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Is Sam Monson trolling Patriot fans?

Jun 10, 2014|

Sam Monson, Pro Football Focus, has written an article ranking the New England Patriots 6th in the NFL. After his article claiming Tom Brady is no longer elite, many Brady defenders pointed to his lack of accomplished targets. Does this give Monson's most recent article more credence? Are the Pats appropriately rated?

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I'm really getting sick and tired of Dennis and Callahan lighting a victory cigars after every shell and us walking in here I stats. Can't take it no cigars I think it should be suspended by Entercom corporate and then see if Entercom Boston decides to you backed up that suspension thanks everybody. We'll talk to tomorrow morning at ten I'll tell you all you've been suspended. At. -- did not not a bad here today not a hot day. Loney for rain bands review until 2 o'clock here we are gonna talk about the Beverly lacrosse cigar controversy. But he at least Cuban imports. -- -- good cigar now we tell with a -- cigars or SARS Welker probably just crap I couldn't tell. I that's what I want and -- to get suspended smoker good cigar for right. Oh yeah you can grab a bigger -- all be graduates and let you know crack open a -- right in front of everybody. What do you do daylight out they -- so hopefully what it's ago -- the joke YouTube later. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Points to make on that -- we Mike you got the line we'll talk to about that letter on May be drum again listed a new contract -- us to give advice to John Lackey before he decides to go to Japan. On all the hot spots to go to what it's all that Nader in the program but we have to start off guys with the continuing. Months -- Of the National Football League. A lot of interest gadget -- -- call anybody caller he has become a mark for New England put. All fans he was the one that I had the audacity to suggest that Tom Brady has slipped in use statistical measurement to indicate that. Out of the -- standing of quarterbacks the National Football League the three of us all agreed that that was too harsh of an assessment statistics began. You guys definitely disagree with that I agree that he has slipped not out of the elite status though so now lots and I think full well knowing. But the next thing he wrote with a similar suggestion. Was going to get everybody from all the New England states to quit on his -- and boost up his cred -- boost up his profile has almost immediately. Come out with yet another article for statistical. Pro football focus analysis and measurement suggesting. -- the patriots. Have slipped out of the a leads of teams the national football. I guess these. Is that what you're saying that he's -- to a patriot fans and yes -- just renting out sweater he's calling I don't look at this one is there's really that bad. I mean I think you more offended by the Brady thing I mean there's some things that I look at this and I consider it I don't agree with but. Okay this is just one man's opinion of the game but he has a problem. We're talking about the article -- the breaks that Rick all the rosters yeah and they look at it went through Albany like iron ball high quality goods daughter average start below average to report on whatever. And they go one through thirty terrible. And you know if the patriots are six. He's got the patriots six. -- and it goes Seattle -- print Denver New Orleans fairly New England. Now the debate it's really like you know OK 06 I don't think. In new legal crazy over that. As you were taught in their Lou I hadn't thought this and so you'd just cents on them. In your opening comments if you're somebody who believes that monsoons assessment of Brady. Was inaccurate because well he didn't have a good cast around him. And you have to acknowledge that the patriots are pretty well represented in this ranking of being sixth. The national football. Because how can you argue as so many people that all you can't say that bracelet because his cast of characters around him isn't very good. And then look at this and complain well she's got the patriots six that's too well. It's one or the other on -- But even -- -- year he's used to Rob Gronkowski. In the list and he's calling him leader -- hasn't played because this is -- it ideal place to Larry's also saying that Aaron Rodgers -- the lead he would play much and I know it it it there's a budget there's a bunch of examples like that. So what's your point. I mean and you're also look at that you know you're assuming that these young guys who he's hoping obvious DJ Williams in there. As one of us as a starter he has and as an average starter DJ Williams. This caught nine balls the last three years. So rob bat he's wrong on that one he'll go in to what -- Austria. As far as receivers -- element I think is probably where it should be. Yes solicit as a good starter but -- -- I would say that sometimes. I mean he's high quality based on who get to replace -- Dolan yes and as -- a good starter based on last year I think she's probably more average. Bomb and