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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Hillary Clinton on Monica 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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I headlines brought to you by AT&T cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network Hillary Clinton. Fast last night on ABC Hillary Clinton -- Kansas -- of lowered Hillary Clinton and Diane Sawyer who is. The on the fastball she was I was never big guys sort. There optically tracked no now imagine you probably had relations -- don't you did not which like the part she went on the year. I am going to be upon which happened -- -- her straight. She was on last night Hillary did a a sit down with the answer I thought I was flip it around which some tough questions and give her some credit. And she told Mansour at at the time her and bill left the White House they were completely flat this is -- This is the silly thing -- dead broke out. She had at -- time already. An eight million dollar deal to write a book was a living history was -- her. Was built from. -- that book deals -- other I have four million dollar house in check warrant whatever it's called. Chapel Hill knock joke but it just got the camera caught with a call -- Chappaqua powered able to do now. She showed that with a straight face as I've just read about it and actually see it she said we would dead broke here's the quote. And you could have you know cocaine habit and gambling addiction and still. Not be dead broke with the money they had. They have to pay any rent tried that always comes rent a White House but they had no Carville is mounting legal bills that's true he had a an awful lot of lush. Had mounting legal bills today a lot of money going in many going in they had them they were in the private sector. I mean in the government. So shouldn't have a lot of money and -- were broke but of course the time sheets on the book deal he had signed a book deal and an annual about the speaking engagements. He's made over a hundred million dollars has beaten gains since you are not yet broke now not to allocation and they'd like one million in the last six month it was speaking million dollars left the that you love and does anything to hear her speak. It is thicker which would I mean I might -- -- speak. On anything he shows up but it have a little speaker. Think he would speak the truth -- well I don't think the president be like answer the question car at any former president speak the truth about everything you would. Have no interest. -- Bill Clinton speaking somewhere and at zero the joys are too you know. Promissory. Them sore -- -- goes out to you what you would go see Bill Clinton not obligated. Well when you're gonna get from the times and times in one cliche after enough. But the -- presidents. Jimmy Carter would meet sure the Thabeet. Miami Jimmy Carter was in the building and our president I would probably terrible president but what it means pressing the United States shake his hand. What does that do forming. Life experiences rights -- president elect him for -- romantic combat trick to meet us he played baseball -- about an important point for. People. I like the man. I hired the man. Well what Jimmy Carter. Cars -- a lot throughout the office she did a good houses. Both houses anyway and it is in -- pretty happy with the parents that there yeah she's no longer the worst president in US history that's the -- and bumped off that's that's certainly Alec LeBron Bobble off Larry. That's next on our electorate that. Partisan issue Obama should you do that so diet after about it's he would -- -- -- here's the punchline. Pillars of Sawyer asked to Hillary about Lewinsky. She said she has lived all these years as a punchline. Is there anything I would say to her. About her life what I would wish her well I hope that she is able to. You know think about her future and construct a life that she finds a meaning and and satisfaction. I would wish her well if you don't believe the ocean which is Monica Lewinsky well -- -- in trouble spots -- you wish Hugo Billiton Monica's don't. So bad as it -- -- calls in just a real forward she -- she's sure -- is which is critical that -- hooked -- cents -- -- -- -- -- He's moved on -- moved on to Hillary yet he was mistakes that he moves on. Master will finally -- Sawyer asks her about 2016. If you can run for president. What are you going to decide whether you're running for president -- it at. You know I'm going to decide. When it feels right for me to decide because -- by the end of this year well. It certainly not afford them. Well why she's on with the giants are not running jokes and book out this collection of innumerable rounds -- that. Like Elizabeth Warren got like a half million bucks -- no more than a cut. Big advance. Whatever breed. As Liz Warren read any politician usually -- lie behind them to put on the coffee table yet what do you know you can arguably rich politicians that you would go to hear politicians speak. There what's the difference signaling 800 page book -- don't -- speak for thirty minutes left. That's a pretty big did you go to your loaded walk and DOC -- offer speak I would not collect -- -- speak male male would you read no apologies by Mitt Romney. Well it's of sank its darker -- in these people who buys these