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Peter Gammons says "Media Manipulation" caused Red Sox to sign Stephen Drew, 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Mike Napoli homered in his return to the lineup. Also, more evidence of Lou's sorcery emerges as Peter Gammons alleges that pressure from the media influenced the Red Sox decision to re-sign Stephen Drew. As a result, Christian wants credit for Brock Holt's success.

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The right field day that brought Mariano looking at that all that and hopefully the ball perfect. And I went and I think the leave the three game beautiful. That's just on last night on WPIX. Invents the -- Christian -- with you on a Monday if -- is getting to title sponsorships before we even speak -- sentences that we were doing the show there we should is that we're going to -- goal of bars. But he's always say like January or February to people about what we need to take these little cars taken over and everybody get involved sponsors beautiful actually -- for the first time this last winner metal bullet. -- bowl marks plaque right there the middle of the sidewalk -- about his walk by you'll take pictures because there's no hostility it. It's like a Hollywood Walk of Fame you know put your hands in the cement also agree with Chinese theater. So that that would -- or treat them like are you can't go -- Without seed Boston it's like every year in Boston people East Coast big time especially Boston militia movement. A block to the right in and replace with a Stephen -- like. There you go do that we -- we know we can probably have a Daniel -- make let's try it -- we could do that you'll manipulator rumba. -- is against that understands the Katie. I have been known to be called a sorcerer. I have extra special hours I heard that come my guy from Doug constituent call -- be the source -- -- -- -- -- -- or I got Welker out of town. You don't know you'll yes -- lot -- -- I manipulate media often not to apparently a back at it again. Well that's for regular start today. Apparently. The theory is that -- Maloney is 100% responsible for Stephen -- Getting in the lineup now that's a theory that Christian view and I advanced as we started the program. -- there's a theory that kind of sat out there for awhile before we even started the show sure enough. As we're getting -- begin our program Stephen Drew signs he's back lot of people don't like get Lou loved it. But it was lose influence according to Peter Gammons that made this happen media manipulation right -- Absolutely no sorcery. There's no sort -- straight sorcery. Is no question about it and I just. Yeah I think what it quick I'd still like -- can't -- in a morning a year talking about it. Any sense that that -- over the we can get that tweet and try to find that sweet right now. Untouchable media manipulation basically look at Stephen Drew here to Boston. And it goes on says that the manager loves on the players -- in the helpful for Jerry loves the guy and it's like you really believe. First off I think -- is the only guy in the media that wanted to guy purse if you believe that immediate nobody wanted Stephen Drew. Nobody wanna Stephen Drew nobody now lead the -- shortstop. So when I saw that -- don't make it okay maybe just blame me. Well I think coaches and players -- through back Byrd got and he wasn't you know huge defensive part of their waiting last year -- I'd -- that. -- so much. Okay we'll get through here he's so shorthanded is very reliable. -- -- -- it's -- throughout the year are a global Google's places and -- that they won't want ten and 23 important starting pitchers. Well -- -- Andy's notes in Gaza it left handers. It basically I put too until I guess slider I get. But the practice you know since he hurt his ankle and our salaries of 242 hitter is up because of the concussion in the ankles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is between media manipulation. The media manipulation its -- the Red -- best player offshore. It took ten million dollars reproductive deal. Means. No 295. On base percentage in five through nine holes. Apparently saying. The media manipulated threats such support with a sign Stephen Drew they pushed their best player offer short. And a ten million they spent -- the can no longer go improve the bottom of the order dollars. Peter Arizona Dennis and Callahan earlier today here WEEI that's on demand WEEI dot com. The ten million dollars thing is the crux of my argument as to why I didn't balk at Stephen Drew coming back because of the Red Sox and you have the money to spend to give something a shot to see if it works the go ahead do it. The only reason now we get critical all the Steven drew deal that was eventually made is -- that ten million dollars now being gone prevents them. From doing something else the trade deadline if they're trying to get back get it now it could be the case about it's on the trade deadline rolls around. And they continued tankan -- lose five or six games after away in a couple as they did try to come back in the seven game win streak. And frankly they don't need to be making deals to acquire talent at the trade deadline now might be time to stand pat ordeal off other veterans to get more young talent. In their system. The only thing that would cause me. Upon further review to be critical of a -- deal is -- that ten million dollars that they're spending on him now in their mind prevents them. From going out and getting more talent the deadline to get better in advance of a potential wild -- it doesn't. It shouldn't I would think that it. Out of the money's not a salary cap league right there's a luxury tax threshold so people repay a certain percentage they get on the -- That luxury tax