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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Sore Loser Edition - 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

We tackle four topics about sore losers all stemming from the owner of horse California Chrome sounding off after losing out on the triple crown this past weekend.

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-- -- I like. -- -- -- Four of four brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Sometimes old school as good as I'd like this. That you do it is this supposed to be bad no it's not good afternoon. Well you know what it's about it's all about losers. And there's no better place to start when we're talking about losers in the Oakland Raiders. When the patriots beat the raiders in the AFC divisional round 2001 the raiders couldn't stop complaining about a rule that was in place and I. Yeah. -- Al Davis was as vocal as anyone. When complaining about that play. It's my opinion opinion of almost everybody in the world but the play it was a fumble should've been called a fumble that someone would reverse it. Without conclusive indisputable. Visual evidence is just unbelievable. To this day we don't know what happened we don't know who made the call I -- made the call verbally but I don't know who made the call what was said amongst these. Replay guy upstairs and the official downstairs. I don't know who else was in the vote I know things that we're done with the networks I know. That's the head of officials are still out there. Trying to spin it that we had a tough rule was really not a fumble. -- is ridiculous in my evidence for me and so that's happened to them I guess for the rest of the people in the greatest. I'd -- to all of lately is that they'll all those years. Who was out of Brooklyn for many many years. Stills that rate raises the ratings and outlook. You consider losers consider complainer. But NFL. Basically. Many years later. Validated. What Al Davis was saying by. Really getting old squeaky. JJ overturning the talk -- if you look at dale. But it was called within the letter of the law but if you look at that. Just as a football -- Charles Woodson coming on the corner blitz. He hits Tom Brady. Recovered by Greg baker. That is a fumble and a fumble recovery this. Day I think it's a double fault fool I think it's a -- today I thought it was a fumble then and I was standing in the stadium everybody else in the snow. But I still think it's a fumble but if you look at it but I was happy they call that the way they did it go back to me in the look at that whole sequence. -- think Charles Woodson. Charles Woodson. Takes off the helmet. He's kind of motioning -- the crowd at the reviewers don't -- I don't know how long the review was officially a thing like twenty minutes. It was the longest for whoever. So he's dancing and prancing around the first prancing around. Not after it. -- the -- out the clock. Regardless FC championship game interview they still haven't come back. He's not pressing as much. These are branching as much. -- Jerry Rice standing there next -- group. And when they got the news. I think Walt Coleman delivered it hit it deliberate accurately he didn't say he wasn't expanse of what happened but Hayward. He worked fifty applicants Allen a work Harris is this all your make it -- but -- airport. -- got an opportunity. To close out the game it and do but I would doubt Davis that was that was little shaky and then you look at his history. Go back of the immaculate reception. That also wasn't called the right way if that was an illegal but should've been an illegal forward pass -- Franco Harris picked -- important and and rest of the end -- And -- several architectures have pointed out I've confirmed. Al Davis. Warning Brockton Massachusetts border Brockton were raised in Brooklyn right -- believe that's true born in Brockton Massachusetts. And then The New Yorker -- came after. Of course those who know what Adam -- who. -- we -- Michael Terrell Suggs is not a fan of the patriots or Tom Brady. So it was quoted in an. Well let's not necessarily being crybaby but this but certainly it. They always thought -- -- -- -- 09. I like fail buys Blake. And he pointed to lay at the rest. We in the blue and again and bullets who threw me so it was news about the -- That's when you don't have hair thing for me we don't have here that you say you know like some money there. Americans -- and it just you do it to me all the time what did. I fail like you're here. Here -- -- -- we put in a ponytail system. It's unfortunate. But that's that's crunch. And you take your girlfriends -- putting your hair. -- you're dealing with now is get the rest of it does or you're still on the line now. Jealous jealous -- back to the local thugs break. And how it plays the game don't hate them and pre K -- I don't wanna -- lotteries like you can hate -- relevant. Is your ticket to one side of the Brady needs to do you think so. Brady picked about thugs -- -- thugs that he thinks about a -- -- okay when he