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Butch and Jerry Have more fun with Steve Coburn and his Viral Rant

Jun 8, 2014|

Steve Coburn's fiery post race interview yesterday is making headlines and Butch and Jerry Thornton are loving it. They discuss the Triple Crown argument and if Coburn's logic is on the right track. The guys also get into the Red Sox and their miserable week.

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Jerry Thornton along side -- Steve Buckley makes his way back from new York and the youth hockey tournament. That I broke out according to block through his calm this morning. Steve Coburn the co owner in face of the ownership group of California chrome. Which some emotional comments right after the race will play the entire comment again so if you didn't hear it you can chime in you can join us here this morning. By texting at 37937. Or you can I chime in by calling us at 6177797. 937. Eight plus bumper music by the way the criminally under appreciated George Harrison rate. What is life as criminally under pre under pretty I just thinking it was his post Beatles career I think he might -- I -- more quality music then any of -- I I I like your term I'm trying to take -- term literally. To be criminally under appreciated you have to do something to break the law. To remind people that you should be appreciated yes I I think failing to appreciate a fine artist should be against Iowa asset. A fine artist myself. As a master of the written word. Of trying to avoid at all. At all turns talking Red Sox this morning because. It's just so they had right. Is it teaches public what's kind of pathetic about it to me is. Would like to Reno and Napoli they have to built in excuse those two staples that -- -- to. Key contributors decides whatever they do offensively which is it might try out shore isn't. Giancarlo Stanton like in this line -- -- it work and help them win a World Series last year Victorino. Was atop the order guy who finished 22 in the MVP and and Napoli for all the strikeouts. Was I played better when the games -- -- member of the home runs against the Yankees in this -- so without him. They have a team that and I for this -- million times streak we are what they thought Hayward Tony from Bridgewater. Say yes it is what they were supposed to be last year we would have been fine with support not fine this year. Because they want a World Series but again. Napoli and Victorino are not -- MVP candidates however in this lineup with -- them the domino effect is just palpable. Right lesson last year they lost. Key contributors to and they just kept on when I mean let's not forget that they want a World Series with the third option added as closer. You know I mean right yeah and this year they just. They are they we thought they were we expect that game and counting losing streak to think anybody expected that I I thought. That we all assumed it would be it'll -- horse race to use that term. Hum it in him an American League east I don't think any of us thought they'd be. You know ten games back and falling by June 6. 6177797937. On this glorious Sunday morning to join us Steve Buckley is -- -- back from New York Jerry Ford and our school's sports is alongside. To all you parents like Jerry and I Arab graduates this year congratulations if you're heading to a graduation today give us call you give them shout out. A -- highs graduation last week and yesterday you had did you son yes and Hanover high school yet exactly just put out about less than two hours Baltimore's graduation costs yeah. Yeah exactly yeah I think every buddy who ever gives a speech in public in time everything from a wedding toast to a commencement address or whatever. Has to remember this. The guys who talked before Lincoln's Gettysburg. Was Edward Everett -- senator from Massachusetts and surprise the senator from Massachusetts was a wind bag. He went on for -- a half hours on this sweltering heat nobody remembers a word he said. Lincoln road is on the back of an envelope and I sardonic DC it's chiseled on a wall of granite and everybody remembers every word of it you know ego brevity it's all about -- -- no speech you take as long as it took me to just make that point. So Matt you the let's play that we did at the top of the last hour we're gonna play bill in Quincy Europe next and then we'll get to the rest your phone calls. Steve coal -- the owner of or one at a coal owners. To be accurate. California -- yesterday lashed out at. Lashing out. Establishment the man -- -- -- about a man so California chrome. Runs tough race as everything going against them they misspelled California on his saddle. And here's what happened on the stuck a microphone in his face and -- opening which is less than a minute long so I -- ego. Christine Coburn and -- Martin and all those with California home. Throughout it all Steve it's been an amazing ride what were your thoughts as they turned for home. Well I thought is gaining ground but. He didn't have an -- apparently. You know why he's been in three this is just very very big race. These other horses they always settlement this preset amount trying to upset the -- card I'll never sit up 61 years old mountain oversee. In my lifetime I'll never see another Triple Crown winner because the way to do this. Aren't so here's insisting