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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Greatest to Never Win Edition 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

We tackle four topics all surrounding athletes who were great but never won it all.

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And Hollywood. Smile on his -- Allow -- musical selection is not just one of the song. Members assistance when to build on them or forefront by AT&T. AT&T coverage more than 99% of all American building you a better network. If you're the best that things are champions. You're not a champion does that mean you failed in your career goals. That's the subject today then. And honor of Ricky Bobby secondly is just the first loser second place notifies my friends. Absolutely talking about some of those players whose legacies were hurt because they never won the big one so therefore they might be underrated. On hockey their main players who never won a championship yet enjoy the hall of fame career Cam Neely and Adam Oates are perfect example. Unassisted goal has given the Bruins a five differently. At Calgary fans. It's. At the. Gary -- on the call by the way. Back in the day when he was -- NHL for ES via. Tell me Bob I'm off about this hockey -- the hockey guys -- the total to borrow under total brought about all of our. I said -- is a distance that it gets laughs. Hockey. This -- not obsessed. Over championships. The way the other sports do I made very such a very such. -- reference. For the cup. And that your name is on the cup guys are so emotional because they understand how hard it is different when you win one championship. In hockey. That okay do you want a championship we don't -- -- -- Warren hey you lost true. I didn't win back to back in other sports especially basketball. Because that's star player. The star players who have come before whether it's Michael Jordan or Shaquille O'Neal. Magic Johnson Larry Bird all those guys have multiples. Of you must be great basketball he got a few multiple winner of the defensive hockey. That guys are. Are penalized. As heavily for not winning a championship. I -- I agree with that are most penalized they can't really get. -- -- -- people -- Gary -- 2011 with a group led lit up -- it was a bit clumsy at what if I'm playing tomorrow I'm just can't really lower that scene called you out of all the talk about winning a Stanley -- why I only fans who. Look at camp immediately. As missing something out yet but it never once it's. -- -- -- -- Hey that guy had been hurt the numbers he would have put up -- an even greater than the ones -- produced I will agree. That there is no. Cliche here Ernie Banks and hard right there is no one. But let's face it when we had this discussion. They're there are guys who jumped right off their respective -- maps as that guided with a championship. When I get and I think about it for a minute it's funny you should say that before working towards him are you ought to love me. Yes we are in baseball there have been many great players to never win a championship that was populated with the Red Sox players and the team to win a championship for six years. Ted Williams. Jim Rice Carl Yastrzemski and in the field. There -- available it's. Very solid. I don't know likelihood that satellite or. The creek mall you know like you know the deal with that right. -- were inducted the -- way. All of us -- last game of the homestand. And they have the governor rate different family. -- Jim -- budget beating the -- your body -- what what I. And you get a hit off him once the -- ahead. A hundred years I got a thick as you won't Jim Beattie and Brian Butterfield the two guys to get us back in today. And -- -- efforts -- Auburn it's it's it's probably satin baseball here. It's probably Saturn itself bigger deal on base yet started ranks I mean Ted Williams is exhibit a private 2546. Votes are coming at a great. They're just great arguably the greatest hitter in the history of the game spot. Didn't win the world's. And you know this is back to this whole person in this conversation. Is ready conversation -- the bosses OK so Ted Williams plays. During your time. Look where we're guys and crime. Would leave go to war and come back so get the sacrifices career and he was not a team that was in the same division ads. The Yankees. -- the Yankees to -- DiMaggio won nine World Series. Installed that -- it shouldn't matter but it does it compare. DiMaggio and it was kind of better. Hitter and a Byron stated it was not. -- -- That -- that's as we've been in the New Yorkers was pleased. That later tonight with about it in my -- the -- -- Yeah MBA has been dominated by dynasties for fifty years we have dynasty after dynasty great players oftentimes find themselves about the championship. No player's legacy may have been hurt more by his lack of championship -- Charles Barkley. And for a guy who who proclaims to not care about anybody or any thing or you're you're -- I think he's he's here. He got it does now when they listened -- I agree that what they think that's just part Steve you agree is that there's two kinds of Charles Barkley people there. Over the storm play who appointed him as that -- -- -- championship. Is that younger demo. -- this film with that funny guy in front yards right and they don't care right don't care at all. But to our -- basket you know basketball could be. Basketball fans can be unforgiving. When it comes when it comes to championships. You know look -- Karl Malone. Jobs doctor. Patrick Ewing Charles Barkley and these are great players. Note I have good