was some room with his knee obviously. Before last -- in the armory. Being in Texas and training camp ride my bicycle and refresh and Twitter every two seconds to get him by senators say yeah yeah. But there was a lot of stipulation that played and after he came out saying the end of that need additional fractures and then in the second round -- buy and hold up and and I just think at this point why put yourself -- to -- You've been champion you've made some money. You know now live -- and -- slipped on some happiness. And his 39. You know you don't see. Bernard Hopkins that's an anomaly. Someone who's doing it fifty years old you don't see that. Let's use Oscar -- is an example. He got out. Just before that precipitous fall off. Were. Yet -- classic fight with Floyd Mayweather but -- got out shortly thereafter before he got to that point where he and his ass kicked. And taking dominant losses. -- I even though the question is I was gonna ask you about that but I mean is surges from where you're saying he Sistani. He's got Politico yeah and how hard is that you're dealing with a right now. Yeah I mean and that an amount even at this stage of Sergio I mean he's a lot more success I am in his lot older. You know I can come back from injury and I could have had a lot longer boxing career and I could went on to try to win a -- championship in and do a lot of things that. At one time or Michael's. But on my terms and choosing that those are the things actually wanna -- anymore. I'm going different route. So you know I just think dead -- for him to keep fighting it's a mistake it really is is he's had the success and you know and now it's time there's no need to take that additional. Trauma I mean where do you go from now even Samuel which you've taken tours of fighter and try to come back and inflate you know someone else for a another opportunity -- I just think it's better off for him to let his body heal and just find some happiness and the good life. You know it's funny as his retirement to some boxes is headed towards advancing age I was just looking through ESPN's pound for pound rankings. And -- you have looked at this right. You know -- -- -- you know what I'm not as much of a student of the game and now you know. You gotta understand I barely had time to even call my wife when I was tired and can't let alone look at stuff or read stuff so I've fallen as much I could but does a lot of stuff that I miss like him like are actually Smart -- should I kind of watching you know -- -- -- Well let me just ask -- this quick question. Of the ESPN's top ten. How many of these guys you think -- in their twenties they mean it's not an anomaly. Green -- I mean. 21. -- who Mikey Garcia. Is a good -- I mean that's -- does that surprise you don't it kind of surprised me looking at it. -- And you know it actually doesn't really surprise me because. You know that the these people were useless firstly I mean -- rather -- -- I mean these people -- the top. These people are powerful powerful reason because they've -- Lucrative careers and just have spent their time and then. You know got to where they go up by a lot of years of hard Berkeley. Boxing doesn't come fast you don't just wake up in India -- have a separate -- Reagan now but the other stations are you use RD you know whatever medalist with however many plates from Cuba. You know it was his time he was ready for that. But it's it's not what it's like anything you have to work your way up get to experience bill that I did that takes time so this power for -- is people who. Who really put that time and and and have been around for awhile Perillo -- -- looking at that list. Very. Highly intelligent. Yeah -- here I mean number one Floyd at the smartest and even eligible under rewards he is he is is very very very Smart fighter -- -- differently -- Yeah Wladimir Klitschko on another Smart. -- -- you know please -- and -- contradictory enough for a good while then Texas and when -- -- -- -- you know listen I was in the gym -- -- usually get an encyclopedia of knowledge you know imagine if your client will offer some stories are. So I always do try to pick his brain in the gyms or Wendy's -- my hands and I'm just look at them like. You know particularly -- and yeah like who's you know the best -- do you ever had who do you police Inglis. And you know he was -- arena. He's hammering -- out all the power and speed actions. -- -- -- And Boca user and you're sick he -- Holyfield Tyson you know he's he's a hall of fame trainer -- -- That's into -- I did surprise me is I don't know much about. About him I don't know much about either your trainer or bringing it to do some order -- you need to do cohosts he got a computer game impact it looked so my game and I will look at -- I will train myself more to do this appropriately. Then that's interest and to me what's the best fighter you ever saw anybody class anything best fighter. Lists to our question passers so many different fighters you know that are different for their