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Minor Details Ep. 88.1 - Michael Kopech, Red Sox 1st rounder, on chasing 100 mph

Jun 10, 2014|

Red Sox first rounder Michael Kopech discusses what it means to have been taken in the first round of the 2014 amateur draft and his quest to join the select club of pitchers to reach 100 mph.

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Talking today to Michael co -- the Red Sox first round draft pick number 33 overall out of Mount Pleasant high school in Texas. Michael sounds like is a big time in your life. Are definitely it -- and greatest -- mud flood potential such an option it's been so perfect we're and the fact that. But so. -- remind them it's incredible. You are renowned as one of the hardest throwers in this draft. I there's a chance you know of I've talked to a few Red Sox officials who say that you might be the hardest throwing guy they've ever taken out of high school. How long have you known that you were hard thrower what is allowed you to be hard thrower. Well -- -- that an above average. -- There's a I'll both above average resident there would be -- you're almost better own sword in that category for law and -- -- This sauces and undecided. I don't wanna be one of the hardest story is going to be. And I didn't quite respectable position there's some -- victims -- every other. Our coaches have wandered into her arms and -- Grant home the mother brought him home from -- aren't these that a hundred and then billion couple other -- -- -- -- -- I don't. It sitting around -- on a couple arms and I'm almost but. What's allowed Hindus are had a very strong -- this fall and I'm. From. Being gathered at a lot of natural ability used to being -- That word torture -- -- do that and and natural abilities and that's been most of that. Work with with what -- That make the best of a particular tried to do and -- that only a minister. So were you are are you kind of on you know are you friends with these other hard throwers like do you are you guys drawn together by virtue of this. Are you guys drawn together who just. -- really hard is this something it is throwing hard. Part of the motivation and you know how you -- identify yourself. -- it's just hard to resist that the fact that the best -- world is so small. The -- more you play into more eager to know pretty much everywhere and I'm personally connected with over from the reduction in the purse out and it or put with a -- and government. I think it shows a lot through the level of -- posted or vote -- -- but on. Like color code named him we knew we run together just. Just about a year ago. All American and met him. We do we -- closer those that are pretty cool so. So -- -- and taxes are hard voters in. We we that we are close in Egypt and found it somewhat. -- your part of this of this group of hard throwers but in terms of guys who you would model yourself after you looked to his pitching. As as the kind of pitching role models for you as you're growing up which pitchers did you latch on to. All of other that we're always looking at the fire footballers. Or crime went -- -- groups police did you happen tomorrow I think is the greatest that's. I think I think a lot of people would agree that new -- He is definitely somebody. Look -- a lot of a little bit of a little bit of moderate mechanics from them is a very allergic and I'm very delicate matter at that from -- -- and hand. I doubt that you shoot lower actually vote -- Roger Clemens always is always large fortune Roger Clemens. And so that's another one and then the fact that I'm pretty tall Serb that your quote. My my game after Randy Johnson. Three of them definitely part of the socially -- then -- the guys that are. I enjoyed watching grown -- those school. How did you develop your secondary stuff and I'm told that you throw. You throw a curveball slider and changeup how how did you develop those pitches into how would you which would you describe as being your best secondary pitch. A bad second such as diplomats clutter. And actually learn from Jason Hirsh -- -- -- our -- is not about. Ten years ago and he showed me. He showed me how -- through this and I thought it was too early it throws -- -- and so I just remembered the script that you showed me and didn't go to -- about thirteen. And a that that's -- remembered. How different is this slaughtered. The same group and I bet Sony owns intersected it would do that it's not perfect yet but it. There's definitely a plus slider and under a dollar -- turn out that but. My curve ball is probably. Polly my next vestige and let's send a -- come a long way to go about another controller a lot better for the fact that. Mean in my that it does -- to get -- open the rotten figured out. If so what position and the throw a pitch that that's really helped me a lot -- -- a lot of that -- that Obama partners such as. Now when you have the kind of velocity that you do when your pitching in high school oftentimes it's going to be. Difficult to be challenged in a way that it forces you to hold your pitches. You know was it difficult to find opportunities to incorporate your changeup. You know something that the scouts would of course love to see but you don't really need it in order to be able to compete successfully. I didn't I didn't much -- mark this year are. We actually did have a tough district it it probably would have been help for a voted -- pollutants. -- so are the ovals we'll man. All of -- is very good enough -- this year and they actually. Both. Very good hitting team and political players apart the need to change -- upon that I used there. Crowbar and it's -- the curve ball pretty good but on. It is not something that you think is necessary -- some relief pitcher in high school and if you. Or air quality. If you're turned and applying them most -- on the words just as well but. A different look probably would work better at our level. That you don't really see and that's where you know Lucy does there. Why does bamboozled. That but it's kind of what equipment up to them is that all of -- well. Re great at it or not -- slowing down -- you have this premium glossy you're slowing down the ball just enough to get to their bad path. -- is a little lower orbit aren't there. As you prepared to Lisa that you enjoyed a velocity increase from from last stuff from last summer to this one and obviously you without you already made an important -- impression. You had a you had a showcase event the under armour event. In Chicago where you punched out three guys all of whom when and top two rounds including the number six overall guy in this draft. But you know how much did you feel that's what -- your sense of where you thought you would end up going in the draft. You know let's say last summer person where you actually ended up going. Loan last summer. Last summer probably close are important thing in realistically and all of -- -- thinking to myself that ushered in a person -- about some. And that -- arm. I realize that there's some really good players in this draft and they got up it was or all potential first rounder and they're all. I mean they're what sixty of the so you can't -- -- people who -- -- about -- -- realize that a policy going to be. A first -- and got busted out this year so that that that -- Increased always just -- so. That that's probably why are. Paulo where that this year with -- -- started to realize that I was thinking unrealistically. -- -- -- Was your sense that the Red Sox were one of the teams -- was really on you who else do you think might be in play and and were you confident that at the start of yesterday by the time the first round wrapped up you were going to be off the board. I had oh I think often and how it actually nervousness or get out but. -- Up all of the answer that there's a bit of let's start with the -- -- been in contact with. Think fourteen before the -- such editorial sit there. And that's the that's part where one element that point and third they're talking and talking about it that's when he surged so those -- Instead of strange that here. Mark which is from -- will grow at between six and then let's admit -- there is mr. -- Or importance in that originally thought would distribute and it's. What did you think was fairway which seems that you think worth a fourth. -- well that doesn't seem to have them in contact with would have been fired maybe. The boosters or. The brewers or somebody like that but that they do they have fire on its arms and there's. There's doubt that a maintenance and so they've been very good players that they took and -- and into. I've taken around the -- But. Well well -- with the -- sources definitely probably. Well that are excellent to have gone and I'm. Thankful for that session. One last question for you Michael talking to talking to Michael -- -- Red Sox first round draft pick number 33 overall and not in -- years -- -- fourteen draft. Thus question on your Twitter page you have Michael -- IQ a couple things University of Arizona recruit and then it finishes with 99. When in my neighborhood check back in and see that being a hundred. I mean hopefully hopefully before I met Monday appeared. Which then maybe. Two years animated warriors you know but. Like. Researcher with the club for us. Before they bring out in their mind about and -- myself well. Well I think that 99 military if you had to use -- don't be so they'll -- I apologize Roy you've already done. Congratulations on this really done these -- significant milestones high school graduation in the first round draft pick. And congratulations on your name on the board in the first round. Thank you appreciate it.

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