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What makes a great QB? Wins? Stats? Championships? The saga continues 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

Building off some of the comments Tom Brady made at Patriots mini-camp yesterday, we explore what truly does make for a great quarterback, and get your opinions on it as well.

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You know you can't sit here compare one year -- -- another year compare this plan that players. I think winning games is the most important thing certainly for this organization and when you come here you learn you learn that pretty quickly that. Whatever matters to you as an individual it's it's it's far distant from what what. The -- goals are and the team those are one thing to score more points in the -- I was patriots quarterback Tom Brady speaking yesterday down at Gillette they had area. A special day. Gave up 200000 dollars on behalf of the Myra Kraft foundation for. Deserving charitable recipients. And Tom Brady spoke I think for the first time during the course of OTAs and it got me thinking about. Numbers that matter when you're talking about the world of sports I remember Theo Epstein telling us one time. That if there was one statistic that he thought was more important than any other in baseball it was run differential. He thought that was the stat that told the -- -- the most useless that is. Besides the won loss record. While I'm I'm guessing RBIs tango which is he's very down on RBIs yes. And but I don't remember him telling us that I I've remembered talking about it but I remembered saying run differential. I used and hockey as well. Gold differential as a of real keys to -- I don't know an NBA I know in India in the NBA not a real big on plus minus in the NBA but so they consider that one -- the be all -- dolls that's what -- Yeah you know where it could be efficiency in the NBA or what happens when you're on a court when you're in -- court you outscored your team outscored give a team by 25. We are on the bench your team gets outscored by fifteen. Yes it it it could tell all of a big part of the story. Well and the reason I've I brought it up is because a week or so ago. Sam Munson came out with that piece on on espn.com operating outside her about how things -- ready as I don't want one of the elite in -- to take -- -- well basically -- -- In his attempt -- to follow that up control even further he's -- said the patriots are no longer. One of the elite teams got a new piece that just came out. The gold backed the brave thing in any talked about it you know is efficiency with pressure in all those things that all quarterbacks. And it got me to thinking about if there was one statistic. That meant the most in football what would be. Tom Brady yesterday answered the question. Tom Brady yesterday answered the answered the very simple question. That's the most important statistic to. You've -- -- wins and losses. Yeah I guess because -- with the rise of new political. Analysis a lot of people were saying that there's a variety of ways to. And all the time. Do we now see through this important process runner -- Because it's -- team. So hey do you agree with the if there is another statistic it. One important would it. I think did people. OK so watched the games on TV is because there's a scoreboard I mean I think that's what it's all about there's no scoreboard than people wouldn't tune in and watch -- I think that's what it's all about so bad if there's -- there was only once that that matters and that's because. The competition NFL is very high extremely high on a daily basis you're competing. Hiding -- some individuals compete against other guys and some compete against themselves so even if you don't have someone that you're competing against a -- figured diapers thank compete to get yourself. You're always gonna get better -- there's always competition. And the guys I've been around that find ways to do that motivate themselves those -- the best players they don't want to wait for. You know a Sunday in September to figure out they're competitive and you figure that out -- -- figure that out in February at the end of February when no one else really -- what. The competition that you have what's inside you what how that's gonna. You know really help your team and go to your team to be more competitive. Tom Brady says the only stat that matters is wins and -- Wednesday. You just say here's what's on current had to say that's not our it was a long question if Tommy got their we got a great answer out of Tom Brady. And that's that's what if you believe if you believe Brady. That's all that matters you can talk about he nominated artist now one passes nothing right all the -- -- passes he has how many yards he has. Does this team win more often -- this team loses in the patriots and Tom Brady. Have won like one of these college football programs that in those comfortable program to keep the schedule. -- Valdosta State to even have a tough game or two during a year and the coach is winning percentage as well over pro football but it's happened for Brady. And it's unfair but he he's absolutely right. Beckett Beckett actually work against Tom Brady has. He's been in the right situation where he's been able to win a bunch of games and he's competed for championships and won three of them. Sold the only record that counts is this playoff it it helps for him and it helps them but there -- some other guys. We're talented. Who were driven to the same things that Tom Brady talked about with -- turn up competing against themselves and working hard when no one's paying attention but it is the best situation. And I famous sweater you know accord I don't like from quarterbacks is and they say well let's say Heidi feel going up against Manning well not really on the on the appeal when he is in the field. So I don't really compete against the against bogus I think they do compete against each other because he's standing on the sideline. Watching the other guy at work and it's gonna affect the way it's gonna getting his head -- -- -- -- field PCs meaning as he -- UC title game last year. At thirteen play 96 yard drive chewing up 7:8 minutes o'clock that's on his head when he is out there because he sees what's happened -- -- team defense. He's got to have a long drive not give his team the chance to rest. Tom Brady has played great on -- I -- he's played a 193 games in his NFL career I'm regular season. He started a 191 of them. In the games in which he was the quarterback of record. The New England Patriots -- are 148. And 43 -- winning percentage of I don't have in front of me. I can't tell you about a I figured out so elites who know and starts of up what's up ahead of the Mo Lewis came in that one -- played in 2000 had a he had a game in 2000 -- he was one for three right. And hands and in all one. He he actually you know didn't start the one game right. -- but a 148. And 43 is his regular season record. If if winds are the only number that matters to him. And he says if if you're gonna play in this organization. You've got to get used to the fact. That you know some of the numbers that you get judged on aren't -- mean as much the only number here that matters. Is that you score more points than the other team whether that's two nothing or 5110. A 14843. It's hard for me to come up with too many quarterbacks who would be. -- in this game right well except that. I wanna look his play African what is the foreign seven or something like -- -- eleven playoff games. Or something bad. And at 47 I looked it up yesterday were Brady you know in his last one last eleven playoff games none of things. -- -- I'm losing four and seven in the last eleven. It it's not good Mike I don't I don't know it's not the well the first for we don't the first he's played twenties. Six. Eight candidate in the post season okay so we want them firsthand. Right and so since then it's been a date. Whatsoever and good. Option but -- it's the playoffs it's the playoffs. And it's unfortunate and it -- and -- any Israeli -- maybe we break down those. You know take -- those sixteen -- for the last eleven haven't done it that way what way that we're talking about what I baton baby may be Steve I don't know -- well. Setting and the last it that we have a vision our heads of Tom grieving agree quarterback because. He let you went at three syllables in four years and he's got an 800 lifetime -- percent in which is seems to be a big number for him. As the issue -- yesterday. And all I'm saying is. What are -- down for me lately. And all that matters is lately that. -- look at the -- people scream about the issue threats like this is the Red Sox getting an idea he has good. -- he's not good in January -- -- playing in his lifetime in the lineup and I couldn't January. And -- in January in the last six or seven years. He's he's an app piece by