number a couple years ago with that big trade that it Dodgers so the Yankees are like you know the -- 50% tax every illegal or. Whether it's -- -- at the reset the thing there's no salary cap. There's nothing so you don't have to stay under that thing so -- this this is not L expect him made untrue OK they spent a link is that could. The government that -- somebody else or it should not prevent them. Boy you know when you think about this now and looking back you know you know Gammons -- -- a little bit about. You know. -- loves them turn the -- of the players love them. So it makes me think while they were thinking about this that it had to do with them panicky at the time because whenever they were just struggling a bunch of different areas. Was it a case of let's get the band back together let's get that old time feeling that we had -- whispering to one guy. We think maybe add a little bit of just chemistry. You know locker room fodder. You know that's like say detected the band back together he was one of the guys that was missing from -- or I really do think there today. Felt like he could help against right handed pitching and I really do think that they felt like Bogart's was a negative defensively analysts -- a bit when they did that. He lives. And any heat in the they have the state game skid right and they went seven he was a part of the seven game winning streak. What happened holt arrived operatives ski it well. That the stars still weren't hitting. Bogart's played better at shortstop. Because the discussion was why we moving him now these he's actually. You know be playing better now looks like he knows what he's still is now mood of bush moved him to third base housing and mentally handle moving to third base. When the decision was made the move on the third baseman drew aside and probably his worst game in the field. And did hit well you know that because backing of the -- serve again they set rate yes so. As far as like I know media manipulation. For any of us in the media to assume that we would have any power other sorcery. To affect what he does as far as who they hire who they pay. It's crazy it's never going to be the case after the the one time I think he could possibly could happen in any sport. Was the -- Tim Tebow fiasco. Was a hole like you notice when Denver and and John fox and they were losing a -- clamoring for Hammond. And even that house like well he's kind of had no choice it was really take a -- -- on a -- you know like Elvis who -- lottery ticket and any hit even though probably should -- you know so. I claim it likely it's all sorcery. Yeah that's all star -- -- if there was media manipulation and it was signed them because this I think for the most part nobody wanted him the other thing too. Lot of people talking about Stephen Drew and wild eagle get this guy you know they brought him in for hitting that bottom -- the -- a bat they've brought a man because you just dangling out there. But he was a free agent and all the costs was money. And they need -- left side of the infield and the trickle down effect in net as well because -- the end of Bogart's you know you will little books of broke his fingers to be a four to six weeks. Who's the next guy we can bring up -- called player not position at third base and hope that he can perform there any get well. Early play great third base made some nice plays pretty well. But he -- he hit at that point. You knew you didn't know how well he was going to be hitting right there's -- about your that that was an option now you can now. So the other thing was now you get if you don't sign jury got Bogart's in you gotta hold and get Herrera. For the next six weeks he's probably gonna get to give Mel -- another shot. Well if something happens their -- can't do what he do. They don't wanna be forced to call -- guarantee Keeney who they feel is not ready who they feel like I don't wanna bring this guy up to too quickly because a -- Joseph -- turning rejected rally -- 200. They'll -- just lose total confidence and that he's lost. I'd rather develop this -- properly given the time to develop xxx so we don't need in the big leagues he'll be ready to go. So it was also bought up those -- solidifying it defensively it was about. Offense of course -- you know feel bet they know that as well but they had a free agent sitting out there that's all the couple there issues. Red Sox fans will pose the question to you do you feel like the Red Sox were manipulated. In Q. Bringing Steven drew back 6177797937. And by manipulated we of course mean all loose ball yes of course 61777979237. And on the topic of media manipulation and by extension does that also mean Christian is to get full credit for Brock call yes no doubt I mean it's just joining airwaves in a full time basis. Have that kind of clout -- that out of power and look what's become a -- colts I saw something heroic figure on us that this guy this guy right here. These can be good is the guy this is the guy I'm gonna back. And all the barrel to play every day yeah clip somewhere just don't take -- a lot of what's obviously. I mean I guess everybody's waiting for this guy guests to come back down to earth you know -- know second hit. Four hits had a triple a new army insists it is to you as this continues and wonder. You know -- kind of one of those guys who's got thrown into the trade. -- This could be a guy that could all sudden just turn the corner and now he's a play every -- play now is a guy that you. You just by the spot forum he's no longer utility player and that's the spot. Not -- if you -- an outfit and laps obviously. Yet he's got out of position did make a nice play last night. He's got Bradley in in senator who can protect him because he's got some range. Him. Mean that's I know is the