a -- pick it up from the notice how he's building right now he started very calmly now it went to I'm not gonna see -- Triple Crown winner in my lifetime. Right so now now now it's about him. -- Siri goes from. It's not fair to these sources. That have been in the game since day one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you do you don't want me to get up here but he got this building there we go. Earlier this way if you can't make enough points in the Kentucky Derby you can run in the other two races that's right hander. Paula you had your way you would say you've got to run the Triple Crown. Or you cannot come up in the Belmont and be a fresh horse that's right it's all -- nothing it's all or nothing. Because this is not fair to these sources that -- -- run in the guts out for these people have for the people who believe in them. Perhaps somebody can come up like this is the coward's way out. Now it's the people right out the people it's acknowledge everybody Jared. It's the people that believe in these horses have been running their guts but -- yet now he's at the same. Like total voice users when they won't like except his groove on at the restaurant a couple of guys like you know Israel gives or yell at the waitress. Yes -- here we go out. My opinion this is the coward's way out I think they came right after your horse that was the plan just like they have other potential trouble exactly. Horse had a target on his back everybody else lays down on what they won't run in the Kentucky Derby -- the preakness they'll wait till the Belmont. You know what if you've got a horse -- in all -- if you've got awards they can get -- if you've got a horse. That -- points to run in the Kentucky Derby post winning horse of the start of the decade for the only when he available. Eligible to run and all three races this is the coward's way out. But I don't know it's a tough loss we hope to see him down the road. That is as close the -- I didn't fight pork chop hill to come back hair. And let you putt and still be -- of -- -- -- -- so he went from himself. To the horses to the people that believe in the horses. Took to the establishment of racing this is a coward's way out coward's way out because the only and that is one point that I think. Is his opinion. As logic is that. You are one of those twenty forces by the way there were nineteen for the derby this year you're one of those nineteen horses in the derby that you shouldn't be so -- point that he made really if you think about it. Which he have to be in the derby to be neither of the other race. Okay I'm looking this up but I am I'm gonna get this 1000% accurate I don't think I haven't yet -- taken some time. There were forty post positions in the three races in other words were nineteen horses in the derby. And we tend -- -- in the preakness and there were eleven or suggest OK okay so there -- forty horses here's by my counsel far how many. Rain in only one race. One of those were forty post position. Three by the way his point in all three okay California chrome. Right on -- in medal count only three horses in an all three race. I by my count. Here come -- forming your Gerri here's the ports is that only random one race journalist social inclusion ring weakened hobbled Del Monte dynamic impact. Kid Cruz may -- real Antonio Danza. The answer would -- she too. We miss RT. Intense holiday candy boy uncle's side aperture Harry's holiday in -- most wildcat red Vickers in trouble. Point that's twenties and I don't think I've gone to that yesterday. With how many -- and I have told them it took like 25 or 27. And get the exact number for you folks there don't. We ran one of these races. And he's screaming like all of a sudden all analyst who was broad and if you bet awards -- That -- if you've got awards pat cash and actually after the break from Gloucester -- -- -- let's go to phones people let up about this is go to -- Quincy -- bill. I valued it anchored. -- you wanna hear attention that does a great segment non sixty minutes sports on showtime. About how they're trying to clean up. The medication -- some. And I think it's being hit by the Jockey Club in new yacht and -- bringing in the gentlemen who. Brought down not me a lot. The yacht race. Lance Armstrong I'm I'm yeah. Okay. And and by the way that it does not course and that race yesterday that had as much drugs in his system is Lance Armstrong well I will tell you this so. I'm not horsemen but I've been around -- enough in my life. Rugs with horses have been a part of the sport forever and light baseball you what I'm saying here and there have been legitimate. -- Performance enhancing drugs that are being used for horses to recover be able to do it now you wanna get it to the moral and ethical discussions. About a 2000 pound animal. Once swindle sticks for legs and the logic of giving them more power to run nonstop I've seen horses break down. I've seen horses have friends in my don't break down and I weep when I saw pension plan a horse in the 1978 mass cap breakdown in the mass cap. And in pension plan was a gelding that's another old group thing you do divorced by the original -- -- for the one ball what Wrigley. -- anyway expenditure. At but I don't see your point oh -- -- just think about it I'm not passing judgment I would like to see that sixty