starting five -- permanently or -- -- ever take. You keep you we've got a guy in the back court to get it all worked out that's good. -- Time now for the -- -- question of the day Tom Brady says winning is the only thing that matters in sports fortunately for him is three super Lawrence whose name. Dan Marino's legacy is -- talented passer over. But it doesn't rank amongst the elite because he never won a champion Tony is among the elite. It. Okay. It's. Okay. It's okay. It's. What a great place it was what did a great place now who has the bigger gap and his Reza made note Dan Marino. Port Jim Kelly who was in it four times. And -- for four yeah Marino was only there once. And remember his rookie year scored against Joseph Montana tennis I can remember the cover of Sports Illustrated and we just thought he's going to be here bigger -- years this kid never got back. I would -- the biggest gap. Probably the most most frustrating. -- as is Marino. One opportunity. And opportunity at a time when you don't even know better it may save your one opportunity. Game when you're 3132 years old and you know I like that that that won't happen very often how many more opportunities and I got it yet but it 23 think 2324. Spy but -- let me -- on the if you mean top valuable time hasn't talked to three -- -- Brady went in Elway. I'll let you on United's out of it but some of these guys some an argument to I don't put -- front Marino. Why not Marino's fault it was not real well but he didn't winners of -- bottom line here you know that he's definitely -- and normally don't yet. Despite top -- In -- every. Night -- OK let's play the game top three days okay how great is it Montana. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know about that I don't know I don't know if he's number two. I don't know what Tom Brady act it felt rarely -- what is careers over yet but it Marino and a break I want you on the record right now filming burritos at a rate short. Don't was a great quarterback he'd tell me song covered by -- play. I'm asking you you're getting a brand that you've got what you got a little. Jack Edwards. Come to the ring in you like you. That a few times today -- -- -- that hey am I felt I was got the ceremonies. For Ray -- Okay you work. I don't care that you were there at the altered their between Jack at all the different. Three Jack in the on the gonna -- if you in the hallway okay -- I'm just looking here so you don't get a little afraid little worry -- -- -- these -- -- got Dan Marino has the third most. Passing yards in the history of National Football League lit led the NFL in passing yards five times. Led the NFL in touchdowns freaked out battling it 48 here are let's listen to us. -- completions. All time completions. Fourth outgoing 967. Completions 1900. Completion coming yards. 61361. 420. Touchdowns 252%. -- -- -- Dan Marino and this is this thing it would go to -- ahead of Brady right now short his career is over when Brady's career is over I'll -- perspective. Now you I I can't I have a hard time raising lost more simple balls and relate but it. But yeah you're getting to the U wanna I'm getting to what he's still not -- not started -- you're contradicting yourself you can't figure out if you agree with Brady. Or you agree what you said the first couple Alitalia pray I don't -- don't pretty big. That you're going back and forth nobody ever win the comparable with what it mattered anyway what you want to stay out of want to know what I analysts agree with an even answer my question okay. But right over the tape do you agree. That wins and losses are what we're starting out what we're judging quarterbacks five or something else if -- wins and losses Tom Brady beats everybody. But it does not wins and losses you look at a guy but the his his statistics. And look at what team he played for Ford general manager was in this case an aging Don Shula who didn't give them a defense. Or put everything on the shoulders and that's a different conversation is it -- wants conversation or is it very simple wins and loss. I think there were only two positions in sports where a guy can say that on my back I'm gonna carry all the way since the goalie in hockey it's a quarterback in football. You can make a case for that iconic Michael Jordan type in basketball. War at the Tom Seaver type -- based soldier says that monster season but even then he can only go one game four. So -- I'd have to go for goalie had to go to quarterback in the quarterback we're talking about as did the five Super Bowls and won three of them the quarterback you're talking about has been a won and lost it. Yeah he did. And watch what -- what herbs and evidence -- there's nothing. There was nothing he could have done about it Marino did not prevent the Miami Dolphins are getting super balls. The way the Miami Dolphins were waiting years I don't and I don't -- the Miami all of you know six or seven you wanna put at a Brady and I don't think that's accurate I wanna play it. What is the all of these guys' careers when I want to become so close before know where they rank or Peyton Manning ranks all time. I think we have a a pretty good idea can his career coming to a close and Tom Brady. When a career is over. You have to talk about -- started -- Brady went in a painful five years and are now and -- change in the will not change in roles I how we've been talking about it. Com I'm uncomfortable with that because one guy's career is over. And one -- still the world know get it go wrong adding to burnish his resume anyway you wanna put it. But the the point is for about Brady or Montana. For