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NHL vs NBA in Boston: The Debate Rages On

Jun 9, 2014|

We discuss the interest in the Stanley Cup Finals in Boston, and the apparent lack thereof for the NBA Finals. Is it is as simple as one local team is hot and relevant, while the other is down and rebuilding? We discuss.

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I always hesitate to even open it this way because several races all -- the hockey guy of course that's -- bank. I watched the Stanley Cup final Saturday night the LA kings of the New York Rangers great game fun to watch especially if you don't really care who wins it's a blast. I watched the NBA finals last night. Again don't really care who wins at a great time on games saw LeBron James looked like LeBron James again. But he second straight game in this happened in the first game of their their respective series as well. What we found is that you guys you guys here not just in Boston I know we're all over New England but the -- of Robbins we have a Boston Providence. You guys don't care about the NBA finals -- fall. At all. Relative numbers the the ratings. Is a little bit below the Stanley Cup finals which by the way if you look at the overall ratings nationwide -- mind numbing for most people. Outside of new York and Los Angeles where the two Stanley Cup. Finalist teams come from everywhere else in the country the NBA is killing the Stanley Cup plan. Overall numbers ratings and all that stuff. Here in Boston and in Providence which is the other one of the 56 metered cities in the country. While version of career 53 and 56. Boston for game two last night was 53. Out of 56 metered markets in America Providence was 56 followed that up with a game one when Boston loves. -- 83. Setting off a rant by my friend over here. 53 now back to back games Boston has been 53 in the country in how you know relatives in and obviously. It's not hard to figure out that Miami. And San Antonio or one in two was they should be a West Palm Beach is high up there as you can imagine not far from Miami. There's another city in Texas that was up there -- those with -- at the top four but the Stanley Cup final that's going on right now. You've got new York and Los Angeles right up there buffalo who was we said as one of those weird cities always does great with hockey. And it there in the state of new York and the Rangers are and it. Boston and Providence like fifth and sixth or something your fourth and sixth in the country. -- explain it. Hockey's a bigger sport in this town right now and basketball. And again that's the hockey guy talking so take whatever grain of salt you want this thing the number shell. That this is a hockey town more than a basketball town right now part of that obviously is the fact that the Celtics. And out a really bad run this year out of the playoffs then didn't you know do what you wanted in the lottery. The Bruins are on this pretty good three Q the last few years ended their playoff much sooner than most people wanted. But at the best record the National Hockey League in the regular seasonal let's stop the team's relatively speaking one's really good right now one's really bad right now. But it's not even close. I understand that actually can understand that explanation. Matters not it's not really hard -- that part of it is it is hard to figure out what I'm trying to figure out is how this became so dirty. -- became a dirty. Hatfield. -- way. Kind of rivalry. Where did that dirty this come from between NHL in the NBA. I -- you guys are NHL fans and you just pure and NATO. Note -- Just love your hockey. And I love you for really do. -- -- Issues. Defensive. Angry. There's not a pure love for hockey. Jersey there's your 8590%. Love. Editors -- hatred wrapped inside there are tucked inside and it gets title leaps out when you talk about how much you love hockey and somehow. You involved. In the NBA. -- of on the flip side. NBA. And NHL the B what is love basketball. Love basketball or pennant in this country a basket although I -- that's fine. And it's not I love basketball because it's great in the NFL Sox in Major League Baseball Sox and hockey -- now it's just love basketball period. And some folks who just. Say you know I like best -- a basketball as there's -- is better than hockey. Why would get to that point and it is it just that. The Bruins were here first. And and when the Celtics came along. -- Was that was that like sibling rivalry or something. But the Bruins the Bruins had the town. And everything was fine they were they over the Bruins and they were the Red Sox there's no such thing as the patriots at that time. No such thing of the MBA. From the NBA comes in 1946. Second is that too is that to a team town would have time for you. What is it. How about the folks and and there's one here on on the text machine already. Who says it's as we hate LeBron if it gets to where the spurs can clinch I'll watch that game. How would you know her album you know I mean I guess was -- -- -- On the twitters I don't believe that it's just the I hate LeBron factor here in Boston. As there's a lot of cities that hate LeBron in this country. In ought to -- Boston certainly outside a Miami there's a lot of places that don't much like LeBron. I don't think that's the problem here in Boston I hate LeBron vote. That doesn't that doesn't account for finishing 53 in the country. Is it just that that basketball as a whole because your team at such a tough year this year you just tuned out. You just you just stop watch and it probably back in December January. And has got -- -- for him or her or her book or he never did well maybe -- -- checked and on he would target -- may -- what's Kevin Garnett left wants Paul Pierce left. You knew what was coming. -- I think most people have no idea this was going to be a yeah. You know if if not a tank job -- we don't mind if you lose kind of of year. And and I don't think that that's part of I do think that part of it is. Because the team with soap or this year. A lot of people just sort of stuck it on the back burner Bruins were pretty good this year and even though they disappointed with the way the season ended they were really gut. Maybe that's it maybe it's as simple as that the Bruins are good right now the Celtics aren't so there's more hockey fans in Boston in the rock basketball. Maybe it's that simple. It just seems like it should be more complicated. I think it is I don't think it's just one season -- -- it's -- one season thing. Maybe. Maybe there are more hockey fans in