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Revisiting Steve Buckley's Spilled-Coffee-Gate, now with enhanced audio

Jun 10, 2014|

An oldie, but a goodie... with Buck in the house we break out the old Buckley spilled coffee rant... listen closely for some enhanced (unedited) audio of the actual spill.

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On a whole bunch going on let's let's start with a Savvis because. That I got the all time. Biggest spill in the history of sports treated to -- their -- Matthew we millions of resistance here because he's traveled a lot it's gonna -- to one record sink quarter sat in his years -- I'm gonna kick your ass when I see them. This thing is all screwed up at this thing -- are you the truth no one did because Alex that ran over here yesterday I don't know who did this. The big calls green which I never use. Is is put -- over here and try to move it around. Wow. We have issues here right here in river what is it's cost -- to ever been sitting right here -- I item I you know luck I don't know I'd be you got me there. What Matt I don't thank you for coming up I don't know I don't have any coffee not that I see that's actually the tragedy. Is widening. It doesn't know a great deal what he thought they realize that the guy whose ass he was gonna have to kick was -- -- Who's up big now luckily very friendly guy about a big kid you know with that big -- deal anymore so all of a sudden now. Backed off slightly popping eight it was just a bit of the show and guidance of giants fans who still kind of -- -- Did not I did not -- was the giant and I worked without notice immediately. Immediately your view to take responsibility for the gotten what it's well the block. But I -- content and the -- I was seated here you're in right now -- that -- And three different monitors. So that they were all like squeeze been right at the very edge we couldn't put anything down forty and put the keyboard there is because. Sounded like a tsunami so we're gonna probably go along with the -- -- -- that you can put it down there that you decided. It was it would. -- about it. That we are Martynas rock does the -- -- on and I was trying not to laugh at that putt with a I gotta be honest I just wanted to start -- it was so funny because. Oh. -- Back to the gulf we go out of the cell vote they animated -- They aren't good thanks I'll bet they can call static bubble thoughts and marching that you guys when you were our. I give the list of the top ten quarterbacks of people that I got a couple things pop up my mind don't like he had. Peyton Manning really tired out and if you go off wins and losses like not -- you guys are public Brady says. I mean his own brother has two wins against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. And I mean his stats Kirk rear don't. -- that but also late Ben Roethlisberger is careers on over yesterday's Super Bowl where it goes Barzani list is. -- and if I mean I respect would be and Marino army core rate our parents great pro and didn't win a championship. I mean I know I don't think Warren Moon close but he had good -- as well war I don't. I mean first like he threw for a lot I mean are not yards. And brought you -- warming and a top fifteen. -- this -- court there were times in a row. But just although some part of where a judge could -- -- -- I don't mean I could just be addressed between him and his brother. Who considers themselves like you know. Yeah I have two Super Bowl championships and you'd want. And and I understand that that's the thing that you wanna judge people on but seriously. Is anybody truly think Eli Manning's a better quarterback -- Peyton now. I don't you. I know I don't think he's better courtyard -- hold back did I did I thought about it. You're -- at the -- -- -- hot as anybody -- got probably Eli Eli probably thinks he's better than in I'm Betty and Brothers I don't -- -- does not. A -- does -- the quarterback NFL myself and looked and -- -- was that he may bluster that way but on the on dale. The nature of the position I am that -- and quarterback that's what they do. The hero of the year. The year they won. This war. Where people were asking Eli. It was gonna take you get to that you know that Brady level while I am at that and a he did say that you write down and probably won't really all about them. In a radio interview. Techsters says that's built sounds like me doing it yet and don't get your agenda to Kennedy and the list because -- I let it does sound like are you had with getting cooler coffee but it wouldn't you have public coffee was there. -- -- And he just to prove that -- manipulate that quickly did beginning. Record. On a whole bunch going on let's start with a Savvis because. That I'm gonna -- all time. Biggest spill in the history of sports -- and try to thereby. I'm sorry about it about it shocker coffee for the show was like oh no that's -- -- Sharon Eddie -- just. At base and an aggregate although it cost him like all the money left I don't just sent out the internment game went the extra fifty cents you can get to self on TV if he had gotten that size copy at Starbucks he didn't -- got a second blown out. Evans in Charlestown -- and I you don't. -- that in the end that sanctions they Michael -- -- started. I wanted to talk. On the topic you're a surprise about -- Tom Brady used to light. Nationally and -- people around here don't get that. -- can't see why can't my main point is that nobody in the market really want to have a serious conversation about. And mean people do bring it out. I'm not on this show on the station in hand in -- forums they just feel a little then and boldly. And I tried it for you got your shots -- you're the -- and Kevin you know it's up to you to have a serious conversation that let -- get us into. I look I think that. The rest of the United States thanks -- Tom Brady is a Weiner. And upon. And a lot of things that we -- we complain about with the comedian uses just Humphrey wraps itself up and side. Our regular blood why they -- the rest of the country thinks he's a punk what what what does he do that what's what's what punk thing does he do. But -- good thing if he does let its a lot of the a lot of good reasons why you eight news it's like it because it is not -- Public persona. -- -- Germany at an it I don't what you -- -- shouting you -- I'm not. And and I'm giving him space to talk but I don't want about -- I -- make sure -- point replicates the break I want I want to its mr. vessel and hold on site talks are set to -- watching -- aren't a lot like and I'll fight. You play of Ray Lewis. And I hate to use. The guys who -- -- wait for a girl that's safe. Until -- -- some bite and then you need to listen to. When other people called in from other parts of the United States. When they when they say something when you have somebody -- -- and -- the United States there. You really need to listen. A lot of ideas upon Bartlett like a cabinet it's I -- nail -- down here I don't care about Ray Lewis I don't care about Peyton Manning. I don't care about her real -- I want you to tell me what you have heard or seen from Tom Brady that would make you think that. He's a -- punk line or whatever what discard gift giving them. We are all the way I see it better and that. The eyeball test it Kevin did this is the irony. You start off the conversation. By saying no wants to have a serious conversation. In and I really haven't serious conversation can't. He can't give you any -- you asked him about five different time Taylor one example and do you think whatever you think what every wanna say on sports talk radio you wanna say that Tom Brady's baby you -- stated Tom Brady is upon -- disrespectful. That's OK you can say that in New England it's kind of -- -- especially when you come on in your lecturing other people. By saying they don't give you the -- it did to do you're paying intellectually. Coming up at 545 our final drive. We're gonna embrace the stupidity Michael. You're ready to that we raise -- -- we might have done -- moments ago as well but will re embrace the stupidity at 545.

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