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DWade fines 5K for the flop: when (and how) will it all stop?!

Jun 9, 2014|

We discuss flopping in the NBA, and what can be done to stop it from affecting games.

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What effect Dwayne wade through to second and and what bugs me about this get -- 5000 dollars 5000 OK hey. 5000 dollars in that world means nothing. Nothing. And it's obvious that the embarrassment factor doesn't -- into -- -- think about this. He flopped on the third -- to Manu Ginobili. Ginobili has come out of the game misses significant portion of the game because he's got three -- now. San Antonio loses by two. Do you think that Dwyane -- it's gonna trade that 5000 dollars -- -- -- Ginobili sitting over there with his third -- for the next X number of minutes. Lot of the way way. But more. Long powerful hopeful and I am I going back to what's the cabbies. Never trust the. Like. I mean I'm not saying if Ginobili played at San Antonio 101. That lost by two points. So -- flop not only got Dwyane -- exactly what he wanted which is Ginobili out of the game for awhile. When his team wins by two with two probably haven't sit over their upper. Yeah I can't get too fired up about it because it saw a lot of flopping yesterday and I saw a lot of flopping in game one our thoughts and globally with the flop that wasn't called. And you can talk about how it goes out of the game at a critical time and when they liked to have to notably. During that during that period -- maybe could have built their lead or whatever it is whatever your philosophy is on it. I don't know yet into the game. A flop. That they didn't call. And it terrible pass in the same sequel. Had a flop and call it. He keeps going and he tries to -- a pass into the lane. To Tim Duncan. And the pass went out of bounds. And you know so Miami possession. A guest in the game could have gone differently -- That has not that -- an excuse is his lack of judgment down mr. Here's what I would like the NBA today and they'll never do this took davis' media interloper telling the NBA what how they should handle. The rep re obviously felt for the flaw. So he doesn't know. At this point that that Dwyane Wade is plop down. He reacted to the swipe Andy and the fake idol -- -- -- I just take a following him and put it in the and at a followed duly noted that's where they should have. Replay a replay guy who says wait wait wait wait wait. We've looked at this all of America has looked at this everybody in American knows that you got holes. Not only are we gonna take the Holloway from Ginobili because he didn't do anything we're gonna give a while to -- way. That's what I'd like -- and forget about -- find it means nothing. 5000 dollars means nothing to these people. So you -- a guy who -- take the file away from him. You give it to him for flop. -- -- the money is just it's the it's the fact that we were onto you theoretically were on Q I don't like that faces in the well I think it does because if you. If you're flopped her now when you look at for a call you make it this is what's gonna happen. You'll get flood watch. Game three to wait -- I -- filed. Enable call. There's going to be a situation where he's gonna have to pay more in fact thousand dollars he's gonna have to pay on the court. Four. Actually being filed and not getting. That's gonna -- that's going to be the result of being called out publicly as he -- Michael you could make the argument that San Antonio is down to nothing in this series because of that well 11. Started out 111 but not up to nothing you could make an argument they're not up to nothing because of that call -- Whitney law a hole. You don't take Manu Ginobili out you let him play without that third foul. And you don't think that could make up two point diplomatic academy they're ready may have a lot of things that did that you know what could've should've. I don't know if that was I don't know that was the the key to to win and making. They would you rather have a guy on the floor on the bench but. While -- and as the -- too hard thing he does is an easy one all of American knows what that rep for -- doesn't know. And that's where the replay system in football came about because all of us sit at home watching our NFL games and we. We know he missed that call. Us now. Yeah I -- and this is an easy one for the NBA defects there and you don't read play a little bit I think there's no such thing such thing as these last night. -- everybody saw Dwyane Wade flop and it should have been a follow on to note last night. LeBron. Knocks the ball off the Tony Parker. Strips and hit the ball for Parker forever look at that ended -- -- a -- pyro. I thought the got a right. I thought it went off LeBron and I want it to. He wanted to go -- I've thought he stripped down. He hit it off of Parker he reached forty didn't get it I thought that I think I ought to get out of your retort with his fingertips. Before went out of bounds I even tweeted at the time it took forever. On a topic up call I but it should be San Antonio