WEEI>On Demand>>David Ortiz joins Joe and Rob after another huge homer ends the five-game losing streak

David Ortiz joins Joe and Rob after another huge homer ends the five-game losing streak

Jun 9, 2014|

Big Papi came on the broadcast with Joe and Rob after the Sox beat the Tigers 5-3 Sunday night. He said John Farrell had a very positive meeting with the team before the game.

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David wants regular batted. Everybody feels throughout Red Sox Nation feels a whole lot better about things you think that was a -- -- here so Parker and and telling you. AB hitting rookie -- right up people the whole season. In. And it was good that I -- him. For the fans like in the because -- -- not even your body Atari -- he didn't have to -- jump in the bullpen I know what Michael -- for him at. If there were talking before the game it seemed like you guys were really focused really intense. They usually get to this -- these guys talk before this game at all. Yeah we have a little Manning -- you know and and he he'd make it clear point. You know I mean we've been struggling and we ball game if you had a few good effort in anybody's book and it -- And thinks I'm not going our way way. You know we feel four month and season and then in this will change too much and that was we have a lot of goals -- tonight just right up people and and how much you can go over and so is a very upbeat positive meeting yes yes that don't always. You don't you don't -- -- let -- any meaningful -- he'd do one. We have one would this is this to make sure you know that but we gotta throw them into the just because that's in there so. But tell you what David you made -- tonight -- -- know it did you at the home run but Djokovic is for Paula Abdul. -- And I just have to. -- get a chance to showing your dance moves him into that at that at a maybe one day that I didn't hit it would be able we electing slider his Chamberlain threw so many sliders yeah yeah that's that's that's and so it. But this one's kind of hang in and starts -- And -- and on and looking forward and he told -- five with a -- before that that was literally on a bit. I assume that because he was on the plate you know same way I should because that's that's how you give away you are bad when you. Soon it is that you know looking for you good thing that it -- probably. Yeah I mean that's that's that's appropriate that he got a good slider is so and a that -- that -- -- throw the whole point of view we and and bogey and and even even. Even hole he throws took over was let -- go -- and have faith -- you don't know what to them so wanna. Well you target ball Brock Cole this guys been doing everything but. Outfield first time making that catch. Did that surprise even you guys -- it's so much so with that kid is looking for in mind you know he's such a great everything becomes. You do something due to open winnable game. And now what he's doing this incredible mean we need that we need that from from late domino or arm. And then and -- you know you get even if you move. And I bystander -- -- and believe -- -- air -- -- in the -- in the ninth inning with two great -- definitely I mean it's like a totally you know payback you know would it is. Yet he got out and played like that and they come in and and making stuff occasionally that if -- -- What day that I I should be a lot that happier like the ball the bar and certainly there's a lot of hope that this will carry over the -- Thanks so much for joining us congratulations thanks for another drill first and let him.

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