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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Dolphin love 6-11-14

Jun 11, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed a love affair between a woman and a dolphin.

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Okay headlines is brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network and by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision and business. Equipment. Where you go and and I'm gonna let you and me and you -- Our news gathering. Operation is really lacking today because we all -- one question -- mind -- yes heavily across ride yesterday that lost lost and we say. Gee I wonder if the two guys months ago I played because there were rumors yesterday yeah there were negotiating a settlement that we need the play. We can't find well -- came on the globe and apparently -- game stories. And they don't match they have people on site. That's and then talked in the game and I realized -- young people now -- who is oh you are editors involvement column my editor -- like lava great. If you run a story about that lacrosse. That doesn't include. Any mature or any -- Get on the website. We read the story which is one of the two cigar smokers were reinstated plate yeah. We're not in the store -- -- in Beverly in you know the answer please Texas yet we still don't have a tiny Hamlet does I think Twitter search for and there was no mention this whole story with quotes yeah players and who scored who didn't score. In -- Boston papers. And no mention of the my guess is they didn't play Reich is I think I played was actually some -- tweeted out during the game precisely I agree with you but it's not confirmed we don't know yet nor should buy these kids should not only -- about college but I don't view. Well Kirk have a sixty games a million dollars. That's fair don't start a -- start. I'll just loves briefcase and 800 dollar bills anybody look reported this BBC. Program I had sexual relations for the dolphins. Libya and it it's coming up this -- and -- into the gulf of -- six years old when he fell in love with a human. The -- dolphin that research assistant Margaret how just at the free love movement was emerging in 1965. How -- -- spent just ten weeks teaching Peter English words Peter English words but Peter was more focused on giving that was teacher in a different way. He was sexually coming of age said. Peter turned hot for teacher and fell in love how Peter star crossed love story. Is the focus of new BBC documentary the girl that thought to ourselves boy and that -- set girl at the surface to air next week according to. Mr. -- work I mean if or a pool boy human guy human yeah and world golf yeah probably happen. And it's see it happen in the trailer for the doctor we have the sound directs us in the trailer for the documentary. How explains how she would master -- Peter to keep them focused otherwise he did not pay attention to her lessons. Peter like. To be with me he would rub himself on my meal my foot -- handle our. Whatever or not and I am glad that I didn't I was not comfortable. As long as it was too rough in the beginning when he would get rambunctious and then have this need. I would put him on the elevator and say you go play with the girls birthday it was very. Precious it was very gentle Peter was right there he knew that I was right there. Again it was sexual on his part it was not section online sensuous perhaps. We've just become part of what was going on likening its disputed that -- stretch -- the movie dumb move on and that and that's really all it. Does it -- I was -- to get to know Peter. That was hardest. Talks it is cultural knowledge -- This is not -- ultimate real hold your arms -- lady it makes it hard to throw that Nat L I'm gonna not -- -- Talking about what does she you know I should -- she'll -- when my dog my leg. As it's sexual on his part not on 9 central central report eventually. That was essentially no centuries perhaps. Pictures -- dog open your leg is all it is this morning dolphins like Robin himself on her enough. Relation of having to be together sort of turned to really enjoying being together and wanted to be there in missing him when he wasn't there how admitted. I did have a very close account with Kenny would say dolphins anymore Peter. That's fine she she's gonna name flipper but that would have been weird result pitcher from her back in the sixties and she issues sorted. Not terrible back and the digital this'll be our -- be like him ninth on Utley got to get this -- Sunday night on BBC. Yeah I'd sexual relations with all (%expletive) -- -- -- -- us. She must fly up to going to be like twenty years this is -- just gets weirder every yet that's I'm looking at weird than. I -- yeah that's probably -- -- -- public camera in the back of the men and suburban. Perfectly. Also Peter for all of us and they well it does get -- Jerry I'd probably should get to this Amanda and his mother. Have suffocated after trying to fishing mobile phone out and open pit toilet falling in. First of all we're -- Florida. Note guess China a China and a thing was that open pit toilet but it is not like poured upon -- big port appointment like up at the -- for me like hidden. And you know -- -- and in in India when we can build on that yeah canceled -- -- I'm like yeah that's after the. South China morning post reports -- an unnamed woman. NG aging city China dropped the phone worth about three dollars into the open that point. Husband try to fight that was overcome by the stench. Call torture -- dive -- it fell as much at Dover and after -- -- But also for -- neighbors or call for help after the order of the phone. They've tried to save her husband about her life you're on your own it but all