reasons. You know and -- design effectiveness -- Search. We'll settle for next you know Floyd played unbelievable how can you go against them you know I'd never seen him personally. For me alive by you know this is my generation and world we. You know -- watching him and provision opponent just like Colorado and -- together for two fights like he has done what he's done so there's no way to to. Talk against -- -- might be the best. What is something that you think people don't know about what it is you've been doing. Not necessarily just -- but the whole business aspect that you found the most interesting that you learned that people should. Wall I mean it's a million things just like that's like asking me. That's like someone on how to look in and asked me what's inside look you know gives a million things in anything these -- radio I don't know any of these -- and -- -- -- -- I've dealt with a lot yeah it was everyone -- thing no doubt about it but the reality is you couldn't sit writes it without training and down. And that -- same same for boxing's so. There's so much stuff that goes on behind the scenes of of boxing. That the normal everyday person wouldn't know and that's to be resort I enjoy it. Podcast does because I would like to share those and they're good stuff like think about stuff for vote you know how away in order to help fight itself. Legal why don't we have a broadcast of an actual fight in how the Specter can actually know what's going on like when you get a big slap and at the end to be drowned does anybody know what that is that's the actual time keeper slap in the match so at the fighters who people know there's only ten seconds flat and yeah. So it's stuff like actually that's -- to have that effect so there there's just so much you know. Stuff that I know that that everyday person went and I'd like to share and I think some of them are good stories like they have before they wanted to do with. By an eighteen bags of ice -- and thorn in the tub have a cold plunge in the morning and stuff like that he would never know that so. I've seen one time I think is one Brock Lesnar was training for USC. And they showed whole month has been training and he took the ice bath and that just keep musicians are just watching I don't know how you ever do it. But I promise you going forward this these podcasts will be less and less of an interview. This is kind of an introductory podcast works. For those of you don't know Danny gets an omen for those of you who do know Danny. You maybe get a little more insight than you possibly up before people that have been. Not necessarily the closest to you but the people have been fans of following occurs they get to learn more yes and despite this more as an introduction to you end to. Know what it is we're gonna try to bring to the table. So -- is that going forward it'll become less listener and -- and be more two guys talking back to more -- -- interest us. We need to your head up the -- for the Twitter and very because it's not live yet but we did we did it is the beauty of post production. Is that we can do this we can takes off -- right in the middle of me talking. It looks awful. That -- so when you I'll listen to this -- -- in between -- pictures to remember that it was happening live on important. At one point it is lives we are live right. So lets you know -- deserve. Anyway that one day something could be live. Call -- stuff like that so how about you then you know men who -- naming your house and -- go to the death in the gym. And Texas have all I'm podcast with -- drawing La. We could do that that would be something to Sweden Def stuff like this is the -- that I think -- things that I I think for you especially. That can be beneficial moving forward is our own evening host. My -- planet Mikey show our love them when HBO does big events in Vegas -- we sent him. And I know Mikey does his homework he he's not the biggest boxing guy in the world he does enjoy it but somebody's prepared us very closely but he exactly. Preparation is key might convince him insane like yeah you just -- any video and even need to it'll it'll. Have everything you need ready for you and everything about the guys and interview. Cause that's something in Germany from this podcast so I will bring my beard in my -- this vote tonight. I asked of the -- it is the other day on the down -- -- we're talking about. Media verse. Athletes. When my favorite moments after Lewis Floyd Mayweather after fight and her tirade at that's reason I was actually thinking that today. Who we played on there we love it Hitler emergence as opposed fifty years younger kick your -- which I don't know much of Miller merchant and Hampshire at one point he's very tough to. You know but a spot tomorrow. Yeah I mean I think years. One of those things jurors to spare of the moment. A lot of testosterone pumping and we're kind of just let -- -- it. Men -- -- I was I was epic. His boxing you need more of that endless. I don't know I mean -- kind of -- -- in