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Lebron James' Game 1 NBA Finals Cramps give the Anti-Lebron crowd the ammo they need

Jun 6, 2014|

We discuss Lebron James cramping up and bowing out of NBA Finals game 1, the historical significance, and the ramifications and/or damage (if any) to his reputation amongst basketball fans.

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I don't know it's a little warm in here. I hope we're all going to be okay. Just sort of feel like read our back the ghost of -- our back was in play. In San Antonio last night all of a sudden the -- doesn't work that was always the accusations. Pat Riley would always accused -- of messing around with the AC system. On the arena necessarily but in the locker room to be a 110 to. Always good it's always -- your opposition thinks that you don't know -- -- have to do anything H jolly wording here do you know I don't know warm water doesn't work showers just cold showers for us. Are there these spots. And the Boston Garden in the in the garden parquet ad spots these -- Spain where they are and we don't know where they're doing all of these things to get. Now. Pat Riley should have realized. They see the garden was always questionable I don't know that idea I don't. Bart Bryant -- horse ESPN Miami I guess who you know late they hired just to be the LeBron James correspondent. He wrote that at midnight last night there was cool air wafting through the arena. -- their picks and leaving people to believe that don't know I think they were messing up whether it's a little bit here. But why would you do that would that would that affect your own guys through and on another dead there under the your candidacy. Is excessive to where they -- -- A dead spot -- in your garden it didn't affect. Ray Allen didn't affect. Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade. May have gotten some Mario Chalmers because he wrestled running away -- old. What's that -- nineteen. And he -- -- off the in you know tired. I don't know was the case may have a BA BA got there also. The bizarre story I. I said on Twitter earlier today I settler. Everybody including likes to rag on LeBron. He is low hanging fruit okay. And and we we all like to do it probably here in Boston as much or more than anyplace else. Honest -- god. Did did you do you honestly truly think that a guy could play with like cramps. -- suck it up. Gregory Campbell played with a broken like you know Gregory Campbell stood there with a broken leg for 45 seconds because he couldn't get off the ice could play was continuing got blob on. And his heart his courage. And then as soon as he co led. They basically pushed him over to the bench and he went up on the bench anyone coming back. You've had leg cramps before Steve you've had leg cramps before forget about playing in a basketball game could -- walk. You don't that you played a basketball game with a well now now. I don't know I've ethnic and if there yeah how to cram this so many but personally elements of this to the story. That's all it does you know it -- you. Import it to the number one thing the number one thing if LeBron James right. At dances. The expectations. The the mockery of LeBron the conglomerate that is LeBron James displeased to a lot of a lot of darts being thrown into gonna hit something because the targeted so be it. So part of literally -- -- it's part of it is about LeBron James the other part of it. Is. What we expect from our professional athletes today because we've seen so much we've seen so many unbelievable. Up performances. Were guys have been under some type of adversity have been dealing with some physical adversity and talking about. I'm not talking about mark in Saint Louis and he lost his mom and his teammates are rallying around the right I'm talking about whether it's Kirk Gibson. In the World Series whether it's Michael Jordan in the -- game whether it's Isaiah Thomas in the NBA finals. Eyes ankle shot he's still fighting to report it Curt Schilling games six and bloody sock game. We have so many examples Patrice Bergeron punctured punctured lung. We have some examples that we expect. Before and matter what. And unfortunately we make the mistake all of us. All of somehow trying to -- quite the now obviously US Michael the question I'll ask you the question you've had a leg cramp before. Yeah you know movement credential -- it could to have played no you can't mobile if you can't and I've had -- before knew how to before you literally can't walk you waiting for somebody to come and help. And now what in south sides eventually. Somebody -- it. You see soccer guys the ones want -- Who actually get cramps and the trainer has -- -- may have to stretch it out may have to you know and and it it's not like you could get up and continue one with the game. Not if you wanna talk about duty prepare properly. I I almost find that amusing how do you prepare for well and I guess what they're saying is is he taking enough fluids as the salt you know -- is he preparing -- -- You look at the guy. Could anybody questioned his conditioning and a his dedication to his craft in terms of conditioning and how party works he's like a -- bronze god for crime and it's. All all of this is true. That you guys are speaking natural facts right now I'd drop and Steve Lyons ladies don't let -- be introduced. People read -- to now he's -- lives. The families here ladies and gentlemen with a great with a sweet certain that they don't short the Almeida bowling shirt joke. -- why didn't -- and well I didn't I was going to do in making -- of it was going to but I really liked it certainly. Lines -- these guys are speaking troop. But what matters mr. matter now comes the LeBron James or is that all about it doesn't matter and that's out there. Like this texture here says -- I usually agree with most of what you say about a leg cramp that's the easiest injury affect. Yeah LeBron James he's collected if they're -- now they're up by two point he wants out he's gonna fake. A -- crap and take himself out of the game because he doesn't care about winning an NBA championship ranked. I mean honest to god I I know you guys don't like LeBron James I understand that. Can't actually wrap your head around the idea that he was making like cramps that take himself out of the game. They'll given that the picture lipscomb and not a -- that got that I regard that ought not -- and let it go out -- and I don't he would. How deep -- hatred of LeBron James knows I mean. As you said to -- from your athlete from this basketball player. You know and as you said the conglomerate and Eagles around him. You know obviously makes it if he's and he's again throw darts at the public can can and disagree with the talent level that this guy brings the basketball court does anybody. Disagree with the with the desire that he -- to -- does anyone think that he was yes to this one clearly. -- don't -- -- we may not -- so we can get out of the game -- I can understand the ruling NBA season what it is what these guys go through to get there. But when he gets to the NBA finals the crowning moment of what LeBron James is all about really it's what he wants to do in Egypt Egypt. A fake an injury now or decide that -- it's it's a little maybe Saddam because I really want to push it. Well he was clearly in enough pain where he could not do what he wanted to do more than anything else in the world at that point in time. And people -- belittling him for that -- dipped alcohol content for brunch you're supposed to be able to overcome it. The the hatred of LeBron is now it's not at the level was four years ago. Decisions are made the decision. And that was it was off the charts and it was nationwide. Outside of outside of Florida you didn't find many LeBron James sympathizers so. The hate and I promised at birth and -- you know 30% 35%. But there's enough there is still enough people who are really turned off. By picking your team. By going by record year this is the next franchise. We got to bring the promise from them to and we can pick. It will have a hold -- An -- like compound series seriously listening to the net and and seriously -- Got doctor apple lol yeah and they are literate they all got together and -- though there they had said this is going to be our destination that's where they would. But it was hole. It's it's it's the it's the whole idea. What they call it now the billboard San Antonio. Bought. They haven't bought vs. You know about if it's another B word bought verses don't worry about vs -- So that's that's the whole. Capitals that is driving. You brought up a great point Michael. And it's the decision. If I take that decision out of the equation and I know look at bug me -- -- Buick but everybody else in America outside of my pro ball disgrace. I took out a way. -- done anything wrong. Mean think about it for a minute there's ever not play hard. Both for the cramps last night this is wasn't my point what are -- eyebrows if he's -- he's playing. Full tilt boogie as hard as he could end and he always does that. He he is he's not one of these selfish guys Peyton and I pretty -- -- I -- my shots he's not Carmelo Anthony. He he involves his teammates he works with everybody he does the dirty work he -- defense he rebounds. Does everything other than that decision what's he ever done wrong. Well you can say -- toward the at his last series of the cavalier. Advocates mine off his Jersey are way up the