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New York Jets rookie Calvin Pryor says he hates Tom Brady and the Patriots, 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Learning quickly from the Book of Rex, Jets rookie safety Calvin Pryor says that he hates Tom Brady and Patriots, despite the fact he hasn't played them yet. Christian Fauria tells the guys how Bill Belichick handled such situations.

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We don't lights on and on nano offers and there is no. And hasn't won the first thing Larry about we hit the -- and we -- the giants don't. That cleared by his film is so low we hit those and look for the planned this season. You're damn right. Just get the feeling even though that sound bite from college choir and realized what you're saying that this is gonna make headlines. Of people are expected that's what everybody told me that they told me to say this they instructed me to feel it was the couple cool -- with all the information they want me -- -- selected. Regurgitate -- towards you. When you ask you question this is this is just too funny because I was just talked to some guys. Out this very topic this guys -- say stupid stuff. This especially young guys who come in Italy haven't played it now. And pay packages. Or -- up like that things like that -- that people aren't paying attention to. I think there's no harm I mean as far as this -- just. He's he's carried a picture of the jets. And this is what the jets want to do this what their coach he didn't care winning or losing he still gonna be brash he's still going to be. -- -- But at some point you know -- Off almost always -- -- ago. Do you realize that he's gonna be picking on you now he made it Brady one minute he's going to be he's a -- prior he's purposely trying to pick on. That's Calvin prior rookie safety from the blue -- now of the New York Jets -- bands when -- -- Christian Fauria former patriots tight end. Here -- 937 WEI. The WEI Sports Radio network and you since you've been with the team we've been around the team. Since you've come back to New England to cover the team in the pre season cell. When you're around these guys what do they say to you in terms of how they think their perceived outside of New England how much of the vibe of dislike of the patriots is straight on Tom Brady. As Calvin Pryor was suggesting there. Well I -- -- at the present the people. -- -- Everybody hates the patriots and Tom Brady about the way the the weighted -- other business on a suggestion from Pryor was it was we hate Tom gate and the patriots be. Yet I mean. Anytime you have a team that's successful for a long appeared time as the acres have been successful. You're gonna find people who -- jealous. To that'll turn it Chelsea's flat out hate because that's -- that's a part of the club but he can't belong to. But -- -- that's the jets -- K with that and just to kind of take it back around. You know how the patriots were Jews something like this. There he brought the tight end. For the different lines first round pick first -- and taken off the board then. And what bills done what he's always studied when I played -- -- he would take quotes that people would say. Ticket quote from you war Lou whatever if you guys are players and and he would use that quote as a teaching point. Or the guys are in the locker and he would he he would take -- -- he brought who said. -- Calvin Johnson I'm paraphrasing Calvin Johnson's gonna get and get wide open I'm really benefit. He's -- -- Johnson's gonna benefit from the -- on the field. Now here's Eric. Almost 2000 yards receiving you can be years ago it is a piece tablet -- does not need -- he brought. -- So what bill -- stuff like this -- bring it up. Bring up so he'll bring up Calvin prior notice our ideals and he'll flat out say this adult beat this guy -- this idiot. So the safety of -- prior not he was laughing towards the end of the of the sound trying to make light of it but the -- -- I think you realize that. He had to blame his thoughts on somebody else what they're telling me we needed to -- -- telling me we need to hate Tom Brady. Today. They -- gonna -- you just continually beat them because. I got here they tell when he -- jets they're like we hate the jets out like I don't hate the jets. At they'd ever did anything to be under way to get some evidence they thought I. I guess you will eventually -- but they aren't any good so lateral while we hate them I mean I guess it was more coach. Thing you know they bills over there the whole thing with you know Bill Parcells. But I had to manufacture and I had to like somehow -- I pretty much try to give a toss up I hated everybody played against. You know he's already got to make some ways in OTA's apparently to talk trash raised trash talkers -- -- prior to this one reason why is where mouthpiece. -- costly talk William not come across the field again you'll be doing that again and was actually asked during camp. Is that is that going to be probably -- your mouth against a guy like only receive like hundred Johnson -- always he's human right -- no problem with at all -- football players. They asked them that there might be some times when -- wider view burned some peace -- his gums. City can't think of that ever happened to him in the past. So we can. Louisville Louisville again out when your but here in the American athletic conference you're playing against Israel Florida that's the quote. That bill right now. Pull some guys together in the office that morning rather team meetings and -- let me just read -- -- things not to say. Yet I thought it really the other teams that they were but never really -- effect but it really will bill does he really catapulted into. -- two use a lot from -- come -- but the guys understand his way of saying things that we understand. It's not it's not a motivation to necessarily burn this guy but a smaller media. Guessing right -- exactly this is what I don't wanna hear any of my players say in the media. Ever and that's why the young guys don't even talk he hasn't let. The rookies will talk. -- in me -- they don't want -- period. Even like during the media sessions most of rookies get out of the locker room so they're not an attempted to say yes you know they're told to say no and but they can't they want to. Bill bought them talking. Interviews they'll sit down one on one interviews either -- rock -- saw Hernandez never saw any of those guys. Doing any of those interviews all rookie sees it all. That -- is it all -- tucked by the Katie Brian right. I didn't talk in Ali oh he's an open things up now I'm gonna help go Dodson book album prior talking trash about like you know he's never gotten burned before. Does he ever just this is how you handle -- listen to this. No it's I always thought that guys learned better. Watching somebody else's mistakes. Like dismissed. It -- it goes through goes on Iran we are highly watched on handled this press comes now -- -- -- -- it's always somebody it's a guy's doing stupid stuff turner playing. Disguised doing stupid stuff offseason guys do is stupid stuff. It is you know their comments to the media. Basically deal. I can tell you all you want but look whatever this -- that let this -- now watch -- now everybody's laughing at this guy and after the lights look back on. Everybody kind of you know rubberized. Is that gold bedecked -- Was a quote don't be that guy don't be this knucklehead let him embarrasses team let him give the other team some motivation to -- -- what. -- Smith guaranteed victory in the undefeated regular season and and Tom Brady just supports him and made him look terrible in the days leading up to the game after Smith made those comments -- except. But he target safety harness of the some possible Vargas if it was it's hard to safety. And then of course the patriots went out there and targeted him and made him look silly. Was that Brady Belichick or was even sent between the to a home -- just -- Came out that way that they're gonna make him look bad in fortune because they knew they could guys prior setting himself up for that yes. Yes now IV stigma and there is another guy. Freddie Mitchell I don't know what the bullet -- was -- 03 -- Philadelphia Philadelphia yet at wide receiver. And he he concepts only about once it was front or some. Exactly what it was but it was. It was -- -- you guys figure it went yeah we hope we win it and then we took that. And we use it as a chip on our shoulder for motivation. At this somethings are stupid somethings are silly. But the fact is that if you can beat that guy. That it does does any thing if we keep you can't say something intelligent or at least make his biggest possible name there. The patrons are users somewhere should report so I know he's standing rocketed -- its Arctic torture CP but. There's a big older Alia especially if he's an aggressive guy to watch play action game. Big time Debbie I dot com as the storm knocked out of priority talking. About the New England Patriots and Tom Brady is he conceded there coming -- an 11 o'clock hour stick around because we haven't even gotten to the big controversy from over the weekend from the world of horse racing believe it or not there is one point. That I think he California chrome owner not right. About the Triple Crown. He's like the most excoriating guy in sports right now everybody's still them. But I do think he got one point rightful they would that is when we come back here and -- B -- them at the united for seven W yeah.

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