the fight. -- federal drama but it. It needs. Something different in my opinion. You know it has to be more for show people have to be more excited about boxing I mean. You know you don't know the undercard fighters some of the you know and alive the venue like take a look at the -- at stand when when the undercard fights sometimes I feel people don't even come to the main event. You want people to be able to come to the fight for the whole -- know the fighters have a great time a great show something in -- you know not a WW after that actual. But it. The whole time a good show and you know and the big thing to me is you know I think timing has to change me and who wants to stay up to twelve -- night to watch a plate homeowner -- I mean it's I'm -- indicate this weekend. And if I were invited up to go to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning we get a much Ali's fights that would had a better day on Sunday you know I mean so it's like it -- it was on a PM new -- -- easy. Yeah when the when the main event is starting at 1120. Yeah by that point. -- it's somewhat cynical man I'm getting tired. -- -- I'm out drinking. I'm exhausted and and you know maybe -- Williams not educated on I don't know if you know the time difference and last days is. Or because he needs to be you know later slotted in the time because you know violence I don't know on the uneducated I would like to find out but but I think you know I just don't like stand up to all the organized and I don't like didn't -- -- and to watch it the next day because now is alive. So I wish it was -- sports Sox it's like. In a while wanna watch it live at a reasonable time and go to that the only sport I can find myself Tivo in it's soccer's design known gnomes can actually. How can I want to box and when my son of historical or ninety's Hillary is two dollars and I don't like that -- him. And I remember when I was younger. The first fights that really got my attention where I always watch he -- -- classics like kind of my dad was in the boxing when I was a book before I was alive. And I was obviously Mohammed Ali we've -- moving through that time but the fights that really opened my eyes I guess I might have been in high school at this point was. Micky ward and I forgot you -- that trilogy I remember watching that first one stumbling on it not even. Not preparing for going into it knowing anything about it just happened to flip the channels and catch it and go. Holy crap. The -- boxing should be. -- game -- -- reviewers agree I know you pursue that he's a really solid. And you know that's just too. Warriors. Him Gotti in the -- just -- And you know. Now that is one of the things -- level of -- CO closely had a relationship map to those fights you know there are others unfortunately encounters yeah yeah it it did it ended very sadly. But before it did you know they were very close and it was from those fights can you leave it all. A deal to warriors you know trying to kill each other. And you get a certain degree of bonding respect from that you'll never hear from and knows. Q did you find that in your fights generally that after you've completed the fighting do you feel like almost like a brother with that person they just went to battle with. Or is that manifested between the two of them because they have three epic battles going back. Yeah I think that they had more invested time and each other I mean if managers. You know say man opponent and I didn't know anything about him came -- not on this you know we don't feel like your Brothers have yet. Given the -- you know I never enjoyed hurting people. Whenever I never enjoyed hurting people I mean that. Dude was just there to. Support his family get a paycheck to -- wasn't that much money. You know I didn't into where people I never like doing so -- I guess. You know when among the -- and -- sort of the killer instinct you know. Interest from the very interesting. And just looking back on your fights and seen -- -- -- Danny if you haven't ever really watched these different fights out there are very defensive -- Well yeah. I inaugural watch and people -- for him on the slick lefty. You know essentially because I never use a lefty -- them right I when I walked in the gym I was taught us lefties so you know. Ups and downs -- you know a lot of that helped me throughout my career but a lot of hurt me because you know when neared. Doing something and not your dominant. Position. You're gonna adapt to -- -- anybody will and anyone becomes second nature but he's never going to be the same. Feeling -- it is with your dominant part so. You know a lot of the stuff me you know my footwork was just a little bit off here or my hips were just little bit off there. And you know ma am asleep lefty and -- YE a punch in your face if you have to sort attractive. Is the defensive. For those fearless and that's a general rule of flight yet but I get punched in the face you know yeah absolutely you have one of those moments. As rocky -- and I keep