court Gary Hart I think as mine was starting to wander a bit in that last series it was it was clear to him. That he didn't have enough to Cubans against it was against the Celtics last game was here. As a cavalier. The shirt off before he got off the course so I would say I would say that but never played on a lighter clothes I don't make a mistake quite as well taken that there haven't been a lot of instances where. LeBron James we say it just doesn't get it done understandings always things aren't put his -- is not. He's always. Doing something that is embarrassing the franchise embarrassing his teammates. Putting himself above the team. And play I don't understand that we innings deep hate for this guy I did dislike you know the whole. Press conference to announce where you go on -- wanted to might. Alice the -- that was all about -- BS and the fact that. In these days in the NBA if you can work you in your boy his contract out together so that you off reads at the same time you can go make any franchise you want. A championship franchised by getting three top players together and Golan some -- like they did which I think is absolutely wrong but when it gets down to. LeBron and the way he plays basketball and who is on the court who can throw a dart -- the end. I'll say this it was it was embarrassing. For LeBron James to be there. Down the stretch his team needs him he's he's on the bench and he can't do anything that. At first -- saw the look on his face and I thought it was cramps but my mind I think this is something more sinister. I think guy guys care ACLs still continue to play right. And then they trigger out of the torn ratio that was something else to look I mean it looked like. I think that's. The dark skinned man. A lot of times you dark -- you know you can't really see the color lately you're faced almost ashen at times it was there was there was. The color even though he's darker color was trained from a space look like a different person this was in pain he was laboring there. Something if you body checked -- I mean that's what happens we let cramp your body was embarrassing though it's embarrassing for him sure and the only way. We won't be talking about this in five years ten years. -- back and he has one of the great NBA finals. That we've ever seen. They're like what I've been present be it -- possibly. If the -- -- the spurs beat them will be talking about this for years and years. If they come back our favorite I don't think they're gonna win but if they win if if Miami -- the next working them nothing that can happen in the next four games four straight. LeBron averages. 35 points twelve rebounds and seven assists for the series get another finals in BP's top three straight. At three straight championships which haven't been done often in the NBA. And another finals MVP on his resume we're not focused on it it is something that. You can -- -- in game one. But in game five they win this thing and in five games. Nobody is talking and I'll give an example expect in my score about fifty -- -- what you're what your first thought to 2000. Bring about the Boston. 2008 -- -- the NBA finals. Victory. I won a championship. Your lasting memory from that championship and -- to a prodigy. You pay AG AG. Kiss on the floor yeah. They've got quite a lot of memories are -- Rajon Rondo playing out of his mind in game six the stats don't even begin to capture. Energy that home that he set that game. You know there are some big shots of the big comeback and LA Ray Allen driving to the basket trying to that put the cherry on top of that comeback. Eddie House. There's some big plays James Posey Leon -- and Phil Jackson -- and Leon I'll Paul Pierce won the MVP but are we thinking about. Paul -- in the wheelchair. And I would sit for that game. No because he was the final days that they won the championship. It's one of those things that he was mocked. When it happened. He got the last laugh because the finals MVP -- this will all go away if he wins they don't win a championship you talk about this is going to be his Scottie Pippen moment. And look -- we all like to make fun of I I wanna make fun of them too I'm happy to deal. But it's Steve you hit the nail on the head. The only people who say -- suck it up and play and never had one. You can't walk look forget about running you can't walk I have not had serious -- my cramps all -- the ones that I've had have been in my calf muscle and it in their. Fairly easy to get rid of -- SharePoint -- at your forehead you know allied and that's what Spezza muscle out -- -- Goldman they go away eventually but while it's there. There's net. There's one well I've had -- being led to kidney stones those are worse but I heard what -- -- -- -- Perry goes all right you can't live. During nose and -- that. Wanted to curl up -- over the summer it is it's nice meters -- wanna go away after amber but the -- is something that is so debilitating for the mom like you say. Some guys journey -- keep playing with it. That's -- It's like a particular pain it's a very specific. He sealed their pain it's it hurts that you can do something on it you know some bad I'll keep land but someone better look at this when I'm done because this might be ugly. Cramp is like. All encompassing. And you just figured you wanna be turned into a child again you wanna curl up and go yeah. Had a security guys throughout discourage you deal would you say that this is all about people who don't understand it. Have never had a cramp or they don't know what it's like to play with a -- I don't think is a you haven't been through this kind of thing I don't think that's what the criticism is coming from I think he comes back to its -- -- -- -- -- percent of it is LeBron. And the other 25% is what I've seen my athletes do some incredible that I. And and why why can't the guy who calls himself the king. Why can't the king do something incredible just like I've seen. We've been spoiled. As sports fans. Over the years and go back to the super Super Bowl Jack Youngblood. I with a broken and we got so many examples of guys who shouldn't have been playing. And that's fair they -- implying an absolutely mr. Bergeron at least Bergeron in game six of the day I don't Chara. Joseph Thornton in the game seven play with broken ribs broken ribs and we we have so many examples of those things. We've totally aligned super USS Paris you know it. If you don't displays something and it's otherworldly. -- for the word that I can say on. Your hat ever -- quick regatta was suffocation -- yeah -- -- also you're you're not a man you're not you're not my true sports hero if you can't overcome. What everyone else could not possibly be -- you vaults of just touched on what I think the single biggest problem is here from -- and he put himself in that situation what was wrong. Because votes sauls big men Lehman -- cramps mean a group of women have -- once a month that's a -- or it is. That's what they think they hear the words you have and some related problems and that's what it becomes for them. It it it is all got my wife tells me about that every month. That's what they think his issue wise. And that's -- what I mean I don't think that was. But that's that word means one thing took payment of the dollars that are now not known known. About a assuming those hurt -- that shouldn't be thinking about it our appetites it's the word it's the term. It's not well he tore his ACL camp like. You hear -- had cramps while cash you're down on my wife tells me about that too and it's just yet another way to mock the guy. -- somebody text that'll of the units will Kerri Strug. You know landed if hit the landing on one leg. I got news for -- she had leg cramps. She would have been able to make it to the -- -- as he would've been able to run to the horse and that was that was an amazing performance to absolute or not we're not saying that. That that that will that those ten things -- is just that in order to expected every time you know that that you're supposed to be able to overcome. Any obstacle in your way is does it it's like. It's happen too often so that now do we expected that we expect that the guy has the beat. Literally superhuman. And that that nothing can ever go wrong with a guy who. You know as a -- -- beating and there's blood it's -- -- it's in the bad things can happen. -- actually really happy about. BC they're -- off. -- Dame Q ratings may set a finals record -- not happy -- tolerate. That is that it's there sadly he just signed with them to. That was you know what the whole thing on Twitter last night tolerate Gatorade were kind of go back and -- somebody was saying c'mon LeBron. Get some Gatorade and Gatorade actually tweeted out. I want our guys are guys -- -- but that was in response to -- -- I first thought that was Gatorade announces it has a plan they respond that would have been really kind of a cheap shot from a major corporation that you know that. They were responding to summons it wanted -- it well he doesn't drink it. Well it's still characters still wasn't cheap shot a little bit because. They would like they like to have LeBron James different there's like different most of the people like most of the people ward who were talking a bottom and you're if you're talking about LeBron James. You're Chicago you're in LA. -- Boston for that matter. Go on and on about a what a -- this guy is and never be one of the all time greats of the team has an opportunity to get on. You take your fall older yourself to get them. But he is one of those guys is one of those guys I don't think he I don't think he did this on purpose. I don't think he did this for more attention. Any of that stuff you guys sit next the supreme. Currently I Wear my entire rookie season with a broken -- the whole year and her and that's a man -- event and up and ran right over there. Didn't know was broken on goes Brooke and I didn't want to tell when I thought I thought that a cramped it was like ten days ago on spring training. I hit a single came around first base I thought my left foot was cramping up -- -- steal sign on and XP it's -- get thrown out badly came back to the bench it's at man. My left foot hurts and it's not so the X rated. But he -- selling thing because it was swollen so they couldn't see the break. So went I made the team was supposed to make the team went back to the doctor about a week later so let's reiterate this thing still hurts don't like those. He pulled the -- off the outside your foot. And pulled a piece of the bones with it are so it's dangling around outside your. That is OK let's I have signed up on guys I didn't know I didn't know he's gonna do that you know it was going there. I said exit aisle for the rest today no more food if I got -- for -- -- -- articulate the. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number the AT&T text line party crank and 37937. How will talk about LeBron James and the NBA playoffs last night will give you an idea of how the TV ranking member we ask that question yesterday Stanley Cup final. NBA finals neither had baseball as direct competition how where they can repair we'll tell you how the numbers came out it's dale and -- and Steve -- Sports Radio WEEI. We continue to get out of these are viewed. Are you finished -- treatment. This but I don't remember Don -- and I've used them. Less. -- -- current today it's in the run -- or tomorrow practice some polite to. But all of them very provision of does have some news to tell that to me a lot of high school. -- been tested for all the tests came back positive so. You know we always appointed. That's happening as we speak LeBron James is meeting with the media it is. Again the NBA in its infinite wisdom they have two days off now. In San Antonio to sit and fret about it -- an -- and a better he is meeting with the media -- even as we speak that's LeBron talking to the media right now. When he says that all the tests came back positive I think he meant you know that everything was okay. When he was saying you know what had this problem and high school had all the tests they all came back positive. I think what he was trying to say it was yeah everything's okay there's not a problem. In other words we don't know why and this -- apparently been an issue for him. Came back positive for cramping and I are doing and I tell you the other extreme and just look at it as a pistol back and negative. But the other thing that has been pointed out before. Strange things happen. In San Antonio at that AT&T servers over the the they CN NIC failure last -- and electrical failure. Then your the bad story. I think it was. Me there may have been Ginobili. It was a -- In the building. During the game. They can top that earlier this year the -- there was just -- and there was a snake in the visitors locker look out earlier this year. If you're in San Antonio Texas it probably is just a bad -- I don't wanna know kindness and some -- poisonous one. There was a snake in the locker room earlier this year in the playoffs. -- how they how they get the snake. It wouldn't be me I'll tell you that right now all in the snake several Ginobili is but not a random -- Clinton. Got the bet. -- put it only takes the free combat Nittany. -- for the here a year ago. Pickers like got a game to play her -- from Transylvania for crying out here is Chuck Norris moment I am batter -- -- bigger and -- and a -- of course. Now back. You about -- about mice. Dale. And it just fly but they're lying I I've actually seen Michael climb up onto Terry Francona is couch down at Fenway to get away from a month. Oh only think about -- out that's all I grew up they're like it's really needs rabies they could be they get rabies you don't wanna get bitten by a bad back. The NC -- -- -- -- Well we had a that we had a bad in the house growing up. And that's it that's remember will pass on. -- in Nevada and out of it a little girl not to -- it until we got in the house and and I thought massacre he may be round. We've -- the bat for awhile and I remember this. About monster expletive before. Because I was on the phone. Probably talk him. Market oriented talk. -- -- you don't work out. Tomorrow later. Instead -- -- three -- here. Are. But -- -- and it was a couple -- this -- and it -- maybe a few inches from my face. What I did was I got it into a room. Got -- one bedroom closed door. What -- into another room. We're not to the roof. Open the window to the other room. You stand on. The active flying out of the wind. As ingenious threat -- that for sure you tell me that you found the bat hanging upside down your closet. -- -- -- But just as you're speaking there showing Manu Ginobili -- and sat down picking it up with his hand and and -- the guy out at least the last floor. That's the baddest man in the NBA meant to know just the baddest man in the league. It's NM and I'm told by by young men are in turn will. Had to get his fifth rabies shot today because -- that was in his bedroom. Bu see and rabies shots from the stomach carpet well didn't -- -- that like a series all you got everybody's telling us Szostak. They they change that he does it all he's not one and a risky debt. Rate in May. I don't want to have anything -- with any of that stuff -- don't go near any of that stuff by just -- waiting around to find out that it's non venomous. Zig garter snake on the idea that the cannot. Ed do you remember. I don't know if you -- that day. Can't be harder for an Indian arts pictures of over your. Any heart grew up in arms and Dartmouth. -- And he said. He went back to see -- crimes shame on him or grew up there were you know perhaps in the house. And he said one time at dinner. How bad was on his dad head. -- -- It's no are invited in and -- endeavors later -- Everybody's a little golf all in part to these little freaked out by bat. He went back he moves -- to get out of the house. You're away from the back seat in the air they've moved back. That the batting almost as bad area remember any argument that Andy. You're back in -- by his parents house are ahead. Candy heart was making it will find it does make some -- -- gets backed down there are about sounds he made that. Out on this this is a totally main thing to say our listeners up in Maine you guys know exactly what I'm saying. In in the early stages are over marriage Susan and I were down McCain that's the -- -- advocate. Open Kallis -- we were Campo alongside the late in counts no electricity no running water -- you know an accountant. And we hear this sound. And I grab the flashlight from beside the bed where we're sleep -- and -- loaded up and it's a bat crawling through the hole and I are above our heads and come. My wife's the never touched the ground from our camp to her grandmother's camp -- could combat like. And I couldn't get article backed into that place after that. So I know I'm no brave guy either I couldn't get out of there quick enough but I don't want out of one and two at bats where snakes or anything like that accurately via flatly. Of course was he that he couldn't find out how to ask that is that's the -- them. Let's get to the -- of guys but that's at the -- by literature by the way if you children's story. Bats that the beat back the -- and is also back to the Balkans which is very very creative and 61777979837. Larry's -- -- -- Europe first on dale and Holley. I got happy Friday night Larry what's up. Two quick points for a wanna commend the NBA profiling of launching of the 232 format right that was that are now. And that's why don't -- another good point you made about a run on court. Along with -- podium on the court and you need almost quote the child is no restraining order he doesn't beat up like that no drug stories on and on it couldn't -- his kids. And I don't think you know you can -- whoever you want that and -- an element of hypocrisy. When you're trying to rip them or stop even last night like somehow that pleasantly yet. I mean he's really. I think one of the best there is and I I don't like a lot of what he is -- that I could not appreciate him on an optical. There is the best there is I just think the expectation. We have we have changed the game is not just LeBron. I guess it's a double whammy because LeBron and you don't like him and it's the finals and you expect great things but for LeBron. Kevin Durant. Mean I was gonna say Tim Duncan but not so much that there's a pass for the San Antonio Spurs beat the top players are aged. So Tim Tim Duncan had 38 at Duncan said. I can't go back into the game that got cramps. Is that -- the moment. I understand at some point. At some point it's gonna catch them or Ray Allen but -- Ray -- -- say yeah I understand up for athletes in their primes. We are. Our our our level of expectation is off the charts and when he heard excuses. I've already said that I don't blame LeBron for not being able to play with leg cramps 'cause -- anybody could but I will