minutes story but my point is that. This has been going on for years this is nothing new. Yes and big interview one on a -- has three outs instead did well in the Kentucky Derby. And he couldn't years ago. And the right kind of hearts they were in 47 races. And now that number is down thirteen. While circuit pretty good segment. You know that thanks for the call that's an -- point that's the old school Democrat it's. Baseball thing nobody closing games anymore we had two inning saves. Nobody's gonna get 300 wins anymore because they don't get decisions they don't leave me in the game. But it should be horse racing to his point has gone the route -- baseball the average thoroughbred. Top barber ran 47 races and as -- running thirteen. I would say there's two reasons that won their baby them a little bit more which is probably a good thing and the other thing as if a horse wins couple stakes races. And you won't -- you and I don't know yeah. He's going to start. And -- -- you know they may buy that it's indicated for hundreds of millions of dollars. Okay and what a life this -- that the that the deal that. The despite fuel but it owners you don't even have to talk to the Phillies anymore you -- -- -- the title impress them -- -- it is this item on your only option but doesn't lose something when you lose the hunt. Like when you stick them out there and you send all these Playboy playmates out firm. I would like bring us another champion I would like to find out except except it's not an option for -- -- truly no one's going to Spain meet at -- anything by Tom. You know. There's what was the last time all -- rain and that wasn't all pumped hopeful of something right I mean it's it's it's going to be going back. 4050 years right I mean this isn't anything to. You can you can pump him full of anything you want but no nasal strips. Right the big debate did not -- -- strip just that they did. It was OK -- -- -- preakness that they weren't allowed to do. No they weren't gonna he would he -- -- -- course out of that we're allowed to have nasal strips in the dome. Which they world. Couple a text worth reading I think in this. I you don't change the rules after you lose it's like the patriots missing the 02 playoffs by one game and Bob Kraft wanted to expand the playoffs immediately afterwards. I'm not not only says Steve Conrad the owner was pissed because he tripled down on the Belmont that's probably true also. Although the odds were fortified you had less than one to one odds on. On him winning the belt the belt so it wasn't a betters -- you weren't loading up on now. California -- yesterday I had had an early text they think said that -- an I was in and help but did -- Bob -- -- not picked the correct ports and believe he did. He did -- -- analyst I believe. And -- really that's amazing I was allegedly at the Kentucky Derby because might -- my media icons basically my spirit animal. Johnny Weir was was doing the announcing -- lead chipped love Johnny Weir. And they asked him who we like -- said. Admit they talked all these these increasing lifers like you mean like all the other announces it guys who fall this and they break it down and analyze and who's good on -- rail and whatever. In Johnny Weir says. Rightly stands up because hold me closer Tony Danza and is the boss develops as it is -- outlets like all right -- olive eight should he should announce every single sporting event. -- on a cell phone with the butch and Jerry Thornton. I'm Mike. -- -- that you don't want to talk a little bit more about the reps -- but you know you era and the first thing. I don't know the very exciting -- but I mean coming out without -- -- struck them like I respect source it was. Great yeah I mean I was I was like I would my fifteen year old daughter and my dog cocoa. And when when they start to approach it I started with the snapping the fingers. At California April Alec I wanted I wanted to Triple Crown didn't you might. I think most people go to like India it it also I I because it's been a lot since we got one. I just think it's sour grapes or what that guy the orders that I mean meter guy that spent pretty much not being in in the realm of or straight into the sports and it's a multimillionaire now when he and this -- you know the. I think you bring up a good point in this whole argument would -- however you'd just the firearm you feel about Steve Colbert sour grapes. Comments and again just go to Twitter today and hash -- sore loser and you can. Get a good holes around the country where people are saying. Is when you think about a from a from a sporting part of that Jerry and Mike. It was a great race really was a great race to four horses within like -- links yeah yeah I think California where there when they when he came on the final turn. And started coming down the stretch I thought he was an amicable -- -- -- -- I write this or he just yet he just had I don't wanna sound -- -- -- more experience course and you guys they knew he wasn't gonna make a yeah when he had to go wide. I just knew he wasn't gonna have enough yet there's no we weren't. Well Red Sox are going wide right now -- have -- not gonna happen Ed Ed Ed tell animal feed down the stretch -- -- -- they never got out of the gate. Eight annual player once told me you're never as bad as you look when you're losing hurts