going back the rocky movies are one of my favorite movies rocky two. You know isn't the polite thing I'm gonna fight and. You perhaps that moment of excellent opportunities. As yours because nothing nothing that I do it isn't prepared a million times in the -- first I know I mean obviously you would've had to prepare for that but going might think of -- How active community and repairs are rated for I mean I -- hey listen you know fighters doing a lot of players in the you know and April 2 -- and the ones like Irish -- for the 132 pounder who is fine gamble coming up. I mean he's a phenomenal auction phenomenally play lefty righty like it's the same as -- And you know that's very impressive and you know I think -- Practices and -- -- come embodies not one of those things I ever I needed to concentrate on making improving my left. Before you think -- outrage it is so it's like you know mortgages. Beard and it's a fine line meant I was very defensive but sometimes I was too defensive and a -- it all looks how are you perceive a -- like I lost in. Com where it was at Philadelphia. Two. Giving them access I could. They they had NN the okay our threats over here -- there. Yes so I lost a Vivian Harris here's a formal world champ but he was -- you know as a lead on who's a good stepping stone which were. I could you know kind of -- my experience and that's when you boxing you you know that your experience. So maybe it's going down its market and I thought element by originated. And some people on -- play and it's all how you perceive the flight you know because some people like that aggressive coached -- commanding. But some people like that -- where I'm an old -- you and -- analyst or a couple punches but jerking him within. And you know that brings us back to the -- and you know some people think it's a boring them. You know somebody wants to change or style to -- two hours saying some quick break to Rios. Who yet he's really exciting but that's you know he takes -- punishment in exchange. So. You know it's really just like anything like beautiful and announcements that works. Like Nacchio very defensive but also very offensive. And I think a lot of it with him what is so entertaining is the histrionics of he's got the hair move in. He's very. It's how I don't know what the -- I'm actually looking forward during his fights. But he's he's a heavy movement is always move them whether justice feet moving forward. Kind of moving his hands a little bit not even -- -- punch to just kind of moving to keep his opponent off guard. He needs to become a very interesting entertaining style. From -- and that's whatever I want to see was matter whether Pacquiao and it's too bad it didn't come. When. They were both seemingly in their prime. To shame it's a shame we'll never get it seems like we'll never get the super fight because remember some final time. Yeah you know and hello cautioned Dakota fight on Saturday a problem you know maybe are ignorant to the factor of how well late tee is I guess -- I -- -- Elizabeth. You know HBO did a great job in the when the broadcaster with you know nightly views of new York and you know there's a lot of people there and you know that was just that was kind of a super for him and coral kind of brought it that you was it was a big play. And it was a big fight but it's not below a pack -- mariners -- an academic credit but if you. Hearing and you know who knows you know Pacquiao goes back. And it looked pretty impressively aliens you know Floyd who knows somewhere down there the line that could happen here really could have been but the thing is. You know I think what prevents it is is it is a business you know not in actual. I'm scared to fly here you're scared to play I think is a business I think we've been told his -- in the hole. The test. -- they can't come to the industry and yeah I mean I don't know maybe that might be one of the things endless but it. You know I think the big thing is play me with her -- -- -- -- there. -- missed opera and that's one of the promotion companies you know. And I think -- -- -- my immune to operate because it was a top -- develop cars yes so. -- to operate and Mayweather and from what I -- you know read and research and and hear people talk Tuesday. You know he might not necessarily want to do. Business with -- there so now Mayweather won't do business from Bob Arum and too many Pak -- walker relieved Barbera because that's who he you know pays his of those. That's why my may never happen -- Pacquiao just -- the contract where there and so he's going to be awhile so. You know I don't know I honestly don't off whatever will happen and and really hope it does so that at some point you know in my time I can be witness to one of those who provides. And hopefully don't we we'll we have a slow I get to go cover. And it could you could threaten World Cup it is. -- that -- and thousands of dollars. I love you -- so we league like we're talking earlier it was a big fight Saturday night on the undercard we