say this. It carried off the courts not. Okay in in in the same way when Paul Pierce that's a lot of wheelchair in the whole wheelchair thing it just looks bad. And and he was walking up the quarter try to walk off the court and then one of his teammates and one of the traders you know grabbed. At that point I'd be sick and -- amendment can't get there is give me a second I'll get there. Didn't get hauled off the -- Monica. When there's so much bad stuff that swirls around a certain guy like LeBron whether it's deserved it or not you know -- and you guys can go on. In give -- reasons and reasons and reasons why this -- is hated. Once you step on the basketball court I don't find many reasons to hate LeBron James is tremendous player. But when you look at a guy like Tim Duncan who has never ever had a bad words seem up set about him he's probably will literally afterward that it's. Great career that he has had. Probably still one of the most under rated -- stars in the game you have I'd never hear about it you never hear from a -- every -- anything. So if he had the same issue. He would just get the benefit of the doubt from everybody because no one dislikes him or the way he plays that they just say -- -- got he's got -- camp like OPK you're right yeah. That point Steve the the under rating of Tim Duncan I think yesterday. I said he's their best player in the fact that he's their best player the 838 it's amazing all MBA player last season -- season wasn't but all NBA first team on being at that age. It's crazy protestors today who said some documents far from the spurs' best player. Old running -- -- it and now I know it is Tony Parker think Tony Parker is a more instrumental player of the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan. In the first quarter when man it was at every shoddy -- pretty darn good cabinet announced that average is optional and it's not -- Leonard. It's not patting me who is not Danny Green he's their guy -- their second leading score. He's there he's their leading rebounder. Still gives you two blocks a game. He's still an impact player at -- if there at that -- I don't I haven't seen anything. Like this. From Duncan out of the -- win the series I still think that the -- you're gonna win. But it's just that steady the metronome that is Tim Duncan. It blows my mind. Just never seems to slow up offer for the folks up in Maine I apologize it is up up to camp and Downey east to that was the problem -- -- on -- Alice. I got the -- -- up encampments. You know one. And know what -- you sound right all the folks I Maine I mean only network act that's OK -- -- up to camp -- up to camp in the text -- -- adapter for thirty days they can protest -- -- it up there Ireland there debts and here's another example about Ronnie -- -- Occupied the I don't need this did you. Opt out -- 6177797937. The AT&T text line 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio W media. When your major your last -- blows it just everything just went up right. Or so ago. Somebody's a show about those Mumbai itself there is no job for you put a knife and had enough. And I could do about it. Over here and left LeBron how much angered did you experienced last night about not being able to be out there with him on me. Thought his -- well yeah I was very angry I was disappointed in myself. I'm out I did everything done the due to prepare for this day of prayer for his moment and -- -- Phillips body fill me last night saw those angry defender. -- and help my team get over the -- LeBron James meeting with the media in San Antonio in the last few minutes here. You know yesterday we were talking about in the the Stanley Cup finals final game one. LA kings in the New York Rangers Boston was the fourth. Ranked market in the country other top five markets in TV rank in TV ratings for game one of the Stanley Cup final New York was number one you understand that. Buffalo was number two they're always cute anyway and they are in the State of New York in the Rangers around that they were number two LA was number three and are probably weren't gonna do much better -- and Boston was four Providence was five. Impressive by the way hugely impressive and and they got a bit of a break in that the Red Sox game was in a rain delay comic excuse now and -- I'm saying it's a great rating for Boston and for province and the reason I bring that up is that last night first game of the NBA finals also didn't have. A Red Sox game to go up against last night so it was even footing in that regard. There are 56 markets. That are ranked in in the country -- to six metered market yes 56 of them. Boston finished 53. 53 out of 56 markets in the country. Game one of the NBA finals. Now it did in the number by the way it wasn't as big as the bruins' number wise it was a five point something. But think about that for a minute I'm gonna think about it. And coming for a minute I think about it. And coming to a boil it coming to a -- All right your memory mentally a bit in the dark skin earlier you know -- -- red in the face right now. -- the fear that if the marble and we're looking at this is embarrassing. This is embarrassing. For the city of Boston. Not talking about Cleveland. We're not talking about Sacramento. I'm Ben I'm betting they were at Boston. We're not talking about a outposts like Portland. How that matter San Antonio and the team in the finals we're better. We're Boston. If that is where basketball. Is where NBA began. To by the charter franchise in 1946. Read our back lit up at the garden year. Bill Russell took about Chamberlain year -- checked all the all year. Sam Jones hit too late -- Year. Larry Bird Lauren came back. Here. That -- -- don't disgraced our franchise IE error. Antoine Walker and forty year old can't use professionals hadn't really share a year. Kevin Garnett. All that -- are things that are ranked 53 out of if people think market to the united I think we're after. -- started this is criminal. I'm embarrassed I'm embarrassed for the city of Boston you can only come up with the 53 ranking we -- the rest of the country about basketball. Doctor at eighty miles away from here in Springfield. It totally did -- are you going to -- -- bigger -- It is -- -- don't don't and noticed that I understand I understand that we talked about yesterday. And him at it we we are lighter and I'm not I'm not even I don't I don't improper benefits -- the great. The great. -- for Boston for Providence. I'm Matt -- that I liked the fact that are the Bruins aren't in it -- people are so passionate about hockey that he should be so passionate about it. That even when the kings and Rangers are playing it's not like they're watching there watching because that is what I hate on one team. And if they're they're legitimately interested in the sport. Us and -- has to be topped generating. Good to be in the fifth. Ice as they get extra points out if there had been a Sox game last night they must finish 56. I don't know what to do here without a sock -- they were 53 Amex and six months to 6177797937. -- up in New Hampshire next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. I -- OS are good thanks I'm impartial brought our circuit. I think. That it is so much that he being criticized. But there's a lack of simplicity. And -- -- simply attributed to list it not really having reached back. Because so all the guys who -- policies that replays where he's not touched or barely touched it in slots like. Superintendent. You know I agree I think that that's what precipitated. Last night's Chris -- them. Because you you bring up a guy like Duncan and he aren't valid track and an era at war and you're also what she knew or are you sympathize with them. He injured. When a guy like -- but he can't sympathize with LeBron because he he hasn't yet and her sympathy because it is a lack of -- The last few years and have a plot. Wait a lack of toughness. Don't like and like I don't you lacks toughness on the trauma given the drama is dramatic there's there's there's no doubt about that. Steve where there -- some drama there but. In that situation. There's a drama you think about what the better dramatic moment for him is that the dramatic moment of going out of a finals game that your team is really involved and and you you're having agree McCain. Have a chance to win game one -- in game one of the NBA finals. Antonio one game isn't a must win situation in game two before America Miami took that they're the drama of going out of that game or the drama of at the end of this thing saying. I won three straight championships. And I'm only thirty years old ready for more. What's more what does more for years. Where your image for your legacy. Just win baby leaving the game and even if you hate the guy out of you do it again. You don't want -- no no no real competitor wants to leave the game now you say he's not a competitor. I think that's we have to disagree -- on cellphone HL. You don't and Alia I think -- -- -- real quick you know this same Boston champion so themselves. And I'll be watching LeBron -- game what you want to rework ESPN now. I love raunchy game. Only part. It's why are they gonna got to write about the broke out about the -- Joseph joked about LeBron what about. And you all don't know a lot so it anymore here unpopular. We care about the Renaissance which it took the troops. Well and saying nobody nobody in Boston cares about it. I do that it's fair to say that. That perhaps