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Butch and Jerry Debate whether the Pats are "Loading up" for the this season or it's just Business as usual 6-8-14

Jun 8, 2014|

Butch and Jerry debate whether or not the Pats are truly "loading up" for this season because of a reaction to Denver or perhaps because they realize that Brady only has a few season left. Jerry seems to think Belichick is ALWAYS trying to make the team better, but Butch says there is evidence that the Patriots are trying to build a winner specifically for this season.

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Jerry Thornton porch stairs on sports do you dig in the bumping music -- yeah I'm not the Eagles are always good. I gets although I could live the rest of my life happier in having a hotel California again really well why a classic rock stations always play. The one song by every band you know it really the Eagles -- a bigger -- -- yeah California -- it's played because of one line you can stab it. You know as we -- -- -- -- illegal each yup it's like. Many of them DJ is a -- on all got I get to play this again I'm so excited to play hotel California again or. You know if it's. Bob Seger it's always going to be turn the page like. These these opinions of portal like twenty albums acutely deep cut -- -- -- or alive version it's just. Just goes right up my mind but especially the Eagles I mean listen to lyrics of like already good line eyes. She sped towards that she -- -- yup I never get tired you know what that is. Now -- heard about it I never goal the idea. -- -- I think I caught your license plate is of its plotted LO what I never go to -- excited about. I will heart -- and I never get sick that one but for for crying out an awful hotel California by the way I took a a look at Stephen Colbert again look at his picture and I decide in my money is on the kid in the wheelchair. Unexpected -- posted a mop and spectacle luckily drained threes over his head and what is possible they eat they spelled the name wrong on the Seattle like the California baseball -- went to -- And he's taken as a slice and it's that they want it and wanted to win okay B -- with that proves to me is he is not on social media. Because if he was signalled that spelling doesn't mean any benefit from what I mean you read our text line for five -- Don't know they were all against him didn't you hear his comments. Were all against him I'm what do what about the fans have believed it ms. Ward's. What are alerts is feelings. -- drop of -- -- for body Mike is that so works from on the radio but my good buddy Patrick Barnes. Once cafe bella my favorite restaurant world and I got a good favor restaurants are good buddies were -- because they dropped but anyway Patrick as a horseman. And he text me two different horse man. Right it's okay these sources now tell Moses Moses not on the cheating side and I was O o'clock when save him cap it dollars and handle any. Patrick brings up two good points one is. A Wes Welker sports undrafted one east victories yesterday. On the -- -- -- -- Nate Davis is a coward's way out. While critic Howard if I start hundred dollar bill -- say when they put though the roses or whatever around it's enacted it dropped them. I don't know OK as well -- us you know not but I'm better -- it raised another one in casino gambling Patrick makes a point. House makes all the odds in sports racing. Crowd makes the Arab mutual hosts is Smart the crowd is. Okay yeah are right that that -- -- makes makes sense right it's it's a it's Altera mutual rate it's a 100% based on. How much money comes in on on every four. -- okay let's see if we can see begin have a normal conversation about Steve from. Hawaii which -- -- I -- I have a comment about that he -- only combat vulnerable the only way. That the rule which you eat at the the last Triple Crown when I don't think. And the debacle we in the I agree I don't know. What they -- What do they ignored in the trying to make their money now -- -- that guy so that was good strategy by the winner -- people. No he probably wondering what are they going to grab the ball much HR which lately they. Well it's a good it would bring up the money -- it's a good point Steve I mean from you know for the storyline for the Triple Crown and all that all this and that but all these owners -- -- horses there and it. To put them to -- ideally. And to make clutch feel awful you do. Women won the Belmont value structure at war alleged they well look what they want. When a Big Dig a bit now I getting redundant now that go into a lot after the get beat the patriots -- What you -- that levitate or you know yes -- yes they are these guys born and it from the beginning to sort out why your bubble. -- distraught. Even though they had obviously we're probably get to. So what do you thing happening -- -- -- feet. What -- much what do you think about it and how fast I think a put boom boom