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Three for All: Miss USA, Lou plays softball, and cell-phone toilet demise, 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Tim finds it shocking that NONE of the top 5 Miss USA finalists were blonde. Lou gets robbed by a female softball player who makes a phenomenal catch. Also, a woman in China drops her cell phone down a toilet (of sorts) and 2 men die trying to retrieve it.

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It's not all sports all the time experiment -- and that feeds -- and Maloney anchors and Fauria. For me it was all sports last night I was flipping back and forth between the Red Sox game and the NBA finals with the -- in the -- heat. But I also found myself wondering over the miss USA pageant. Quite a bit because I was here -- well there's that we found that Friday. But I also I'm pretty good Franzen missed pennsylvanians Pennsylvania came on my show back in -- quite a bit and she. That's not what -- know it's true -- Dallas and -- And Valerie was three here on the phone about -- now that -- open was she tries to come back like California chrome and like. Went to bring it right yet for the -- right I don't know if they come back and win next year instead. -- so I just -- the united yes she did she got in the first round she didn't make it to the top and she got the top twenties didn't make the top ten but. There's a shocking trend when it comes to miss USA did you notice that of the five finalists. Not one blonde. Of that ten finalists only two blondes. We'll -- a paradigm shift that we had an American the blogs can't make it into the top ten although Burnett's scarcity of blunt there are some. Good luck but the South Carolina was hot. Miss California as usual incredibly hot they were blonde but it just was Burnett's start here everybody advancing. Miss Alaska. It was not it was like yen and at episode I saw that I said to myself. Is that really the way to grow up there in Alaska but you know there's there's -- alas I couldn't have women out there -- -- the men of Alaska -- women are from other states. Just to get -- -- that I could have been taught -- that they import them from habitat donates to go to south if the Burnett's. The other one that struck near the the other trend that struck me was did you also notice how these somewhat borderline. Guy ish qualities totally acceptable now like to -- that added I didn't see it -- to -- a diet quality -- that very athletic somewhat harder the work. Yes this is a bit luck but there's kind of the square jaw at that contests like -- bit. Yet -- do that but this -- now bleeding into you know the beauty pageant realm like. This Virginia was a wrestler she wrestles guys she's like five foot eight -- its war yes that's what's that well yet though we're counting as it. Similar wrestle she wrestles god not like at WWE -- -- -- -- saying the electrical -- yes exactly like Olympic wrestling. Although no college. And Seattle really hard chiseled look drama I'd like that I really like at his Virginia but I know she could kick my ass I think that's what turned me -- lot about -- Well there -- other -- -- all of them have some sort of if you sell on the website and each each girl has their own little page you speak with -- there's more pictures of the missed about a haven't Taekwondo pictures up there you have that she won the whole thing and she's a four time or I had fourth degree -- don't like their posing with the instrument. They play and like there is there's harmonic mean harmonica I want I wanted to block the I'm so there are Monica and I got a you don't cello or some of planet but -- -- -- was playing in the saxophone. But it big if they had no musical counted as opposed -- what seemed like Mardi Gras beads. Given real freakish kind of look to it this is not the miss UST that I remember it hit a lot of note that we haven't -- this last night any any. Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this -- I personally believe that. Yes Americans are unable to -- Beachhead that on the people are emaciated don't have that in that I believe that I education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere and I says in. I really bad day it's again. Our education over here and they yes a healthy yes and it has to help South Africa into -- -- back. -- and our audience in Canada our heat here. Not so. Much -- -- -- it out last night less American because of that as they do that and Obama. I don't think they have any of that anymore I don't think they do much of the question and answer when ballot laws that yeah I think self. I stopped watching for the Q and it was a short Q and -- it really short answers. I wanna see admits there's North Dakota was gonna win because they had the wrestler the Taekwondo girl soft spot at all. The hockey girl for miss North Dakota -- was read. Dick yes the first thing and somehow make this despite you do not look like the same girls a harder exists or yellow more muscular. The team like that. Added a -- on -- -- and literally you can speak to that after your highway robbery Fenway Park. Well that's that they have that mighty the soft alternative that we have -- -- Friday for and we it was awesome there is lot of money -- it was great to be out there with everybody but. That like the the the best athletes on the field like these five women at war on my team. And it it was their first base and grow to that second base almost to the ball went through my glove but my first at bat -- the line drive like. Pretty much in the corner by the green monster area and this girl comes out and no it just running catch. And makes it's amazing -- -- look -- what hell is going out here and get back ago my team again that's my sister in law. But these girls are just running around to feel left and right making every single play it rockets all over the ruling not. -- there a debate or found out is that I think they're all like Olympic athletes literally all US eighty. The trend continues you have gathered I'm talking about I don't come -- and that's an awful because I really didn't have any idea. That but there are kind of like you know in the hockey team or something. So is on YouTube get hot Olympic chick -- will Maloney at Fenway Park. No nothing. If I know and I would -- have Christian I listen I know we all love our phones right. Help I hate myself had but it is like open your ticket to -- you you're in love with it. -- won't stop you. From doing anything to get your phone Mike what what -- -- -- would be the worst case scenario where would you if you dropped her phone someplace where would you not go related alligators miles. OK I have -- yeah yeah -- appointee to mix and I animal but I had to lose Russell going to miss Virginia. -- ahead today. This is crazy so two people died in China. Over because a lady dropped her phone in between. Like an open pit toilet all of Chrysler's got it and think what antique up negative outside our house an outhouse delegate count the costs are some like that she dropped her phone in the toilet. Today. Her husband died -- got to be open pit toilet to finish the phone out. He starts to suffocate because of the gas he passes out. OK then the mother. Dives and to the open pit toilet to try and help him -- out she passes out. They both end up dying. After all said and done. Okay what they -- runs. There's a vacation from. Drowning someone they suffocated they drowned the -- they drowned in the group all what -- -- what you thought of it like after two people already violated. Six other people had to be pulled. From the -- it. Trying to get -- just found other -- to that are -- -- -- tried to save bet that the followers to people but all we don't know opponents. -- might -- with us we'll just call phone. So I know where it is. -- -- the -- on. See I'm picking myself like part of the reason that a bad way to go meet personally with some of the numbers contacts that I have an era I don't want other people finally got to want anybody finding my phone having your -- number at their disposal at the parliament -- -- I do well now that I'm working this company yes forced me to put a password on -- but I just I would fret over somebody finding the information on the phone. But I think I would think to myself at that point no one else is gonna try to fish out this phone. Through the -- lasts forever is lost forever and I can divorce myself from at that point -- -- I bet you know some I can dollar pillar of the dollar -- money drop into gutter comic -- you know I'm just not -- that out it just -- ago. About food ball on the ground. And -- kind of really wanna bet it last bite out and advised every little -- so I am of the outhouse I didn't -- the outhouse so they just gonna have to cut your losses. They just. This move -- -- you backed it up. But both worked 320 dollars so baked experience iPhone for 300 -- and if you don't have a plan -- gonna play a lot for the phone. So they gave their lives to people gave their lives for this phone or. But through our dollar 300 dollar phone was always come back to the hoop with youth like groups and that was last week to go to -- my job. But we got back to. They wanted to Kevin love's teammates is trying to get in this -- his coach is basically daring him believe. And two other teams are stepping up their efforts to enter the love sweepstakes. Will explain all those angles to this ongoing drama next hundred days of the Nazis.

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