hope that's not an -- Expect for me like get a fire -- regard nose and you happen to get out outreach job you wouldn't I am not Liu -- -- -- the market. A total of six. Is they waited more than an hour from medical assistance to -- -- -- medical assistance in African. And I know I hate to ask this question here was the cause of death please tell me it was not drowning. It was drowned -- that corporate opera. That is bull was -- lunch and breakfast is that if that was your wife. Would you give a multiple that's Jewish. And yeah. I. Yes I put it and if that was. You know viewed didn't match first -- to me this story -- almost 320. Bucks. -- flip phone. -- -- now people like who I I this seemed obviously -- from excellent it is disturbing. In Schindler's List a lot of the service since Portugal were up where kids had to -- -- there was -- That's so wrong that was true story. -- the slum dog millionaire and that's a true story right right. Some got some. Television news -- them a little more uplifting. Well OK yes we have found work hygienic I have found work I've made some phone calls and urgent -- other line -- She is now with CBS doing only rights that you ran her off this -- public good -- I -- some legal until games this year. Tapes he recorded a Denny's a sideline reporter for these games so works up a -- Works out perfectly here's a street graduates is Jameel Cook -- -- so she's wonderful person I'm sure she'll do well there. But. This is what's this strikes me as strange as surprised by this news that we're still -- And -- about giving a week off during the season what is up with that I can't figure this out so or so it was awfully weak in July July 11 in ninety. -- is off week did you ever in your life gritty play by play guy now -- Anderson may be different circumstance. A play by play guy getting eight days off may be holiday season finally realized he needs it because it's a long season for his mental health these little break. I think it's a little bit much week off from the summer. And yet here -- found that's a good league you get you get the whole winter off to a core solo gets. Well just look at the -- went to assure you off from October. Until the big and you'll be off the beginning of October November or February. Right but I do think this summer but although they get the break for the fox games all the time right right -- you and him -- make a prediction here there's more to this story not done there is -- story. You know what it is I have not source sources. Millimeters friction there his contract situation all. Obama starting too little and poured. I really just wanted to tell me improve into one of the games -- -- -- Madison will eleventh and nineteenth to figure on the games and his 67 inauguration will be filling in for. We're still -- and I believe a sleep for. -- it -- John Rich -- not gonna get shot I would like to open grass follow. Maybe -- the one I have a question better. And Dexter and all the games but that's okay. Two and all the -- you write this I think is I think -- looks at a -- agree I think -- looked at were so -- was coming up is deals coming up. And they say if we pay some of the guys 75. Cents on the dollar might not be as good but people -- you can't mess with a -- they got -- McDonnell. -- is -- crazy about that they're saying it at the Priscilla is good by the thinking that maybe they think they're bringing back McDonnell. Probably not. Now which probably had leverage to go somewhere else for a lot more money instead you gotta match this you know three and how John left that said no way they can't he can't. Find someone who happens right and they did and they certainly and I don't -- great not quite as good but he's -- I would agrees -- but he's -- is very bad about -- AG go somewhere else and two seconds is. -- off -- all star break and there. It might be -- That's coming days that. -- -- -- -- -- giving I don't know forties. Strange I think there's stuff going on and did you read Shaughnessy today -- was being held hostage this. And what that means as gentle as a sideline reporter for NFL games yes India it's like the B team RC team is not to -- team not an answer or else Amber's Ileana -- don't Tracy Wolfson that don't have. Generally they have reporters' sources BBA beer CT can -- team is votes and I am. I eagle ID of the cheese with that when he got to admit that NFL Sadler reports for the most part worthless socialists doesn't have a lot of pressure on you to sit there and say. In the eighties after the hamstring -- saved Aqua and all senate recount his leg every tape in the ankle is open to be back for the second affection been replaced by Twitter now meal you don't need. You watch the brings nothing table what she's hot button right obviously that's why she's got the job and I mean refer to -- and -- -- -- just. Do you know who invented that -- and win. And frankly that's definitely. A arledge invented that. Role in 1974. Room college football NCAA college football on ABC back and probably music you don't know what the hell was going on right now do you think you're -- yeah. Not often you know that I'd say at that one time where it's phrased them all over. Pointed out. The girl concussion drew and went back in the game against the wishes of the trainers all this that we got scandal Hansbrough was an extra point in the right. That's headlines brought you by AT&T. We have an answer. About the lacrosse players. From Beverly yes we do we will have that where you when we get back and -- we also I think we have an answer about. The nature of the 27000. Dollars worth of cash 29 point 9000 dollars for the cash. In Jim Thursday's briefcase the night he was arrested. That and your phone calls we get back.

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