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Dez Bryant paid over $50K for a dinner while a rookie

Jun 9, 2014|

The guys discuss the Dez Bryant having to pay over $50K for a dinner while a rookie. Fauria and Merloni recall their playing days and if they were ever hazed as rookies.

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Welcome the minister for good news today you can't joins us here at that stage and MSB's this editorials Red Sox game tonight. 62 innings but -- pre games. Check out in the rest of broadcast. As we bring you Orioles and Red Sox but Christian I can't let another moment go bile that you poignant armistice Bryant. Situation because. I saw the story about how he had been -- with a 55000. Dollar rookie dinner tab. As it turns out. The way Brian explains. It is and we'll hear about the rookie dinners and hazing became quite the buzz do anymore because the ball Miami Dolphins situation Rasheed ideal and Jonathan Martin last year. But the example that was always give in by players from other teams when -- asked what do you -- in this lock arms out now we don't -- we occasionally do the rookie dinner thing and I rookie -- thing for Dez Bryant that meant him picking up the tab is he felt obligated to do it for all the rookies per 55. K. And now one of the Dallas Cowboys is coming out talking publicly about that in saying that the reason why I got up that high is that a bunch of people ordered shots. They'll work thirteen hundred bucks -- yeah. Putted. The fourteenth yes there's with a 413. Thirteenth -- Alia cheaper version -- reports if I'm out there to the idea but this Wednesday a -- special. Louis the thirteenth and in -- limited edition rare task. And so does the parent is only fifty of these bottles in the world. Now on the story get to -- Cameron Texas. It was a lot of -- in Houston. And the other one was that pop a brawl which was up there somewhere that is only fifty of these and was this is not to look at their teeth no joke. But this is like rare cast which is predicted that it got in the country. They alleluia elude a thirteen to appear boss and because when we had our dinners. It was wasn't it by about how amazed she actually paid for the whole thinks because the rules are the unwritten rules -- a hundred residents under the rules of ball. Rookie dinner his. Is that. Each each draft pick depending where it's supposed to be pro rated so the first -- -- accepts the 2% second round pick picks up. Certain percent all the way down the line weren't undrafted free agent. Is gonna be expected to drop in a fifteen K. So I mean he's gonna pay his portion but the problem is in. Got their -- they're asked to do this it's the problem is the guys to take advantage of it because what guys will do. I'm just goes this is -- the rookies haven't they don't they don't treat like a wedding. Here's your meal here's you can order from. Here's the wine list you can order from. Are you tell the waiters and and and the bartenders the video comes you -- EMT Brent the other than XYZ. Make a paper for themselves right. -- -- -- -- A man we had guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the middle of it was just guys entity Simmons want to go Seattle Rick did then -- -- yeah. Here like David -- capital -- -- Now met at an at a now the guy. I was always the guys who got taken advantage of as rookies made a good rookies pay I -- the thirteenth -- beat their electric guys taken bottles of wine home with them. Ordering. You know that that that seafood platter for twenty and the aura for themselves and eat a -- cars. I mean -- -- I think David Lewis have like a hole for our area are Smith of Lansky palace at a cigar here. The year was Vince -- in Ben -- we get 21 round graphics. Primarily its being to us like -- is ready to hurt somebody physically. Because -- bad tablets and and it was bad we're talking 35000 dollars at all but again was smiling down I don't know -- was actually mama yet and I've been. Still yet to first round picks. So I've ever -- this is this is getting so ugly in the bill comes -- the next day everybody wants to fight so. What does Russia does make sure everybody else -- in -- what should have done but he did anybody else pay for. Right we waited and been in baseball waiting. Mean have things like that but for the most -- rookies didn't pay for anything. I got guys that team by -- -- suits. You know we had team dinners. There was always like you know the veteran guys the other guys who would always pay in that would be its. Give them more money you make you pay for everything refused to pay for anything I think we would do his -- the cards in and make sure that he got it. You know that added to his car was -- to let justice Carlos either reacts at a fake snow at the bill was maybe ten grand a five great whatever it is for team dinner. To see the reaction have another -- it was always the big money guys to -- so you know young guys. You have to -- the bill for a -- bill prepared to present them the first trumpet and I was not first company goes out of the secular Zagreb the way to do that saved the -- the