dies. So. -- Nobody in sports complains more than Mark Cuban. Cuban is the most fine individual in NBA history not including -- concern given his racked up nearly two million dollars in fines over the years and this next week. -- 50000 dollars in fines I'm sorry NBA fans I've tried for thirteen years to fix the officiating in this league and I've failed miserably. Any suggestions. I need help. You know of all the things. It seems a 50000 for that seems a little harsh. I'm asking now what is not a big deal you don't throw stuff I mean he's gotten some big fines and deserve the ball but. This -- about the officials and ultimately I tried to fix the officiating. Hell I would think NBA commissioner would like to improve the officiating in the -- Not the former commissioner he didn't have anything there did it -- humility but it yes -- they had her all the officials -- game. I guess if your league is trying to say we don't have a problem. An owner comes out says -- there's a problem that we need to fix it and I can't figure it out he would help us out. I don't understand why the league says okay that's 50000 dollar private matter fact let him off season. Probably should have been far more and that's. If you're really looked into it deeply. Does that go into that and that question the integrity of now I believe I mean he does is set other things that I think are much worse than that. I see he said that his goal was to be fine by the commissioner on on the commissioners last day in in office and he lives. -- -- it's God's way of saying you get too much money. When you're just dwell -- it given away like that and not give it away for good. Charitable purposes -- just give it away because you wells got an issue question is what does the NBA do with. With all that money so we got I don't know and gotten two million dollars Mark Cuban. What do they do it David Stern is spending it on a speech in saint -- right now I can't I would I would think so. And. Time now for the AT&T cry baby of the day. And that -- belongs to our own Milan Lucic and the handshake -- And handshake line Lucic made threats to Alexi Amylin and dale always after the Canadians eliminated the -- we. So this your speech that the same category what did you say -- was -- that's -- set on the so stay on the and so if you want to. You -- opponent that's you can make public a lot of the monologues about disrespect to suspect I don't know what they're talking about the suspect. Having a goal celebration. Will kind of disrespect his. I mean. I not missing anything. Fair enough to disable. I thought you were gonna actually say that the crybaby here was dale we went to the team that would step out there. I thought that's where you don't want this whole thing. I mean two guys have some means to each other on the ice as two guys say stuff mean to them each other on the field or on the court. Feel we still wanna win poll. Artist. I Arabia I don't know I'd I'd just have a problem -- -- the story is true artists keep thinking about this I think I dealt. Can't let certain things go you noticed that about me up all -- to -- -- certain things I just can't let go. I can't let the Chris Sheridan LeBron thing go. Like voting LeBron on the second team George -- king act I can't let. This whole notion that somebody said to me on the action. In the lie in the sportsmanship line at the end of the series. -- make eye contact. When you think your game to me. And that's not the regular process. Certain lesser don't -- bigamy don't third David me I'm doing this I'm going to the charade. I don't really wanted to talk I think Joseph. -- talked to you. -- what are you talking to me right now. I can't get our president good game good games are you know those things he would say when they go through the Oscar Gary. This game -- Good luck I don't made it a good job you don't mean it that Almeida but -- you say it I really hope you lose a -- can't beat you by now but I'm doing what I'm supposed to do not gonna talk me. I'm not I'm not making eye contact. What I'm sad. What I wanna cry of I have tears in my eyes I don't what you see the tears in my. I really want it this way it. All get over them well. I don't have -- it. -- you how dare you about a way to look at it this detectors on I don't know this is the immaculate reception. I wasn't that was controversial that was in the legal past. Just looking at the critical question was only the football touch. And the French people well. Jack Tatum collision if you're bounced -- -- -- -- without ever touching Tatum. Then Franco -- reception was illegal and that's what. The raiders were trying to argue that's -- argue that the ball hit the ground Franco. I don't like it -- I don't doubt it all the read it -- -- replace -- where he got it you know I don't know how we got it but he did an inch from the turf out. And then ran all the way but that's the amazing thing was it was fourth and hand. They called the immaculate respect flies to fourth content. Incomplete pass pick it up runt of the into the rookie touchdown. Then