that type of season the Celtics had. Hurt the basketball interest in this town short term and that basketball interest is kind of it'll all right now because of that. And maybe that played into it last night. But. Not basketball not done the NBA's not done in this country -- In this -- alone this is going to be done. I nobody can get there is the force sports Iditarod Kevin Love for three day -- -- in the four sports here nobody's going to be done. I -- the Red Sox -- phenomenon. We won the Red Sox the Red Sox but it may or they were winning 69 games. Having Bobby Valentine. There's there's. Trash his own coaches and stretch his own players in. This having of chaotic season that we Damon in twenty years and threatening radio host and -- punch him in the face. The Red Sox weren't done just don't you can't act. 61777979370. AT&T -- minus 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Our number two dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI Steve -- by -- and colleagues in the house see Steve on Red Sox baseball he worked. Obviously don't work tonight if you're with -- us. A disputed two and nasty -- and this year as Tom Karen pointed out or now the hardest working -- and -- so like he takes -- dale. We never to either -- a day he would day -- he showed up here. OK. Make impressions about who's got the most living. Our -- out of out of you guys are you forget you lines. You bill aren't answer. Your -- And Tom Caron got the most pool and now Tom Karen. I'm here easily so that's -- been there for seventeen years or longer he runs the show are. Well since dale hold of this last week it was so easy so effort with the -- -- bill came in last week and -- We're changing. The open but we're changing the music. Well relative humidity I -- it's a different regular music and instantly the music change we went back to the the classic dale and Holley openings and executed with last week. You work at -- daily work of NASA and TC here yesterday works in us and we needed TVs. We needed damn TV show. Radio on TV they do it in the morning. DNC you know morning. Dale and Holley an alliance in the afternoon. We DHL. DHL in the afternoon it will start delivering things -- The FDA to deliver can we delivered her sports talk every day well done. I you know a lot I will I will work on a media talked to people. Like I've -- -- DC I'll talk while the SEC he has people. TC get it done. Gotta make this happen. Ellison. Were all very ugly that's at the point -- these. Seems pretty -- -- pretty ugly but we still but you either agree to obesity are being. We should be on which TV show TV and radio I'll see us do our. 61777979. To -- to happen on Monday on Monday took another plot -- there DH well. Coming up at 4 o'clock four at four -- kind of idea a special new for it for some some tough athletes. Because we all know how tough LeBron James is considered by -- body now. Salute will give you some some tough athletes and how they perform will run through four of them for you stop the -- but pretty -- and right there I think he wrote this. I speak for just the host and being very. You know it it it encompasses all of us. On -- know your number if I know it's higher than -- I. Might be 86177797937. -- and Belmont you're next on sports radio's Dele Ali. Let's -- our guys are. Good outlook for a get that last call Diageo and the fraud. I want this new -- they might. We got to bring back away be around expand. They lightning or. Appreciate that love it love the lightning round so proud of the lightning round majority in front and yes. But Michael. I got a -- to get regular jail -- what the laughter. Eric -- I'm never gonna say anything bad about the OJ. But the love you know the song love train yeah OK yeah -- anything bad about the about the OJ -- that other luxury now. What do you think of you have a song you figure well here comes the trade of course beer commercial now. -- -- -- -- Problem at bat where it sort it out at bat to let that we were coming up -- love songs because like her mom and now. But we're trying to come up with a better we can do better and luxury. We it's totally see it you know I think it I think that's one it is totally sold out at this point it's the best love song we -- come. There's just like you want it. My. The color joke that I don't have two point upon you lived in my basement. He popularity. Avoid boxy Schneider appointment book about how they -- an idea that I held it but he thought he -- Any and all that was -- done nothing wrong with that although the road without people I -- want to help -- chances to -- what he can't play. Probably probably didn't watch the -- and playoffs you don't sound like -- -- like Joseph the very passionate hockey fair. Which is fine so my. We've talked I was watching -- NBA five NBA finals last week talked about this dynamic before and and we just have to recognize that there are a lot of basketball fans. Who who. Just won't pay attention hockey they won't. And and there are some hockey fans who won't pay attention basketball. Each side thinks that they they're the best at everything and hey you know no no other sport can do what we do. And I think we just gotta keep those people on different dispute those people separated. And deal with the folks who understand that. When the Celtics are good when the Bruins are good Red Sox patriots. That the entire city is generally into it there's not a there's not a professional franchise here. That is a relevant but does that doesn't exist. We're we're not that kind of talent and that kind of mark. We had a taxer who said he I don't like the way LeBron James is shoved down our throats by ESPN and ABC and that's why I'm not watching. I mean I don't like when LeBron James shut down our throats either but as I mean America watch the game. Because it's -- like affected talk about LeBron James so much. I mean the Red Sox get shut down Major League Baseball fans' throats all the time you know. You know Olson who gets shoved down our throats just as much Peyton Manning and Tom Brady asks. All day patriots are shot down the nation's throats all the time to Ocalan entertain you and it's and it's fine. Mean it's it it political lightning -- out what happens when you've got these. It is if it's the best player and only the second best player at the third top five top five players in any league. Are are going to be overexposed the last report from the senate spurs. And an -- that's pretty that's the Montrae of any major network to. Promote the stars promote the stars who's playing right now the superstars that are out there right now makes sure that everybody knows of everything about them. You know what's crazy -- the that a lot of people have compared the spurs to the patriots and patriots in the NBA. The patriots have more celebrity and more cynical oh gosh San Antonio Tom Brady made so I'm pretty -- Antonio -- Brady Tony Parker. Can compete and Tim Duncan their best player you're right about their -- settled their current even with Longoria right in terms of pop culture and in turn crossover phenomenon. And then you look at Gregg Popovich vs Bill Belichick yeah apartment -- both of them can be dismissive of the media don't know what. Bill Belichick had David helpers -- I'm writing about it now. It's a celebrity factor is the owner who was their -- air equivalent to Bob Kraft. They don't have one you know with the owner of the -- is exactly and -- his name Peter holt is a thank you so we do know if you -- by. Yes. Just because you know you'd figure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- blew -- -- for an interview what I thought. Our cannot yeah it just becoming like I'm running feet yeah well -- better halt Jews as my name it's kind of it's kind of like this. Being a reporter. It's sort of like being a marketing. That you can't take it personally and people not poignant where people. Calling an Indian people slam doors in your face is at an excellent. -- -- -- -- -- In -- or would you like to talk -- Like try to get a prom date isn't it back to the autobiographical it -- -- doors slammed in your places aren't that different than being called an idiot isn't what if it happens simultaneously. Well irrigated areas where adored her very well know getting you know being called an idiot. In first that you actually got the interview and asked the question after the -- then you face means that you never actually had a chance to talk to again. Okay here's the here's here's where the figurative door was slammed in my face remember when. I Kevin Kennedy Kevin Kennedy was fired yeah distort your fatally -- Kevin Kennedy what it all enter any aria interview opportunity to talk to anyone. I get my good side here leaflets talks about my -- he should have been a doctor -- guy before adopt a letter was a majority doesn't -- he doesn't need you at all is there are out of Australia and loves his in Somalia are still other Red Sox -- Kevin Kennedy. And I was told you go to help mow lawns house. Move on with an east and at the time. I go to his house and and get a comment from overall I was I was a little weird I mean you think of professional -- in the east. And but he went there and have one of those of course you know -- gate there and then that you that the intercom. And I guess the intercom. Maybe there was some confusion he heard the phone -- he thought it was. Someone was on the phone. MO Michael -- from -- my door hey Michael how are you wanna get a comment. From you know