they don't have any of the young kids out there there's that any of the young wide receivers out there but he has Rob Gronkowski up there and DJ Williams up yet -- one exists in office out of the ball. That's one thing it's unclear to me if you have not enough information or rookie which are two of the categories that he has listed here to help in the statistical analysis. Give you the Buffalo Bills how does -- count for Watkins then just as a for instance. Or you're gonna be eighteen starts rookie quarterback when he -- assumes that Jon Heyman tells him -- -- Cleveland you'd -- purple. Yeah Corning Hamlet called the worst thing about this is somebody who is incredibly blinders I am rival real dioceses I was actually had struggled -- that Christian was. Going to the color coding with me and translating on my behalf because I couldn't tell. -- -- -- assembled a red Porsche daughter -- not enough information and purple is rookie. Now to talk about weapons. Again below average starter. Aaron Dobson below average starter Ryan -- -- below average starter Dan -- let's talk about pressure in weapons. Most don't read there's no -- There's no purple we -- hopefully which -- -- without that's -- -- probably number six -- Christian -- zigzag I'm talking about though because when this argument cannot Bob Brady a week ago you adamantly stated not only has he not slipped. He's better yes. And he's standing by that yes okay so -- -- -- -- labor local. So obviously the patriots are ranked too high here at number six. While adapting to get better. No this is so he's he's basing it on. The players around him. Based on the talent just offensive talent for -- Brady Steven Ridley running back. We remember what tablets have -- issues what their blood took over was the stars feel like looks like he's going to be a start up by default jamboree is not the guy he's a third down got Rob Gronkowski. Don't always -- play DJ Williams he's your -- that it hasn't played three years Aaron Dobson. Being hurt. Up and -- season. Danny Amendola didn't catch a pass an apartment and that lasts a championship game Julie element solid gonna produce -- weekend and week out as long as he stays healthy. So older make kids when -- -- bowl more beating him. Like self signed -- six best in football and no it doesn't sound like so I -- so they should be lower than they should be lower to my okay which. I just find it duster stands them behind so you're saying that Brady is. Ranked too low by -- and the patriots as a team are ranked too high at six. Yes. I disagree with that I had -- there they should be -- that that a second best UFC. -- all you're doing great but the bank -- well I hate Lou I'm with you I think that they if they fall between four and six. Are even five and eight in the analysis then I would buy that any bar -- argument without numbers of music dates are between 58 that's fine. But that they deserve and defense that came from knowing about Tom Brady is he doesn't have enough to work with. Then I would think that it team registering is the sixth best in all of football is pretty good work with. So which is -- gets the ball differences on 7779793. Senate. Efforts -- the ball is itself but the defense here potentially when it could be this year and you still get the great quarterback he goes high quality guys right obviously has that number easily player. So he's got a high quality on the opposite side of the ball high quality. He we don't know Tom Brady's high high quality at least -- the leak that is that is wanna go -- is just troll people from New England. Sebastian Vollmer high quality. Or agree with that. In his last year. -- -- A lot yes okay so the guy right next to a mark -- and went outlook below average starters. He's got a -- player Rob Gronkowski again as he played last year. Look let's take him out put in who meant what he gonna call him he's gotten dates older. It's an elite starter which you go there would -- older as an elite. Solder would you put him in in -- -- -- class which is good starter yes -- ads in the lead me -- on high quality starter. Com. He -- here's the thing he's better than a good starter. So outlook report output above good starter but I wouldn't say he was. Great we'll see he's he's perfect for that position. It didn't give more sacks and don't like you do look a little stiff and I was really tall yap. But despite this my plot what is this thing it's a look -- -- look at the names and it OK I agree with -- or somebody's -- And I go ahead -- Mark Ingram. From New Orleans. And where they have -- -- and as. You know they have met average starter I think marquis was a -- At least adding that there should be another caller for busts if they don't have a line. Mike other ballot is that Matt law lack of sure. Sure. You that one. Well then the blown out running it down was he's got high quality starters and Ballmer who was all the whole year the Bristol what is and Canon. With Carly when Bill Murray says -- he admits below average tonight talking about pressure on the line entire right side is decimated as he doesn't think any -- good. Always got rock as a -- heat game and freaking