but you look when you're winning. You know I tried that 12 weeks ago and now that was when he went on a ten game losing districts and. We're and then when you're winning streak and other back and losing streak and I think what we see is what we're gonna get a kick your little bit better than our border he but he last year. I think everybody was surprised that shot there is not a soul that I know that ever picked them to win. The World Series northern sold I don't think you can pick in the wind that are here from -- last year. So I think we touched oil and everything went right last year every move was right all with the exception of buckles are really what the many major injuries. I just think that this is what they are in the end until they get back straight I -- start into basically a site under maybe slightly better than I or eight. OK so if there if that's the case Mike hasn't heard that a lot especially on Sunday mornings there if you're the powers that be. There's really two extreme arguments one is you become sellers or buyers who make up your mind over the next month and half and figure out what you gonna do or two months right. Or you bring up the kids somewhere in between his -- gold along. To keep belong -- not giving up on the season and you're only four games out of a wildcard. And all that but -- where do you go do you go to one of the extremes do you bring up Henry Owens -- -- now who are books showing that you don't trade and a -- I I think it's like I think they're there they're there. They're probably somewhere between parent bully streak in a winning streak like that they're probably a little better than -- -- team. I think they have a lot of people worried they are going to be LC when victory comes back and whatnot we come back to maybe it will initially the oil RT. Idyllic retreat to signing because I think about it it's like all of this played a big thing. And I think they don't end here I think basically probably another monstrous if we're ever been trying to expel. Yeah you know when they made that the -- that drew signing. My first thought was one of the great films ever made Toy Story. There's apart we have web buzz light years says. This is no time to panic in what he says this is the perfect night at at at -- at a I was -- in Connecticut this season can still be salvaged. And you know I wasn't prepared to white ball Garrett continued to kick it around to whatever when there was there was still in the hunt. Well since drew join a lineup I believe -- blessed every single game. You know we got a good break but you have quickly won me over as probably and I like. Movie quote guys who can you might be one of the best because you do two things every time number one you go the most obscure movie reference to -- where I think you're gonna go. But number two -- deliver because it's the right movie line and in my situation. You know does this judgment -- Griese might buy or Irish rose is this is Allah I talk like constantly and oftentimes I don't explained I just say it you are at what is that from. -- urban -- and and how it's from quote Ron Burgundy now like for about ten years and Al -- -- to lift that ban you're. -- -- -- -- -- Have ordered we're back with more after this if you bet awards they can -- -- if you got a horse. Are you Red Sox played 8 o'clock tonight trying to avoid a sweep last Sunday there were gold for a -- the week before they were trying to avoid a sweep. And they had a fight so we have a fight in Detroit tonight. Well Thomas turned show up and throw out the first pitcher. Let's hope for a fight because short create a whole lot more interesting than just like to them like roll over and die like they've done for the last five game my goodness don't -- don't just get the feeling. That John Lackey. Like Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez back to back in the first inning on ESP NS and everybody to bed. You know every time -- I try to give up on Lackey and I try to hold that grudge from 2011. But you know in retrospect he was. He was pitching when he probably should've been pitching in he tried to gut it out 000 what haven't. Arm every time I try to. You know give up on him he comes through with the with the old -- great effort. What if he does they want score runs far that that's just my my circle and it's all of these. All the opinion is that people about the I agree with you all the opinions people of the Red Sox this Dexter is a good one. Here's a question nobody will answer so we're not man enough and immediate -- the answer should John Henry be obligated to spend over the cap. Yes and she be obligated to spend over the cap. Yeah I mean why just to just throw money I mean not that I care whether or not in all of the the mr. and mrs. Henry can make ends meet I think they're going to be but -- I I am always willing to spend John Henry box. But on one. But home okay you know it showed the -- goes -- to see if the answer is no. And signing Stephen Drew was 90% of the remaining money. To get to cap the bottom line is this Bogut is the all star he should be he's the team MVP in -- spent ten million and a shortstop and outfielder. Inexcusable yup but had they not sign. I'm Stephen Drew. I feel like the kitchen staff would have made an incursion like seal team six and kidnapped him and stuck in the short snippet