on and Kevin Kennedy be being fired. I don't wanna talk about it right now maybe a talk later I let him -- outside just. You have backwards yeah I. Went back to back up and. Dogs the immediate yeah. Yeah. I don't think anybody do you mind. Okay -- never buy a hard driving up right now and I. At the ballpark and it takes a lot to get voted off. I'm not a -- that would -- it's showing up at his house maybe happened too would not about the money -- not about the money. And I -- -- I mean you monies that he's an icon he's got he's done from what you'll really like literary. I would -- take the -- It's a good opportunity to bristle -- doesn't matter about the market but I don't even more important still. I don't need more money did this -- -- another car washed opener somewhere Jakes and Grammy hey Jake I don't. -- -- Much but it didn't pop bowed out LeBron you read in the pocket in pretty much most of that you really hate them. It because you make a lot more money than ever -- -- out like blue collar worker. Who actually go to work her. Doesn't everybody crowd happily make small but in that case you wouldn't even watch -- -- they don't make more money than we do about that. Yeah. People have OK so all right. So -- I'll give it back to you -- we can put that on the -- One no -- back to you too of course they were stalemate want to make more money that's not the reason they don't like maybe don't like him. There athletes who make more money than you do they play hard and you liked him and you never think about their salary their times and in a World Series. Were you thinking about. Dustin Pedroia salary or Jon Lester salary at any point. Maybe you thought of it today the red structure -- -- has got to long term contract when Gasol mowing down the cardinals in the World Series but. You really in the in the final Stanley Cup final NBA finals World Series whatever it is. Not -- it about salary. -- in general there's an underlying current of negativity when it comes to some fans and the salaries of players make there's no question about that. But it's certainly not tops on your list -- think that's the reasoning once it. I hate LeBron James it could be. You know reason number you know 23. For the people that don't like him all and by the way makes too much money well as you say every athlete makes more money than mostly guys that are. Go to work hurt yet how the guys or buy the tickets go watch those athletes play that's where tickets are so hot. And the top dog barks at the top dog in the NBA or any other sport. Just by nature of being the same multiple champion a multiple MVP winner not alone. Will cause some people not to like you they wanted to get knocked out so that if you don't say a word. Just if that is it that your -- On the best of my league and -- in my team has won multiple championships you have some problems but -- that the controversy. You add controversy to that. And and now now it's off the charts. So you don't even have to do anything wrong to have people dislike you but if you if you if you take a stance that is unpopular. What's LeBron did he did something that was unpopular nationally. And some people -- down as the sound -- people will never. Ever forget. There's a texture says why you guys belittling people who don't like LeBron that's very distressed that aren't true or not the hardly anybody it. Ron gore head hit the problem is guessing that you don't -- LeBron because of the salary and and I also don't think quite honestly may hate LeBron and that's fine. That you can honestly tell me that you don't admire the way place. I I have such admiration for how he plays the game just plays the game. Key plays hard I think you know he always in in my observation gives everything he's got to give warnings up there on the court he's not selfish she's not. You know due to block the law. And he he uses his teammates. I love I love watching his game. Now to those techsters Tuesday ebony flops all the time. And everybody in the NBA flop. A lot of football the way it doesn't want it and a -- that's that's one of the things that we're not talking about today. Because of the cramp situation that -- that the promise deal with. A lot of flop and in that game last night. From both teams especially San Antonio a great deal of flopping and I'll be disappointed in the NBA. If there aren't some there are some fines. Handed out before Sunday. It was embarrassing. Some of the -- that happened last night. It you know I think -- -- amazing things is beyond -- users to next on here you know Michael. Have you been done next to LeBron James to see how massive this guy as well what do you think you -- out to the I'll just say to seven for our probably. I mean this guy does help -- fatty Leo one of grass this guys on the court. One of her a bigger guys in -- -- -- you know he's not. A seven foot one of the biggest guys -- Tennessee and runs the court the way he does is unbelievable. -- about you know the flopping instead of school on they would might. The flop and that is later became my -- this is a massive. Talented guy in. I think. Easily one of the easiest guys to watch play of the game it's it's all the off court stuff all that I'm going to south beats all that stuff is what makes you -- him. All it was one it was the one. All of -- all of that William relative thing you know what that within the next day. There was the next day that the pep rally will -- because at a rally was that was the heat. Put pep rally but you know he thought it'd make him say right now not one not two not three not four. Not arrive at. I gyms at -- hey Jim I don't. And thanks guys and I didn't I would maybe you know lack of balanced ball people around here I think it probably three reasons one. Bullet broke proliferation of high school is not playing in their hometowns and going to private schools. An important prep schools as you know you don't get -- They. You know vote the people who -- support for the high schools. Who. The he would kind of faded -- In this Celtics who have terrible season. He's a PC it'll only bend over immediately to the beast inside and relevant about three times in our lifetime. Got a -- that's got nothing to do. Look at BC's got nothing to do well well I think -- when he -- CU was you know playing high caliber ball -- the people was so we're. Supporting him. Now know they never really did all that much. I don't Atlantic -- way when they had William well I have a -- what it's a big point guard. And in the third and well I think I think happened. Holy cross to not make some inroads again in anger and -- score here. Now I think I think till he come back if the Celtics. If the Celtics can become you know majors. And I think that's the market I think that's it you know it it's all -- other thing about our burden holy cross -- stories BC and you know can Jim Christian turn camera okay that's -- great. But -- the Celtics. Is they get to the point where it they acquire Kevin Love. In all the excitement -- this place to go crazy. Season ticket will pick up. -- people start out talking about the Celtics and what does this mean they're looking forward to. Additional moves they're gonna make it won't Rondo state it's all about the Celtics when they are when they're bad. Are you don't talk much basketball. When they're good we talk about the Celtics as much as any other team -- -- If the Bruins had not made the Stanley Cup Playoffs and if they weren't in the middle of this one -- the -- which is pretty impressive. Do you think it finished fourth in the in the country and Stanley Cup final ranks or ratings for game one course -- would finish fourth but that would finish -- when our critics that now Ferrer they would not a finished fifty there. And that's the part. It's got me I will we talked about yesterday I thought that the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be the NBA playoffs in Boston. Without a dog in the fight for readers to for either of those two playoffs. I didn't think he'd be like that. And also. It's another and in note from last night's game. If you ask -- five years ago. Art. One of these guys is gonna fall off one of these guys got to fall off and one of them -- will be will be playing at a high level. Five years from now and the other guy to -- won't fall off with a -- you'll be okay. Among Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. I probably would have picked KG week ago. Market it would have been -- or Paul. I thought at a I didn't see raid. Just going in the tank. But I thought he would fall off a bit Ray Allen looks the same as he did when he was -- he got game let's say. It's like Jesus show every place -- saying. And I know you know we want talk like guys to Boston fans hate. I was on the LeBron level but Ray Allen left he left the Celtics and join the enemy the Miami Heat. Like you just have to look at the guy and pixels move still. Everything he missed but 343 pointers in a row one point last night and every time he's won those guys every time he takes a shot -- because Conan. It always looks -- hasn't. He hasn't fallen off -- it to the opportunity to see him throw it down last night were back up front that doesn't come from I don't know where. It's just I didn't think -- Ray Allen would be that guy. Who has who has maintained his level player among the victory. I would depict him. 6177797937. As the telephone number come on top of the hour for a four will run through four tough athletes. Just like LeBron James