it to look like by his rule he started out ten and now right. He's now eighteen and eight so even I can do the math here it is here's 38 -- -- last says they won't worry that it could use the. A couple a couple things a couple of things first all the -- to percent to 774. So his regular season winning percentage -- -- December which isn't off the charts art but here's a great thing about the where you describe it if you performed by his rules. If you go by his roles. Steve. He's got to be the best even -- today. Well look at his last sixteen games look at his last ten games like nobody is going to. Nobody -- got a problem if you look at the body of work he's gonna win. If you look at. Episodes. Okay if you wanted to you know you wanna break it down into thirds OK Tom Brady -- third second third third third if you will of his career he's got to win. So you right. They Nate is not great in the post season. But you look at Drew Brees who's six and five in his career in the post season the guitar lick it up Peyton Manning who's under 500 kaposi's. So it is a corporate guy right so Tom -- are great. Then the next -- for a greater than everybody else question you'll have a problem answering is who would you prefer. And that's why he Adam can kind of win this little argument if you don't debate. He's -- -- discussion on wins and losses. And that's fine with me. I'm looking at playoff wins and losses and I'm looking at what the -- if your patriots -- he's satisfied with the product. In terms of Super Bowl victories which I always thought was the ultimate probably every year satisfy in terms of Super Bowl victories overall yes lately now. While and I'm saying when are you I'm I'm saying that since they won their -- Super Bowl and a noted in the two more sense right. But since they won their -- super bull. Every season has ended with shocking disappointment not just disappointment. Wait disappoint I didn't make the play out there rate namely go get a next year but shocking disappointment because. In almost every game they've lost in the postseason. They've been upset they've been the favorite almost every game. Hello yeah a lot of Munich I guess they were blizzard and are glad you're not out here even though. Even though if you play -- the table about it and when -- -- -- -- with things aren't severe leg from from in Boston from yet while. Peter king and that crowd you watch and -- all the different shows. I understand a vigorous perspective they were the underdog going in that game but a lot of the Talking Heads of football is in the gonna win and here's why. Unless some. Missed remembering is Roger Clemens with the yeah I don't I don't think Peter picked him a win but anyway -- right I mean to pick computer but my my my point news. That -- these texts come in oh what you forgot this straight. Playing it by Tom Brady's rules here Tom Brady a stab -- the. The way you are very rare about where they care roles like. And it and it's totally committed are so many there's so many ways to attack it. There's so many great players who get left by the wayside and talk about that a four -- who get leapt by the wayside by these rules but it's what we all pay attention to. What we want to or not we all get lured in to this this web of analyzing teams in analyzing athletes by wins and losses are we are saying great things that are about the Buffalo Bills. 8844 straight AFC championship I mean I mean conference championships have been won Lamar Hunt hunt trophy fourth straight years. Patriots didn't do that the Broncos didn't do that Steelers didn't do that. But -- can win the Super Bowl so we look at players its way we look at teams this way whether whether you think it's fair not just doing. Polygamist discussion because because Brady told us to wreck -- common -- he called it is that what you guys are gonna talk about. So I'm looking added I would roll few established wins and losses. But if if we have to take a step back and look at the big picture in mind let's move on top of the Sox. And by the way and there was -- says -- certainly not better than Joseph Montana. -- ideas. -- Joseph Montana in his career regular season 117 and 47. Brady's 14843. Up playoffs Joseph Montana sixteen and seven ratings -- eighteen and eight. Total for Montana won 33 and 54 Brady won 66 and 51. Yeah but it's it's that same thing to you know when you know a guy is really. On the next level when you're comparing him -- somebody who's not even in his -- in the game today. Compared to an all time great you're your priority acknowledge -- as bright one of the best you've ever seen. But the question is is -- right. So yeah it is it. Is it narrow minded is it too narrow minded to look at athletes just by wins and losses. I mean did you do that. You look at it to do when you're judging a quarterback you say while. -- numbers are great but this kingdom and seemed to win when it really matters. I would -- or they would Brady's quarterback I don't want anyone else -- Arabic news team I'm just. Debating what he said yesterday that you discovered a text machine I understand what you're saying they. Not of that AT&T -- may not even hearing I hear you loud and clear so not argue with me just trying to have a proper -- you argue with somebody on the tax -- Back Darren Bragg talking to Stephen -- Steven James Buckley don't talk to you right now the dentist okay. It was just make Canada I. Even James Buckley -- -- -- about the measuring. That's OK I was with excellent is that staring me in the -- -- know -- -- -- over you know what you know. It's polished public coffee that David jail to to to focus -- -- I was trying to get text which Unita MySpace. But there was little personal. Apply ourselves wanted to -- that's a great piece of sound I -- it may it may make it a parent's. Sometime big spill in the history that 3 before 6 o'clock I heard. I heard it was it was the biggest cup -- -- -- you're playing somebody's ass with it. You did actually different whatever I let's go to our network go to Lou is if it and I saw that it was -- and suddenly changed my idea you know go about 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line which were not gonna let -- they look at anymore. Is 37937. You heard Tom Brady say. The number that he wants to be judged on is wins and losses. Is that valid for you as well and it is the number that you use. Is he not maybe the best that ever lived forget about the best there is now the best ever. Peyton Manning's numbers aren't even close to Tom -- in that department 6177797937. Dale and Holley and box Sports Radio WB. I think -- for -- -- -- have you know become just more clearly focus for what I need to do to help us and and hopefully I'm answering those questions a long time from now to them. Guys can just reprint the stories or whatever that you know -- -- you wanna right now but I want this bird for this team for as long as I possibly can and hello applicable to this team this organization. And -- still continue to play at a high level and there's nothing that really gets in the -- of that. That is Tom Brady patriots quarterback who again his career win loss record. Regular season and playoffs is a 166. Wins and 51 losses. Peyton Manning by the way if you're wondering and I'm sure many of you are. Total 178 wins 85 losses. Not even close. Joseph Montana. But -- but yet but it's our clothes but the question is is he -- It's a fascinating conversation I'm not in short he's right. We don't want him to be right. Because there -- a lot of athletes. Who -- we'd like we care about. Who don't have the numbers Tom Brady does we don't want to be right but he is and that's and it kind of sucks. When he puts -- that red numbers is because he's very quarterback. When he doesn't put up great numbers if -- is the end it was it was a great receiver out of those of the people but he doesn't and I think that the people describing him and apologize -- Say that while hey look and Tom Brady do wouldn't have put ground game against Lester. He played great game against Denver. A great game no I know a great game that was that we play great it was and also losses to the giants. I don't know what the nineteen -- gaming is pretty darned good know I elegance I wouldn't say that wouldn't say it was a great game now I didn't say great nice and good -- pretty good. There and then they have a good that is great yet -- was not great look at the one they along with 27 for 41. 