second baseman is shortstop is the first -- -- by. Now -- season be a place in the last week beat every day player. If he keeps hitting. Basically you start wondering bowling night have now he's playing right you have well you know I -- I said earlier last week that I thought it was. Unfair. For him to have a couple -- for space for it looked awkward and stretch out and to say he can't play first I think playing the outfield would be easier than playing first -- and you disagree that it was easier for you to go to first as opposed the outfield but -- -- the -- Taking that play as probably. Great to wait too much of a sample size to be focusing on but. What do you do in the populace at that was a plus play in the outfield was it not -- is a great play by big league Alfred I wasn't just he's in new out none of the got a bad jump on a Dolly made up port by hustling that was a good -- right. So is he not more B plus to be lineup in the outfield as opposed to him being at first base where. It does look at times -- -- to the public yeah okay absolutely I mean. That's what he's all about -- the kids can't broadcast was all about the Red Sox outfield last night in the holes there are -- a little file hole to Christians point from a few moments. Yes and it's what he does he's period pretty much fill holes. He played got a position at third when they needed him deeply out of position -- -- when they needed him if he's played out of position and left. Because they Needham. You know Stephen Drew the line up right now if you can have Juliet Bogart's in -- that third. O'Grady size was not left field. You know so I mean so drew was actually keeping Sizemore out of line and I know -- not here right now you know he's what one for fourteen. But he's not in the hope is gonna stay in this lineup. And -- locals that fills that -- left field. And if he can keep it to the point where -- so left field in -- -- -- put children may be golds and got to get knob a goal again. Now you might have a little something again the kind of maybe disguise what's going on center field offensively. Do you want to look at this this when you watch in this game at all senator going okay. You win you lose ten. You win seven you gotta get some Mo -- back many start another losing streak and like how I think about this win was huge for tonight. Foreshadowed the future and then looked back -- -- -- that could have made a difference like mentally for this team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I ask you liked it because you think that how important was that it Ortiz may well. I used to play the guy. I used to work with a guy. The -- called the biggest win of the year. -- that let's say that's the biggest win of the year but that was a huge went John David Ortiz almost exactly with this team needed more than eleven baseball three run home run. Absolutely adore that is beautiful obviously progress and has better. But that's -- that they've been lacking you know -- so David Ortiz the big guns steps up against the tigers they've seen it before they -- a post season. That is that's a huge win for this team because -- It's been nothing but sweet. It's been seven sweeps -- series losing winning whatever you wanna call it for the bus or else statistically that's unreal unbelievable and you -- about -- CA. Right until poppy steps up there and it's an absolute bomb and -- the living hell out of it with a series leaned back that was a beautiful thing the city and now. -- now we go to Baltimore we get a team division. It was six game losing streak anymore but it will go streaky let's leave these guys now right so. Adults could turn everything around but it does look different with Napoli obviously in this game last night before the home run in all that left field. So -- Hopefully got to turn this thing -- took down these three pitchers here Baltimore. You were making the point that Napoli is returned beyond three for -- homer himself could have a bigger impact and ripple effect for this team not just -- -- -- five pulpit Ambien -- apple to protect guests Ortiz. Yeah it might be a bigger reason than what ever he puts out there statistically for himself and the team -- protecting Ortiz the might be the bigger deal. Everything is all mental for David because I don't really -- The protection stuff sometimes it feels -- rated. Unless you know I'm in the game late -- the other night when when AJ get tossed right and David Ross is behind David Ortiz. That's a situation where David should never even see a pitch Ike is Ross it was sixty struggling so it can have a bad effect but it Mick Mick Mickey Cabrera. Was sitting behind David Ortiz. Not April populate the real meal at 31 fastball about a middle because the guy behind amongst at a try to get a mile. I think mentally for David. The -- you know it's not AJ or stock -- -- it is Mike Napoli got it can lead the Arctic got -- hated pitchers do fear. I think it helps him -- -- offensively and have a better understanding it actually feel like they're pitching -- because while David while that was on the DL. -- result PS was 6958200. Yeah those two weeks. -- just you know guys pitch to home you know guys pitch around him but it never coming back. Helps him mentally a little bit no least or something. Or mentally physically whatever was I on the record as sand and I think they're not contending for a playoff spot right now because the depth in the bottom of the lineup. Is weaker than what people want to be. They're going through ten and seven game losing streaks or six game losing streak repeatedly. Because the stars are having their usual all star seasons that's the difference right now between what we all knew was going to be the problem for the Red Sox. Vs what the real problem is the Red Sox right now those guys get going -- 345 Pedroia Ortiz. And Napoli also Bogart's if he goes back to hit the ball like crazy as he was 2140 weaker -- there that will give them back into contention. They got to figure out the rest of the stuff to get them back into the wild car or wind is still very weak and winnable division. 