got that -- -- -- and network because I spent my life you know every 08 summary plays sometimes the obvious but that one thing gets out on that one with the flop. Everybody on the planet knew exactly what they were looking. And unfortunately I'm not blame in the -- OK he was behind Dwayne wade. He didn't have the same angle look at it as we -- looking at a from the camera's position they can fix that. Not only could they fix it ticket change the whole game around. -- -- -- it out wouldn't I wouldn't be opposed to that dale AF in the in the new world. A new officiating world for the NBA but before they didn't at all that night. Reviewing flops. Taking fouls away from one guy -- given to another guy. I just want a revolution in officiating. I mean overall -- you -- what the flopping -- does not even the most. The greatest thing that happened in the public count five or six instances in the game where they called files and it's a difficult files. What they were fouls committed and they didn't call it. Think -- some really. Basic things. That were missed yesterday. And this is pretty consistent. With the league the past eight -- finals officials. And there are still missing a lot so. I think if they if they looked at the officiating they -- our. This is something that's been a problem for five to eight years we're gonna stop it right here. This is how we're gonna appreciate our games going forward. In addition to. Calling things differently and bringing in bringing in some new officials Ross and do this for flopping abbey OK with that Dexter says -- -- Ginobili shouldn't put himself in that position. What position does anything. He didn't do anything. Don't don't defend him yet don't don't don't purely an area that Ericsson cellphone Eric. -- got going -- requests up. How much I got you got back together yeah and I want I'm op. Well -- get old marketing and I can't write on. Bet I could get it out about that Beckett got the right 181 at all. -- -- -- I think that Iraq should replace him are or are. -- Lot. Like it should be any shot well we got. An actual or call or. -- -- -- hit it really really. Are not under a law. -- had an idea aggregates I I love the -- You might that a struggle too -- now we don't like flopping you don't like America I don't like it -- like it. Who shot. Yet estimates. Abigail and I just don't let out right OK don't call it. Don't call I don't know how port and you guys you got what I'm telling you I I am sure -- -- ethics. -- K you're right now that now. Dale and Eric -- there -- 540. On a Monday. On court 2014. -- ninth in -- -- I'm short to the. Number one. In game three tomorrow. Dwyane Wade will be followed. Will be filed. Fortunately emphatically he will not get. Two were three calls that he deserves to get because so lobbyist now know let out a product that's what I got to help San Antonio it's gonna help them tomorrow. It didn't help on last night and -- last night what you've got to pay there's going to be taxed it's going to be a lot protects. That Dwyane Wade has to pay the -- -- and it not only -- might the other thing I'm sure. I am sure are a -- And aren't -- He wept. Out of these playoffs they'll be swept. Out of this final. They're gonna lose tonight and it's gonna be bad. I don't -- going to be bad on Broadway. I'm gonna say. -- The war. You need to know which I don't I don't you you do hey I love I love them but you'll start -- I love them but I feel sorry for them. Let's think Concord, New Hampshire eclipse you're next on Sports Radio -- -- -- Are you say I don't know hockey that's a lot's at it may Michael Holley would outright tonight. I'll be waiting up for you guys that Brittany. Go ahead Eric -- if you don't say it now you'll never get a champ -- -- and that's so Michael like Kyra it. Agree with you but I also like I take issue at least OK let's -- I agree there at that lately it is gonna get you gonna get out of -- not an -- -- -- the gave -- a whole problem. That there create the way -- -- officials are arguing about all of us is that it's all make a call right yet its spirit its pathetic. -- -- You get wrapped the game and have to worry about what they're not gonna call because they didn't politics this. Heard somebody that you bring up a great point you're absolutely right there's probably clip I can't even. America not to defend these guys knocking -- defend the officials altogether there's a problem. With NBA officiating. And and they have to in -- in the problem has been -- for a long time unfortunately. All that I was czar. -- has finally been been moved out after a two year retirement the longest retirement. I in the history of pro sports David Stern told us what was it 2006 we told us it was retire and it was a long time ago when he finally moved aside. Adam silver has has promised transparency. May be in this transparency advocate for better league. He will be a commissioner who acknowledges. That there officiating right now is the worst in pro sports they got a long way to go. To gain the trust of their fans. Right but. I despair I don't know it's would that figure that you