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Dumber and Dumber To trailer is released 6-11-14

Jun 11, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the release of the Dumb and Dumber To trailer.

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I'll get to that and a bit but first off. It appears that bench Harrington in all of his genius was able to arrive in Baltimore. And deliver the new winning formula for the Red Sox and it really is quite simple how did we not figure this out earlier. At your starter allowed no runs and want to get an and three relievers follow suit and you're gonna win a lot of one nothing baseball. Games this year yet the problem solved its problems solved I don't see any issues which child size more of rumor now. Good to stumble -- what -- games rest of the line up. May -- add parenthetically. That perhaps last night was the most demonstrative. Most. Pop up apparent case of a contrast. Between the pace and energy of baseball. And and go back and forth between the NBA finals and that game never did it seem more plodding and -- than it did. When I would catch up on DVR. On the basketball game it pause when -- got to a commercial and go back to the baseball game well the ninety minute rain delays a little more action. Allied signal again Rachel to advocates into the cigarette it's a different -- it this last night was you know whatever or one last as anybody. Actually feel -- -- not I don't know I mean if they won 98 -- Kurds to the problem is not the pitching problem is the offense. And it was funny yesterday would say the US said I hate the NBA playoffs as the one sport we get nothing -- -- the first half. Thank you watched the first appeared first to appeared right and it's a game and if you have to go to bed might have seen it all might be 41. But and same with football and baseball but basketball you never really know that the whole story. Just I watch in the first half until until last night. Amid a watched the first half I -- -- M I'm good here. That was rare that he's already got it down north and got them seven point five down to seven right and then to their credit -- -- responded again I've never seen a team. Shoot like that half of basketball point ever 41 points in the first quarter -- -- -- equipment first that six -- in the seventies or some it was bizarre but you know what. He win next came on seven -- them on Google and Cisco wants them gutsy and I was gonna say home team wins but I don't know. More. Nineteen of their first 21 shots Wednesday at like nine keepers as it's unbelievable. In -- was great Parker. Douglas. I've come conclusion watching that game last not a brought was bad. He did have seven turnovers guys that right it's yeah seven turnovers. Was nine of fourteen from the field to four from three point and 22 points. But I think he made it clear. -- Steven is all washed up all wrong should say about him being perhaps a better pastor that Larry Bird. Now not all settled turn over for bad passes how many times attempt to pass went off somebody's put somebody's -- somebody's back about it out of bounds when the case may be. He's not in virtually. The basket and you come to that conclusion after. Yes. After 39 minutes it's best guess. It would -- any of those they'll advise passed out yeah you a broad stock class and it was nine for fourteen is good -- quarterback -- terrible terrible offensive against Leonard at eight points in the final three quarters. The second half that's no limit your right yeah eight points Larry Bird what is given up 41 points the first quarter. What that dollar -- -- great let's all just agree the birds that are bird and a cousin always LeBron and it. And we don't have much longer to do you know we know. He's -- Some expert he's going to even you and I -- this year -- say -- And eventually know what you -- I don't know and I -- -- feel that -- -- Jordan -- -- -- open -- I'm never as the greatest ever have never given up and he -- did you watch -- look again I surrendered -- George is -- on six against -- play alliance is -- -- -- -- and you know people used to stick to their guns and Bill -- and they did the -- on. That's it's -- Jordan's better and eventually will Salem runs better but not. Eight is we have eleven other. In the year 23 knows this to be a bad loss mr. -- lawsuits that sticks because. And he can be better picture. But that goes somewhere else and I vote. Go to lakers and the New York be by himself as Carmelo this right over them like -- -- -- He knows what he's -- he's I don't the Colombian bad team again. And you can always December bus and he stuck with a team that drafted them. One with the team the -- that which was a bad team when the draft all the world -- -- different. Excuse all right brochure write my doubt here yet bird didn't have to assemble this super team entering it with a whole year before. -- And but I am convinced that lead to major Barry Carroll superstar. They drafted you better -- -- be hall of Famer. Byrd would have made him yet -- -- Tim -- If someone else. Pale brick at a Clinton should get over power forward is