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Mike Napoli Player of the Game Interview

Jun 10, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Mike Napoli, who drove in the only run of the game as the Red Sox beat the Baltimore Orioles 1-0.

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Might -- -- having hit two strike can't pitch. Turns out to be the winning run he gave the only run of the game and that tell us about that at bat. I mean. Just tossed a short of all of those. Two outs on second and trust or -- so. Up to two strikes on its -- feel pretty good. You know his book -- a little bit Sorenstam right field. Mike how have you felt those since coming back because of figure feel it's felt better still bothers -- a little bit. There's a lot better than it was. And they your legs that would that chance to rest those and he'll those. I mean the post I feel better after two weeks off a lot of treatment. But to their own body. Might tell Leo what you were seeing from Brandon Workman tonight -- looked like he's very crisp very sharp in total command Willie was out there look like you -- of both sides of the plate. Do a curve ball he's too. But threw a lot of strikes those working quick if as far as playing defense for the guy works -- with. Yeah that was a big plus and he gets a good defense from Bogart's in there was is a flawless game from that standpoint -- -- a good game for us you know we need to build off this acquired of Juan and you've -- not the easiest thing in the world winning game one to nothing might not hold this up but you know we'll take it. Especially at this park. If I'm Mike congratulations a's for joining us are that. Our I thank you. Mike Napoli the Red Sox last won nothing win any games started by. Jon Lester against the White Sox April 28 2012. Since then they've been -- at 32 in games where they scored just one run. Don't we know what we've been thrown since Susan nice to see was very very unusual for that to unfold -- bit. When you have -- -- -- have a chance to win a one nothing game math occasionally certainly in you feel good we Koji is finishing things up and do a flourish tonight.

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