had immediately. Who had an epic knockouts and talking to you about that -- You kind of blew my mind a little bit in with a different analysis than me as just watching it going at what did you see. From that knockout punch that he threw at -- Well I'm looking at through a fighters ISO. I'm seeing exactly what the punch was the name for an hour practices in the gym. And to me what what is the name 'cause I'm looking at in tanks and Africa. So is college -- and essentially what happened was is. He was in defensive positioning as -- ropes and it's a defensive punch to counterpunch so the other guy I was putting on the pressure or a lot of punches. Andy -- a real long range you lefties so we kinda sat back on his back foot turned his hips and through our counter hole which we call Chuck Cook because. You're coming into me as -- checking you with that so accusing your mom yes yes and you know this punch landed perfectly where -- need to be. Stunned them anyway it face first meaning get up while he was -- store I mean it was. You know -- -- is a puncher and he's a boxer puncher he has power so you don't even if he's losing a fight. In really really is. Never out of the fight because you stand at hunter's rejection yet and the you know. For you guys listen at home the I would tell you a little bit of -- fights and winning the comes on equal ground and always talk about and in Juli is one of my buddies and you know I was with a -- for a Long Island and -- a really good dude in. Luckily since I've invest emotionally from boxing I can call people -- -- after the fight and pull a favor even those 12 o'clock united Ireland c'mon man to stay out. And you know. Telephone -- you could do but basically he fought this guy John Jackson's first -- and HBO televised. And he got drop down in the first round it was over it right from Jackson kind of playmaker punch. Cutting -- right in the -- and it happens you know and and the fact that you recovered the way that you did from that you know I'm really impressed by that mention it shows is his balls -- -- and it shows shows it shows that you know you don't always get that stick to the game plan you know I mean you gotta you gotta be able to change your game plan and just and that's exactly what he did. Two a more aggressive. Aggressive style -- -- on the guy I was really reduce thrown his right hand bringing it right. Foot with his hand so we were square not been kinda lenient on. And number I'm really happy that the Indy league -- that that does not recommend -- losses. -- the first of I'm assuming what will be many interest in interviews. Since your connections obviously go very far in the boxing world so. I'm interested to hear the interview with you and handily I'm gonna step out of it and just listen to myself because. I again I'm pleading ignorance on this 1 and I am really curious and I'm excited because I. I'm listening to two boxers go back and forth is going to be very interesting to me because then teach me a lot of things I don't know and can't. Just learned from reading boxing writers. Yeah I mean there's there's CA and that's why I liked opportunity to tell you behind the scenes stuff because there's a lot of stuff going on in a fight it every -- no person is not -- Not gonna know an end. I wanna be that bridge to the U guys do know so that it may be the sport of boxing can be that much better to some people and we can get a couple of friends that. Well I think it's appropriate time to welcome Indian leader of the -- I don't know how I have my man I might just quicker just. You know restore in this new bar cast in Boston's gonna go to a lot of people who not just in the Boston area -- new England and in -- and trying to make it good so. Really just -- Taka about the funny man. How does it feel the victory that overall. The group moved. Wolf before it was good to go to. Obviously it's quite wonderful. Well I have been negative impregnated them informed decision. All of the -- and challenging than there was for the record with a big reputation. More in the big market percentage of -- -- and so. And it was going to be total. I just didn't -- told her for the full full count how well. I've got to be available you know we'll dignity and -- -- -- very satisfied with today. Yeah I mean I know I was super server into the fight I was down in the kitchen and when that. Marco points when I was jumping for joy but tell me tell me about the the first show man. To dropped you know was just some the agency come into college of card. Yeah look particularly. In the first round. -- tools in the ground. Competitive for the club. Our troops home to -- -- them on the walker cup playoffs very. The portfolio and other means it upon for the about the it. We'll definitely let about it period I don't know political -- -- Other through the -- of do you know one thing that came from experience is not a public. -- what -- play a very good article quote probably thought about some more. They'll dispute and it's fun to -- -- -- forty they -- if it became clear. I want to public attention the UK can we get down the downfall exit. Just. Have no impact it will. -- -- like -- -- second. Sort of forewarned falcons close. Even. It's after the full -- and school before what you can. Since that you -- down. Don't get tested yet but deductible to my mind. It is -- -- towards Chicago was welcomed by -- -- -- -- -- -- partners -- -- Since successes people -- a follicle growth. You know -- hadn't had some success screens could affect the protests. US you know as someone to replace Hugh Hewitt got awkward to me you're throwing -- right hand and he was bringing his his back rifle with them so he was almost like. Coming on Q squared up and you know he was -- trying to be. A little purple in your right you know a year. You were very compose a whole time and and that's where the experience comes Emanuel you've been him with. The top dogs and you know. Man I'm impressed that you know I think it was a it was a great showing it was a great knockout. Can take -- to the punch the narco punched 'cause to me. You know you're on the ropes your backs on the -- and to me it's it's it's kind of a check cooked it really just landed so solid you turned on and nice and and landed right in the sweet spot. -- exactly what before he was one Armstrong. But that -- -- -- which way to vote all the happy that we try to close with the slight break closely -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- ultimately drop but what I was a little credit. It was like sort of did you -- it's so mean components that also didn't try to. On the other animals and got to try to. If you if one wants -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- what stood that I. What -- second -- involved it's huge slate of my back from world. He's just done -- sort of -- hot shots -- I want. -- hope to bubble ball -- it went -- that was the challenge a move ahead did you Milosevic and -- so it'll. Even on this portion of mutual I was doing the right it means he's written statement to the console and the experience in the mountains home. To get the -- reform did not know. Will try to -- an important and I am pushed through ropes are more on the bikes or those tools all the time get back in soon. It's into the global -- incredible. -- that -- -- brought about what was announced. The truth is that. A lot rolled my ankle which it. Well until I haven't looked like it was -- you can emotion and -- I don't imagine said the cherry Coke. At the same time. But -- turned into appropriate technique is -- and his opponent sure was punched. He went out with a counselor and so. -- it won't -- for the local roads. We'll excuse -- and I was so -- Held there's certainly that level yeah. Well you know I had checked global shortage of it surely would get over that sort of wanted to get in the. You know -- doesn't always go exactly by the game plan but hey man I'm excited -- you're really. A really great do man I am excited he came on the show today this is actually the first episode ever of the show Syria -- very first guest. And on so what's next and I know with though with -- spoil and he plans can tell us you know where you go from here. Often there's not a bucket. To go home last night. The twelve completely true actually mobilized understand platform and knew the difference in the completely different. I have. You want to absorb it all tobacco war a different anybody's more recently it is. I'm still the best in America for the -- to -- you know I'm weird and Google won't. -- -- simple reading this book. Some of the voters more Americans won't yes. I would love Obama like Ireland watch -- for him. There would be -- yeah. So you imagine deflated. And hopefully we'll talk and so. I would look to the development of them. Did iphones -- it was to protest run you know stay -- revolution -- successive Republican. Excellent man and great job and everybody's immediately thanks for -- You know. While that was immediately she she's a really happened and how it goes edited don't know. And I. The interview was recorded before we started this type gap that exists solely. Can produce the -- I felt so bad dude I've spoken to advertise in -- -- like -- ma'am and meet his kids stay up to 1 in the morning. I just because he's such a good dude you know in three days abruptly retired before outlasting Iowa to do. Was bothered him so in music his apartment this. Well those very awesome very cool of him to join us from Ireland. -- you know in our time we're doing this at 7 o'clock at night and it's like 1 o'clock for him so that that's really really nice of them and chose. Kind of the the impact you've had and other fighters lives. And that their relative you know kind of changer on their whole life path perhaps the whole evening for you here just to get a few minutes and can have an enjoyable podcasts. I mean. -- -- I'm lucky to have made some friends along the way -- -- order. Today any horse does not like I could call Floyd Mayweather and on the phone and you don't