better at every -- -- -- found someone else's what bird did. And -- -- do you think. There have been different parish would have been hall of Famer -- get treated the clerical state please -- pretty good OK was he a hall of Famer. Was hitting the golf course -- Now probably. The tale of -- -- -- -- -- great -- Mikhail was -- mobile camera feed them -- I don't know music group in Boston. Unstoppable opponent was in the great odds that's -- dollar he was good color. Eight if you look at these two teams last night and and and don't Apple's answer right -- -- think about it because you need to apply a couple different litmus test to this question. Which based on last night's game were just talking in the moment here. Is was the better team TE AM now I guess if you look at it from a personnel standpoint. You say it would that with three or four hall of famers Miami would be the first -- Brad is a better team. But when you see the style in which. The San Antonio Spurs took them apart offensively the sets that they ran the plays they ran the ability to get their offense the way they got their office that was -- team basketball victory. Yeah that they were with these guys you watch him play like -- and he'd agree to some extent -- literally. Leonard up every year the win fifty games next year in sixty games pictures that -- will be 5055. Now amid stop what. Trust the system that's what he says yes right and if they do they win. They won't win without Duncan Duncan and Duncan leads Duncan republic Australia and a welcome back to act. Earth I thought van Gundy was going to be the cold shower in the second quarter when he said we're gonna put this -- on sports center and that play on sports center in effect -- -- play the entire second quarter on sports center and it wasn't far off in terms of just the kinds of basketball their plate and the ease with which they ran their sets and score buckets now obviously get hit issued. A high percentage and hit a lot of shots but they did that but just the offensive system that they just you know dropped on the head of the Miami Heat was very -- -- I didn't know I was gonna root for that wash or media I'd root for San Antonio. A comer on the little bottom Popovic that he embraced. Six configure sales figures say some would say results sick and and you can't hate that team play. But you can't hate the Miami fans. -- -- it or hate looking at a man men hate the sound of them. And I don't hate LeBron I would Muncie and am humbled for another year so I'm rooting for San Antonio I think it's -- seven it'll be fun. It's one of those deals where the NBA -- is getting lucky here. And welcome here at this time a year that they affects affects you know whether one team advances and that team -- knocked out fixed it's stupid. But it never seen more evidence of the sport not being fixed in the NHL right now. They desperately needed this seniors to go that just yet 06 be competitive New York against LA I think if it went seven and it was really good -- one goal games overtime games. You know a couple of stars emergent Drew -- emerges Jonathan Quick. You would have. Would -- -- you would feel -- what you feel the content revealed -- click hockey would go up a notch and they beat celebrities have bowl games. It would be you know in Jimmy Fallon and Jamal vs Jimmy Buffett -- get all kinds of stuff like that. And it's just not gonna happen it's this is a death of this is it real. A crushing blow to the NHL it's a -- Huge set up and it would pick the opportunity that not get the seat in New York against LA no no -- mean -- written. Probably not for a long long time it's devastating that they couldn't that the -- in the 11 on the. And you and you walked in this series the MBA seriously. This again I -- again but you get LeBron in game one cramping up which was the biggest story in the country right. And now it looks like the spurs are going to win this series might not but. It's the -- play for the last year I think which is good desperation you're gonna rob playing for his -- was 83% of people who win game three when this when the series is tied. One on to -- is here right and an analysis and and then playoff talk you won gold -- -- elimination game but the worst of real -- itself I mean tonight's discriminate track well and if the riches went I'll give credit. And say they force that six hour flight you know it forced. A game five but there's no suspense now. That is the only interesting aspect of the night's game deceive the Rangers say screw it would only get right play or let's let's show some pride here and somehow to blame -- I would that's. That's as you wanna but I did Cyrus is six hour flight about to elect meant to ask and it did you know you're not gonna win the series I would give them credit for showing pride but you know a -- in the same time wouldn't claim that they. Check the focus and not nearly as good team. -- -- There's a suspense in that series until it gets to game seven in the suspense game by the diagnosis is 66 maybe apropos excellent in the middle kings win the think they've finally wins or something in New York