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Lebron James cramps up in the final minutes of Game 1; Spurs win, 6-7-14

Jun 7, 2014|

Craig and Larry get into the Lebron talk and decide if he's deserving a little slack since he's dealt with this before in his career and seems to be a health issue. The fact that the A/C was out didn't help either.

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Mustard and Johnson our number two Red Sox playing tonight -- cart at 1 o'clock there Paula. Is -- a -- to make its so once again. That is correct that is correct thing -- tea. I'm mr. John -- I really do. Consummate professional. But I take a mutt is kick in by I -- is kicking by really injure him really he does the F pre game and in the post game after the show -- a whole lot of energy buddies who calling them the -- call when -- was calling on the way home warmer cause its former host yeah I would do that the yeah right viewing. It just -- -- haven't finally get him in the gates but birdies so that California chrome man and has about Triple Crown winner and since 1978. Affirmed in man in I guess he's got that number to post fair and if the strategy. Like are trying to explain to somebody the other day a little bit about baseball's some of the younger kids and they just don't like it is too repetitive took them ninety yup it. That's because you got to know what everybody is do we you have to understand the positions him what did -- and they -- football any sport. And this -- same thing with horse riding with the jockey in the strategy of you know. -- in the horses in the middle of the pack it went to protect -- take them out if he can so we can have a stretch run in as YouTube a lot of jockeying experience what I try again not a war. And I want to -- Northcutt aren't made an album from -- your weight nope. -- -- you said last week that this is the longest of the three mile and a half which is you know and again that's worth hasn't had a break or anything so but. Larry I will. I will -- electing this this horse has got -- -- -- racing expert by any stretch that you managed normally supreme blow them away boy he's no -- -- -- -- could say. The Oslo -- that your program of the year before and 77 but. Believe it or not I I saw this that the other day. There have been five forces in the last fifteen years Larry going into that third leg of the triple crowned have had a shot in each time. They have come up short in the in literally come up short because it's such a difference between immaculate. The money -- purchases how this course for -- even got turned down. What what an event it really is it is it's it's not that long. But I -- Italian when he screams out down the stretch they come in its neck and neck and nose to nose and it it's. Is sitting credit I don't even understand that much about a sport but I do know. Excitement in in skill. When it well when you see it -- that's really what that will be so well all I know is I'll be tuning in to watch our old buddy and colleague -- me on and the -- tonight -- he's the best to -- is the best one of the great media people of all time in this down that's I -- one show with him and -- just so impressed. By comparison I could you know we -- -- now requested that he he really had he didn't know what he was going to be doing what is it whether he's going to be here or wherever and he just had an attitude about him like. You know it in it was a good positive attitude and just not used to that -- that we -- need to have that I don't like -- I'm not worried about it -- money -- be someplace else you know and he I really enjoy working with him. 61777979. It was a -- business -- I -- Are healthy boy what's going out okay and good morning guys Ralph -- -- very good -- living the -- you know -- like debt limit the injury or. Michael Jordan. You know actually some kind of a faction or whatever it was all the beautiful. The world has for saying what the Aggies yeah we talked about or -- weird -- long. Are you February hired to run an -- if he's number are you wearing them today. We. I. Under a year. Now the difference between this little strike got the slide this up only about -- -- -- talk about strikes and underwear obligated aren't we -- you know a lot to them. And you know we don't you know what you know Ralph when he went when no Larry brought that -- I wanted to talk about the -- Larry was much more focused on the bald is beautiful Obama -- sensitive right now Ralph because I went in Dick's sporting -- -- -- the other inmate in avenue -- I was very upset about it. The -- half a right. And I don't know about how seriously he did change bashed in the fab five to get to a ridiculous level -- those really bag shorts but everything Michael. -- the FBI wonder how are sure under the Brooklyn utterly horrible. Solid disaster imagine carrying LeBron after court rebels tight shorts so -- senator -- when you think about. 