Boston -- MBA phantom -- maybe that's the truth. Have nothing to do it ain't bad season for the Celtics. Good season for the Bruins. This is just what we're dealing with right now. And it changes can change. It can you can. Is that a parity question. In in basketball. Everybody kind of puppies with the two best teams in basketball right. Maybe Oklahoma City was in -- but you know the two best teams in basketball playing the NBA title. As they did last year right the Miami Heat are probably gonna win the NBA title as they did the last two years. In in the National Hockey League. Probably the teams you were expecting to see in the finals aren't there. I don't like too many people had new York and Los Angeles as the Stanley Cup final match up. And it makes a lot of sense -- makes sense I can understand why somebody would say. OK I don't wanna see a finals repeat especially. This LeBron involved cannot LeBron fan. You don't wanna watch him on the national stage again for the opportunity to win and eight. Third straight championship to win in another finals MVP like Miami wins this series we all know the finals MVP he's going to be back gonna be Mario Chalmers. Boise have a tough spring man national night nice sharp elbowed their Beriault. But although I do think the reaction was overstated but I can understand I think I think it was a flagrant either I can understand you don't wanna see a repeat. On the flip side. You tell -- would you rather. In sports. Come out of movie here. In sports. Would you rather have the predictable with the two best teams. Or would you rather have. An inner -- their like that the New York Rangers if your teams went in a lot of teams that's what you want. If your team has one of the -- -- you I want you want the upsets are all I would rather see if as you described it perfectly if you don't have a team involved. There's no team and you don't care. Don't even have a don't have a ray Bork situation report went to Colorado and you're running for the Colorado Avalanche just misery for rate. There's -- in the Rangers pitcher really attached to think. There's nobody on the kings Jonathan Quick against UMass connection. If you if you're to step in back from a -- wanna see the best possible hockey I think the best possible hockey would be the two best things. Is it is and -- a basketball football whatever is it as simple as this Michael. -- more fun to watch. It's more intense. It's faster. I mean -- YouTube you watch these games and it was this way before the finalists well that LA Chicago series might be as good as a series is I've ever watched. The intensity that the best selling your soul for the sake of winning and I'm not saying that NBA players don't try hard 'cause they do. But manager doesn't feel the same. Are what you tell me as you described yourself as a hockey guys Dale Arnold hockey league. Be like to market. Yeah -- a business card or something you don't talk hockey right here to help. As a hockey guy. If you're off on watching that game last about. I haven't I loved it I I thought it was great now I'll tell you this but Saturdays game was more fun to watch. And if those two teams were playing on the same if those two games were going on on the same night. Easy answer right 'cause on the hockey guys Arnold party which of the two would've been more fun for you watch if they were on head to head. Well I'm missing basketball. Your basketball at -- and Michael how -- guy. I met but. It is hard to compare armament obviously hockey is going to be faster just the nature of the game. It's going to be faster yup so it's hard for me there and just could took to put them. On equal ground and say OK well that which won its faster why no one's faster better hockey faster. But I do know that game -- game one in game two of the NHL final -- felt fantastic games. -- game one game two of the NBA finals. I'd say for about 44 minutes. -- about forty minutes 4041 minutes of game one it was a great game NBA finals game two the entire game great. Different ask one Hakim and they don't really intersect a lot of people try to make the -- that. 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T text -- you guys have found out already is 37937. You've heard what we think will find out what you think coming up next. Well yeah. Experience. I wanted to keep him from. I know for some reason his act. Has taken on the quote unquote charming. Label. You don't like you find a mob war. Boring as a baby -- all -- Paul noble or whole law are against the war and and by the way I feel. I feel at times. He goes out of his way to play that act at times in the same way a little Belichick at times goes out of his way to play that back when he doesn't really need to. And and Popovich. -- when he was interviewed by Craig Sager son. And sincerely looked into the camera and wished Craig Sager well then you know we've we need to back here I thought now that's cool guy. -- and and touched my heart with with what he did. And and pulled Craig Sager some were not tape and as we're doing it live just like your dad would do it. And then treated Craig's Akers son with respect and -- and I thought you know that's pretty cool. Like he treats Doris Burke with respect. Or anybody. If it's not his thing -- understand. On one -- In and you want to run sideline interviews -- in game interviews. Mean hockey does that all the time. And they do it -- basketball. I don't baseball too. I can understand why. A lot of coaches -- managers. Are annoyed by. I mean you you're focusing on the game and somebody's asking you questions during the game what are what are they supposed to ask you mean you're not gonna give up any. Real pearls are -- You're not gonna tell the truth what do you what do you have to do to stop this guy you know we're gonna do you know we're gonna decide to do how we're gonna double. And when he goes to the right side of the court. I'll -- we're gonna try to trap because we've found and our research. That seventy perhaps at a time when he drives that right he's more prone to turn over -- not gonna get that so what he's supposed to say now. On the other hand there are a lot of guys handle it very well it's very professional. Given what given what they want. Short of giving them that the family secret then move on. And he just now if he's got a beef with having to do what I can understand where as a coach you don't wanna do it. Take it out on Doris Burke taken up with the people who say guess what Greg you have to do this every year commissioner. We'll talk to him about it. As long as the league mandates that