get a but I you know -- that's a really that's you know that's why -- really appreciative for boxing more than me a lot as a person and I had some great you know -- -- -- -- -- -- serve you guys or for -- fought under warden. You know enjoy my best friend and ordinances and and fourteen went to nationals the other romance. You know I've been a lot of he'll be honest -- yet to Paula actually hired -- get him in he was a first yeah absolutely -- into major somebody who's fighting next week. And drive a blank Brian rose is -- Europeans claim him he Demetrius is actually the first one out of well online -- -- in my generation my group is. Escalante from -- for rejection from why he's the first one that actually got to -- -- about but I think. You know I haven't said another -- I think -- on Friday. From Ireland is also incredibly vigilant and went through them as -- first one and in our group two to win the only one the WBO it's thicker Kabul. Couple back in there was offended on Saturday so -- kind of -- he texted him trying to get a mean assume. I'm definitely if there's any showing they can be pulled them them and try to get it done and really. I really want to show to be successful manually do and I take pride in anything that they do everything that reduce I really you know I'm invested in this because. I'm just happy the guys see my vision. I I like your -- that's why I'm here sitting here remedies sold me on a long time ago and and you know. I just like talk of sorts of people so should people who I join a personal level as such as yourself who have been friends for a long time so. An -- for me we're gonna have some interest in shows here -- we're gonna do some coaches and stuff that's gonna make you. Kind of think a little bit there was certain theme shows or talk about best boxing movies and stuff like -- will really dive deep into the business itself and and get to know more about you and get to know more about the career. The stuff we didn't get to city. You know obviously that's your fights that we can get to see the training we -- get to see if the contract negotiations begin the G doses -- that actually really. Is interesting because you never knew before and you might think one thing but for example. In and at the business here that we are in right now which is radio ever thinks these guys are making a million dollars a year has not the case. They're making 900000. And now actually that -- at. Nobody ever thinks through everyone's -- are on the radio it's not the case at all you know lowering guys making 35000 dollars a year is not a great living but as you know. None of your boxers making forty million dollars to fight. Nominee and I listened to advertise on the while box and I -- made no money and utterly damning new millennium prize that. But you do it with a different passion I do because I loved it because. You know passion to win to be better -- it to be world champion and one day hopefully. You know how that -- -- -- could could -- government money but to get to that stage you know it's a small percent to make a lot of money in -- and you know you you do on hard working at this of those people -- make money is you know they they worked to get there as his now orbiting and they worked. And -- all star is you know they loved and loved and they want to do it and I'm -- to same. In radio or anything else you know all of these young entrepreneurs you know they started it's like. Like to -- John. -- -- You know I can tell that -- I can't go back to him because he's a good dude man and I can tell that. He loved what he did. Above beards and and have a good beard and being able to give you the top quality best stuff for your -- right. It's the same thing about me and boxes of -- in new radio and you don't do it for the money -- you love it. I don't make much money but I love doing and I love talking sports now when I got into the business. I was working kiss on weight if you don't know constantly is her Hannity and I'm trying to -- yes I forgot about it. Yes I forgot about that and it JM yeah I do remember that general items you and I are both interviews when it was much. No one ever -- -- -- -- one -- anymore about it with we -- nervous. Did I literally when you ask the first question I froze up in my in my mouth didn't work and I had to like cold Goodell in new resists. Who is who is it was a rough road. Interview me there was. The first -- -- crack a Mike and talk you don't realize even we're just doing this talking to each other but we know they'll be plenty of people who. You get nervous did you think about all those people that -- There's no need to know -- in this situation is just to have a stock -- you're gonna listen to the Slater you're not reacting jumping in on the conversation. This stuff doesn't bother me you know I beautifully camera you know being Hillary you know that doesn't only winners I love talking -- I got to give to -- You know I got to punishment later -- by by janitor here off because I'm just talking talking dog