a guy like Dan Marino. Was a transcendent quarterback who was great. It's unfortunate for him and the part of the game in your affirmative here and Tom Brady said yesterday he's right. This summer go back to us at the beginning of the show we don't want Tom Brady to be right at least I don't but he has. It's more complicated than wins and losses but ultimately. When you're judging the all time -- you do go back to it even at the numbers say where -- I don't the united scale even Dan -- -- on the numbers -- Oh he was all about this year's. In terms of production. As a matter he didn't have the luxury of playing for coach like Bill Walsh is playing today you would complain fourteen days those hostile. Yes yes it was. It's what she was well. Of Shula had control advocates and those tropics. The last years of Don Shula the Celtics. Something by the way found out my dismay few years back if you -- rule went on to was day. He just won it in the discussion. Bring up the snowplow. I was interviewing him for the -- -- the anniversary this final blow this interview -- all of -- -- And and and and these words I say get -- looking back it was kind of funny. -- -- -- -- of heard him all of my -- evident tape on the -- I don't think he'd find it very funny it considers that flat out -- well I mean I think spy gate was she well that is that the -- considering that -- -- -- article and never did because that's not dissimilar to another great I've actually -- -- Mark Anderson -- -- -- pretty cool piece of the newspaper. Who's on what work release or someone at least I'm resilient. And it's the tractor hanging in the all it's not you've in the hall yet -- that's not the actual actors snowplow went with a plow them brushed yeah. Rotating brush thing but it's hanging in all of them. Big -- in the right position is a part of the story. And it's an it's a lot of luck as a part of it. You know Laurence Taylor was lucky. Mark Taylor was lucky that he wound up in new York. And not New England cannot play good Lawrence Taylor knowing that when Andre Tippett. I -- it was a Lawrence Taylor -- -- played -- bad franchise most of the time he played for them. Lawrence Taylor wound up in the media capital of the country. Turned -- and played for Bill Parcells. Bill Belichick -- -- the -- the coordinator a mansion get tipped it out of Iowa going to New York. Playing for Parcells early in his career Bill Belichick early in his career. Imagine what that story would have been. Both both guys got up in the hall of fame. But they are seen as. What what is seen as or not is it several notches above the other. It's it it's where you're placed in where your plays and when your place there. Alberts in Rhode Island you're next on Sports Radio still holly. They don't today I don't. You know what a great show and but any time I hit it and it. You know you really well for conversation every sport. In order to -- -- -- -- that it will -- a but I feel actual sport the most you know it will really kick in to share -- level. Really -- end all be all you know history and send it you guys say it's for children you're old and stupid -- Body into a believer in trying to argue party Camry. This -- or has more Super Bowl saying. I mean and one -- while we secure hateful fault free Iraq eleven starters. Are meant changing -- one -- -- On the other side but it comes at quarterback and watch Alley in better especially -- New England where -- doing it didn't win that they couldn't play. -- -- -- -- -- -- You name it -- Brady acted upset. Winning and we knew I actually went Super Bowls when you repeat French. It was an approach to want in pre ordered an immediate it to look for -- -- -- that there are what they're that it would just Super Bowl that was the the waiting although waiting so alters or that button. Here's a double standard you're you're right it and it's critical and I -- Albert al-Qaeda Albert I agree with you hit it to double standard it's hypocritical I don't know what team do you. You root for. What -- can what you need to report. -- root of the journey in an eye on it like you light up I cannot see that you light Aaron Aaron rocket and I wanna record despite saying. You know I think you're put up just a plain white -- sure I'm Aaron Brown Tom Brady you talk a lot played well all. I don't think you're not you're you're -- -- I don't think Brady. In terms of creativity ability adaptability. As pure playing little. I don't think Brees is in Aaron I want -- nine that collapsed that sounds ridiculous but I think everybody is clearly a -- but played them great. I mean I think that they're. Better or worked argued that my current treaty he might be there for that -- -- and not expect the only element a court apart and not let. There are so many different elements Bill Belichick is the greatest culture are trying to tell me in meaning Ortiz in Reno. I don't like is he had the privilege of playing on the order which you don't do these guys could almost all the way more. What your recent not not to not to bring it up something else but I wanted to go back to the white T shirt and a park. Things didn't work that way. Now Aaron Rodgers does things that Brady can't deal. But does that mean -- -- Tom Brady is is a bomb compared to Aaron Rodgers now. As Aaron Rodgers throws better -- -- Tom Brady he's faster and Tom Brady clearly running as a part of his game is not a part of Brady's game. I'll break Brady's Brady strengths. Are his accuracy. In his brain and his toughness. -- -- -- But it is his. Making plays with his lay eggs. That's not what he --

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