you do what NB a professional about it. And about before we get these calls got a -- earlier talking about you know NHL NBA why it is there's a -- difference. We're talking about Boston that's all Boston Boston following the NBA Boston following the NHL outside of the Celtics outside the Bruins. Just interest in the lead. And we had a text -- -- a lot of Texas but one textures and takes up Nancy. It's a racist it's a race issue there are. More white folks in Boston. Black people. Therefore. You gonna have higher numbers. Now does that apply to. Just basketball in general. And in the league we know what the -- recorders. African American dominated leak that's what it is so based on bad. And you think about cities were more about black people in Boston. -- a Philadelphia. Atlanta. And Detroit. Washington. All of them all the cities. Have a higher African American population. In good old Boston Massachusetts now. Terms of rankings this year. An NBA attendance -- the Celtics play to 97% capacity. How well they did fourteenth and only me really I was I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did get the logic I guess. We have to expand to get -- capital elaborate a little bit more for me -- of the logic is. -- -- -- black league as Charles Barkley put it the Blackley. And we have a lot of white fans white fans are not gonna support a black -- The numbers at least for the Celtics in Boston don't support that and it is not a predominantly white -- All the other supplement that Michael is that when the Celtics were good and when they were a championship team and await the numbers were great here yet. So you know at the deep predominantly white population of Boston seem to embrace the predominately black make up of the Boston Celtics when they were good. So that kind of flies in the face of the techsters assertion that this is simply a race issue. I don't believe that's true I don't believe it's simply a race issue. An -- and may be it's part of the story I don't think it's the explains the whole story. Get the calls that you guys 6177797937. -- on the cell -- Europe first on Sports Radio -- and holly. -- -- and that man. Long we'll what well I follow recent -- all. I want to see them will vote. -- -- -- all their vehicle out of default. What -- -- on long what they want it. All now -- -- on the ball more itself. -- call -- at all and mediate -- There. -- -- Yeah ninety's and you're out in the -- not there anymore not brought. I'm a little -- Why they're certainly not a Celtics lakers rivalry you know that we had back when it was Larry and magic and there's no doubt about that but their other rivalries in the NBA. Now maybe they don't you know push people buttons here in Boston has. -- I don't think. If if you. Allow yourself to do that any sport. Whether it's whether it's hockey basketball football whatever you're gonna miss out. It's not going to be the same is not going to be the same as. 76ers Celtics back candidate backed candidates Celtics lakers Celtics pistons. It just won't be like I think you just have to look at where the sports are. Were all sports -- right now. -- -- To the modern reality of rival regional rivalries are now their incidents. Their episode things that happen again dead slow this episode Milan Lucic in the handshake -- against the can Addis. So is is Montreal Boston now the -- used to be of course not. Instilling hatred closer though Obama's still hatred Vermont you know yes. What is this sport has changed so much. The money in the sport. And the money sports. Has changed the genuine anger that is to be there. I just you can't you can't keep blood. Like longing for yesteryear or you'll you'll miss. What's happening from you right now. 6177797937. -- telephone number you can text this at 37937. You can tweet us. At dale. We'll tell you why you wanna keep doing back. As we continue. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. We started the day today talking about the NBA and NHL finals both of which are going on right now. And more importantly how in the city of Boston. Just Boston and Providence secondarily. Howell it would seem to not even be at a contest many many more people interested in the Stanley Cup final. Rangers in the LA kings then in the NBA finals. San Antonio against Miami in in basketball Boston ranks 53 out of 56 markets. In hockey. Depending on which of the first two games you're talking about Boston rank either fourth or fifth. In the country in in metered markets. Not even close I mean if it was you know eighteenth and nineteenth between the -- out look the point. On it a coin flip here this this city. The city of Boston is watching hockey and I keep getting texts from people saying yeah but that's because of the Manchester monarch no it isn't. America -- a lot of eyes -- seven years the American Hockey League love that league. Lot of people work there. The interest in the city of Boston in the Stanley Cup final has nothing to do with the fact that the kings' top minor league affiliate is the Manchester monarchs. Has nothing to do. Now up in Manchester probably does I don't know how they are you know how their meters are going up there but in the city of Boston it means zero. Yeah I'm with you with the advocates this I think it's about the game I think it's about the the game of hockey in Boston. And how people are into it very simply now speaking of hockey. But you know -- Dale Arnold hockey guy I'm not that our review it right in your car. You know so much about the stuff I don't. But I gotta -- I'm gonna put my money where my amount to me like figuratively don't particularly. We're there I wouldn't suggest this -- or entertainment purpose is only just for entertainment purposes. This feels like. 19188. Yeah Edmonton Oilers -- the Boston Bruins. Stanley Cup final. Competitive. Competitive series. Game three there's an opportunity. Where the Bruins what happened. Didn't come through. Got swept out of the playoffs. By the Edmonton Oilers now. You look at and say. The Bruins had no shot. Against Edmonton pretty public back and not that they had won that game and it just converted. That opportunity. Maybe it could've been a real series. I think the New York Rangers. Integrated -- -- -- and as has been in the first two games. Going home. Thinking you could've won a game -- won both games. Home zipped through. What team it's better that you. There's significantly better than your I think that it gets swept. I'm Phil and I feel it in my bubble they got to get swept you're pretty good at the Rangers. But I don't think that's I -- I've heard I've heard from from some some deity deities multiple. Deities have spoken to me I'll. I -- the dream at at at the raiders got to get -- Bob Bennett here if you haven't available and for the texture want to answer this and I don't have it right from me. The the actual rating. For game two of of the respective series I know that that Boston was higher in hockey that it wasn't basketball I don't remember. The exact number it was a six something two or five something. -- I don't I would get to the actual number as opposed to the rankings which as we said are very close. That's what -- the score so we got that -- scores of those games got caught up at Colorado other -- tell with a score of tonight's game to game one Bruins Oilers. 