City -- -- -- right now yes that's true you went. Okay we checked I unchecked until now no means he still wearing all is really a jacket and he early downs and -- that yeah. It's he's not he snuck that come from this he's probably looks like in the rose to publicly Jim Carrey at the beginning of coming. And that it. A system mess. We need to decide if we can play the whole thing because it's funny it's real estate problem with its -- -- and could show on -- much of it is visual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to be found showed what -- about our our our millions of listeners on WEU and the WBI radio network they're giving you think about. What made you laugh here's what I'm much. So much at the words I mean obviously the words compliment but it was the visuals of things that you know we knew yesterday Jim. And when he decides to spring him from a hospital right and and all the stuff that happens is is visual -- the grandmother grandfather and a very different things and he's just know. Here's where you always have to give the -- they know what -- they know what they do well the hard time ago yeah. Artsy on us on the they don't you know that's why some would call and rose -- -- one of its efforts different clicking and they're veteran John -- -- all Brothers McEnroe late edition at these compare what's -- -- people say it's like Eric Russell Gretzky. You know isn't that it took Brothers making movies yeah in fact comedies for the most true. What's not true not probable Brothers dot com ticker is strictly comedy -- -- strictly. Making -- honest to god every kind of talk movies CE -- -- he kind of transition -- in this snobs days trades in this transition esoteric it's like what's the globe agreement over the collective snob move her because I've borrowed car hybrid cars passed. Past who are you just expired and it can it wouldn't be him says that hyper. Fibers to round at. Two of the cyber of this are you. Background and reality -- -- threat -- -- on. I got to be honest and I thought yeah -- -- -- ago at the grant Landon was that Leslie Leslie -- yeah he's that was written -- -- -- fair Atlantis or not to give it any further I don't really like American film and literature and -- the spoken -- but first -- yeah sat silent you know. Your favorite French film of the since the seventies I was about a decade for what they bounce back in the French connection yet but at the Pentagon -- the putt. And say this about Holland called all the time he does a lot of famous yeah they say you know come get cocky. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Made the racers and brush we went to India. Some hell and back in the aggregate Mendenhall three to find himself. And it was awful and I love. Bill Murray is as everybody -- the last translation that's very similar that was that was raises at thirty years later but he's able to sort of bounce out inside -- he's the one comedy do you -- -- that was Goodling -- lost in translation was again I see it stated our bid to increase that does not describe -- I don't I -- west down -- gave it five stars get. And it's fine it's -- it's you know what. Movies that just don't have an ending this -- and Williams just itself important. You know -- -- all we understand what's going on it you may not a celluloid strokes session president is understood and it had. Farrelly says you know what the dumb and dumber two. Who and do what works and god bless them I know this is gonna were would you agree that just based on the two minute trailer that we can safely say. The fairly Brothers in -- number two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The guys from in Rhode Island yes and for us for a which is important it is it's all -- -- It's is juvenile. It's sophomore and we sick. It's twisted and it looks like he's funny as hell. And this is where many -- means that you that you knew you'd like people -- was made yes that's true and I look at. But it's going to be -- and I'd love dumb and dumber it's the funniest movie ever it period the classic besides. Would be of the funniest movie for you movies -- might define -- movie. -- something from Woody Allen. Oh yeah absolutely -- green jasmine. That Vietnam had it was a tree. Catherine Hanna and her sister right yeah dream Whitney don't reality ought to advocate isn't fit to carry. Bobby fairly and its orders to different things to different thing I hate people as I mean apparently that it would be Alec is it was al-Qaeda can barely there. We should care who's better. -- a better filmmaker. We're -- I am a punch him in the face to edit it would ruin the rest of now I don't know it is what -- out on my tie breakers ocean photography. -- character development -- important very important to port and a score so what movie -- element was funny endowment. -- -- -- -- be better because it doesn't you just strictly com surely does it doesn't Manhattan comedy enersys does not on. It's not good at what some famous for she said that the doctor wanted to stop masturbating needs that you leave my hobbies out of office conversation. Houses on it that's the -- classic