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The Bradfo Show: Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes talks bench-clearing brawl protocol

Jun 9, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Jonny Gomes to discuss what happens from a player's perspective when benches clear and tempers flare in a baseball game. Gomes reflects on some of the bench-clearers he has been involved in, while clarifying what is expected when teams face off in such situations.

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It's nice secret. Not -- things that interest. So I wish my chest. And just sit there and it's okay. Episode of this and to be who would wind you know. -- -- -- Welcome to another edition of the -- show sponsor that has always like schools distinctive clothing to people who make mean -- -- outstanding. And -- New England Cyrix. Some of the finest people you are fine particular way which we have the first ever three time. Three timer on the Bradford showed Johnny you know scared to talk about what I feel is one of the most interesting subjects. That you can talk about baseball which is protocol. When a bench clearing incident takes place. Now is this is it are we going into uncharted waters. A's this is this something where I've never heard such a podcast on Saturday and went revealed what it's like behind the -- if you. Little uncomfortable. Little bit uncomfortable here. I think in the past things you've asked me for I've had some good input. I'm assuming you're coming to me with this topic because I've played for awhile not I've been in multiple incidents in between the alliance. So with that being said. I'll do what I can to make up as much info as possible. And I we you can take -- how are you line I call you -- wily veteran and he caught you. A economists sore of of all things bench clearing brawls because. You have been as -- point now you have been in quite a few of them and you have played different roles than them. So this go first first off you remember the first one the Everett had first French -- is -- to be brought -- we understand these are always brawls. Yeah the first incident. In between the lines. Based. Called football hockey soccer mania -- in the past was 2002. That's high eighth in the cal league. I was playing for the Bakersfield blaze -- we got into little. Will mix up with the San Jose Giants and San Jose. And down. That Warren was actually pretty hot and heavy. It's so funny how people always you know bench clearing brawl. I mean. You're you're gonna have to go way back to actually find. All brawl you know normally its bench clearing. Couple pushes and jobs. Even when David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg when and it you know and Fenway Park mean. Real punches being landed kind of like a far cry Europe you know playground fight type deal. Lot of push -- and shot van and then you get that you law laws in the back screen and yap in a way. But. They -- very few actually bench clearing brawls more just bench clears the. When you're young player and you go through that first one is it. The case of you just want to fight. You just wanted to get in there and you wanna -- about and you don't you don't care about. Pay everyone wants to make peace in there is no big deal he said hey I've never been and events clearing brawl and I'm gonna get the most out of us. Not necessarily you know because. There's a lot you know in this game that sticks around. Like a reputation. Do you want that anytime you get in between the lines whether it's announced that weathered -- and mean Laird said defense play out and play. You're you're build being. From your resonate as a ball player. You take wind cheap shot in between the lines boom -- dirty player. You don't stand up for yourself one time -- mere soft player. So when -- play game for so long but yet one or two plays or one or two incidents. Really set your legacy. With that being said. You know you you don't like doing silly you know and do anything you know what they're written and unwritten rules of the game of baseball and same time. We're here fight you know we're here to win the ball game. And you know the the longer I played actually the more the rules and punishments. Have. Have raised you know since I -- in his game so it's almost borderline. You know. -- harming your team and you do some island. When the one the year or a lot of people before you came to Boston new uniform was the Coco Crisp James Shields. And take me through that one -- that wasn't just hang in now. Making peace that way that we have the pictures to prove it took a look at where there where you view there are wound up. So take me through. That particular one. On yet that one time. -- happened pretty fast and -- You know you don't have too much time to act but in a situation like that. It was kind of built up from the night before serve but he kind of was on their toes you know no one really got caught off guard. Bombed you know with what was going on I think ever Roy knew some was gonna happen. Whether had you're not you know that's the -- point. But. And James shielding Coco sets the tone you know themselves -- let -- know if it wasn't going to be a shouting match from. With that being said he doesn't twelve Coco was my center fielder when we won you know fail lesson actually that offseason 2008 offseason I worked out Coco. So. You know it's funny how we gonna get caught up is you know grown main competitors and you know we. We get you know at some scraps and my change a few punches are few pushes but you know at the end of the day you know. You know we were. Coco and I -- you know still get along. You know you you you have a unique perspective -- this old Tampa Red Sox thing because. It's been going on for a long time and and I guess. Or the one constant