21 Oilers game one game two for two or. -- game three. Was six victory. It and a game force suspended. Second period due to the power -- a little fog issue when a power issue. They finished sixth at three Oilers. Wasn't quite as close as you remember how god it was a bit upset you especially game when you're it's a 21 game out in game one and then. -- that's suspended game you're able to convert that. No what do could've maybe. What could have been but it wound up being a sweep. I think the same things gonna happen here the Rangers and we comply with these guys not that much better and we are evidence we took an overtime and two games. -- -- I don't think that -- swept but I do think Kelly's gonna. Back to the calls go Josh is in Halifax are next on sports radio's dale and Holley. They have no regard Josh. Mike it's lovely -- said that about the avid -- are -- think they're gonna get. I think -- I'm -- Louis particularly -- that one of my neighbors. -- and I think you're gonna. Apple is. Now I think LA gonna win in six along -- -- going to be great at home but once I go back LA it is. I'm not a not an intimate contact. Mandatory tonight -- eat better and bought then now is because. I mean basketball pot right now I mean you got LeBron and blocked bolt went I mean a lot like trade land. -- -- -- with that victory you know we have big get Allen and Garnett he has made is signed not mean it does not like it's. Billy. Competitive anymore what. They -- opponents are you weren't so cagey and and Ray Allen where ball as well. I don't think there are bought there are more immediate thought betrayed bore in on a media player -- leg then abroad trying to trade her. The -- man in Vancouver we ought to try to get number we didn't you know remain the. -- -- here this. All the start you know bought vs bill that's the whole thing in San Antonio Bob vs bill. Aren't yet yet he gave yankees drafted. By Ginobili knew drafted Parker and you made some shrewd signing which also tanked. Eric Gregg Popovich paint. He told David Robinson to go away so naked. So it could be a bad team. It be in position to get him -- at Boston should be mad at San Antonio. They took Tim Duncan away from you aren't legitimately bad team. David David Robinson. Had a back problem that became a season long really really serious critical. Back problem because Tim Duncan. Was on the radar and -- wanted to get them. -- like the Rajon Rondo recovery tour that we saw this year except the Rajon Rondo recovery tour. Ended up or resulted in the number six number six overall price you -- when I got out of number one up Tim's in Pembroke hate Tim you're next on Sports Radio -- holly. There on got him going on. Wonder and then on the and each Albert and -- put out the day. I'm you know I'm not I love basketball played it you know watch mark -- it's not that. I think NHL playoffs this far away and then the NBA playoffs and dot I love the Celtics I'm I'm huge stand by. That's not the -- -- -- -- -- -- I think around like typical McCain and and you know what you don't have weighed. Gene Bryan on the back security in Iraq and getting Communist. Bloc in order around and I thought I'd note that occupy my life but I just I think it's starlet -- a playoff. Where does start does suck at basketball on your opinion like ma am I I'm I'm really not checked out what you stop watching when you lose interest. Well I'm I'm I'm I'm all about whether of that -- again. By. Much manipulate. Late ninety's it was like -- -- and in my opinion you know -- But I'm not act like you like -- -- let's not how we are about olestra a relic. So I I I will say this if there's complaint about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And especially in the in the Eastern Conference final it was the whole flopping issue as well it is absolutely part of the I mean that Dwyane Wade. My last night was embarrassing. And if he doesn't get find 5000 dollars by the NBA I have zero faith in the new commissioner Adam silver while Dwyane Wade how about and hopefully. -- that the -- weighed one where he didn't even get touch right and and you know does the whole though the full fledged PK -- -- -- Cringing back write just the joke was at our October and I don't I don't mind finding Ginobili to. What are -- after game one. And there's a lot of flopping in game one we talked about it afterwards now. Nobody paid attention to it because we were all talking about air conditioning in in cramps. And LeBron James in his legacy and almost up but a lot of flopping. Game one as well met they just got to shut it down again you know -- out of well part of part. Ask me on Twitter last night widest Dwyane Wade do. 'cause he's he's got the -- asked him what it's like the he has to the people may still ban questioned the case events of really really good player. Doesn't need that crap. I mean he'd be great player without that crap so YZ dual. Well I think Dwyane Wade has to do -- at this point because they can't get to where he wants to go at times. Because of of the knees. But the play last night he and I had Allen had to cut up and do it he's got wet ball in his hand -- part of it is the officials. That I'll give them credit last night give credit where you hum hum hum the first wanna jump all over -- BA officials. But last night they didn't fall for a lot of stuff. There -- a couple of their corporate flops -- -- my last night and the officials have looked at at the guys like okay. You know keep playing and what because I'm not. Monica blew -- But that's part of it not calling it in the other part is finding it not calling and then make those guys before I just don't. Think fines and although I I've party said Dwyane Wade has to be fine. Let's be honest okay 5000 dollars is a lot of money -- you and me. It it's its money in the ash tray of their of their suvs outside but I'm ready