276 yards two touchdowns and an interception quarterback rating of 91 point one. Zachary that's pretty good at every delegate -- -- -- just exactly how I described. Yeah the last -- -- -- -- point is what we're we're having this discussion -- -- current out of the question which led to Brady's answer. Which lifted his debate. But beating a break what can I -- -- in a I'm asking is it just seemed in awkward was not what it's liberating -- quarterback of his strike. I don't I think I think the way out Tommy phrased it okay this guy basically most of -- -- as saying on my options -- -- I'll think about beer. Montel and all of that monster this thing. That you're no longer in -- -- quarterback because look at the stats here in the -- you struggle against the Russian. You struggle on third down you struggle against the men and Tom Brady's is simplifying it by saying. -- how all that matters to me. Is the scoreboard. Wins and losses. That's what matters to a quarterback orbit this quarterback talking about himself I think is that awkward based on the context of the question. The better ransom might have been all all that I care about super balls which means that at a trailer in the -- maybe that's not fair. But it's a scene like that I don't want. Pay him the talk about the thirteen and -- is not unlike the indicates -- more days in first place bets on things. I think I disagree with you but I understand the point making let's get the calls -- what you guys think -- Greg's an Arizona Europe first on -- on. Bella played Hillary and reckless runner. Much -- -- -- -- -- which could point it. That accumulate it and it's at record at seven under senate the senate at record date in judge or more on the history -- time. How many border got this -- like the and I'm honestly I have confidence going it wouldn't gain. And rightfully so like. That competent -- their corporate it at quarterback that's ever had yet that. It's records that it will all time and we'll get that yellow jacket in the -- kit. We've been hurt fortunate to ask you -- all of our championships right now will look at back -- -- -- or what do you don't really go directly set sail. -- Greg let me ask your question now and and over the past five years how would you say the Patriots defense is that. -- -- a woman and I'm not insane wins championships have they Ben. The caliber that Tom Brady was playing with the the early stages of his career. When he was racking up ten consecutive playoff wins because you know what you weren't -- a whole lot against the steamy there. True absolutely and couple more that one you can go back to treat me any lingering when he was a -- -- Yet he went straight but at -- eat at you at this corporate art -- to go to -- And -- are not in the same. It's too important to once prepared are better I mean we have an -- wondered what I'm not arsenal. I don't know it's just a secondary is it fair point the defense has fallen off from and you look at that by a lot we look at them 07 defense of the of the top five defense what you believe that -- out of the top the top five defense of football. There's been a long time -- that there have been playing that since that they've been able to play at that level on Dexter gets it right. Texas'. When Tommy Karen -- -- -- looking at that you know that obviously you'd you'd get offended by it. When Tommy Karen asked Brady what's the most important stat Brady answered besides wins and losses also in other words noticeably. In other words I care about our you know you can talk about all the other stuff. I only care about this. How many games can we and I do think it's kind of the way they operate down there you know you coming here with a certain reputation as a defensive whatever. But you know what we might ask you to some different here. What we care about is winning the game so you're probably not gonna just in your rears back and go after the quarterback anyway it is some different that would have been a time. Back in the day -- thirteen and three of fighting the good fight -- seats at a game losing would have been -- They've of that remember. What you -- principal bowls in four years everything changes. And at the time Brady won his third syllable he was still in the grand scheme of very young quarterback. Everyone -- sense yeah I don't -- anybody not every time -- -- -- -- -- -- receivers it was bad defense it was a you know there was always someone else. And I'm saying if if you gonna put up the eighteen and eight. Then you you'll also have to Parcells some blame him I know. Yeah I don't know I think that's fair but I think the he's the only quarterback I wanna have yeah fielded at the criticism and the hey it was the defense and all of us I think that is coming from. His fans. Heard. A player in Foxborough or a coach in Foxboro. Do with the Adrian Gonzales say we play too many night games and how we supposed to focus. You know it's tough and in there're -- Unfair unreasonable expectations. It is seems like. The expectations of the hard court patriots fan those expectations are in line with the coaching staff and with Tom Brady. 61777979370. AT&T -- line. Well for some of us is 37937. It's dale and -- in box Sports Radio WEEI. Our number two Elena holly Sports Radio WEEI our buddy Steve buck lake. Seated alongside is our third man in today radiator radiator Steve Buckley I did look it up over the break. Tom Brady has the highest winning percentage in NFL history. 148 wins 43 losses 775 winning percentage in the regular season number two was Roger stop back. At 746. Number three is Joseph Montana at 713. Number four Peyton Manning at 696. So only three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL have won more than 70%. Of -- of their games. Those three or Joseph Montana Roger Staubach and Tom Brady. So Brady -- the tires -- a season winning percentage in football NFL history these guys just tweeting. Here tweeting. But you know Steve because your -- cutting edge you know now because. According to numbers bill compact and openness as he often do you know. Who has the highest rate of engagement a Twitter engagement here at W guy. -- I know it is you know it yes but without you know without looking it was adding there was dale -- It has got dale you didn't look -- I didn't look at the memo that came out after we left the room it is that dale though what -- was that went over it. I'm not -- dale I don't know like drop in the closet people all did we did we sucker him into this -- I am -- to let -- -- it don't well what I do Letterman but serves on remember that Michael and what we were in the -- information was and there was a name that was actually missing from the list remember yeah. And I were talking about your 93%. You were dragon and grow and about. When it outside so mine was 151. 151%. Off. Haven't seen it went what are the other side. I -- the second best. Exporter engagement here at W guy but I'm happy that dale dale. I'm happy for your viewing me -- it's it is a very -- effort here. Buried or did you you have a lot of so -- -- tweets -- so. That that chronicle on what a -- -- -- -- late I don't think I've ever use that but I wish I had. Olbermann does a lot of that 20 -- I mean there's a lot of -- They're like little angry angry area were there and in all year out yeah actually in -- takes great delight and I shall now Pernod chew on followed a block to whatever -- mean he'd eat I don't -- anything -- just block them. Okay is -- him. You know he doesn't. No I -- then why did this affect a lot of supporters so sick of fans will join in the party -- on the -- to execution. Though isn't -- motive. Texas as dumb ass dale. The record can't be used to pump Bob Brady if you're gonna blame his losses on the defense asked act. Was nice to hear from -- You got to sake -- those -- two names he uses quite often our little resident I want to yards per pass climate the ass clowns better that than a minute ago. All I was pointing out -- and and -- was talking about -- over the last X number of years Arnault was called I didn't need your stat sheet by -- Like -- and the caller was talking about the last five years or whatever it is. And Tom Brady in his last sixteen playoff games in the and a -- sixteen insects the only point -- I made here. Was that the defense says this is not exactly rocket science look at. When he was going tent and -- the Patriots defense was better when I was going Nate Nate at the point it was -- So the case -- in other words he may have been an -- he may be a better quarterback now without the numbers. Without the play -- numbers to back him up and he may have been a worst quarterback then. -- Impeccable numbers at the beginning of his collects. Because if you go back and look at his game by game stats of his early playoff games. Not very dazzling the year they won a super ball is in his first year. -- quarterback ratings in the three games were seventy point 484. Point 386. Point two. I and and in the Pittsburgh game in the AFC championship what twelve for rate team. And you know they beat like fertilizer residue that's actually pretty good got hurt game and then well in the in the -- Super Bowl. -- sixteen for 27 for a 145 yards. Everybody thinks of the drive the final drive and and you know past that Troy brown and all and right thanks. 