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Peter Gammons on the media push to sign Stephen Drew 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Peter Gammons joined the show to discuss Stephen Drew and the Sox.

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Has our number three Dennis and Callahan and it is always a pleasure to talk baseball with our hall of fame friend Peter Gammons who joins us on the AT&T outlined to Peter are you today. -- -- -- excellent good and I'll get to a number of subjects with you but let's start with the interesting tweak that Jerry and -- I've been trying to. Dissect and figure out the media manipulation. That shoved the Red Sox best player off short -- and took ten million dollars from a productive deal means no 295 OBP in the five through nine holes I understand what the words mean in and of themselves. Are you suggesting that the Red Sox brass either succumbed or in some -- Was swayed to some degree by media the media low for Stephen Drew. I think he'll. We didn't look so I have immediately got -- to -- a great job and all that and other. They option team and who don't you. And he didn't go well in social work but no so much about all. Short. Of corrupt practices. When you get a situation which in which they're trying to develop young players. And contend at the same time you go from some periods now. Obviously -- period we're so worried about what exactly -- Jackie Burton but on the other hand. I mean it wasn't on board -- was terrible. Aired. I thought that that was so much. Nate how we view it happens it really helped us he's been through billboards is hurt or -- -- long hurt impact that you -- when you got to work. Order will be a good player in America -- regular regular player who issues. Second -- wins a problem placement all shortstop in the regular behind Troy Tulowitzki on me what. Well -- it will accomplish what I've got that the greater in my mind was another bat. Optically how you see that -- -- no one's -- the drill now available back. -- to go to the market. And they don't have yeah our guests. I just think that it is that got. A little crazy and I really don't mean they. Was it. All I have believed in here that we -- course fault that they were worried and I just -- -- also. While mall for knock in the media around Peter for the happened so the media manipulation should you say redshirt to. Double -- shut the Red Sox best part of short took ten million for productive deal mean. War I think the coaches and players one through backward and he wasn't you know huge defensive part of their waiting last year I'd I'd buy that. There practical so much -- -- get through here he's so shorthanded is very reliable. It's -- -- -- out -- -- a -- coolest places in the air and they will want him and 23 Detroit news starting pitchers. -- -- -- -- -- you know in there and their lockers. And basically I put too until he gets -- and I get. But the practice you know since he hurt his ankle and -- salaries of 240 -- Is up because of the concussion and the ankles. Or is -- because. That's what the end so I mean in America I'm not sure -- seen where there are problems with salt with this and this will. Last night if last night was any indication -- the Farrell has lost faith in them because if you watched it but. He hit form would Jonathan Herrera and and let Bradley hit for himself. Up next it was and this is your new ten million dollar a year guy who plays you know every other day and when he -- faced a tough lefty. -- hits so it's -- it's it's it's hopeless now what else could have done OP when it was there. Hope they -- -- -- -- who's DH and -- who knows what else could they have -- with the money. Well other than maybe all the powerful and I absolutely -- you have to go one of those teams. San Diego that you want to -- -- Cameron Maybin. Which I don't like Rashad McCants content. You. -- -- what Caroline a topic but. I don't think you -- are fighting. It productive outfielders has -- start to drop out and eloquent -- I'm gonna lose. That the -- to do well on the other hand. I think the other problem you riddled can order a little. -- factor for -- and I think got old quickly killed me out school's board about that he he did it. Let the clock to move back and forth between certain -- -- would report it to hold somebody -- same way. Is that what you play Byrd is like you're cage or you react so it will bite. My shorts up a whole lot Angels. And what you wont hurt short historical article -- those angles which corps ball with some problem with. -- I'll -- person responsible citizen and you. That he lost his ability this isn't the angles that he actually added. -- loss but you know we'll see but it's. The Jackie Bradley I was shocked that out last night. I realize that -- at all left handers in a long time but the same time. Jackie didn't report to strike -- agreeing to a poor legal what in the world Scola -- I actually older and about 75 on base and very productive player. Peter Gammons two part question here is there in your opinion buyer's remorse in the Red Sox front office regarding the drew acquisition and the second part is. How can win. Will the Red Sox decide to be buyers or sellers in the coming days. All I know that the city rewards so I mean they're well they really lecturer. And there are also that's -- it's still a great believer. If there is no middle books. Very strongly. So that there will be decisions made another year from now what's interesting here is that it's a part of it. For a purpose and Stephen Drew and -- Bogart's. And never over. In -- I don't think that