1984 that classic game seven victory seven game series victory over the lakers in the great Henderson's steal -- -- and the heat game on Friday night. It was ninety degrees after they came back from LA tied the series. It just isn't as good look at there were really short shorts. If you think in a row anywhere you know part or back -- something you know that this will bursting. It might -- better way to Chamberlain being ridiculous Chamberlain game. When with a desperate minutes left -- -- besides didn't he pulled himself out of the game I don't they're real. I remember very well any -- the democratic crop might think with the -- and better was not we're not let him back and right and obviously that would be the case we've Miami. I think the -- pretty much running the show there. I don't know I don't know now to the contrary he wanted to go back in and -- said that that was the claim. To win -- -- I don't want if I I really believe LeBron wouldn't go on the -- I'm defending him but those detractors like to believe that -- -- another wet -- wet patch of land and we know the story well Russell took him -- years to -- Chamberlain he thought that -- that last championship -- -- -- -- -- who's retiring when he won that game seven he -- a couple months later. But he always felt that that wind was a little bit cheaper by the fact welcome self up two quick yeah -- All you look at Russell now. He explained that in perspective -- -- we know that but it will -- aren't things that come out and go to dinner but yet to mature -- run guys. I think if you Larry if you look for a reason it's cheap ticket. Why wouldn't yes you have to look and say that -- it will work also thinks that he could actually and we -- discriminatory your lives as a ghost spirit. I think he can't. I don't okay well rendered irrelevant now Ralph. So it is that justify the reasoning behind taking it -- faking an injury. Well we are so secret we don't know maybe the -- was that bad. Couldn't walk I don't know I think I think he had a cramp I'm saying if he kind of comeback and why would you put yourself in that situation. I -- you know look like I'm sitting personable as we look back and I would check in with good guards this is that different NBA this is not opposite yeah. It seems like you do when you build. -- it'll run at number one. But I have a draft expert the way to build a little more its wiring. That you -- not acquiring sports there's a totally different you know week. Oh boy how to play basketball okay let Ralph. Ralph you're not answering my question in his order -- -- words -- sir what is it they can't what does that mean of him. Of faking an injury. What is the well -- I don't think he seek it but I I think possibly put. We'll get back -- or the little wobble. Why why how I don't how seriously. Ralph you work in legal circles you understand the evidence is ultra important in your profession. Yeah he's about evidence in recent evidence that you have acquired the you know LeBron was -- epic comeback. Well IIQ I don't I don't know what why -- -- was. Albeit a comeback I think he -- -- -- would have done it got yet. -- the average player or any -- Outs and take our insurance I'll seriously. Seven sevenths and I edit this quickly conducting Gundy said it in with so. Interest thing. And Mac Jackson kind of disagree with -- but he says Santa San Antonio the true competitor. Once LeBron out here on the court that was my point Russell Ralph Russell felt as if in at least for a few years after that last championship when he retired soon after. He thought it was compromise a little bit like he couldn't beat the best app you'll ever was so tight. In member Comcast couple years ago during the NBA strike played that game was Russell's last game played with these last -- game that was the -- and never quite an escape from the the -- arguing that they apparently another one. With -- the most famous photo in boxing one of the most famous our list yeah it goes without Butler valley yelling -- Get up get up now. Because he know it you're gonna be -- -- is about the embassy here's the problem by completing those two events LeBron taking himself out in listed on the campus. And we know why listed -- the music you extra blocks and it was let nobody out of at a party is arms up to -- his eyes from without a fight like you were they are -- yeah they have a brick I don't is that right now -- apparent from across that -- -- -- -- -- -- Sports Radio -- a great guy. Hey guys -- you -- 1 now I -- -- I wanted to talk about LeBron James and I heard Larry which should I hate is too strong a word. We road network around a little to be honest vote context -- I would if you're like OK that's like a lot we don't hate people in -- sounds just like them. -- -- was look at look at the that is at I played rapidly -- a -- Why -- like him. Part of the reason is I mean we've seen that starts in his sophomore year high school and he's been on TV a lot and -- -- this kind of an Eddie Haskell deal. He's nice and he does everything