I look at how they've responded since they got their pinkie. Yeah like great -- like crap Lester struck out 122 starts ago extra zero yesterday. -- you know played and my eyeballs just tell me as much as I've had that ten years and Nomar shaped hole in my heart. And I -- -- -- would philatelic I have just wanted to shortstop a Greek fielding shortstop and when they have won like like I Alice Gonzales. They just decide not all we need a guy can hit they get rental which is why we have this like. You know it it's been like the drummer in Spinal Tap like we have another guy every year. And I just want them to get a guy and stick in the effort at third you know the next ten years or whatever. Arm is it just my eyeballs would tell me did Bogart's is in shorts. I I read back to the phones -- 6177797937. Minutes Terry Fullerton of them bar -- sports. And -- -- with a male sports on them which stars. That Loper is taking your calls Dexter says Steve Colbert. The owner. Went on the rant. After the race of California chrome -- the connections are the owners of analyst an apology. This is a coward's way out and if so. Total rip them myself. To his main point mad at his main point there that if you don't race in the derby. Effort just to keep plane went on air there. You know every one of them leads up the one main point he made his repeated race in the derby -- -- nineteen which -- in the derby hero racing in the derby Asian event. -- that's right it's all or nothing it's all or nothing. Because this is not fair to these sources that -- -- run in the guts out for these people have for the people who believe in them. Right and -- got out John Henry she'd be doing right now out unfair. Unfair to these people and that way they have been given. Spend and their guts out on nine dollar Beers so here's some facts -- There were nineteen entries in the Kentucky Derby Kashmir -- ten entries in the preakness where is this going to be all the test right if this is like a relevant is like a math problem okay. It adds up to majority that's all you need to know Garrett there and I nineteen entries sources that entered and ran. He came out of the gate in the Kentucky Derby there were ten in the preakness. There were eleven yesterday in the dome those those that ground water authority OK guy. Now. Please feel free mad at you Steve Colbert drop in anywhere in world they'll know that this ninth there in nineteen so -- main point is. After race and all three races right. My horse had a target on his back everybody else lays out again. -- they won't run in the Kentucky Derby over the previous they'll wait till the Belmont. -- of the nineteen horses in the Kentucky Derby. Any of those nineteen if you adventure -- you'd think just ran the Kentucky Derby and not to race. I would stay indoors and cowards. Well well cowards you know what you've got to -- for him and all three. In the preakness. Chrome is one from our and it's starting to develop -- that those twelve race in the derby. Six or seven of them would come back for the coward's way out right but cowards. Of them came back. And raced in the derby -- well. Even all -- political at a target on his back seven of the ten entries in the preakness. We're only -- in the preakness. Only -- points to run in the Kentucky Derby -- -- -- -- horse of the start of the decade for the only forty available. Eligible to run and all through the pot -- Only three horses. Read in the Kentucky Derby rain in the preakness California crawled. Ride on -- in general A-Rod this of the coward's way out. Then we get that yesterday to his point the preakness. Target on his back spelled his name wrong you got eleven entries. For. Horses. Reports. Out of the eleven. Were first time entries but it's all or nothing the war horses were commissioner. Much whose act which I believe was named after John twos and -- matter -- and tone was the winner. So here's the point Jerry okay. The point is by percentage yesterday it was the least percentage of the Triple Crown races where they had one time entrants or eleven. Compared to seven of ten. And twelve of nineteen. He -- QB all or nothing. Like cowards. He felt like he definitely does this is -- coward's way out. -- -- -- -- -- -- older you know I read you something more current. I -- like W we have budget tower I think they got eight days they have now. There aren't who overruled local and go home opener unlocked and stone article -- Well now I public and make it nice deal that. Yeah I -- impunity. Not a problem -- boom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You just threw me the perfect softball my -- -- Braintree wants yes I would be seen the Arab you know we don't follow what's our team and but they took to separate and put it in baseball. OK so -- a double elimination tournament Braintree lost the first game they've won every game since tonight. At 6 o'clock at Marciano stadium the Brockton rocks home. Braintree will play should notice but they're playing and if they win they then play Newton north I believe for the the next round they've got. Won like five in a row I mean really the ones -- in the super CE OK so great baseball the brick and wants O'Connell may be a good night I. Grew open in Weymouth and Weymouth is always a baseball powerhouse they graduated with guys that god told me that -- -- in the hands of