145 yards in the game. That top defense mysteries in at number three did originally enacted back up -- when this is is stats this it will can be misleading. If you while playing. The best team in the conference. Correct the -- -- best -- so you're not gonna throw for 437. Yards by touched on the buffalo in October. Back to the calls will go to John in Hartford John you're next on -- Hollywood -- They had sort of make a quick color out maybe expectation -- that ultimately legacy. I think he won the Super Bowls in don't want it and went 122013. Even -- Pletcher was exactly the same are we even have a conversation about. I didn't value creating an alternate reality -- -- but but but I think it's obvious point -- ago when it. People -- great games. -- it wouldn't be having this discussion now he's John if if I'm not mistaken you're saying if if you start Brady's career now -- go on the other direction. Because it it it's really it's really the end which is reality it's a sequence but. It's it's still gets change reality to get to a point on the job -- job I got I would like is some operating in the real John. I'm with you man. A war to clarify me Latinos compared I hope he won the Super Bowl last year that you talk about the election election is exactly what they all of the same that you put the Super Bowls and 48 and 4012 point thirteen. But you're exactly and I still think that where we're not even close to gush about it. And I agree with that that's that was the whole point that I was making is that the overall numbers if you look at the product. We start the ethic if you go to baseball reference to look up Babe Ruth why now look at those numbers -- -- popping. But you look at that you're the Boston Braves is not so good easy and then why -- the Yankees. So you look at the big picture Tom Brady is phenomenal is quarterback every dale pointed out -- -- where it would up wiped out what percentage of their past Roger Staubach gay team. All I'm saying is that he said in response to Tom currents question yesterday. He says it's a bowl wins and losses and I say fine. What what about playoff wins and losses the last 567 years that's all -- and playoff wins and losses he's really good there too. Easy eight in his last sixteen games. Which doesn't give you Super Bowl right but he's eighteen and -- his lifetime and I thought. I thought that the goal once they'd won three in four years was to keep winning -- doubles this great gift to young quarterback. Now they don't when the bulls anymore. And I thought that was the -- -- well now it's wins and losses and regular season here's to adopt that it was date and Ed an awkward. Answers to luckily -- went out the -- at regular Elizabeth -- questioned first while. I'm going to -- -- -- -- it was a long question and that it was a long what -- -- good at throwing one. And outreach efforts at regular season getting these -- you know he denied he -- But -- Atlantic and it I would like alternate reality to be honest as -- -- -- and no real world laughter is that all it can't just make things up -- -- why did. Odd -- in Rhode Island a nice things on Sunday night and I figured hey I Obama and. I was I speak from south is -- -- quarterback that's just hasn't what are you assume also Vinatieri left. And if you I don't military -- which kicks. But -- biblically you're not gonna make the point that it was Vinatieri more more crucial in winning those Super -- the Brady aria and the incidentally guys -- at least I would like you are making that case. You are making the case had been -- Terry had more to do with winning the Super Bowls than Brady. That didn't say that -- Garcia is not a deposition it was a double -- it. Nicknamed him Naimi is symbolic could've won if it Gostkowski had made it kicked. I got one for a first rate but I don't know -- -- now. What I would what I would it took to back up your point is. If you go to the Super Bowl -- the 2007 season in Glendale when he kicks the ball out of bounds. It I think we can agree that Belichick lost confidence in him which is why it was that third and fourteen. What four converted fourth and thirteen -- Iraq War -- and ended go for the kick yes 48 yard field of the magical distance of 48 yard pass. Bob who got who got Adam Vinatieri into field goal range. So how we -- and Vinatieri was more important. Point. No no I ask you specifically it was Vinatieri more important in winning the Super Bowls than Brady -- suggests. Well I'm I will respectfully disagree. And and I appreciate call but Iraq. I -- -- -- -- number I play at this American didn't work I will say I look I love Vinatieri I think he should BA hall of Famer when he's done well I think that he was critical and crucial. But he doesn't get the chance to kick the field goals of the quarterback doesn't. An emotional state of back of this point in and I got a number backwards in the super -- of the person against the giants. When he kicks that ball out of -- Stumping fumbles which was Preston cycle Belichick's head and said I'm not crazy about this. And then they get and in the gulf part of what down rat fourth and they're more than thirteen. And I don't know what you guys were there right -- and I'm sitting 010. Really. And don't you think that was in direct correlation to that kick out of bounds. I don't know but I'll say this I don't BitTorrent has said that probably don't activist said I don't but tonight. Customize it it it gets your attention. When you're in the don't. So it's supposed to be it's supposed to be easier in the dome for kicker you throw it is easy area to throw the conditions out out. 48 yarder and that's not a -- -- chip shot no but it's it's certainly would be in the range of most good. And -- K 48 yards you'd expect in a game like that up with him at three at that point still like a back in fort defensive battle epic game. Three point there would have been huge. And they didn't get it it it does make you wonder if they lost faith at least for the acting in good counts. 6177797937. Via AT&T -- minus 37937. Texture here brings up a decent point that with a salary cap. And if you're a good team you always draft blow. That you know you -- him once every 32 years or however many teams there are. You know if you think about it the -- for the clippers fans around here are pretty spoiled when they got pretty spoiled in a short period of time. And we hear it's a lot while I -- 11 in ten years you know. And you're right I mean you're right UB if you don't walk off the field as the champion on the last game of the season that you have failed in that regard. But I think Tom Brady's sort of spoiled us into thinking it was pretty easy to win these things. It'll when he -- we won three of four years with a big deal. It's hard it's you know it's really hard. And sometimes weird things happen like David Tyreke holds the ball against his helmet. Something he couldn't do if you gave them. -- hundred chances with nobody on the field he couldn't -- couldn't replicate that fact again got a book deal out of that he did get a book deal and unfortunately lost his career because he couldn't play any -- -- He couldn't do it again. Things happen you know weird things happen. Say that Brady overthrew. Wes Welker or say that Wes Welker dropped the past either one. If the completion is -- -- they win probably. What you think. Are gonna go in the walker and yeah -- Never had a feeling about a game in -- preposterous league tragically wrong. All the time who had all the time I think what day is that -- anybody except for yesterday but I. I could even taking into account that that last regular season game against the giants -- close it was almost lost that game. I thought they were -- At that apparently liked -- and Beers -- -- -- -- thought it would disk and nightly. Look at that team up and downs at this team isn't very good. Roll so don't base anything on what I think about going and any sporting event because I'm always wrong. Not to replace the 2007 season by a spike. 