have six something like that you can't you can't go to replace that someone's house because there and let's come. We -- -- not -- -- but why. But clip that was yes it. Overall though that these -- -- files and you know and and let all aunts and his oratory like I system for holding an incredible Major League Baseball should have a replay. Umpire in the in the press box. I think the NBA can have a replay official courtside and sit there looking at those monitors. I think the NFL in a back has that right now on the NHL certainly does without centralized. A review system. I think the way Major League Baseball is trying to do right now is a joke but the simple. A replay official sitting courtside looking at what you and I just saw says look guys. He would -- He he he pull one over on here and rather than let's get a makeup call against him next week or next game. Let's fix it right now. And let's make -- so that Dwyane Wade says this isn't worth I don't care about 5000 dollars it's worth it to me -- have Ginobili go sit for five minutes. And I this is worth it to me two free throws and get the ball. No I won't -- -- are doing that though I mean are you two free throws -- a ball for trying to get a call. And it's -- trying to get a call back that when you are just to try to that you're trying to get -- flopping. I've flopping for why aren't people flock they're trying to get a call -- -- it now it is. You'll see it more and more now let how it's been going on as long as basketball's been played. The the NHL competition committee met today and they're talking about rule changes of the they're gonna recommend. After the upcoming season one of the things that they -- that came out of that committee meeting today. They feel embellishment this is the NHL is quote unquote out of control. And they want it they wanna cup where I don't give mechanically shot. Yeah you -- and the penalty shot and would you would you I don't know what they're gonna do but they can't put their Kleinwort there's a sport that saying you know what is that a competitor I got -- drawings this. We can't have this crap. In the NBA says well we'll just but make sure that -- ballot next time it'll -- you also don't wanna go lot of control with. The reward for the other team. I unit and so they flopped. You want to penalize that guy for flopping which don't wanna go crazy. And and give the other team in the world because although you'll have been victimized by this flopping here are two shot and the ball. Or you know that's that's not right either there's a way to deal with it I'm not short that's. -- -- I I didn't go as far as the caller did I just septic Apollo way from June only. Wait -- you got to -- For flopping you've got to got Malkin aren't so generically doesn't have one you do not -- -- -- speculative. And even that would I think Dwyane Wade to think twice about it -- with the wall wall way. I don't need this. -- on the cellphone may well I don't. What's up. I'm I'm I'm completely with you on that I don't think you need. I'm not gonna go to our other color but there need to be a deterrent to other than got five grant that are currently not being blatant way. What you -- do it actually. Call eight -- caught in a -- or anger or opting you're seeing it. By flopping and that could eventually hurt your ability to read it in that you'll have an impact on these guys. A technical a technical foul for flopping. And I did he get a foul for a technical foul. It's funny I'm I'm looking at this NHL stopped is that it's kind of going along the same track one of the things they're talking about is that penalties for embellishment going forward. Could extend beyond the players. The coaches in the organization's. Brad marsh and flops. Claude -- you can find two. So that the coaches than to -- -- a ticket money out of my pocket now. Senior act -- what that the coaches are are teaching it. Ultimately as -- Matsuzaka philosophy that the coach is teaching it's so center teaching us. I had. Any Arianna -- Montreal thinks that the Canadians teacher at the scene now now we're just going too far field when the problem news. The problems. The problem is recognizing what's happening on the floor. -- this goes back to officials. It still goes back to the officials. -- better. Be smarter about it. Prepare going into the game there there's no question. What are you have to pretend like oh you don't have preconceived notions about the players who were participating in any game whether it's hockey or basketball. So you walk you walk into a he Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs game Eric got. We know more -- operas are. There's five guys we -- -- in public the proper we know Parker's a proper we know LeBron is we know wade is. And surprisingly solid apart man I'm -- some names out there. So watch properties guys you've got a reputation as a proper. And if you see it happen you either ignore it. And just let the play go on or you call and say that the -- that's a flop and it's a -- on second thought for our final drive up next.

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