the world OK because I'll throw the Peter Coleman's Kevin Buckley's. Up from all match. -- -- lady of the old school. Oh era she could not just aren't we digress they they give a break at his back door restore sanity. Not a problem that that you and I wondered what you premier Koppel on -- -- -- -- should be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This. Today in the he would they have won -- I think he's being held and want to create couldn't couldn't get there had to get delayed or whatever. I mean -- bet that order but he could never create fiscal made me. When they say they're out there into the black for the -- all companies like and I and at the end maybe they have that that -- record field a lot of field that night Daniel and everything -- like the one little extra opportunities that fit these guys play in the championship. And to have them have to make that the speaker like if you tolerate it and that's rewarding. Crippled the education are not what our. The wondered if you thought about it and the comment. I have thought about it right try to see both sides but I have to lean on the anti MIA side on this one for what you just said it's just hypocritical. Their job as the master Massachusetts in her scholastic athletic association. Those two middle words is supposed to balance education. An athletic schism at a high school level. Which means if you -- a -- at the date you you would do everything in your power to try to change now. They also are in charge of and have their fingers and hands on the finances of at all which are a big factor. In all I've heard all the criticism over the years of the MIA. I've gotten to know some people that have served on it. I know that that's a no win situation a lot of times could you can never ever please anybody. It's never at a 100% however in this situation I disagree with my arm on the side of it that that was just stupid it was that you know. Other factors ended up -- which should have been the deciding factor that's my -- And then what you also one other thing that the two kids from Beverly apparently didn't. Celebratory cigars in the graduation government couldn't pick and suspended for the rest of the year and -- play in the lacrosse game. Again and you get adults running situations are well what does that teach your. I will say that thanks for the call -- Jerry your father of eight year old uses high school you -- so you've got -- kids I got two boys OK I have three girls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Over is -- motto is it's. Salt -- we're not grass is -- but it Patrick tackle which means com. At least not Rockland. Let's set up by now you got rock you write a pissed off -- you are right here in over prince that's right they're not weaken up for another couple hours in Rockland. The fifth point I've had this conversation that many different levels in many different times of my friends. Parents especially my eldest daughter who's senior high school in my freshman. And has -- just say it like this it one of the differences for us we got to go to break on this yet. I think it's harder for kids today not the decency and respect should go out the door. But it's harder for a lot of reasons and one of the reasons it's harder as they almost can't afford to make a mistake. -- point about being suspended from this and that. A lot of friends that are cops may talk about this from a lot of the yearn for the old days and can call their parents and the kid would say no just leave me in the cell. Don't call my father right oh yeah absolutely and and yet there's been such like it let's stick up my -- for a long time is. Just -- the gross overreaction I think it comes from parents who. Everyone you know we would be at the zero tolerance in kids that erotic controlled and -- at all like we were. Rightly -- went to a house party when you were in -- sixteen years old notes idiot who allowed recommend try to avoid their conversation with kids oh god and you can catch out of the yeah you're never drank the bureau would ever and that when it's there -- old kid that. Like you know he has this policy of breaking up parties and like arrested everybody and let the courts ordered out arm. What every kid ends up being there to pick up the assistant. Oh my son wasn't drink and let you know this is blows everywhere but no Mike it would never do that and so that's it's it's whose ox is getting bored and I am just like kids haven't changed. The technology has changed the kids are the same way they -- When our parents were kids quote my late uncle Bob as we go to break I was a kid dated have kids could it. Text recess and over Braintree should try fall rotary is -- -- Now to conduct that. You know might like it said to me the other day it's like about some -- Japanese schools and kids to drink and party and he said something like in he wasn't one of them but he goes. You don't. Schools not like -- was when your kid. And I thought -- well it's it's exactly the same the only thing that's changed is technology you know what I mean but like -- -- And Franklin or or I don't know leak Cesar if that you could do you know had. Technology today they would be looking for girls the snapped at the pictures of the ball flat out it could be right. Boys -- -- any different than they say they have been since caveman stages now