anywhere alliance and the. Bob -- -- the eight about the patriots are you want you know you've got a glad it's finally people after a debt is realizing. More than a decade of watching a -- agreed to show that your not we're off at the trial they had -- But would be extensive pro -- -- people are actually you know this month and will be much we have a guy like. We had a guy. Like you want it was already bought agree you said we didn't have them -- all -- a lot of wind we had it. And if you remember the -- giants game at the end of you they will. Tom Brady and he -- The genie back in the bottle and they won that game going away with a well we all the late in the fourth quarter and they -- the -- a year in the global. The patriots. Did -- would not speak sensibly. Than what had been government gave. With two minutes left that to a chi -- it was the equivalent of a break -- game two outs in the ninth agreed that being -- couldn't hold. Why would go running to allow immediately that you have that the contribute should be around. I would flat they won't want -- A lot. I know they would have went after -- I don't know they would wanna get cornerback. And our big big splash -- that didn't allow 12 o'clock. I think there will -- late now. And we're Denver came out on this by re. It shook them up until you can. Well I you know. X -- almost post these points that's scary I don't I don't know about the last one whether they would monitor not that I gotta believe gotta believe that. Part of not. Being aggressive to sign Aqib Talib was that they thought about signing to grow -- I think the penalty that came out of I don't think that was a oh hey -- did this week should be left to Revis I don't think that's. Right and I I don't buy this premise that there are certain times on the patriots are trying to improve in certain times they're not like this is kind of just weird. Fiction and it's been. Thrown out there that. Alnylam they're loading up a little bit did not loading up any more than they don't load up when they got moss and Welker they tried to improve themselves but. Big god mosque at a wage below market deal mosque was willing to cut his pay to come here arm. -- -- same thing they're not gonna. Oracle load up in and -- the way -- and all that -- and go once a ridiculous spending spree just disbanded. On a few positions I think they've always kept their system which is. They have that they assign a cap number they try to keep it is reasonable to -- -- page. Top of the market for guys that. Didn't. Vince Wilfork Logan Mankins the two. Highest paid interior linemen on both sides of the ball when they sign new deals you know they don't just go out and throw money around like -- like the way this -- doesn't. In Washington I'm gonna try to play both sides of the fence and I agree that they have a system and I agree that their system is always about loading up. Trying -- such as best chance to win both now in two and three years from now. That's what have been the most successful organization for more than a decade now consistently won that Tom Brady Bill Belichick. However. Here's the other side of the court in my opinion. When you get an established guy. And you get him. And take a shot at him however you quieter. And you do it. Where it's not one on a scale of one to ten would risk and reward. So -- Rodney Harrison was a four and skill once it was freeagent anybody could assignment. Yet to make a commitment to Randy Moss was closer to one you'll get a fourth round draft pick in coming off a bad season it was. -- waters just like Ochocinco and it was just like Albert means yes -- Okay according to -- was somewhere in the middle to I would argue give a second round pick. He wasn't sign you gave by at least -- Rodney for a five year deal. You re ripped up a one year deals and Randy Moss and -- don't give it to where Andre Johnson is different we're derail Revis is different. Is there in the argument for quote best players at their position top three -- and their big money guys so you did load up by making me. High risk. Potential high reward commitment unlike what they've done which does upset the system so I think in that regard so -- Thomas was another one right. Where they didn't do it in didn't load up or upset the apple cart was society Samuel Deion Branch. I would argue they were right with the -- bridge to a degree wrong with Asante Samuel because they've never replaced -- I agree that all your points except with with Samuel. I think they just that a frustration level with him because his next tackle in the NFL will be his first what you tell me the reasons why but they lost something when they lost. It lost something I should be competitive level even we dropped an interception that super. -- -- again that's that's another repressed memory of mine I remember who lead them -- game and I think at what happened after that at all. They you know again with him I think they decide who's a