although archer plays that are. And then went through it's gone moral play short I don't know what are those two little books and you Keeney. Are people like -- but. There are so many political angles. At play here that. You just gotta wonder. What I would be. A year from now and I are ignorant about looking at buyers sellers I don't think they'll just because of the nature. Of the Boston fans because of the nature of the market and because and actually. I think they stick with it and it'll they have -- -- last month and Bahrain. It got started pitching stability. Be able to make a run the last two seasons I think it was believe that's possible. And gotten Napoli got one step that in victory but it's -- it's definitely defensively good. I'm in love. -- at the end as a statistic that -- not we will -- them Ortiz is -- route 200 points. -- use of it just step on the -- -- without yesterday afternoon to look look at what our research people can -- with our ultimate like. 6% say a month from now if they're say 8910 games under 51112. Games out of first five or six out of the wild card. And a chance to move protecting Pierzynski and Gomes and Leicester even who -- are. Drew -- Lackey you don't think they're gonna move any of these guys because of NASA. I don't think that they would move. Lester. Lackey who are. I do think that would move Krzyzewski. -- Vasquez. If there were eleven or twelve. And I think that will probably. We'll probably see it looking back around the fifteenth of August just where we saw. A bowl guard from last year but I don't think that they'll go in -- Big time. Scott Walker looked at -- they still believe that they don't slide -- That -- -- -- Lackey the other three year deal. And then. Tricky but the Circuit -- a lot. Young pitchers on their team -- all of a sudden say we're gonna start. Ford guys who opened the season in Pawtucket next year I don't think. I don't think it works in terms of contending in the Mercury disparity. Problems that were. I'd signing last year Peter. When do they do it and somebody wrote over the weekend -- will take six years to get that done you think the the Red Sox thing give -- six years at market value which will be 2324. Million a year. Now I know that the Eagles news. The way of doing it to be creative and a salary. I I think I did that at least five years Eric because of the calls you a hundred here 120 million. I I don't I don't like it. Just because. I think it will all the pitching injuries it's a bad time. Well pitchers you're saying I'm going to do undercover. I look on the Yankees could do what sabathia if they want a World Series. You know they let off -- 2000. Let that the World Series in their new ballpark was really important -- them. It'll work wonders for us about yankees that it afforded to let us -- -- -- -- that kind of extension I don't see anybody else. Right now that would give it six years -- record and I don't think. The Yankees would do it. Considering all of the money -- spent on their starting pitching so I don't see anybody else out there that would do. Peter what have you heard of opinions and chattering conversations about Dustin Pedroia and the pull -- on his body that apparently he has. Made -- -- the best of Dustin Pedroia in the past is production is down his power is down. Well you know that the -- -- won't let Kolb for couples really they're not all. My initial reaction was no. I'd get. And it. I think it -- the way he plays the way keeps. Great breaking his hand fingers at all it. It's great for the Atlantic yet he's in his teammates. As much as any player. In the game today. I understand that but I look see in the populace and Watson and that's I think that's got to this year I hope -- paying you money. The thing. -- -- made an eighteen hole look at Sybase but at what the current what worked really well taken as far as. Oregon State doesn't mean that he's not going to be a great defender. It doesn't mean -- is going to be forgotten every young player comes up there at 2 o'clock in the up you know. And pushes everybody. But the question of are we don't receive like 85900. OPS again. It's sort of the core classes because of the physical part. Final question what do you think and what to the Red Sox think they're going to get from Buchholz when he comes back. I don't look at any idea now. I mean I had one of the coaches that you know I'll talk tackle. -- what do you think that's them. A little bit like labor I'm not really sure. All conversations lower the bar ever Q so that's like. You know practice for him to get -- about -- and you know it is -- really -- And her career and I -- the whole thing about delivery and all that. But I think -- with him is -- that he had to slow up as well he doesn't it. It really lost all star sluggers in 2000 let. Mean you know who who's been in the playoffs in 2000 whether he doesn't go down and. -- And it's. It is clear. Uneasiness was going out and pitching us that it is it an issue up short just -- -- change. Peter is always a pleasure talking baseball with you -- taken some times when instructed on the road for an actual -- Gammons hall of Famer Tennessee talent on the AT and the -- -- real electric Cooperstown hall of -- yeah yeah I guess he -- something like Italian hall Phnom legal channels and I'll tell metropolitan great health. What is tough I felt I know it is yeah. Be Coppola political and redeem she was an original member he thinks they're gonna -- last. Each thinks no world in six years how we've been through this enough to know there's always an idiot.

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