61777. Out of seven writers -- kidding don't want any -- vehicles but. -- thought that despite. Rolling into Tampa and beating them on the road and then going to. Dallas Dallas beating them on the road and then going to Green Bay Robert Tom Coughlin space I just wanted to get him some awkward for -- and all kind of man. -- -- -- all night and I would counter that by saying. You don't think the patriots could be abused going into Miami you know everything they did on the road that -- road wins like that for -- -- and what they -- roll. Were they destiny's darlings. They -- -- upping their game boom and then it. Mattson Rhode Island you're next on sports radio's dale and Holley. A pair feel. Six in the book you come -- and get back into -- thank you appreciate it. I I appreciate you writing a journalist and I wanted to make two quick part I don't -- -- -- -- on -- watch it or want. Operating out of that it would Jerry Rice or to fall -- spark an arms. And I played and -- there was salary cap every year we knew who. That's ball. -- preceding all air into our. Options back in the day used to stack the -- Poor working Tom Brady. Should play. -- in wind at all hypertension and Joseph Montana and -- Whitner is salary cap all the parity in the league. On anybody can win -- Year. -- Register and a public -- finished just gonna just have been one small point and everything you say right on target. What you did say that there was a period where every single year you know once in was gonna win correct. Users don't like that a few seconds ago -- I sent back you to do the preceding -- and act if -- nickel what. -- -- -- -- -- Okay and and -- let you finish the only point one make is that we're there like five it's accused you would've said the same thing Bob Brady the patriots. -- -- Obama then they want to it's a global about lack how to get the giants they had no business being -- that eclipse was correct golden Mike full Monty back it was probably that -- And every year that we get there is pretty basically on the back on the. What are where what MW what about that what the utilize the jets. All of -- -- -- you know like if he can't Brady. Or even -- I thought -- I will call opry went right. What I saw that they need. It may be her good -- there for awhile and not to do. I'm not focusing on the individual game are talking about that season. What all I'm saying is and again I'm not that I'm not disagreeing with anything you say everything is -- a 100% correct all I'm saying is that you said. That there were years we're going into the pre season you know is gonna be that nine is. War not to block your right. Most of the time and he brought up the he brought up that is the season where and the patriots were I think 31 in yards allowed on defense. Back of the league you have sterling Moore. Playing safety had Julian -- playing defense in the AFC championship game are so that that's fair but overall you're absolutely right most of the time. You look at the patriots going into the season. This season -- this upcoming season included a look at the patriots you look at the Broncos and AFC -- the favorite. The -- NFC look at the Seahawks again you look at the 49ers again they're the favorite most of the time and Tom Brady's career. His team has been if not the absolute number one favorite favorite and that covers him. To -- to -- it out every year the Belichick and Brady are here they're gonna be considered one of the better teams in the in the NFL certainly. One of the best teams in the AFC unless we get three years down the road and Brady's had a couple injuries and all aside knees. Stephen -- you know as the name used before the old guy coming you know trying to hang on. But but barring that yes you're correct 6177797937. Paulson Springfield -- All I don't. Are you know I'm on the -- thanks -- all summer. Glad to see -- back. They are just two points not not I don't I'm. Brady is a great quarterback no question about it but number one -- played in the worst division in football for ten years of the warriors kept with decent that the patient socks every year. Point number -- The -- it back out style that I cannot. Those guys they got greens that and I -- a member of the -- Jim Burke put on July particularly now nowadays you -- -- quarterbacks -- your pinky. They call a planned and so it's a different error. And you know Troy Aikman won three out of four Super Bowls and the cowboys you know he didn't concussion after concussion that didn't get touched. That -- you're right that the game is different and they do try I think they've tried very hard to protect their greatest asset. Which is the quarterback position you're right about that the game is different. But to him but the overall play of the position I mean Joseph Montana. Was was eligible eligible to be hit more than Brady as in meaning necessarily was hit. A whole lot more I mean they're pretty good at avoiding that sort of thing 6177797937. Texas if it like it 37937. For a -- coming up -- top of the hour we're gonna talk about guys with holes in their resume its. Dale and I holly and box Sports Radio WE yeah. I think we've got the greatest chance. -- -- to win every year and that's really important part of playing the game that's why we're here working hard that's where we pay the prices throughout win games it's. Not really for individual recognition -- for team success and I think when your part this program you. Whatever individual achievements are -- you have for yourself and those those. Always come in second to whatever team is doing because there's one thing that matters and that's two things wins and losses. You know we gotta get back to win like we're capable and you know we feel like. Put in a good offseason gets us off to a great start and by no means is there anything guaranteed. But we do know that if you work hard you put yourself in good position through this very year you'll be ready to start training camp for. You hear that Steve Buckley. -- related Michael volley at two things matter yes he did he said wins and lost only two numbers that matter so he's taking. He is taking the blame so to speak for the losses -- You want you to look at the wins we want to look at the losses. That's all part of the -- it would be talking about the Red Sox meaning that shot low in the early on certain ever. I already had simply said the only stat that counts is simple one where he's at when we set wins and losses over the -- talked about losses. What about Winston. Also -- demographic dedicated. By the way one quick baseball note here as we get back to the calls. Stephen Bruce the -- lineup tonight. Jonathan terrorism short. I Jackie Bradley junior still out of the lineup tonight. Once again they've got Grady Sizemore in center field and party like a rock star holt is in left field. A market so up about everything that Tom Brady clip. He played and certainly I caught a recycled Tom current clip on the Tom current credit. You know a chance to win every year. Does seem -- you guys that every opportunity Tom Brady -- talk about. How long he's gonna do this for the future. He always the last Camelot he takes it to takes it and runs with it. This -- did does not say -- have to take a year to year you'd never know what will come out. I -- -- and other things traveling the world. Becoming Riley is becoming a fashion model what it no. Always if I wanna do this for a long time going to be the quarterback here for a long time do you think. We're all guessing you'd think that toppling let's do other things -- one time in Massachusetts. While attitude -- -- You think that Tom Brady will leave here at the quarterback when he's ready. Ward Just like every everybody else in Foxborough when your time is up and state regulator. I think without I think he may be the exception to the rule I think this would this is a guy that it would be hard for even Bill Belichick to say. A case on your time is done I think this is this is the one that will be tough feat he's -- -- other guys see that it will lawyer Malloy. Probably get a little bit with Troy Brown with Tedy Bruschi and and some big names in this organization. I think this is the one guy that's gonna be hard to do. I think I think Tom Brady will have to tell. Him I think the other guy policy I think in the case of what you're in the two guys you mentioned Troy and Teddy. I think they both saw it coming they both were ready. So -- Torre -- both with the TV OK time ago. Marietta not doing TV -- right in mcginnis mcginnis had another job there was another opportunity there form. For Brady. How he is not going to be Joseph Montana -- Kansas City Chiefs. You know we can play for another team they'll wanna. Might it might because it -- -- is that the electorate is going to be the director of football operable -- you know you know what he could be. Is John -- You think you're going to be in the he could be cam -- in in another sleeves and now senator -- I don't. Yet -- and fans -- -- -- the jurors and I -- and I have never gotten any indication from him that that except that he sold place in LA and he's -- nobody wanted to live here. But I'm not sure that it's because he wants the elected here. And -- by the way it -- -- -- travel around the car right now if it was the role as sizes these guys -- -- at. This is not based on anything anybody's told me Beacon Hill this isn't the the craft's descent. This is just me seeing what he is capable of I believe he is capable launching a bid for high office in Massachusetts an and that's all it is it's all basing it on. Because because he he is that I mean. I'm raising Arab I had a simple question over a quote yesterday and people like how it's -- Britain and he -- unscathed. He's popular he's won games. He is he as obviously he's settling in the area. You get rid of the place at the mode he's by in the place and building to play. So in Brookline which will also have a remote whenever I don't know what is the point on it debt