have devices in their pockets that can get them in trouble yeah it's definitely. If your daughters -- idea. -- they've already learned. And their classmates a lot of hard -- is a guy named Greg rodino as a great book has a great line and I was quote it's that one of the differences today's and everybody in the audience -- -- So anybody that's learned as a even -- small percentage public figures not Tom Cruise or David Ortiz however when you get a public voice you learn very quickly. The -- stand behind your words net. And I pride myself that I've never throw stuff out -- people still accuse me of throwing stuff out there in the shelling and now -- accused. -- -- -- but the point is a kid today you'd tweet something out. And it comes back -- you very quickly. Right learned that you need to stand behind when they did they get a taste of what we. In the media grew up within could only get a taste of twenty years ago by being in you know writing a published article or -- whatever everything is public two great point. I mean bar stool when I first started right in front of -- I think I target -- always kinda. You know thirty year old cubicle monkeys you know guys who did that overworked and underpaid and would they they were the guys you just trying to detained we've just. Skewed younger and younger take into college and -- like high school and in his might port kid who's like is is you know buddies are all guys that I coached or whatever and they've read the crap that I write on the Internet now it's. That's hard that -- that I have to think twice -- potential for a I write something ago the semi entertaining to them but I'm still like a -- yeah I has my name on it I don't know if I should go I can't. Quick sidebar I was in Detroit to a Sports Radio in the early -- and I told the stupid that -- on the same as it's. Stupid joke told a million different ways why does a dog you know Republicans yet because he can. I -- call me up after the show Tommy was driving him with his nine year old kid and it was my job -- -- but I actually took -- -- -- -- said you're better than. He should you don't need to do that. But he went on and on and on and lectured me about reason is nine year old kid and I said look not my job to region nine -- kid in the market listening to what your choice. I have but nobody but your point -- -- daughters too -- today and I expect I expected to cause a text says what it's not the priest is finishing point. Not the percentage of the card and we gave the number so for example twelve of the nineteen only rain in the derby didn't run. Not the percentage of the race card that a first timers but the timing. Of your first race for -- big advantage to sit out the first two then only run in the Belmont I think a lot of people forget about this is a -- But he's been around horse racing is sort of like when used strategize about when to play. When to start your pitcher series pitcher matchups. A horse like these races people that own race horses. And if it's a really good horse based schedule and they strategize about where to run their wars and positioned them to win in certain racist. All by the way this just happens to be the Triple Crown. It's only thrown in every race rather all kinds of factors there are travel schedules their money. There this and had a few horses good enough to be in this there is an argument to say stick him in all three races this text makes a good point a horse like total list. There were four horses that ran yesterday. To Steve Colbert went to his point about cowards specific coward's way out is really orders of total is commissioner. My Matsuzaka matches them much whose act -- which it straighter member just gone Daisuke and it's all or nothing and matter -- Those horses -- and only in the Belmont yesterday -- -- for only running them in the Belmont LL while. California called Bryant his guts out yet there are cowards. At the other but we -- Jerry not if you can't make enough horse in the Kentucky Derby. You can't run and the other two races stupid chicken believe pours it got no guts at all. Peter and -- camp Penelope you're on sports Sunday. Good morning guys it's an interesting conversation I just wonder -- We're missing. Owners -- point which is that horse racing would be more. Compelling if you were three -- -- among leading group of contenders for the Triple Crown. But it is I agree with this guy but it is scholar absolute repeat a -- or whoever it let's take exactly what you said. Be more and staying at the work three races amongst the best candidates for the triple -- it is you did nothing stopping anybody from entering. The three top horses that you wanna enter. If you have a top -- you can -- and all three races. So what's stopping you from doing that. Well I -- you know not knowing enough about or so to speak -- an expert I understand that totally split held out of the Kentucky because of illness and so I wrote to go to meet technicalities like sport. In a technical decision like that that are made but it seems to me that. There's some -- The important point that the Triple Crown is going to be. Harder to achieve -- in the -- it was that it's the decades since someone won at Belmont having reached and that pre -- is that correct. You mean. For for someone Pittston someone has won't -- won the third leg added that derby I'll