6177797937. Called the show right now and manipulate the Red Sox if you want to manipulate the Red Sox you can do it here. As said by Peter -- this is your outlet we -- With the media manipulation route that is -- -- -- you can influence the Red Sox despite calling in giving your opinion because they'll listen and -- make ten million dollar moves. On your behalf. Or not because -- like to remember most -- -- Stephen Drew back anyway for ten million bucks. Let's see if Mike Walton wants to start the dominoes influencing the Red Sox I'm like. Hi guys down at a point -- didn't group that was a problem because of the publicity he was getting works. Boris and that you know an a hole -- and then all of a sudden like the -- struggled a little bit. Now they -- even drew back all it won't be on -- given ten million chip -- you're fourteen million. And now and it didn't -- me because. Not plane anywhere no one else wants them in hit my weight. And you know I mean don't get you rock won the World Series they get rid of Al Berry goes in the York that you don't read that they've won it won plenty but they indicate she'd -- in -- -- Like -- a question for you. Why do you think they got Stephen Drew was because Zander complete short. Defensively at -- yes -- portable third base. What about third picture is you got to play third base know that Stephen Drew because they have a third baseman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'm just saying they they sign Stephen Drew because they don't have a third baseman. In the organization. It will -- is up for six weeks ago I broke his finger. They had nothing they try to attack and Brian Roberts at the Argo and yelled out but they they tried -- brought calls up for a little bit went back down the minor league she's not a third baseman. Sold at the time they like. I would put a hole out there for now -- drew was ready. They sign -- because of the third baseman. Now on the flip side. -- that was struggling defensively as well socialist serve two purposes but it more to do with the lack of -- -- -- in -- fill this hole. If if if there was a free agent third baseman out there in a market like Stephen Drew just dangling -- it probably would sign him and let Bogut at third I'd sure rather but. -- in the case. Went to unity united through -- they got Gloria. Eric I think I think -- back there where you are now -- I. You know if he's not exactly get -- at every game that we out. No court -- Ortiz knowing that it. At Napoli behind them. Compared to having pretend you're tired or any bet I mean that's huge. You're different that are currently in at 430 got to I mean Indian every day. There is wearing it too long. I mean -- market sent where defense is great but I mean you got to -- something in the dining hall in. We I think we got to look look -- external options that are paddling we'll keep that straightened out. It rained that senator killed during build equity at all genes that they're any took out the -- that sort of digit -- Well rookie vets go into the outfield is a younger over. I mean and how much younger but I mean a similar version to brought -- make your position changed in just doing it earlier in the learning right. And I would think that -- use -- that is an indicator if your athletic enough to get baseball instincts not I think you can make that transition. And the sooner it makes the transition now I group appointments on the -- make in the morning shows and Dennis and Callahan that it -- they do -- if they do. Run out of contention it they can't make up ground in the -- least what are you could be more inclined to come out watch and pay attention to. For next year's it's still Wheeling out guys who may or may not be part of the big -- -- line -- -- your future like move keep that's developing. As an outfield. Got bigger that your right now that's -- you wanna you wanna see -- guy if erotic eager to guys that are here for year. You know ended up impact team next year called some kids and you call basket he called Betsy with these guys like you know whip it into -- Napoli coming back. I look at that team last year and it's like you know. What do they missed the most and it obviously Ellsbury kind of stands out -- 0153. Million dollars leadoff federal jar. But the other guy they missed maybe second on that list is Daniel Nava. Like they have steady amount but not alas they don't have laughed as did another in his lap bumper like their run him up there every single day and that's the only hope you got to thinking I don't feel. An 83 at the other night won it last night. That's probably the biggest loss. Out of everyone other than Jacoby Ellsbury. Mean this guy 30385. On base I mean he was top five in the American League outfielders in all these categories and you just. And it just disappeared he think it's -- -- left in free agency. You've got to try to find that guy again he's the one got -- can slip by the bottom of the order. It's a Red Sox fans go ahead and influence the influence lines are open the Red Sox will listen to whatever is set on this radio program because they listen balloon put Stephen -- when their the road -- is out. 61777979837. Or text ligature text influence the Red Sox to 37937. When we come back. The Red Sox played Baltimore next and one of the most well known Orioles might get suspended for doing a terrible Trot Nixon impersonation. Well discussed the image shot -- bat girl next you're WEI.

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