to look at that you want to embarrass them publicly. That is just what it is that I don't think the fine is that deterrent it is being called if flop or publicly that that the guitar. You tried you tried to -- -- we didn't fall for it. A you'd get the Calder and game and then after the game on the off day when -- talk about how you refined 5000 dollars being -- So Canada because we're not gonna offers. And it it and and this is not a basketball vs hockey it's happening in both sports. I hate it when it happens I mean I and and yes when the Bruins do it till I don't like. I don't think the Bruins -- -- as much as the Canadians do that we'll have that argument another day. I truly don't understand it when great players are doing it. And and you you think of in a really great players in in their respectively mean LeBron James does from time to time. It's the flop around like a fish on the floor because he needs the competitive advantage what are you kidding -- the fact that he 68275. Pounds of solid. Granite doesn't give them a competitive advantage. I just don't get the mentality that's involved with great players who decide that it's okay to pull lack -- trying to get a call. I just don't get it cores in Springfield your next on Sports Radio dale -- -- -- -- -- man was -- but gone and I didn't. Mike what do that it would have thought that the urban. -- And -- it -- A -- it docked at 81. That doesn't. About not about right and yet it doesn't think that might. I want. To -- couldn't -- -- dog eat it it definitely know what they want. Put it like the eight. Okay and other detectives OK -- aren't. A lot of people certainly troop that's -- Gregory. -- that ain't what it is generally equipment. And black radical I haven't read or don't net. It totally obsolete I think it does. Or especially according. I didn't know right now just below article have been so so -- -- the Indian and well. No thank you. -- -- -- francoeur and I got to ask you one thing now and and luck is comparing anybody on the planet to MJ is probably not fair to. Anybody on the planet now and I'll agree with -- that you know LeBron is an MJ neither is anybody else. Do you play but birdies but he pretty damn right now we've run I think LeBron does some pretty electrifying. -- -- I think. I think I didn't bite when a company -- it hadn't been one more like you don't like that they don't look at it. They are elected and it didn't we haven't seen anything it. As you watch a gamer aren't. -- you want you to watch I desperately you know there was little pretty electrifying than -- move on a fast break -- in the whole thing with the the Jordan comparison to this day. Of the Jordan Jordan defenders are really really tough love Jordan. And a majority -- -- if you if you make me pick the best player of all time OK I would say Jordan. But that that that the defense of that Jordan territory. It's almost like its militaristic. Don't let you weren't here. We have snipers on the rope got everything you cannot cannot come on to this land of Jordan can't even make the comparison. Before gets angry -- LeBron James is not Michael Jordan. I'll concede that policy he's not Michael Jordan how's that he'll never beat Michael Jordan. -- -- you know Magic Johnson wasn't Michael I thought well it wasn't my -- a lot of there are a lot of great basketball players. Exceptional basketball players were not Michael Jordan and we still have great respect for them right. It's something that they had -- debit card wrote it perfectly said. Some of the LeBron haters are at the point where now in compared to its peers they compare ghosts. Compared on the Larry comparing and magic comparing him Jordan I -- playing -- us in every complaint against. Weird. I -- is not Jordan who -- -- -- he reminds me of -- Is. It's like -- magic. A cross between magic and Jordan. The size of magic. It's faster and magic was. And is not as. He's got to acrobat the Jordan was in his prime but. You don't Jordan had speed and strength deceptive speed and strength through for a guy you know we look at him and you think he was scrawny -- Very especially late in his career. Right after right after -- won their first championship. -- many moments -- Jordan in the air somebody pushing him and Jordan going back and go back a lot. Really was able to keep this balance you know great strength so I think in terms of improving his jump shot. Improving his shot selection. Dominating the competition there's a lot of Jordan -- -- -- is on the cell -- you're next on -- -- yeah you know I think. There's a lot tour obviously a lot of components to a but I think wanted to maintain this year. First and foremost. It's in hired a -- -- -- -- -- -- darn thing guys that Parker and hopefully the other part of it is that the Miami Heat. They've bought forty per cent. On the starting lineup on our debt sort of gets an I'm an old age and at the end I'll tell you tell we gotta we gotta correct something for pat the dollar will the world know like I'll tell you got to correct something. They didn't -- Chris Bosh they traded form. -- that's -- I doubt that that's the talent and signed billions of dollars bail it's not. Like what the Celtics -- The Celtics. May trade at the polls strain -- -- normal Olmert and you know I was gonna say about the Celtics -- same thing sick and tired of seeing the Miami Heat met in the spirit of real spurt. We're watching Indiana. And Oklahoma City I'd have been linked to tell you watch and a dark thanks outplayed got on us troops all I saw what depressed -- apps are heard that Martin and -- -- cramps and -- salt that's well malware that and that the typical -- Miami Florida and this'll be a member saw active player not -- He did anything in the world -- -- turning into a pretty good hockey. You can just to the games engaging they're different scene here and -- out and of course the -- -- kind of sucked me and because the social economic part of this whole deal and you got to remember that part of it all problem is that we have a lot more blue collar whites and I believe in the hockey arena that are more firm predicts there are groups that. And that sucked in when I go to the Celtics game let's let's are playing the Mets and Paul Pierce have been getting a bit like what would be the only game I'd like in any one game has won the Celtics won their audience on the -- -- that a top playoff team and then make them back former gigantic that that's it it's that same crowd that we have. What all the board games. For Britain more exciting -- I think Joseph when you're going when you go to these games -- that hockey game wore an NBA game. The collars are more white than they are -- at the game. Mean you know those tickets cost a lot about it. Especially especially -- Bruins tickets. Our our very I think they're a much higher the Celtics -- the Celtics tickets are cheap either. So I don't -- state you know maybe it is a war vocal ground. But don't let the this -- The sound of the crowd fool you about who they are on them for the most part. Those are are pretty affluent fans. Red Sox -- present. Right -- but Norris on the mound for Baltimore. Jonathan rarest playing short not Stephen Drew. With a righthander. Jackie Bradley junior is not center fielder Grady Sizemore. Sizemore thing a kind of understand I mean how -- you're gonna let Jackie Bradley junior flounder around. I truly do not understand. Stephen Drew not playing not ready for Jonathan perera. I mean the whole idea wise. He hits against -- east. Plays great defense at short and hits against right. Well look you know I'm not playing him against -- -- we're running out of -- I -- a slam again. Steve Lyons Steve Lyons was the first to say. I cosigned on that. It's gonna take a lot of time for for Stephen Drew to get ready. Now has come in the past so that's true Italian. It's even crucial to have more time in the minors and I'm also telling you that the New York breakers are -- threat. 6177797937. AT&T text line 37937. Coming up on -- for. We're gonna talk about some sore losers. I don't know what. Actually brought that bought into our head over the weekend but will will give if you -- when we come back at that for a for a top of the hour. Pay -- text or try to explain why. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are a bigger deal in Boston in the NBA finals are so far. Through two games for each says the LA GM is from Ludlow there's a huge following for him. Please it's not I like dean Lombardi to there is absolutely nobody who watches the game because of -- the GM. It's our knowledge our -- to help me out here. Because. For some people like this texture here. If I say Jesus -- believe Texas as what are you talking about. Overall blue collar fans at the garden Bruins fans are diehard fans those -- regular -- -- those those tickets. And he doesn't understand we agree on some of that yes some of those fans are what you would consider. Blue collar fans wanted to do there in the Bruins were never do but if you want it to. Do a profile. Of average income. Of people of season ticket holders. At a Boston Bruins game. If they're your Boston bruins' season ticket holders. You think you would deal. You say it not mean -- -- -- -- white collar fans to Wear blue collar season ticket. This is not rocket science pirate in the building you go to more blue collar crowd become -- and it's that way in basketball as well by the way. Yes those folks were sitting courtside there are too many blue collar types that -- down their courtside a lot of money you get up into the three out of money not 300 level well. There's a lot more blue collar folks up there than there are white collar. That's -- figure out for any place. I don't think that that the difference between the of the ratings numbers in Boston. The Stanley Cup final in the NBA finals has anything to do with blue collar vs white collar. I just don't think that's I know I don't either -- neither but you know just to address but address the specific point. That the -- was making up. You know eve. I guess he thinks that I am calling out Bruins fans look at the white collar fan that would mean you're not a fan. -- man because he's rich and like hockey. So -- got money -- introduced me every every -- if you got money you wanna spend your money. On hockey basketball baseball football whatever does that make you less of a -- if somebody doesn't have as much money Judea. It's I came across lot of money that was a billionaire on a radio like we were a couple weeks ago. I got the Celtics and I got the patriots unhappy don't tell me I'm not a fan because I can afford to by the patriots. I like how I spent my money on sports. That's that's supposed to be supposed to be and how it happened that way but. That's supposed to be the great thing about sports that if if you are. If you're making 22000 dollars a year or -- making 222000. Dollars a year. And you're sitting in you're sitting side by side you both want the patriots to get Darrelle Revis you both want Milan Lucic to score. You both wanna see the Celtics wind up with Kevin Love on -- queens though. Gutsy effort. At -- out of approving or I didn't lose our mantra about about Augusta well out of your belt loops you'll look -- adult and I don't relative and I have not. That's -- that's the beauty of it. Not to let's not get all divisive over how much. Much the guy next you make. It's like and again I didn't take it for whatever it's worth. He's more fun to watch the basketball. For many folks in this town. Nationally that's not the case okay. Nationally the the NBA finals that like three times that the rating nationally. That the Stanley Cup finals does and that's fine I I understand there's a a geographic difference that hockey is -- available in all the cities and in America and basketball's available in any city on the -- wanna go to. But in Boston. Where they are our hockey fans. If you're just gonna watch a game I'd much rather -- -- Stanley Cup final game than -- BA finals now. They're Smart enough to make sure they stagger them here let's not go head to head doesn't -- things up as. -- I'm glad we have a dynamic going on right now but it if they were head to head I can only watch one. Scorching what -- going to be 931. When kings helped open excel beat him down 31 time. And go for that's what Michael Michaels in Brockton you're next on bail out. -- -- -- -- at all and are you know Greg was up to. There's -- Paula stated that -- on the station I hear it's ironic that you too bad -- -- -- right. -- tell me about it because you know I thought I was gonna say Michael Brockton. I used to be -- Brockton we haven't heard from you for a long time so I'm glad I'm glad you should let him. At you -- that -- -- -- I'm very disappointed when they went their separate QQ. I -- you guys just beat so -- each other. And you know I just I just got a little bit then at two under and actually got -- on like well you saw today in Annandale on like this. I got a call and I'm I'm so happy about that glad to have to write and tell brand. Let's put their -- back. To go back a little article mark you're talking about the officiating last night. And you keep -- and