you're on Sports Radio WEEI. Also some media right now obviously I hear butter -- you guys gonna xmas on need to be ready for me. The medical team we have here mamet's latest. Hamas so we do a great job fair for day. What everybody have to say that you guys know me by now I don't care. I really don't -- really don't -- will be was there -- our -- don't care not gonna give them all the lights in the finals though. This is this is about spurs and heat and then does not bother about -- menaces I don't care. I was LeBron earlier this afternoon meeting with a median San Antonio and you know what. All athletes say that I actually believe it in his case public -- I don't care I'm -- does. Like you said they go witness think they went there there are other. It's -- here. There there was video guy earlier. Referenced Steve lines here at a text of mr. Holly let me read tea Holley -- dumb but let's stop right here. Just because. I asked. Matt Damon's character. In Good Will Hunting -- critical element of because I asked that question where you might have thought that. Doesn't mean that I'm done just because. I told dale listened when they will tell the story. Will fleshed out -- Just because. I once SATA car on fire. Driving the car. My mother told the -- I'll try not to go to our car set on fire while you're driving it yes. Yes. Because ninety there were one day which analysts are. They did that doesn't mean I'm dummies -- art but continue with. -- the that -- has holly or you don't. You thought ray ray would be the most likely to fall off I don't understand how your brain works well. This is that this is 11 thing that surprise you by -- he's 38. Here's another thing that will surprise you. You look at NBA history and guys. -- -- 35. And older. Well far handle a great deal of production. For guys who make their living. With their legs and jump shots and up is being perimeter players and a lot of those guys. And here's the other thing it's a lot of revisionist history going on -- Boston. Little thing about Ray Allen this last year Boston before he bolted to Miami. Avery Bradley. The Celtics are better team went Avery Bradley is the starter he was starting to be marginalized. Bit. Which explains. Why he was so upset. It's so eager to run into the arms. Of the Miami Heat. Where they limit his minutes and don't let him start to -- Intrigue. Patrick I appreciate her and adapt to back up. To care. On the stuff beats. Well speaking of athletes dropping off one quick note. As we get back to the calls Ryan MacPherson who covers the Red Sox beat for the Providence journal put this tweet a few minutes ago. Now the Texas Rangers Daniel Bard made his first appearance of the year. Yesterday for single late -- Faced four batters. It three and walked toward what happened that -- can't help me out here what happened will be bad and I were pitching what that would happen at Daniel Barnes as -- This is this -- story where a guy who we thought was can be pretty good -- I was on the West Coast I thought Terry Francona thought -- talked to Tito went back when Daniel bark. They thought he was going to be the guy to replace apple yet he was gonna was close is out here right into the closers role and he had everything going. Can't find that can't find home plate with accomplice in Lois and Clark. And markers disease. -- -- The -- opposite and a guy and not Rick Ankiel Rick Ankiel abatement and make it an outfielder. Brad and made it back to the big leagues. And I -- as an outfielder but. Maybe Daniel -- the change of position or or just changed jobs. Second half performance and it's all mental at this point you think we got up and have the ability to throw a baseball anymore. At least not -- Johnson and not over the plate. Basis or guys in his first appearance of the year -- three walks one the one that he want to. Thank god. -- -- Artose scattered debris begin it with him this is a the situation for shrink but I believe this that I -- teams have have sports psychologist. And I'm source sports psychologists would rather whatever organizations. The Daniel Bard has been with in Cleveland. The Cleveland get the shot of the Cleveland Chicago. They're -- you know that I don't and expanding at a detailed -- yes I think so now he's in Texas well with the Texas organization. Maybe it's not a sports psychology -- economic that it's it's bigger than sports what is it possible text to brings a great point. Remember when they decided -- to turn him into a starter. That whole thing we want to be start and he wanted to be a starter because that's where the money a former starter and you know and and they cited okay we're gonna get a chance to start. And it did seem as though the downfall began -- that that transition. From the bullpen to the to the rotation and he just never was in Iraq. I don't know why but he just he never get a Packers back to the calls j.'s Donna -- -- your next. They get into -- the phone call -- Pick yourself or things. What practical real quick by saying that there -- few people -- a bigger LeBron -- myself. Utmost respect for game. And -- -- but I just a light guy or webex account and still needs. Bring themselves up and put it keep it down under but other people leaked out that. That's beside the point but. Now how does does he do that does -- does he put his teammates down. And until that point I think -- -- -- wouldn't. Somewhere but really made peace that likely -- of one of my -- didn't Falwell doctor Montalban. I don't know but I don't know what to -- it. I don't want to get distract what it does get to your how to get your big point. Yeah I'm well I play they -- what -- -- -- -- so it's really good athletes and people we're talking about being a minor injury. -- -- bit -- -- -- -- but as far as actually playing a game. It really it's I mean I played I played on a broken ankle I've played through the locations in brain. But -- -- serious cramp but the Abbott did you get at that by the you can even move. I mean you can barely hobble -- -- -- let alone run jump and play defense though. I mean a lot people don't eat for but you know -- Michael Steele broaden -- tractor I had you know like bright blue but it party couldn't let that. Yet there there's no way in the world could have played a basketball game now as I Carty said having said that. I'd like to have him get himself off the court without getting hauled off the court I mean it was just put just the look like Paul Pierce being hauled off in the wheelchair. Were we satisfied with his explanation that we had heard out. 45 minutes ago -- you know my buddies sit down and just that I'm skeptical Steve is that it varies and so it was very emphatic about what was wrong with him. He hasn't played hurt throughout the post season. They had and had an easy series vs vs Charlotte the first round and a relatively easy theories verses. Vs Brooklyn and -- Indiana what six games but. I never felt like they were in danger of losing that series Europe 31 they lost game five. -- Indiana. Game easily -- won had a shot at the end literally shot from Chris -- and when it. -- and played hurt the playoffs. My my first -- -- when I saw it was. Preexisting injury had a. It was a good call by you is or something -- and cramps right did it yeah that's -- Michael's point is there's there's something wrong here something going on here. And look they lie about the stop all the time especially in the Playhouse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You do that afterwards after the series is over. While I couldn't play the way I wanted it's it's black it's like the Bruins get knocked out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and then the next day we hear about the list of guys -- gonna have operations. While it's going on. You don't wanna give the other is -- to your advantage is that European to tell people -- I'm -- now I'd agree with you Steve that held LeBron. The the LeBron who was. First year Miami LeBron put that. Yet to see that guy letting everybody know what he was going through and an even last year in Cleveland LeBron. I hadn't won a championship. Still. That the plea user wants everybody to like them. But I think cents. Since you won its first championship. It since he had a another turning point excuse me in Boston for game six and the game of his life. It's more -- for Celtic -- at the expense of the Celtics. As to I don't think he is. He is debt desperate for the attention during. During the playoffs. I still loves attention but I don't bikini to right now at a point where he's gonna advertise. That -- an injury and the count play. Well how about what he said they'll. I mean to me the you know just the way he's the he talked about on and off we still have that again lowered its worth it even re rack in the bottom line. He into Gaza -- cramped up right here is hustles like excruciating I couldn't get it to go away this is like man -- about to tell them. All will be doing any more jump and what. What does that mean -- bodies shut down. But that's exactly what happens when you -- well yeah but even that is what it does an end and the way it it. He -- -- give me enough he give me enough and that lends credence I think to what you're saying is that. There might be more. -- still to stop that he had on his leg I felt like if you just -- -- -- legs -- -- was gonna pop up you know it's quiet it's funny you should a lot of stuff they're one of the best sport. Sports injury writers in the country as well Carol. And