books and -- -- -- amazes in his book open and I don't write them himself right now and I don't think so on topics. -- for years this man with a solitary life amid the expansive wilderness of utility ransacked cabins in -- hundreds of miles along the snowshoes. They rifle slung over shoulder for the next ten years you will be behind bars federal penitentiary and years for breaking into some cab Troy James Knapp. No nominees the melted and agreed Monday in saint George Utah to a package of plea deals a burglary and weapons charges in state federal courts. Closing dozens of criminal cases against him seven Utah counties that would go out -- the wilderness -- sleep and snow it going to take food from cabs I. I would do that or criminal that's pathetic little place all vacation home yet collect the -- banks in North Carolina vacation all it's warm and break in and and takes that won't even notice she wouldn't even well luckily after the -- -- After one year jail for ten years but the -- now. He's he's brilliance wannabe criminal a widget to your -- your -- are somewhat broken Sandra Bullock's house at all. All is there wouldn't break and some did you see her security yeah. Oh barbed wire fences have. Details in Olympic success Pedro Martinez's. -- fans. For the darker artsy glitzy you commit a crime that would lead. When you get away forty release that you go to that little secret room -- -- -- model of the house anymore I haven't gone. Now to SC folks out there was that there's a place in the house that you would never find. Stay right where nobody out there anymore so where -- Now. What would you do stay in one -- the rest -- life well your food this guy's going to. The next ten years at your food can -- food into it took -- of Rome it's it's by the size of the general sale to have a point. Georgia -- her pocket that pot. What were you with the -- of what we're in the waste. From time to time and get more food -- say from his later. That's what he thinks Abrams have refrigerators and bathrooms and -- they do and water and then and then move -- if your -- from critical safer. For April and have an episode of Family -- it's the same way that pre plan does not something divisive like need one of these it just -- it's just a bit it in the construction of the hall. He told them construct oh well I'm honestly it. The original -- did not -- right we built an addition. And and where the the new addition. Met the old house -- roof line right there was a a are a our room -- -- like an attic and -- I'll ask Scott Erickson if I would kill Obama. I needed that she'll only while I do you ever spent any time no. -- real well which is empty room it's like attic space now. There's nobody knew it was there and you could have been only by his there was a ball that was just it was there now we've been there for twelve years. Who do you -- that underneath that that that's in the foundation. Yet outside Joshua James Corbett who was arrested. But -- -- hot prowler at sandy -- a course -- Bullock's house. This -- Sunday night charge of felony residential burglary be about 50000 dollar bond. She was as on the Texas and Los Angeles over the weekend to receive the decade of this award that the guys from Chelsea. It shows yet no court is set for Corbett that's great she was in hopes with a baby with the baby. A motion more -- -- -- so it gravity Burnett with decades that trick photography and flat. 2000 Latin grab issuance which wasn't sure ones she had to miss USA to miss USA -- spectacular views of sex what he -- this -- -- US based quote beat him. -- missed self Carolina. You don't include brings. You -- what I haven't gotten to this one or you. Every time you see -- it's it's kind of sweet as a -- trying to be nice bureaus say -- she's strike. I we say it's can't stand to look at this to -- -- look at that you think miss that stay with you from Nevada Nevada. Six faces a sixth. Was. -- -- Personally believe. That yes Americans are unable to -- you sound good for his head at that time. People out there and her name is saying it don't have that in -- -- stay -- -- -- and what he's doing such as. She is only one -- met with with -- -- on the Brad I don't I noted that Abdul was to stop Carolina but the best who ever -- -- -- talking -- I'm talking about just for cosmic history just one that was a real -- it's funny if it was -- I figured if it was a bad joke. For one shall miss South Carolina -- Marcus but tonight when nothing wrong with -- missed about a nothing. Or face -- not great. You'll you'll find that that bit that. Moronic behavior detracts from. The tennis. South Carolina I don't yes I'm talking just is a physical package if you if I never like you don't like it needed ten minutes. No doubt apple might never see hear her -- you put up one picture next the next picture of seat and and I did miss. Nevada and -- six -- I miss US standing. -- -- Would you Paula Abdul. I'll tell you Bradford too we got a picture too he said. Reprises her -- hell he's in touch papers are run itself. -- basically -- got subsite through that he wrote to sort through it yet he said it was sort of boobs bigger. -- I think -- brought to you by. AT&T. The MIA AA has been in the news recently not very much of it very good Paul Wetzel spokesman for the EM I a able join us next.

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