and cut a hole but believe it as a court -- all the other -- so I think somewhere you know. So. And he could he could be senator Leahy did -- -- could be even thought that if senator Corleone governor or Julio or it could be president of football operations. And has more sense to me -- the same going to be -- war. And or John Elway I mean at -- -- for Belichick to. Not -- he's gonna run for office in Massachusetts not what -- have we can have Tom Brady came in the Indian teams. Running three of our fourteenth. As a gossip that's I think Belichick and people ask over time how much longer going to be around with bits of the -- looks at the same way Brady depth. That time is not coming home not not any time that there has I don't know note that gap with second down the road. Rapper bow in major -- the house built by into. I'm at the head coach in the and the quarterback is to talk about the quarterback and say in the senate senate colleague at the Brady the Brady and Belichick -- A brain I think when it comes to. How long is this football thing -- elapsed. I think in both cases. Now for Brady as unbelievable as it sounds and I think this is this is a reach. Knowing -- his aides. You know anything over forty is a bonus but I think he looks at it says it why not six or seven more years mapping Belichick with the same way. I have a hard time believing Brady can go more than three or four more years I just think it's inevitable. Even if there has -- a serious deterioration of his game at this point off father time catches up all of us but. I no longer think that ballot checks and walk away when Brady was worried about father time is -- -- -- I just think that inevitably he's he's been except obviously that that injury he had. Which resulted in Matt -- becoming the quarterback angle of the five to make the playoffs. Aside from that the meanest guys led a charmed life don't you think sooner or later father time is one thing. But I think at some point is going to be a crunching hit a twisted ankle when I'm. Stretcher and in rehab has already had that that's what I'm saying but did that was seven years ago. Adding he's been able to avoid its sense not to the doesn't get hit import to get it six years but you know he has he has avoided. Marcus Pollard hit since then right. I mean it's taken some Lex yeah. I I think that. I don't think that he's that he's you know in his last year two of effectiveness in the in the NFL. I'd say four is probably the outside for me. Just because like you said opening the importing over forty get over forty and it's like man I don't I just don't know realistically. Now he says he feels better than than he's felt ever in his career. He he seems to have you know figured out that that offseason dedication. Even more earlier on -- changed his training regiments and all those things. I thought it interesting that he he seemed to spend more time here. This offseason and I can remember of -- A lot I mean in you can think back to that god awful day. In March when we lost those two Boston firefighters and Brady's picture standing out there in his neighborhood watching. The Boston fire department in doing what they do and and calling in to John and -- to offer his thanks and condolences to me he was here in March on and working out he's here a lot. And by the way it's possible to to back -- radio and that it's possible we don't even know he was out there mark Garfinkel didn't get that -- to. Right -- -- allegedly was is anonymous and off the side as you could be this was not a OK guys commitment over here we've got Brady you know this was none of that. And I I love that moment as. Tom -- citizen being using Oxford as we all -- as to what was happening. And at the risk of of making other Tom Brady fans mad at me when I say this. I have no indication that he's got any ability to be a politician at all. What what I based upon this any politician have any ability to be apology and a half an epithet at a okay Eric how are they Oscar -- -- on my point is what we base that on I mean he was in the Galley. For a state of the union. With the hope to but I don't think that's gonna come -- crazy and at the poll which it which was which was a photo op. I don't know I'm just saying. And let you know I heard other people make -- right but it is -- just declared dale I preface that by saying. This isn't some -- this isn't like -- senate majority leader set in with the talk and -- and there's none of that. But I don't think it's an outrageous claim that all all I'm not saying I asked. If he really wants to be if you really want to get in the politics. And the ones that go power politics. He should stay in California. Be a senator from California bigger state. More people when he makes the run for the White House -- social call California home because he's gonna pick it strategically I thought this I don't went Massachusetts anyway well at that point. It's so stay -- -- -- California the budget superstar wide receiver with the socio -- threat. Congressman from I think Oklahoma. Because that's his home state he -- hole. He took his credentials and NFL player as a spokesman -- leader. Went back home moderate drop I'll I'll I'll alienating even more people want it today breaking into what -- what report it or he could get elected in Massachusetts. I think he's elected California. Poll who I know a little getting elected in California all you don't know me here if you hear he's he ought not -- your help. Let's be honest outside messages outside of New England. Exactly the most popular guy and the national football -- true. Now under a truck rolled our and it's rolling I've seen you -- -- Kari San Diego. It will be their annual Jerry -- Angeles. Actually an injury so that Hillary Terry Sanford says he'll go well outrage area adults. I don't act of Chinese pains don't hate -- There's no this -- but maybe maybe they play in any era on the side and going into these days you know the Oakland thing in a little touchy there. The backs article for example obviously because -- -- That is oral boats. Hooked across America 6177797937. Paul to New Hampshire people I don't. -- to comment on mount to saying a lot of not -- credit. Tom Brady. To do us so much with so little last year and the other half of that would be. Someone misspoke when they referred to Peyton Manning. Back in his Indianapolis states. Complaining about his defense when in actuality. I would vote is his defense was in the top ten. Who said that that you Michael I don't know how to I know because I -- Paul. I think that was baloney nearly shelters take I group all the the Peyton Manning. His defense is anybody who talks were Peyton Manning you always hear. While he's never Hannity. He's never had a defense and I think that that is patently false if you look at the numbers out learned over the years when the guy calls like this -- again in the show. I'm with you work for me and it has -- -- -- the merlot that was tipped them how I got -- They have two guys said that Paula nobody's -- 6177797937. With telefono beaten Texas at 37937. It's dale and -- in box Sports Radio W yeah. Arts with mr. Kraft and could go check and I think what they demand us and expectations that they have breasts are pretty high in. I don't think there's any time we come out of a meeting -- and -- were great you know we got everything figured out. It's really time here where you're gonna make a lot of mistakes you're gonna give great effort they're gonna fail and you got to gain trust in each other and become more consistent dependable and so that when you're out there on the field you can trust the guys that your playing with. Tom Brady talking yesterday down -- -- -- -- -- stadium in Foxboro. Another piece of football news Paul Perillo patriots football weekly. Breaks this story as near as I can tell at first mention of what I've seen. Guerrilla tweet about four minutes ago Red Sox fans looking for Jenny -- Will find her as they sideline reporter for NFL games on CBS this -- Jennifer owed you an effort Jennifer. I didn't know I mean I kind of thought -- end up somewhere she's pretty good at what she does and had no idea where that might be but according to Paul Perillo. Jenny Dell will be a sideline reporter for NFL games on CBS the dollar is eight I don't know how I'm sorry about that love your show. I had. That he does it on the average Jane does a really good friend and I love to pieces hope she does -- river while gradually but for her upper. Who what other famous friends you have power like -- and talk to any days of the body in my we got very -- -- -- cup years the travel with team dugout. Well and Richard DH has now joined the parade illustrated says Jenny gallon Evan Washburn. Join Tracy Wolfson has sideline reporters for CBS's NFL coverage. Kevin Harlan replaces Marv Albert. Told there's been a whole bunch of NFL. Announcements that have come out here -- is gonna last few minutes. It