I was reading we'll Carol this afternoon and he suggested that those sleeves that bronze got one on on a shooting arm and he's got those things on his legs. And will Carroll said that may have actually helped lead to the to the cramping issue interest in and that that was part of it that you you've got to dehydration problem to begin -- This stuff is is winking. Moisture further out of your body and will Carroll said then they might have helped lead to the point mics on the cellphone in my -- next. He looked so I -- -- technical some thank you. That my point basically it will run it and can't -- -- is that -- -- ever played against. And that being said Pete plays I have a problem the way he plays the game has no integrity. In -- saying he. He flops around and I don't remember the game I remember who is playing good I'm Tony got he got -- -- -- the -- back against a ago on the quarterback like -- just natural now. All act like like a complete and the record told the cost in any change in the game. A passed ball sort of works and that and that's what I have a problem. While the -- a lot of he was he's had a share of flops. I think flopping. It's it's cottage industry out and say it started before LeBron. And I think the NBA recognizes that it's a problem because they're fining guys for -- more fines. You know you you talk about LeBron James in this flopping. I saw the spurs. And about three -- four cases that that you know we had a really really bad -- like c'mon man stop don't do on the finals. And the officials last night into anything about it. But I won't be surprised to see a memo from the league that a couple of guys are going to be five for flops. 61777979237. As the telephone number eight TT -- minus 37937. Coming up top the -- for a four in honorable Ron we'll give you four tough athletes dale and -- and Steve -- Sports Radio W yeah. The bodies as decides she served up amid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That'll help sway people to his side by the way and to the text or who says Saddam pieces I may have missed it. What has the discussion of dehydration. Caused by steroid use come up. I've never heard of such a thing. Dehydration caused by steroid use -- which try to do here Rocco is is slip in that somehow you think. LeBron James is a steroid user be looked like a Mac truck. They -- right yeah he's -- nuisance that he was twelve dale. I don't know I mean I I guess any athlete who's big and strong except Frank Thomas. We will say is a steroid user for some reason he's the one guy we -- obviously. He's the one clean guy. The peoples of -- -- I hear all the time well maybe because he's been so vocal about it. He's been he's been one of those guys who who says oh yeah I'll take area. How to take a drug test and he's been tools he's been he's been vocal about steroid guys as well. Impulse. We don't -- threaten a lawsuit Jack Clark about it yet but we don't ask questions about -- I think everybody in baseball news. Is a suspect. In and some more than others. -- why because everybody I think everybody's a suspect. But not in the NBA and not in the NFL -- well already had itself. Because in the the ML MLB had a steroid era. That we know about and of course Steve I have heard this from from baseball writers and baseball -- before I do note that it is double standard. That. When your Shawne Merriman when year at Brandon Browner is whatever guys suspended in in the in the NFL for the court to illusions. We keep going on in the entire sport is not tainted you know those guys are treated for a while -- we -- Von Miller same thing. Yvonne Miller is out he tried to it. Tried to go go into a deal with the with the urine collector -- -- and haven't resonate and I -- -- America. In the urine collector they try to come up with -- deal but still. Once she -- she returned. Okay business as usual but there was steroid era in baseball and that's why we look at baseball more than any other sport. And it happened for so long. I think I think people look at Major League Baseball with them with some top. In every other sport for so not a parent said they don't got era. Really not an -- with steroids were only available days are telling me there was an austerity or baseball you know -- double and other people decided to document they -- Merrill was and every other sport to and no one gave notice I availability -- that doesn't -- a record they had as an actor I'll honor it is gonna see -- -- that yes that -- there's there's not an issue about steroids in the NFL. On archetype that at all -- dividend -- so there's a steroid era in the NFL to. But no one reports that no one talks about no on cares you know why because baseball personal people that's why there's a steroid era in base. Well the record books were read written. In baseball totally read or written. We have guys. They still later Hank aaron's studio later. 0860. Home runs that's nothing. May just -- you know -- can't. It's because we were the one area baseball that you could quantity. The advantages of -- got to -- but he went like. On a date chronically works for me I am -- umbrella with the door like you -- because I think it is on the an -- up bubbled up with notes -- actually believed was a -- we were kids. Lions -- thirty home runs that was something -- you know thirty home run hitter that was -- slugger. Steroid era in baseball. 35 home runs OK. It and this is what this is what happened in the spirit here if you set a 35 home run hitter and we're talking on the radio. That's a bunch of lines that the -- 35. Up forty. As at the pay money from a distance -- money as an example an argument dispensation of -- just. Just as because frankly I haven't even dollar in his cross lit up that jar yet so it is anecdotal. I -- that they. You very much -- but as a result whether it's fair or not everybody in baseball. If they have a great start you -- to tell me Edwin Encarnacion. When he hit a home run any ties Mickey Mantle for home runs in a month. What do you think people are thinking outside of Toronto was the first thought -- get out of there thinking it too. -- but they don't care that's my age are at bats Joey pats hey that's because that's because. That's because like you sit here yes and and precipitate that you're the one that says. Every baseball player has to be looked at as disparities dollars that everybody that you sadness and gestured everybody's a suspect he said Steve said steroids was good service. It was. It was a pretend like that in news it was good it was good for attendance it was a it was good morning I met for a period of time it was great for the game and it was bad for the game with great pretend it's great for the bottom line but in terms of trust yes I agree with the -- before that before -- one starts. Texting and then goes to -- degrees none on and on our rider that's our daily news it was. It was a that was bad for the game but the byproduct of what it brought to the game. At its -- baseball really needed it. Was a boost attendance and a -- in the excitement again I would just correct -- a little -- I'd say it was good for the game but it was bad for the individuals. That's pretty good at the individuals element a lot of them got their health the health issues and and and the and the reputation issues it was great for the game like a home run chase we'd love to hit 500 feet that's even better as fans. Maybe reputation issues farm it and help the -- because. About it -- a study done on anybody who did steroids and it's like there we haven't any time any words for -- have been around for years and years and years. When we get back to Lyles NATO for someone says you know my steroid use. Is what -- -- at the end. Is that a problem affecting a -- as well I'll say it could not have -- brain cancer with Al is Esther it's. According you have a yes but he did get it because of the steroid use it in my seat time wrestling -- week Nike Indian. I can -- be at 25 names. All professional wrestlers were dead now. Because of steroid use and what it did their hearts steroid abuse steroid have you heard about that's a better word you're. I mean yes I can absolutely point and health issues of steroid abuse. While the massive abuse that. And I understand the and I understand that not that you being defensive but that that that defense a Major League Baseball compared to other sports other sports. They don't care definitely -- -- -- don't care will look the other way well I think I wouldn't say that think they definitely have their problems. In the NFL is is a big -- I think. There and it's and it's it's tough to explain but I part of it in the NFL is. There's this feeling among football fans that. Either you expected from football -- -- yup you're exactly right now we go to -- a. But -- I told you Stephen and -- it was fair I think this is what part of the problem part of the perception problem baseball. Baseball. Individuals. Not hidden by face mask not 53 guys out there a lot of people grow up playing baseball played the boys of summer this is something actor relate to. NFL they're bigger and faster and stronger they're probably all do when something crazy I am entertained by it I don't wanna know I think that's a feeling. Among a lot of fans in baseball is held to a higher standard and it's not always fair. In honor of noted basketball tough guy LeBron James will give you some tough athletes and for a four coming up next.

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