equipment from product that you that it looks pretty good music real decision. And I -- a game last night and the first thank game which. Officially it's -- radically it was it was greatly what were almost they didn't call what was called at call. And I mean -- a supplier and that's I think game. It's very it -- -- -- -- and Michael to know what was going to be call right and date was soul. Inconsistent in that first predictable the better like that but I think that we didn't kill that master. Out of focused on the than the flopping aspect not falling for the flop but overall yeah you're right. There -- a couple of times. There was an early drive LeBron went to the basket and got dark. Any -- and it came out all the documents are well wait a minute he's looking at -- -- like OK got hit the face. I hit on the arm on the don't know call. -- even the way the way they were going the way they were called things in the first half and -- did he play of the game. We're LeBron drives the lane he goes he kind of rubs off of the pick and pass in the corner for for two blocks for the three. Early in the game they might of called -- well on the yeah. I don't know but the thought now -- get one as an offensive -- Duncan who does -- public Duncan. And it got the study's -- -- I had no -- strike you as a complainer. They got them on line and this is that this is one of the rare good calls in the game where I I think you still moving on the screen was shocked -- it never never stopped. Was able at least Grady who was basically -- like use same ball on us on the screen. And it was surprised that they called it. I am you have lots -- -- a light while what what is going to pedophile and what's not and then. Guys getting killed around about it well you're probably answer next thirty feet away from the past I hate to tell -- -- it was great you got told you know you got talk about the plug in the best policy has come -- Newton about summit that he took legitimate soreness and a and I would say you know. It's very hard to say it's the best ever a lot because. It is different than what spectrum. It was very different it was a lot physical back than it is now just like football was. -- it was a whole different game. Told we told guessing game social park this Saturday. You know -- thought it would actually. Think the best player Angela and to -- -- -- talks between between Bill Russell and -- -- it is it is it. To a result. And he destroy -- of the game he likes all. Old school basketball. -- died Wednesday at their best players in the best player. A much sense that Bill Russell at all the general Clark has succeed he looked at what some would you like your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They want in the day. Yes -- -- -- yet you're right it is different gamers Harding is hard to compare. But general the general rule is you dominate your error. He really dominate your hair is it's tough to dismiss cues so if you look at Mary winning three straight MVPs. In what a lot of people consider to be the golden -- of basketball. He can't put Larry Bird outside of the top ten. In looking careened. In in all of the all the titles MVPs that he had. You look at Jordan it's it's tough to dismiss those guys and following a different eras in -- apparently Bill Russell did. Now. You'd you'd have to make that leap and -- Could dominate this -- to cut things up and it really bothers me -- a two LeBron predicament in the a few days ago -- going to be the stuff you were complaining to me about office about -- at my side of the room heard -- it's now well that's about it. You don't know the name Chris Sheridan. Chris Sheridan former ESPN basket border doesn't step on his own now. There was -- all NBA team came out and you -- -- vote based on positions to guards thinner and to force. So. Kevin Durant was the lone unanimous. First team all NBA guy only got. So you say -- About LeBron James LeBron James is not a unanimous first team all NBA player one out because Christian -- one vote Chris Sheridan. LeBron James. On its second teensy -- trying too hard to get -- -- -- -- -- and -- better eating no holds better. You know -- you'll get the attention are short term. I'm gonna pay attention a talk about two and -- radio. The long term you have totally lost my my my trust in my life and trust her judgment Europe each. This guy's been writing about basketball for a long time he supposed to know what he's talking about some things are subjective. Not this especially when the logic is yours logic I'd already voted so it came down to him. There's so many problems with this came down to like Griffin vs the project. Does that got to go to rip as one of the four -- immediately MVP it's very positive and a but now it's Blake. Vs LeBron to have things well Blake was there all season for the LA clippers and won three more games. Then he and a tougher conference. That's one -- -- One of his reasons here's the other. Ever portray the other reason I could and I say this but doctors love Doc Rivers loved talking to you about talking doctorate received excellent. Doc Rivers may be about a better politician than the Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan combine -- make -- -- this knows how to play the game. So his logic Chris Sheridan logic was a -- even Doc Rivers it. If you go Blake Griffin. -- Little Rock -- everything which could go play at. Chris Sheridan. And -- reverend -- what me and the clippers who don't play cricket for. I mean -- that's just. It it's possible or read that line Africa punishment. Well organized organized that it might write down records Bob bills. 