was great. I I feel as strongly about markets you do lunch -- -- When I broke into the National Hockey League there's ranges as the youngest play by play announcer in the NHL and he was the legendary. Marv Albert he couldn't have treated mean more graciously and with more respect even -- the apart once in Kansas City so props to him. And I am I'm a big Marv Albert fan as well I just there's something jokes here I. I have to get half right that. At the -- right well I Dario and I think it did early in my entire resume I don't. So good Virginia bill he is out and Nelson and on. With CBS. In the NFL. Joining their sideline reporting if she is a as described here eight network newcomer. CBS. Public up a Thursday night packaged -- topic. Health system. That. I think the dumping of the other half of the Thursday night package now. -- the the NFL network didn't CBS get the other half minute package could be absolutely right and maybe -- short of that as well 61777979370. Jays -- Portland eight TJ I don't. I don't think it won't make two quick points and I'll make it real quick I'll go get tournament before and thirteen in the Super Bowl. So log on it I never understood why rebel -- shot. Big -- and -- like gadget type thing why they improved public brilliant but it won't work why did they like or their pit Likud spot with Brady they've done that several times. On the airport compared to our uniform and I think that's gonna keep your position yet. What the percentage of converting a fourth at thirteen when you're not NASCAR defense would want to just go material although it into game. Yeah and the other point I always thought I it is a question what -- to scope of the field. Well I clearly thought out and it hurt or something that's the only -- when he heard Michael I don't recall that. Might you might -- -- -- and I was gonna gusty I don't think he was hurt I think either look it is very simple TJ I think they've lost confidence and I'm. Or they thought in pre game and this is hard to believe in pregame that he wasn't. That he wasn't nailing them from you know 46 to fifty with -- this I think it and don't. That would be shocking. So I don't know what the story. Well that that was just like a theory Mike that I didn't I don't know what happened if that was shocking move. Especially the way they were after the quarterback that day and if you remember Brady this. -- -- not a bad wheel that date cute so what Bedard could pin their ears back up after -- court -- thirteen points. I know the bad bad it's that they would do the thing I want to thank god I never understood a national hatred for Brady outside of New England eat if one of them by terror. Guys you know he thought someone who makes speech at all the right things. And you know I I understand people cheer quorum and people hate the patriot I've never understood the national H. At our facility when he Peyton Manning a Boston. I don't know like that the thing -- never he -- -- he -- -- -- that are capable I hate. Excellent point that in and there's another one I've never understood why people hate Derek Jeter. -- than the obvious reason that he is the that they he's the the marquee attraction the spokesman for the Yankees. Well it's not enough has abated lately why fidelity -- -- every place but I think that's it and it is not really a mystery. He plays for the team that has the most money to spend. So if you're if you're a fan and -- held that -- -- percent of baseball before the new TV agreement. Theoretically you could say the New York Yankees -- your chance for a successful season before it even started there the Yankees they always pitcher players they always get the top free agent they always spend money. Derek Jeter plays in the number one media market he's handsome he's single he's dated women that. You have no chance of dating he's got more money -- you he wins championships more than anybody of course we liked that guy. It definitely property. He's -- So he's rich data supermodel he's got three Super Bowl championships. He's a quarterback. I can think of a couple of other superstar NFL quarterback types who -- I don't -- -- -- like it Aaron Rodgers does not like he's not like he's a bright rays while may not like Brady. Yeah I like each voter well nobody is as Mary did you know supermodel that -- argument he got to say well I understand it. Because it's unusual Derek Jeter story is an unusual story. Did you say he's older drivers did you see a Rogers sixty minutes interview cup leaders that. And and and some guy when a fan contest. And he gets the like me Aaron Rodgers and guys that he's at but you with taller and had an I really know again I think separate categories of I think one of his pet peeves is that this is residents sixth to open this is the -- -- when -- can't as that and and he's a Dexter says. And and the other is something to be set for this I guess says nationally. People look at Tom Brady is the quintessential Eddie Haskell. For people who remember Leave It to Beaver -- gosh mr. cleaver that's wonder you IDS who transcends the ages I'm not sure that the younger. And the -- our audience understands. He does have that you know almost too good to be true. Type of our image that I think makes people mad. I don't know why. So I pick I have a confirmation of Jenny dealt by the way. YA YYY. Exclamation point fascination point exclamation point. And we take that as a company LBJ and will be a Big Easy a that was just because you said -- her friend that got -- -- I don't think so -- said that she was her friend we ice sheet that we're on the outs but turns so we're back together that's a good news for all involved nights at 6177797937. Is telephone number. AT&T -- line -- 37937. At top of the hour for a four we're gonna look at some some athletes. Who have holes in their resume. And does it make you look at them differently it's dale and -- and box Sports Radio WEEI. There you can't sit here compare one year another year compared display that players. I think winning games is the most important thing certainly for this organization and when you come here you learn you learn that pretty quickly that. Whatever matters to you as an individual it's it's it's far distant from what what. Eighteen goals are and the team those are one thing to score more points in the OT. Things pretty simple lesson it. Team goals just score more points than the other team. And -- a lot of quarterbacks say that a lot of quarterbacks they all the matters is that the team wins that's all I care about. Some on line. Tom Brady may be lying but I don't think he has. I truly do believe when Brady says and this is I'm putting the scoring heated that if they won two nothing on a safety in the first quarter. It be okay with yes tiger and it rather he'd rather play well and put up numbers than not. But if they won two nothing they won two nothing then Soviet I think he'd he'd probably be okay. 61777979237. As telephone number -- in New Hampshire hate Joseph I don't. Great hey that's a great lightweight thanks good to you Mike and they'll thank you listen to celebrate just goes right into my point. Do you think what we have in this conversation if Brady went again this year. Wealthy get to that fourth Super Bowl title and you know he's now in that rarefied air that Montana is Ian and Terry Brad doesn't all the ironically I don't know anybody considers -- branch of one of the great quarterbacks of all time. Well well hold on hold us I don't know anybody who is hitters Bradshaw one of the great quarterbacks all of us is that -- ten the object your question now okay. One of the five best -- and tell -- -- but one of the best him. Maybe. Maybe really you know put him top ten. I I I look I guess he's literally got all that matters is wins and losses right nobody -- -- -- that's true. I'm I'm looking at a Ross award only had how many hall of famers on that within. Four championships in six years he got -- -- Super Bowls do you consider him one of the ten best quarterbacks of all I would if you go to ten yes. If you go to Tim might stretch and it's not like it because its regular season is -- its web. In this to Brady's comment. This -- is gonna stick with Brady's comments. So when the remarkable -- to do here so Brady says. That's what we have to focus on duplicate. Terry Bradshaw is what papers -- winning percentage. If you look at the amount of championships that this team won you look at how he played how -- elevated his play in the post season compared to the regular season. And he always did how we did in the big games yeah I would have to he has to he has to be considered. A one of the ten best now. Here's the negative side of Terry Bradshaw. Again I had. I believe who more touchdown passes and interceptions -- Greer was the right like 212 to -- something crazy like out. Coming out of that way. You definitely this wasn't. I just -- I just Google -- tank top quarterbacks of