may be Joseph Maddon even though he is gone back even before him. But from the tamper perspective is that a lot of people look at that shields moment that that says the day. -- pissing on their territory Tuesday. Is that how it felt and does that how it feels where where I'm a St. Joe says that but that -- group. From -- and all the way until a couple weeks ago. Say you know this is part of the deal. What did you say one thing about Joseph is you know he's never encouraged to fight you know by any means he never encouraging when he did -- -- or hit someone. I remember you know if you go way back you know kind of when I broke game you know -- nowadays there's like some major talk. Us getting out of the AL east you know and we're talking about going into central and you know maybe bring a team over. And down. I memory guys being all about it you know players being yeah please get a -- a year in his Yankee Red Sox these guys it is wearing a chance to win this division ever. Another one the first thing Joseph Maddon brought over when he did you know. Take over you know -- there was like we -- to beat the best to be the best you know we we need. You know stop in our lunch money taken you know and we need to fight back. Enough fight back by actual fighting the fight back fight winning ball games and down. You know I guess it before you can't have a rivalry with a good team and a bad team you need two good teams have a rivalry. So once we started to -- did once you know Tampa start how some players you know. Com and place you know we did have a little bit of fight in us. When you when you talk about when the the players go well for brawl and you get into it. Which is what it's all said and done and you looking at the video and her fighting on it. Is it the guys who as you said that your Wallace on the outside who were chirping who actually. Come off worse than the guys actually in the middle of it. Yeah I want 100%. You know we had that incident you know not too long ago. In Tampa with Tampa. Their shortstop you know had some words with our dugout. And you know so you know the media ask you know him what he said you know -- dugout and -- -- got talked. And then they asked me you know what I said. Coming from from the start to the end I didn't say one word you know I mean. You know like I said you know I I got time for arguments in between the lines you know we're here to work. So yeah I'm not a big fan of those you know -- Wallace in the back if you will -- Yet those guys you know it is kind of -- you know me you know being being grown man out here playing you know the you know. Highest level -- for fashion and guys are yelling at each other. But you know. Different strokes you folks. Where -- the bullpen factor in this -- I aside I saw basically. Koji -- Look what keep it looked like that if -- technical what was going on and then again I remember this is going back aways by it. -- seeing bullpen guys storm and -- I can't wait to get a piece about how is that viewed in a raucous clearly they usually have nothing to do. Yet there -- they're the most excited because this is the first time they're ever in between the lines not on the mound you know learn they never on the bases they never play a position. You know there'll lay out their -- and any nerve batter so that there. They're they're excited to get out there and -- just -- mix it up and hang out with the boys. Bomb and then again you find out who's in shape and you know because that time that can be a long run. So then you know most time you get those guys you know rent from the bullpen they're all Huff and -- in which is always kind of fun. Yet and then they play games you know I mean like you know I hear Baltimore they'll race you know it's brief exit got to come out of the same door. So they they share the door to come out and then they want to get in here and -- marry each other. So. Yes it is pretty funny you know those those four -- but bullpen guys in that are run all the way back you know they're walking with the opposing team you know it's pretty funny. But. Just just more shenanigans I guess than anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- as you know we we see these things and everyone likes breaking up the monotony of a baseball season. Is it is it just that is suggests. As we can count on these a couple times a year and they're gonna happen and everyone kind of knows how usually knows how to approach them. And that says this is this just a matter of fact. Yeah and I mean -- the end of the day. No one wants to be in a 25 on 25 fights and -- that's. Not a good scenario you know we only got two lies you know -- 25 views on. Then you got injuries and all the stuff you know and in its not about winning the fight about -- in the game. But that being said sometimes. Or some. Miscommunication. In some disagreements between alliance and you know those -- to be addressed with some hands on contact at times. Com. I mean personally you know like -- thousand Tampa I think you know I hold the record for most hit by pitches you know in Tampa and it in the minor leagues in. I did for awhile around Cincinnati -- never once one time charge the mound. I'm always about. All be fine you can I'm just happy to be on base Phillies pitches you know so. I do my best to you know and help my teammates my Brothers out win on. Some of the guys don't have you know much fight in them. But. Again today Federer winning in -- unify and you know I I consider myself a lover not a fighter. But you've done a great service for the the fans of baseball you've taken a certain places and nobody else is gone before and whether you support -- the first step. -- healing his education so thank you for that. And I couldn't do without you nailed it. -- --

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