and there's a lot to goes on in the spring. So that stuff never got to me what kind of straight to -- me is. Obviously the the fear of failure like I didn't want to podcast to suck in used to be successful. So that's stuff is what what makes me nervous but like you said before counterbalance -- -- preparation. You know the podcast is just sucked because as we keep doing this -- can just get better and better and better until we get to a point where -- like screw this we're making a million dollars a year -- -- -- -- oh. You know I love podcast Hewlett podcast we both watched similar -- that you -- him. Expect to all my goal before to make your million dollars would be to get the million colors 'cause I think I will be critical to every time you said some reach a million people. You know our feeling has some good stuff to say some time and and if I can touch a couple of people that -- -- you know the biggest thing is you know -- -- people who like to show and and you know follow. They are gonna close the show and again distress if we did hear earlier this isn't gonna just be a boxing podcast let's just kind of the format we're using because standing obviously is. Was a professional boxer is to look -- what he loves what end but you love more than just that emirates those things. And it's -- we're gonna have a blast doing it you're gonna have a blast listening to us and you're gonna get to a point where it's. You know you're driving home at 7 o'clock connect Korean Japanese and screw the radio Millicent is podcast that sort of -- fools have to say that's exactly grower so we're gonna have some kick ass time doing this and re trying to do once a week three guys maybe if we get to a point where it's really cruise we're gonna do more. But for now we're gonna keep business that he pays for us -- -- both Novo. You know you know wolf was tough though was. Talking about the -- -- his party over before -- in the timed to before. It's. It's don't know how. Would you like you know 'cause it's not -- -- we -- went on talked about the play you know. Had everyone know that if I was even there yet if you listen to renowned MI and -- even know the fight happen on Saturday Lincoln road network where it went in to talk about me and so I think. Being able to talk a vote Demetrius played before Demetris this -- is a good thing until we as used to be talked we. You think is great because for those of you who are maybe fringe boxing fans this year hardcore boxing fan and you don't need us to tell you. White. Is coming up what's going to be interesting to watch who argue no but we wanna give you some background and some insight into that if your French fans. We wanna help you get to a point where you are hardcore fan. -- any OSHA and of that out there they OSHA -- could possibly do boxing fans who did -- show Pollard hit his agree. Sport and there was a reason why at one point in this country it was the most popular. So we wanna get it back to that point we wanna help you enjoy boxing as much as -- entered boxing being in the profession -- Just watching -- kind of being a novice not necessarily understanding everything obscene but just enjoying violence violence violence. That's as a human and we all -- violence going back to. Of the Roman coliseum with a bloody. And for me it's interaction to mean is not just our show it's your show so you tweaking some -- you wanna hear us talk about I'd be happy to answer questions and talk about it I mean I'm an open book we're gonna do that we're definitely taking Twitter questions and we can follow you on Twitter as DOC underscore box and. And you can follow me it's quarter young -- WBE. If you send me boxing questions marks it automatically can afford any. Let him handle those few send movie questions I'll take those alternate source of boxing movies Diallo. But this is going to be great time and I really thank you guys for listening to this debut episode of the -- -- -- Again I'm not a -- he's aimed at any well I'm there's only one that I felt that are actually there's about today and with the there's only one day you show others and that they'll show podcast. Let's go to India Russia. It is a pod cast -- continue. So we can expand so we can make sense of at some point did any -- can be on radio and this. Yes and you hear the -- like that thank you guys for listening to the debut edition of the video show. Thank you to -- -- for joining us all the way from -- thank you to listen if for listening and we really do appreciate any feedback is always welcome. -- up on Twitter had us on FaceBook -- you feeling reaching out to us. But we're gonna keep you entertained for for a long time coming and now I hope you guys doing the show and I hope you enjoyed every episode we have moved toward. Meant just from just really happy to have the opportunity to talk to everyone in them really says about this move forward in the future. That's -- number one. Coming next week and certain number two.

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