where -- the very first tip that I had. As Terry -- of a seven. But way of Michael's gonna get upset it has the -- eight. Bradshaw had a marina but that's about what about let's look I don't care but why does it have Bradshaw from -- what -- also ultimately the super balls. Eight you know if if if Terry Bradshaw. If if you take if you put Bradshaw on the same conversation as marina. Like OK got you you played your years you played your career thirteen years whatever was. You went to one Super Bowl -- when it. So of lightweight Terry Bradshaw vs Dan Marino Dan Marino blows away what you have to look at Bradshaw beyond. The numbers. As a people to know if it is not fair but that's what happens. This other lists. Got to play for wanted to -- Tends Joseph Montana Tom Brady Peyton Manning. Brett Favre for. -- five Marino six united seven. Aikman aide Ron Amadon nine -- to -- made its ups and that to -- And I'm looking at one here that's got him at twelfth. That the list I'm looking out on nfl.com has Montana as the basketball I'm number one Tom Brady to. Johnny Unitas three Peyton Manning for Dan Marino five. Otto Graham six Roger Staubach seven John Elway eight Brett Favre nine Drew Brees and Bart Starr eleven Terry Bradshaw twellman and Ron Amadon or just found Jason whitlock top ten votes on somehow I -- world gonna get pissed off at that I was gonna say this is he not gonna end well is that. -- with the now with the comments section at the -- -- -- I'm sorry sorry to lead on a terror I try to let me do this because I was -- about five minutes ago. Text the code word eagle. To 37937. Within the next ten minutes you'll be entered to win two VIP tickets plus access to the nineteenth -- sponsor club. But the travelers championship tournament June 19 the 22 at TPC river highlands in Cromwell Connecticut. For more information go to travelers championship dot com. Text the word eagle at 37937. Right now. I mean the beauty of all these arguments is that its objective there is no objective way to quantify. This is the best quarterback of all time the. I was actually indicted and his era. I'd hate -- go back that -- put Sammy Baugh I mean Heidi how do you compare guys when the priest to global era when it was very different game. Compared to what football is now it's hard that is there immense. It's even hard to. Compare Marino. Who who many of us all play and yet there was color TV than in. Air conditioning and all the things that we have today so that wasn't that long ago you know Dan Marino got trapped. On a grainy black and white film. But the NFL that he played and in the NFL that we see today. Are completely different totally differently. Totally different roles that he had to deal -- I mean imagine if if Marino played with these passing rules imagine if he didn't have to deal with. Of Oakland Raiders in there and there bump and run defense with -- Haynes and I imagine you'd have to do with the browns and their bump bump and run defense would picks than a minute filming. Those things are legal announced it was really difficult to. And compare and I you know things are different but to your point about Bradshaw Boris career threw for 27989. Yards. We -- he said Dan Marino threw for 61000. Right he threw for 28000 differently his career quarterback rating was seventy point nine. 212 touchdowns 210 under. Sections Jason what what does not have Brett -- top ten is radiates six Ron Amadon five. And -- so ago -- on the list here. The week when it's gonna (%expletive) me that's our 55. The -- and before. The legal Michael. Jason as -- guide Dan Marino I think too much is -- on the most people I think would have Marino had a branch. Even though I know don't know what's apologize and I agree with that I have most people -- I would say yeah I mean that is utterly numbers aren't even while we are in the same. A press writer that's why Bradshaw is there -- straws there because of what the team did. So can you take out and take out Brad sharp from the Steelers and you talked about all the hall of famers so we have to -- like an audit. Probably more but if you take away. You take away Bradshaw and still have -- green and still have Greenwood it in ham and Lambert and blunt novels guys. But no Bradshaw Franco Harris you still have. You still have four championships in six years. -- -- it would depend on who would -- who's playing the position may give you were mean golf course not but if you have a a good NFL quarterback not named Brad job. A good NFL are you don't win and that's a good NFL quarterback still not flat place Jason whitlock has always number 1110 and habits to United's victory. Now I I freely admit that I didn't see Johnny Unitas player Otto Graham player these other -- I saw a -- on our behalf. So it's it's always hard for me to to make any of these comparisons with guys that I never had the opportunity to see Chris and Rhode Island hey Chris your next on Sports Radio Salem Ali. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're -- you're -- here and don't allow. If we don't mind here and it thank you. Are right so I'd like to break it down and in -- actually. You have cute thing here year warn you that that the stat that individual fire and then you have that a he's an. Now you can on the along on this would Wayne Gretzky became integrated park where all time ago wanna -- Though. He wouldn't if it never won. There are some people who would consider how that's as I'd be in the conversations though because of the numbers would distill out the truth. There's no way you can have a conversation about it because his numbers are so far on that charge right from any athlete in any sport. The UK here actually our our station. But you know he's only you know you know he's only the second greatest player of all time all right. Don't get distracted don't -- Chris keep -- Got her -- in here that the other guys that you know he's only the second greatest player of all time right. I now married up audio and now I just want you know. Right -- But. If it -- now are you break it down and you have to look straight up well. That. What are the individual right in what he got so our quarterback that the two most important that. I I you know that -- people -- -- predict you there's got to be out there that separate quarterbacks each other and then you look at the kings went. And at the end of the Gator quarterback when he don't mix of fate there that much more aware -- make a play to help you win. And winning quarterback make the clutched. Yes yes you're right yeah yeah you're right Chris and and I just lifted just the vacuum open you know Bill Parcells. I know he had this reputation of of saying anything to. Media members not to -- math question and all sorts of stuff on on Parcells was it was a bit of -- bully. When dealing with the media but. What he did those press conferences. Were for us and they were for him there like this therapy sessions and he he really enjoyed talking. You -- you -- to be thrown off by that but some of his. Let responses. He really liked talking to the media every day but after he did that with the stroke and after a talk -- the -- When he was really a good mood. There was the off the records yet or the and it was kind of off the record was it all away from the podium -- So there's another fifteen or twenty minutes after the 25 or thirty minute press conference when he would just talk about. Other things going on a football and one of the things he would always say. And those -- You'd after about another team hey and hi think I beat the bears a planet right now or what do you think about the cardinals are and he'd always say. What's the -- career record of quarterback. -- -- quarterback you know huge issue look at their quarterback's record coming what you see -- what to -- -- I mean he's in Brady's category. And and there may be it's it's totally twisted in simplistic. And it goes against what they say -- -- press conferences and hey it's the team's game if it's a team game -- interceptions are not always quarterback's fault he can't focus on one position. But internally. Those football guys Brady telecheck ourselves most those football guys agree with -- You know I -- loss as an aside you if that if you want a Parcells has boys. You could ask him his favorite salad dressing -- favorite TV show. He would say well Michael. Any address you by naming -- Uga fans. If he didn't know you war if you'd written something that he didn't like stupid tests you talk about six to address. Just to complete the thought that the caller had about Gretzky and it's that the number I'd like to bring up the most as we go to break. He scored more goals than anybody in the history of the national hockey -- 894. EP had never scored -- call. He would still have more points than anybody in the history of the national hockey -- that's amazing that's how big -- gap that's.

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