late last year. So let's replace him with movement and he's got Dobson and the dollar settlement -- at all the was banged up a stroke Campbell pumpkins in their. And then let's start looking at what he had to work with the -- -- degrading remark. And it's not much some go back to -- that -- the article before he puts you right in front of yet everybody thinks that good wasn't in the last year for the guy. So what you're saying to him is that. Since our -- months and it's him has the talent level ranked in the top hand they're really Brady had a -- and top six top six okay. He has no excuses. For not being successful as his talent level so hot. Yes. I'm -- I'm saying if your patriot fan who buys the argument that the patriots are in the top six. Roster wise in the National Football League. You can't then use the argument to defend Brady. By saying he doesn't have enough to work out yet -- -- -- a big weekend because what what do -- not to patriots in 61777979837. But it the reason why the patriots are second best team we have -- as you Brady Belichick. And every other team can't get together own way. -- never let me what all the team do you look at and say yep -- big east. I mean look at you can look we keep Pittsburgh. Maybe they Kamal Baltimore -- 28 in this pool anybody scare city. Guess what they're probably going to be in -- playoff sixty guess what the probably gonna lose where us we gonna go San Diego. These kids city ready with with Alex Smith. Like I look at it -- when he last mile where the patriot launchers eight talent wise this year it's gonna be on the defensive side of the football and they have a great quarterback. That can hold a bad offense together -- -- not a good offensive line. And and not a good. Case of weapons on the outside but your quarterback is so good he's gonna hold that together -- defense is going to be better in your coaches better. That alone makes his second best team BA FC. We -- just look around his own there in NFC be different story. It was in the back to disguise so he comes of this article was. It was looks like it's -- about and may. May 31 and then it was updated June 5. So I'd like to back a look see when that first article came out but -- -- for pro football focus and the kind of break it down because of the gotten traction because you could sit there and if you look at. Just go to Cincinnati he has a Green Bay as eighth. All right legitimate get to elite quarterbacks. I'll take got a green -- a running back and Eddie lacy I'll take. I'm gonna take. Randall Cobb I guess that the push Randall Cobb Julian element of -- go like this -- copper green big Jordy Nelson. And then would you trade a hoot who would you take. -- element and Danny Amendola better see impair. Which one's better Arctic during Nelson ran -- -- yeah I mean so right off the bat I -- like. So yes that that the Green Bay Packers with a senator who was not enough information -- TC Trotter. To wrap the bat I mean you can easily collect. The Green Bay Packers ahead just up sensibly ahead of the patriot as far as talent at any go to Arizona. Roger L attend OK at halfback Troy Nicholas who's a rookie tight end who's going to be stud. Okay. John Carlson a little older established -- -- Gerald Michael Floyd Ted did. I mean right -- the bat they have a better received record in the patriots do. It's enemy -- if you wanna like look at. Just as far as this year like I tested and -- on up sounds like you're degrading a lot of people or on these. Sixth best team in the NFL. But generally well so what else that's what I'm doing that this is what you're doing. Your -- you look at them breaking the patriots sixth -- okay and -- not ranking quarterback weapons. What -- -- the toys the quarterbacks get the play with. If that's the case that they're not sixth. If we're looking at the weapons that are out there were there running back wide receiver -- combos that they're not sixth at all there -- a lot lower on this thing. But as far as the team goes they are with a should be because of Brady you're saying because of Brady because of ballots -- because of the defense that that. We all think is gonna play at a very high level with not only editions that they recede in the offseason but the guys coming back from injury. The team is ranked sixth the weapons. That number -- -- work worth. We're talking about what 24. 23. If you're -- weapons of irony in all that Lou what you're doing and I think accurately by the way and that's why I'm given great autocratic is also what gets you deal with the. What you're doing and I think he's -- Cincinnati's offensive -- was -- to it where would you put them on -- -- -- put point four point it outputs at a sixth. As far as what they're skilled disciplined sergeant walks up plain old got a -- out of town not this I'm looking at since the ice I skip over them. AJ green Tyler I for -- aggression interviewed you body -- -- jars -- over them drop the bat. Receipt and ago you go through regarded Arizona Kansas City. There is. This that this what you're doing and I figure right to do with this actually is -- in essence saying that if your gonna try to put