flawed player and frankly I think Philly way overpaid. For him -- for what he brings us to get people he delivered. And don't agree he delivered on that money at it as he Belichick was quoted when he had to sit down with optimal courting women who have it was scout him from. For the for the draft and he said. You we don't have a cover corner you're gonna tackle people. You know and that's. What I think that was -- sort of a good old window into his soul. On what he thought of of this on these -- that. He's a finesse guy he's a ball -- KS and he does and and that 2006 championship game that I was whining about earlier he did have a pick six and that in the first half that all of that should have buried. Genetically change but didn't sellers of the first half changer but it didn't -- -- -- end -- a good ball hawk like in May have had trouble. Draft then cornerbacks I don't deny that. Boy Tom I just feel like with him they had zero when -- got my my response Q was that yes you're right they do. Go after it every year but they do load up some other years compared to others -- passed -- guys that are been available not that that the right route to go all the time. But 300 Johnson would be did cherry on top of everything that the the ancient argument is do you try to win now or do you build for the future in -- and I remember when I was a kid that again the Redskins always had this like the future is now the over the hill George Allen -- our draft -- in portrait yet. Exactly well I think the patriots do bolts. I think they are trying to win now in a load up for the futures and this offseason has proven that because they've gone after these established veterans. -- fell Revis brown Aaron and some others. -- the draft they got a guy who's gonna help them now in the first round in every other pick Timmy was about 2015. In only eight draft that are running back because -- Vietnam. And in Marines deals erupt they drafted a center because Brian when Dell is making a a good chunk of change Tom grapple. Absolutely applicable the future. Go do I told you we go to the Belmont NC wintertime and enable you went to the Belmont yesterday. Yeah yeah I don't good Tom so it was great culture. Horse was -- political. To talk to -- it will actually. Don't although all the -- tribute famous portrait of -- a what was is that few volleys and jaundiced -- Aren't you guys that talk about hotel California when I was walking out of the park yesterday. Ball under the as a wanna be billions in hotel California and so are you kidding me but. -- -- that your lit up the my own heart. Yep I'm. Not it was a might look like warrior. I was actually at 2004. -- befriended the chair and first mortgage on and I think why don't lecture twice -- hopefully chrome. Well mark foreigners two. Great just just until the listeners real quick I believe Smarty Jones won the first two legs and then lost the third is that correct. Yeah okay. That I really want to triggered by Lebanon and that happened won them derby fire I don't know apple and put up. Supporters are sort of called the mark or your. The Chapman. The -- mortgage -- But there's no way if you're perched on their feet short Israel to -- greatness derby -- They were very gracious and everybody -- terrible. It would release felt terrible article probably -- -- so felt terrible they want the -- to have to win. But they're very gracious in that player or straight hitters like. Like I like agrees with Colbert there. First -- -- so well -- but I target group for Triple Crown in. I think it should remain sunny but I think they're just to look to sore losers were. I mean America Columbus were chosen easily won here gracious it'll cost laid off that day and he. That's force one but. It was crazy on their current. It's it's it's about visit -- Tom. Our case are -- I'm curious with you being there when did you hear about all this firestorm -- Colbern when he got up this morning. Actually my -- told me when we're on the way home -- that it does. She when I called Hillary actually votes straighter it ought to know what you're -- -- I wouldn't -- my truck I would that I blocks rewarded for. Philly can roll and. Well -- let it -- if I don't put a one difference though between Smarty Jones in California chrome is yesterday California called railed about. -- -- -- -- -- Words let's. Smarty Jones by the way to his point about being a better course and reading here going back and race -- this is a coward's way out. Cowards when Smarty Jones lost the Belmont it was a first race he lost nine general. Was the first time he's ever been passed in other wars won wire to wire. Nine previous -- kid feel that the Catholic -- and in the race I would have -- on us at all or not. Like build your -- 99 a -- has never been past whatever that dead that's why I got at a -- -- Thornton Butch Stearns sports Sunday -- back with more thoughts on Don -- week.

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