formula with -- fairly Brothers funny bit. And would galloping. He he and his girlfriend have this discussion and relationships falling apart don't Nachman and yet I -- as we might can't momentum and it from -- snobs blow up the fairways are great pitcher. As good as -- out of the Albright a different roads can cut patrolman is great it is -- biggest. He said garbage ever made ethic they show once you get your hands and knees and goes to the subject. Yeah that's my point of its threat on a field trip if -- if you're a Chemical Brothers movie is that all assays are great and that's true I am I might give you -- like you -- I'm. I'm not -- I -- apparently up every single no -- -- moments. Except for the demon -- it's emerged that I outlined. The other ones I think Greg Craig stuck on you yet of the the Coen Brothers Alec and -- -- -- great I liked like no country for my -- Rustic old movie -- look what Jesus and I'd like. All the -- the country from. Okay after the break now I've watched it with them yet you've never heard anyone hate him will be more than John -- in retrospect -- -- -- and some project so Europe that party in all the you know the snow melting at a at that location. It was so. It was awful awful about it it was to re -- in the long and tedious and pointless in an in. You have talent. That was out of the job. It was great. If you throw things at the -- -- confused with Nebraska that was dreary and T the last laws were ten times in the odd couple -- that Nebraska. Was worth seeing just for the old broad just for the month -- Squibb. Yet Jews and dominated that that script out a -- note that -- yeah like like the bit about some of the it. The only person -- -- like Fargo. The only pro am afraid you know higher I would. -- the country music weeks I'd like who's cool right -- the soundtrack to sex and -- so I agree that movie was it's got a question no substitute the good old brother worked out. If if -- -- I didn't Allen. I did only because I admired the hell lot of Clooney. For his ability to play that part -- amount of dialogue if you watch that again or just turn on any portion of it. Every single time he opens his mouth there's just -- the -- thing where he goes on for two or three minutes which I think probably it was a very difficult acting role to pull off. Tell what it was on them to read in variety not that I bought the soundtrack new Yorker I bought the soundtrack. Both I think both southern scrutiny both filmmaking brother teams are terrific. I'd also hike in -- them I don't since I -- what I didn't. I don't that it did did that make different films you know you can compare these you know. He did you -- -- father -- -- the shot put other people under -- apparently god father too dumb and yes I try to get a decade you're better than yet. I can print anything I have a right it's -- it's -- -- say you have a right and sing all you snobs say you can't hit. Better -- -- them. Dumbed them dumbed emigres film now but it is a -- -- number number two. Notes in the top ten it's the funniest movie ever made and that's enough I think it's no accommodation dumb and dumber dumb and dumber -- my caddie shack. Being number two from. In terms colony I'm not a caddie shack -- either but the funny part to cash to mess east to an SE yet I do think it's part of it really -- At a -- house in Wallace's put my number two strikes over number three looking. He ends up there and no question. I also like -- slapstick road trip -- saving Silverman bananas like super bad those old school. Old school is awesome back to school is awesome -- -- bad Santa -- -- say it is funny as an LP wanna talk just belly laughs. Dumb -- might be one that's probably that the the naked guns the first make it on air on planes yep they just it's -- -- like them their first rounds of the first they -- his opponent -- want to point -- -- over here you wanna watch a funny movie ever seen in years what's that year it's hard to fine yeah. Had an. Excellent episode with. He hates oil addiction and it's only oil cans and then -- -- that aren't you never see you know why because it's politically correct that please -- Apple's. There words in -- yeah -- has -- say and do you know this is seen ethnic. -- -- -- -- And another scene with a eat junk food the stuff justice. You can be Balkans they were just like the rest of the options that are they hostile questions on -- regular movie -- ten years 'cause it was so you know. Political -- we would suggest that when you get a chance at some point this morning before you leave the house given your laptop given your iPad and just. Google dumb and dumber he we all waited out on the -- music alien Twitter account -- go Dennis and Callahan Twitter account the entire trailers there. Excellent on the opening one's not over fourteen federally I can't wait. And I would add that went -- In that trailer early and narrow it down to two which is the fun you're seeing the catheter. Or the grandmother will take a break -- open Poland to -- review. Eight player the most annoying sound of the world.

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