a statistical measure on the importance of every player to come up with a sum total. That puts you at a certain spot ranking wise that you should have a sliding scale for the importance of coach and quarterback that's percent which huge union if I ever agree with you -- that. That's part of the reason why I don't think all these statistical. -- is statistical hodgepodge very it's Sam monsoon has done here means -- lick us. You're trying to put a statistical measure on an eyeball test and if you eyeball or the top four quarterbacks in the National Football League. I think you can have the same kind of argument. With or without statistics to come up with -- Manning Brees Rodgers -- eaten similarly I. I think you could come up with. Without any stats whatsoever and just the three of us don't want what we're doing either on the air on bar strolls across Boston. You can come up with a way to make an argument that the patriots are somewhere between. Fourth and -- Without at least that's necessary stroke for all acknowledging that the Seahawks Broncos and niners are probably the three best teams in football yes and -- -- that there yeah -- like it. Eagle on this that's really you. I think try to make this a black and white and there's always going to be great regardless of what kind of numbers because there's great within the numbers. That's my opinion 617779790. -- Let's go to quarry in Springfield I -- you're on night 37 WEEI. Yeah I -- when I agree Christian will definitely great. To ignite. A hundred -- stupor. What about us -- a bit. And let it. And -- and that being. -- -- All modeled on court one failure not take into account there's this is trying to take into the new rosters of every team based on addition and subtraction via free agency retirement trades. Ultimately -- be regular or racetrack recruitment. Haven't got into -- -- I don't know now because I'm sorry like jealousy because like for instance. You're not taking into account that Aaron Rodgers wasn't there for a large portion of the season -- was collarbone injury and he is now. So that's part of the analysis that the coming up with I eat him putting him as one of the only 30 -- quarterbacks. In this ranking system. Yet and -- just look at it you know he says Rob Gronkowski who obviously what healthy is this the best tight end in the NFL. You can't really put him in that lead. Category anymore. Because you basically speculative your your your speculating whether or not he's going to live up to the -- up we know up to three years ago. I don't know that guy exist anymore. Based on the fact that he just can't stay on the field so we can't stay on the field. That you can't really you almost happened hi Kim -- we've been saying you really have to document for putting a list together. That's the criteria for this you know I just wonder if you actually had a a football guy. Do this. A scout do this they would rely on the numbers. Which you would you would rely you would have to arrive a little bit on the numbers but you would put as much emphasis as he put on me he goes over the criteria. He says composed so. Saluted as we we we got together. Analyst from -- pro football off focus. Okay Capote the -- of each team roster using their grating. Data and their football knowledge. For attic context please their football knowledge was did this guy a month and become on the DC -- say he's a rugby was my favorite brother -- is favorite for. I would cricket and then it was and I think her vocal all of medics. Melanie said so so this football knowledge consist of NFL game rewind use of the coaches act three could draw a diagram of the game and put them into his -- Dallas. And hundreds and that's that's what all of whom are I mean you very rarely find like a Saber metric. I can give baseball that they are big league you know do receive a metrics you know got to play a game has been in the game for -- they know better times and as this couple I know that it'll keep plug it into a lot. And but that's what they do that. They'd they'd look at it and they try to find interesting numbers. You know it's -- things around and when it comes that's while this kind of interesting coordinate accorded these numbers Tom Brady isn't it great quarterback anymore. And they just they throw it out there now whether it's. It what it is whatever you wanna deal with a member. -- -- the last week and what are its symbolic -- three holes -- in a Bogart's -- Dana is gonna put him at three all. I got bombarded by people from saved metrics is bombarded. Now it's proven that the best hitter a lot of its second. It was stats show it all this research shows that -- -- -- caller on the league because every single team must be a bunch of idiots to investors in third you know so it's. It's just that -- depends on what you do with that most strongest around it to the -- thing around you which will have some fun it is fun. 61777979837. On this topic of conversation Tom Brady did address monsoons first piece. Saying that he's no longer an elite quarterback. You'll hear his response to that next Iran 937 W yeah.

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