page for the first and I came to the pits them like that. I make sure it. There's it's actually a really good thing that it that the that the rookies do. Because. But the problem always she always ends up being somebody like just really taking advantage of so I wouldn't you guys are still basically it's like you're buying me dinner so -- -- what did I go out to dinner with you. Using the -- take care of the bill but you tell me before cancels it I -- -- not paying all you I don't order three appetizers five drinks I don't -- -- details or login details like it to -- to I want a triumph both you know -- can't make in my mind. So basically stick and it's -- that's. That's -- the cowboys did. I I agree but I wonder -- I'll move on try to figure out is. -- wise the guy -- make it ten million dollars. -- at the tap acquire we haven't -- -- rookie -- that part of it is all the ways to make them feel like rookies president spent thirty freaking Grand Island I've. Let me dinner if -- -- they're charged me if they're giving me that bill I am walking out I am not paying obvious there's no way they did to Matt Light to one time. And Merrimack etc. you know Matt says it's I don't think he went to the dignity and like protests and -- try to end it. Ed but that next year after Vince dated and Ben Watson did it he had a they had a little wedding like here's the meal you can order a state where you have to meet the fitness in order but the two drink minimum. -- -- -- get involved what appetizer -- -- appetizer or unstable no cigars -- nothing else editing all the many papers off and organizationally to the team get involved in politic goes up to do they don't know what it is they're not invited to right the rookies are now about -- and they have not -- -- it. I'm positive look at. We know while the TV out lobsters that -- It cut it it made everybody get. Then on top of everything else uses it does get the bottle please I would be an economic critique -- writes I'm I'm not to mention that the any. But -- didn't what I lost my happened. I would think that for the exact reasons that we had the issue Jonathan Martin Richie got veto that the team might get I doubt that this is ridiculous -- can't you Vista right now I think. But it still it's kind of organized by the team but by the players -- but I agree with you. I think it's it's the punk move I ever -- -- 55000 dollar car out let alone have to pay off of 55000. Dollar dinner I agree with you at the thirteenth. Nobody can I get the quotes from Jesse -- -- I wanted to paint -- -- and go -- it. -- -- I. Still one of the greatest lines absent a week we had I I blew it thirteenth went down a toaster before Baltimore. 2001 we finished year down there and carried it was a manager and guys were really fond of Joseph Kerrigan and have we sit down the lobby and music for us he came by and it's the act get a drink on me. So that we go to four shots that Louis the thirteenth. So that bill and it time props they're probably 215. Maybe three. Per shot of it. We get their bill that was at least probably twelve under for the round so that was we think that that stuff. Jesse Holley was the cowboys player who let this week about the shots being the reason one building and so high and Dez Bryant. He says there's a shot called Louis the thirteenth -- cast you only have about fifty bottles the world to government Texas like -- you simply. One of them is used one it was a pop does Brothers which is the plays they ran up the bill. It's cognac. They brought it out in this case where they had to push a button and open it up after it eliminated. They had to serve -- while wearing white gloves. I'm not a drinker but when they said it was thirteen hundred shots I said I'm not missing this opportunity. I got a drank some and at thirteen hundred Asia putts. It was really really really smooth Saturday and you don't need much of it to hit -- All else is -- the players are ordering nine dollar stakes a 120 dollar lobsters and expensive champagne they proceed to pour into the flower pots. I'll draw man that's -- talk -- -- that's his room. -- -- But it it this editing poured in a -- or if you're so -- Dez Bryant you look at it in his attitude and how I was not Elop as teammates in the beginning it was. His career. I hold a grudge all the -- to -- 5000 dollars. I will be back a few Wilson's. Was drafted on the -- to bottom the second round pick got we got paid because he should it should prevent especially if you're. A veteran on expiring contract you might -- cuts somewhere in camp. Right all I had to do -- buy doughnuts but don't -- four times. That was it never did anything else not even that on this matter and there's nothing not even close we have l.'s youngest guys I was you know I was it was me -- -- -- And treat myself to a big Tom dinner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They started the start FaceBook dot com backs us last Dhabi I give final days it's easy to detect coming up next we'll talk baseball with him with the Orioles -- Red Sox played tonight right here. 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