right. Right out here wearing today yeah exactly so he's not a lot. It's -- it's like a company and conduct any kind of I don't know -- sincere. How do you know that it is. You know how when you kind of hear somebody talking and it just it just seemed like -- kind of role in Iraq a little bit nick at pebble smirk on that page it. In collective opinion. OK guys respect that you can't prove it but. Obviously you think he's more of a media concoction when he goes on some of these interviews. I really do and I think I thought that before. His -- take you -- -- be staying. And I think -- kind of block and I think believe it or not winning the tour championship. Is kind of making it worse than him because the people who dislike him now are set to keep turning out to be right. Listen now if he didn't win them. Right I know this guy is it between a rock and a hard place is do you -- do you think he. Faked the injury to get out of the game. Oh no no not at all like I had really really bad cramps in my leg before you can't walk and when it when the Clinton does get out if you try to put weight back on that. It's gonna crept back up again what you're doing and we knew that when you got that usually was playing sports I mean I I -- -- cup -- in college okay. And when it happened that you can't you can't go back. I've -- and I've never on very fortunately never had that happen but can you prepare properly for that are yet it didn't matter it just came on you when you had no control over. The strange thing is. In some days you didn't prepare as well as you should've -- you didn't get cramps and other day he did everything you could and they were. -- and that was the -- that's the only prison thanks for -- -- as our governor reasonable -- yeah really was like that you know -- I think there might be some validity to the criticism that what you shouldn't shouldn't you given the circumstance -- -- conditioning it's in Texas -- -- -- it's going to be very difficult to you know that's -- that's a pretty Martin facility do you know that the -- once -- -- but they knew it early in the game. I mean it was how much good to put it I don't know armada Donald -- -- you're not you or play -- on a television or radio. But -- seriously they knew early job they certainly have enough liquids in fluids and he was taught you heard the interview. He -- he's understood that this has been a problem for him for years is that he's always ready for you really can't control and -- it comes back to me to motive. There's no motive year. That's and I'm I'm begging somebody in some outcome they ordinarily you. Tell me why you would do something like this to make yourself look worse you already have detractors not their. You already have people out there who say you can't win the big games -- make the big shots. So why would you do something to give them more ammunition against you and I don't get it at problems I -- the only. -- weigh in appears to me is if LeBron James is ever going to be respected him win over those people. It is up 50% of the -- of the basketball public out there who still resents. The decision taking his talents to South Beach and not one not two it's Federer it's Federer. Is gonna have to win more championships than anybody in history that they -- impossible. I like his answer the other day. Yesterday best and he just said hello -- Yeah just that you know it up to a point I can't worry about what other people think because. You're never gonna make everybody happy right it's just gonna be a certain degree. That that's fine and I love that last caller. Did you really at but he he did it very very well. I IQ of the many that -- right cares not throw up my back -- people like or not. But I don't understand when people start questioning his integrity as to whether or not he wanted to play well because I would -- get carried off the floor. Obviously -- carried off the floor because you can't walk right but we see it in other fields you norm going going for partisan. Support a particular person. You're going to have particular feelings one way or other memorabilia member the -- criticism Jay Cutler went through with the with the barriers and about that. Playoff game -- right -- comes out cloudy honest. I figure but the injury was now but. I mean I said. I really really question anybody. Who questions. Where somebody's injury as to whether or knowledge into real or not I really question that I I don't. Well they were doing that would -- very until last year. While he's really not the hurry is sloping he's taking his time coming back he asked the -- he's a 100% perfect. Might it might well I think you can question of somebody's hurt all the time in the Bryant case if you have a condition within your body to create this. I don't know what he's -- -- yeah. And you remember and in -- -- talk about precedent. Jordan with the flu. Are Korean had those debilitating. Migraines in the 1980s. You remember him he could barely play in that heat