when. Juicy yeah Manny -- yesterday yes. For those who didn't see on Manny Machado. Of course plays the Baltimore Orioles got a little upset with a pitch that was inside. Very upset the layered out of the pitcher. At a few words next pitch. I'm it's it's almost comically if you watch it on video. Swings. On the ball with literally in the catcher's Mitt literally in the net takes this half hearted swing easy helicopters the back. Out to third base. And then gives the old Wyatt slipped out of my hands retain. It did slip out of his hands you know why because he -- helicoptered out of the pitcher. That's what he was trying to do what he thought it would too long and it ended up going down to the third baseman when he wanted to do was being the pitcher with that any just -- up. He's going to be suspended by Major League Baseball my guess would be probably half a dozen games he'll appeal that get it down a five -- like that. He should be suspended for helicopter in the -- out. Even his own manager couldn't even buck couldn't couldn't quite justify this. Yeah luckily for him it did the back and go where he wanted to and and enact a vacuum like I can hear the the conversation already -- -- -- -- -- different. For a pitcher. Hit a batter. For batter threw throw his -- out there at a at a picture Trot Nixon did right -- he did. Lost control she -- It goes against Tampa. Surprise surprise can't -- Tampa strikes again. I think the differences. And it doesn't always work out -- the differences the pitcher can probably has a better chance if there's never 100% you've drawn a ball at somebody. You're never gonna hit your target 100% but you've got a better percentage wise you've got a better chance of controlling where that ball is -- ago. When you're trying to. Hit somebody on the -- in the back. Then you do when your banner at the plate. Flinging it -- -- it it to go anywhere net and Manny Machado approved. Yesterday I know that their folks who think that he was trying to -- third baseman for a tag play on Friday night I'm sorry I'm not mine. He he -- almost got hit by the pitcher just before the the back helicopter during. Yet other opportunities helicopter a bad out of the third baseman if you wanted to do so. I think he lost that was trying to get the pitcher and held out of -- to one where have you looked at chances of hitting the third baseman with a back. I mean you and I are professional athlete I believe we get out of the way of aback at Baptist. It's would you have a problem with. A baseball being thrown at a guy. Do you have a problem with the picture drawn based on a banner elk. In certain circumstances and on the right way. There are there is a time and place for yes is there ever commonplace and throw batters -- never. No I don't believe there yet and you know you give it sounds like a double standard what what -- -- advocate -- in -- in my explanations don't even make it. -- not -- entirely comfortable with them and they're both dangerous. -- -- Can go in with the best intentions okay this is what the the rule book says the unwritten rule book says this is the time for me to hit this -- He had our guy and now he knows this is coming. In on my head hunting. Nominate him and hip. And the ball really got it doesn't go where you wanted to go and you wind up being -- on. Best intentions. Are we -- a baseball doesn't hurt as much as of that. And finally get hurt as much about. Baseball throwing 99. Miles per hour odd my buddy Gary I gotta say. Fortunately. Fortunately I don't know I that the best kid. That I knew as a baseball player. Probably wound up going to. Do you mean mode. I ever played against anybody who threw ninety -- and not been hit by a baseball. Traveling ninety miles -- -- -- ninety hole some fans don't. It's easy for us to -- well you know I think that probably hurt worse but -- will be thrown -- hard it's got to hurt -- Well this is that the call of the played in the try to play. From the Baltimore Orioles perspective as they watched him go down. -- Johnson. -- I would need good. Turned himself in the World Series and. I was a Gary -- with a call on -- the mid Atlantic sports network. Even Gary Thorne said I was intended for the pitcher. I mean everybody who watched and been thrown at twice missed twice for the same pitcher. And you can unfortunately read his lips and I won't tell you what he said but he did say something to the pitcher. He just held on too long he intended his intention was to helicopter that bat right out of pitchers. Held onto it too long were down to third place. And you look at it and I don't wanna just jump on. The -- because it's such a young player. But at some point. You talk about these these rules of baseball these unwritten rules of baseball what's acceptable it's unacceptable. At some point maybe it is is is there a generation gap where. Batters gonna say I don't artwork he can hit me was something. Only I got to the back. So we've got a ball I got a bad. And I don't have to sit here and take it.

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