have to error. Racing in the second is that it is and car. Yeah I believe that it decades and OK there's a limit where at Belmont duke reached. In the preakness as well Peter let's not just the point is that gonna become increasingly difficult. To seeing a Triple Crown. The turner. Because it appears that trend is running away at the third race is often wind by -- still haven't reached in one or two of the primary I'd like. See the stats on that too because that's -- inched him on the let's look at the toy analyst -- for for a second so on the owners of tallest right. I'm -- planet about a year ago I realized -- we got to go to horse. In this horse race in the derby. So now I start strategizing working from the derby back which -- the derby is is that being human as everybody wants to race in the derby. The total was can't race in the derby because health reasons. So I don't get a chance to race in the derby for other factors. May be I don't know I again I'll look this up maybe you Marty have. I don't get a chance to race in the preakness because of it try it one of the best three year old in the country which by the way it was proven yesterday. At one of the best three year old in the country and I get a chance to race in this race but I shouldn't. Be able to do it because coward because I didn't race him and those other races. Elect and I can't think part of the problem for Coburn that he chose the wrong moment and the wrong. Language to convey his his question like that I would leave it just that the question it's port street seem. Better off -- is. The new reality it seemed to be you're far less likely to hit Triple Crown winner then we were. Generation or two ago I guess that's just a question that. His comments he didn't do which is if it's the -- that we Triple Crown. It's really important particularly -- decency or streaking come back to the place of prominence it once enjoyed. Then maybe turning commenting to a question it's worth considering. Making it requirement to participate in the other race. Well I don't mean now we're starting to get these -- them I'm not rip and Peter on this but. But we all -- and getting your crusade to get. Horse racing back to the prominence it once was so what. Rocky Marciano days is boxing coming back to yeah they -- this to social movement also at this lineup which did everything I get. I get bigger fish to fry in this imports of what I asked to -- -- -- courses since. I'm affirmed won the Triple -- yeah how many have won the first two legs and I believe. -- ten or twelve accounted twelve so that's twelve and once every three years -- a twelve horses have been in this situation. Since affirmed did it and not done so you know be -- to look up and offered to do this for the show's over. How many of those horses would be in the Belmont by first time. -- ones that didn't race in the other two races like on that's all the work. -- -- -- -- gives every search let you know already that can do it in his spirits up or holds paper that some -- bags in his spare time over -- TO if civil once looked at open text that to us while we -- off that -- could be good -- -- enjoy piggybacking on the work of other people haven't taken credit for -- it would Jonathan -- and maybe he's got. -- -- Guys are no. This older but he result. Put a little old -- -- but. You have -- -- is what you start. This port where in the course Herbie. To win in thirty years support that so I was him I would be out for economic rewards that you won the Kentucky Derby let -- about. The Belmont. I I agree with -- you think -- you lucky stars point I don't agree with the speed time because you race against the best horses. And it's the best horses in 2014. At a slower time. And the best horses and any other year so what you beat the competition I mean Babe -- led the league in home runs one time with the eighteen to me. True and if it was a slow it was a slow here it was it was not that it was not about prop vote. For murals all time and I just think you can lucked out in terms of and what does he would be. Additional money in most years with dispute you have in -- -- -- you you horsemen. I I into the sport I used to play a little below our home but -- I'm sort of getting back a little bit -- I insured you up. I enjoyed handicapping and enjoy the other races added that it look I'm a I'm a newbie disciple that. So were were you what did you think about from a straight when you took all the emotion out of it in the story and all this and Matt who would you pick yesterday and why. I picked wicked strong. Just lucky you -- very good derby ER he's got a horrible post position right and I saw the is breeding and is. Yet it's a weight of very late yes style archipelago. You know well. At the Belmont. I agree with you I had the same analogy for our finished him by the way from story line got -- an outbreak -- but had the Boston horse. -- one named after the marathon bombings upset the Triple Crown. What type the national vibe -- data of all yeah it F I would look a little of that as we haven't had. -- champion in this town since like last October -- It's out it's really hard for us to go this many months I would've wanted to duck boat parade but -- think -- Jerry Gordon Butch -- sports Sunday -- back with more after this.

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