game. Game five in in the 84 series back here -- -- by the way they're playing a game five. On the home team's court for the first time since that series they got rid of the 232. But the 232 they instituted in the an 85 against the Celtics and lakers. And I really believe energy if you have that much of -- memory of that series Larry 85 the year after they beat the lakers they lost the lakers six. We had a big game in game six where it was a magical shot. That was 87 that was game four and 87. But they the last time they played it 22111. Final was 1984. In the last game five on the home court was that he game. At the garden on Friday night I think that's the most memorable game of the -- -- they just blew the lakers off the court there was a lot of concern a lot of accusations. I'm from the lakers that -- was you know turning up the heat controlling me. Controlling the heating system and everything else -- offense right but this does nothing to do with Eddie obviously it has something to do with heat wasn't exhaustion. If I don't think somebody was up -- -- grew up in and shut the aero off like that you have to wonder. How. How hole. So we say zealous Gregg Popovich and he workers but as far as restoring the air conditioning once they knew it was not working. You don't think they were in a big rush to get that repaired. Now now probably obviously not -- was very well run over a place that allows. Seven minutes where the clinic now -- three point shots and don't normally agree it was it's a great guy I can't a series so probably it's a great game. I'm sorry ended the wade did that so I I have a sorry about that I really believe that in in. There at the San Antonio at home they well oiled machine is the way. Good way to describe it because they were just passing -- an active role so edition -- -- laps on the inside and a throw went outside and got all these guys make in the show I was that green yeah. I don't I don't believe I normally -- -- don't think that the heat this year are as good as the last two additions. Of those two championship teams I think. Since today just the legal bit too deep -- -- San Antonio and win and one of the war -- in one of the story you talk about canal out in Seattle. And if it hit and when you beat germanic about being saddened by. Duncan is just a fundamentally. Spectacular. Play a fundamentally. But he EEE he reminds me of Hank Aaron in a way that he does that always underrated and update the you know as an -- -- do these tremendous slam dunks or -- He's just fundamentally. Sounds. In in we just don't get a chance to appreciate yet and in my her younger listeners Hank Aaron has that tremendous reputation now -- when Larry and I were watching baseball on the sixties. The man was number 24 to San Francisco giant uniform and and Hank Aaron was the -- that was really overshadowed underrated until he surpassed -- in his pursuit of Babe Ruth which eventually got 755 X -- in the guys have a grade copper accounts or not in my mind in my car it was such a great harm to go to a donut shop the restores are a lot of chemical balance account. Which player do you wish you could have -- You let -- go get those. Other tiger will be groove -- it Williams are -- -- Z it's depending on where you went back to Comcast that's why I love the fact that Comcast carried that 63 game of the lakers. I was the only time I ever Sarkozy played a game of this -- softball game was really interest because that was such an intersection of the old fashioned basketball. With the new style that make it like Jimmy I think it needed two decades. When used that met when Jimmy Graham Bennett then this one against that one -- whatever I think every decade is their right Indy. The skills and different that the physical delicately Bryant out there might cry -- guy Grammy militant windier here is Tom alone I mean it was just. Crazy but I did a -- -- by the way I Karl Malone went. -- -- about Barkley now Barkley hasn't whatever it's Charles Barkley did win -- a thing John Stockton didn't win a thing. All great hall of fame players. LeBron has already won two -- some more -- I think that they do not gonna win it this year I think when Duncan retires however. I think that the path we championship from browbeat -- -- Laveranues Wednesday Miami that amount of the interest and we'll discuss that coming up a little bit behind the clock here and I'm sure Paul he's going ballistic outside of the last civil there. He's just wild thing and it -- and dolls that no lights pay -- -- ski up another -- well if. -- -- -- -- -- -- MarketWatch over for the last play that game. -- -- But it can without malice towards San Antonio got a five month -- they're sick with a profound weather again. Now they found Ginobili finally stopped the clock with 359 left and LeBron has not left backcourt he is still back there and back court holding the the quad muscle of the left leg and maybe a --

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