177797937. Is telephone number AT&T -- line is 37937. You know I'm more upset about this Ferreira -- thing as we go forward I'll tell you why don't we compact. You know it probably sounds like I'm harping on this too much. And maybe I've I've allowed myself to become obsessed with a -- statute about the obsessive type but Norris pitching for the Baltimore Orioles not okay. Jonathan Harris playing a short but Norris is a right handed pitcher we were told that's what Stephen Drew was commuting and again. Jonathan -- lifetime against Bud Norris getting -- 91. Stephen -- lifetime against Bud Norris or 62. What's going on here what's wrong with this picture. What are what are what does what's the problem what's the inside story. Doesn't it make you wonder. I mean -- a look at a team that I know they got the win last night I was -- like everybody else was but offenses has been sort of at a premium. So you're gonna start a guy at short who not only doesn't hit the ball very well at all but definitely doesn't hit ball while against this pitcher. And you're gonna sit again. The guy you signed for ten million dollars. -- give you great defense at short hit against right handers. And oh by the way is hitting best pitcher at a clip -- 462. You know what you've done. What you've done right now for next week it set up a really brilliant thing for next week either your prophetic. And what exactly what you're saying. Is gonna come to pass that rarest gonna struggle tonight vs Bud Norris or this time next week not this time but. Monday next Monday. On second thought from bill Arnold -- -- it. What do I thought it was crazy I thought it was crazy John -- John Farrell noted a rarity there are there four for five with three dobbs hit for the cycle if that's something like that. And I'll just be unity again but I just. I'm trying hard and I know they gotta work him back in and I understand all the the working man pretty slow as it is they pinch hit forum yesterday. I don't know I don't get a lefty to also at least. It's sort of understand I don't know I can't figure this when I dance in Denver is your next on Sports Radio dale and -- -- are you acts relax it on I don't wanna relax and so I agree with -- I mean a million dollar settlement and are in and only when you are happy -- -- you -- -- the bar. -- but in the main reason why call is a gentleman. College and that he was -- disinterest in doubt Cortland I'm. You know what I agree with it the guys that are playing now -- out about it. When Berger an actor Russell and Chamberlain they get -- in the tool okay so the. Her not me personally in an IQ so you bought the site up previous caller let it. Screaming at the back of -- doubt it. The only -- that set the jumping on the that the school the table the score table they didn't do up back then. It's her turn in the -- -- And like they -- If they pulled the scrapped back then. You saw what he'll cut out there and grab him but yet they what are public. So. Did you -- Kevin Garnett ran. Seventh and EE. Nine now. I'm sick so here so this is this is the -- -- party when I got that what Wednesday let's just put a lot out of the sand. I would I'd love that waksal Chamberlain's era -- -- And -- -- a bird era it went down the crap. Yeah I guess -- a lot more. It's a lot more expressive now guys are a lot more expressive. There's a lot more drama. Involved. But think about this deal you know what he says mr. -- yeah there's a lot more going on now that we focus on. Then we did at the time. But I would say if if Jordan played today. Or if Larry Bird played today. They would still as as as great as those guys ours as Fonda says people are of them. In the Twitter -- Don't be item up I would find something -- -- they'll find something. Okay so there was no Twitter. Well Michael Jordan went to New York of all places. Between playoff games takes a trip to Atlantic City -- goes back. In New York to prepare for the game there was a lot of commentary about that in newspapers and on ESPN yeah. Passion Twitter. -- Jordan. It would be Jordan on the court you will be Jordan off the court camera phones. What Michael Jordan. A lot of a lot of rumors. About him not being faithful. So Jordan scene with the women. Larry Bird in a fight before playoff game camera phones and I think Twitter has changed the game and so we have more to we have more to nitpick and that's good because they're more voices involved. And back in the day when Jordan and bird -- it was the newspaper writers who who basically control the narrative and controlled the script. So they were able to us today. It was more the we're sitting on the mountain and we will give the information. Down -- -- we will tell you what to think we will tell you what the story is and how might that. People go what people go an app that people go out reporters. On Twitter at it if it's the wild west. Everybody's involved lots of folks his pictures appears to be in it. There an area -- the real tough act heads now they're the tough guy I think it's it's a tough time. To come away unscathed. I mean the only guy I can think of a basketball right now. Who has. I would say that a star who has AK 95%. Approval rating is Kevin Durant. Especially after his MB peace start. These Q rating went through there at the way we look at stars now in all sports Tom Brady. Peyton Manning coming as great as those guys are and then have good guys and are all about the team. But I know some people. The next room and who have a real problem with Peyton Manning and he. People nationally have a problem with Tom Brady. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter who you are now I understand his point about the court and how demonstrative guys are I think it goes beyond that it's just. The way we look at so called athletic heroes now it's tough to be a hero in 2014. -- these long meddling in next on dale and -- Hi guys I let them. You know that this might jog a few memories. Especially some old timers -- first Red Sox game at Fenway was in 19148. AD. And I wanna see something you know like a bright something really bright he bought the Red Sox at this point and I know it's incredibly premature. But -- watching Brock hole played last night there was another ballplayer who came to mind immediately. Ten. And I wonder how many of you know younger folks. Watching the Red Sox played today. I have any nineteen year. The Red Sox and their 1950 team had eighteen member he -- number ten. And of course as a youngster he was one of my many everybody -- for the Sox of course as the favorite. But it seemed like every time I looked up he was standing on second base with a double. A guy who won the Major League batting title in 1950. In yet did not have a regular position. On that nineteenth. Yes -- -- and Wayne give me a name 00 how much we couldn't okay thank -- Which is -- we weren't gonna get there I with all the respect plain and and my only issue is most of our audience never saw Billy Goodman play. Don't know much about Billy good mix up what they've read about -- so it's going to be hard for them to compare Brock -- The -- I just don't think they can do that. For the most part doesn't mind to Billy Graham and are -- And played. Well. There be any Gibbons father might about an -- six. 6177. I don't make sense that you know Billy Goodman the king of swing. I pitch -- like any thing at six and 7779. Under 67 to say that. Well not to AT&T tag line -- 37937. Coming up four at four. We've got some soul or losers for.

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