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Three For All: Is it okay to have a guy rub Sunscreen on your back? 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

MFB Three For All, Game of Thrones and Sunscreen

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Just -- you know guys before -- into our free for -- today we have a call on line for right now. From a guy was calling from Australia -- talk about the LeBron James Gregory gets -- that's. How big this has gotten here sold to retreat from before getting the top of the -- work -- in this discussion because you have to get. Perspective from Australia and actually if crony or advance -- being made days we always do the free for all. To get some topics that are entirely all sports related and actually off of -- desperately it was a phrase slut shaming. Slut shaming you know I like your -- don't that would -- -- go look for Burleson and whatnot like shaming those door slots. But it. Like the walk of shame liking college sports jacket. Streaming out and -- slamming doors are slamming. It. Shaming those who acts bloody war women as opposed to guys who sleep around sort of double standard on it. Perfect I'm but it invent -- new phrase and show shaming. Because I'm tired of Joey Christian always making me feel guilty. Over what TV shows idol watch it while you're from -- guys it was not so much which is more Cilic is when you guys leave enjoy and I still do his stuff for tomorrow. In the backroom asserts you don't watch game the problems you did you watch breaking -- who aren't you kind of -- argue. Who is this that is my colleague it doesn't watch these shows. I'm so busy watching sports all the time I really don't world it'll be easy and it by. Part of the equation -- it comes to TV shows. But you are all about game with -- I am Sunday nice short usually don't Arnie that I don't watch game at -- idea I don't watch -- for the Indianapolis -- Either the big giant are now he's dead now he's dead yet he he died last Sunday I don't DVRs and -- yeah it's kind of a risky thing you're doing right now is telling people what happened that it's -- that happened last Sunday a cellular alert is that doesn't apply here. Don't we call them with all the public to watch it just totally change show shame I feel -- your -- I don't have a show that he's not an issue because you need to have a show. And the reason -- -- -- about not watching game for all of this because I'll -- -- apartheid ended the experience. It's it's it's button and it is expect you'll get hooked and is like any drug he tried -- -- -- -- and I got to go back a dual head exploded last -- -- -- -- the best I -- sleep after I watched it the last show I got into like that for a little while Sons of Anarchy I got completely tired of it after two seasons all the other one was HBO with. Entourage -- up I -- watch on fraudulent. Watch it more than ever got to the price of two seasons got tired down now at home that was another one that people kept talking about a watch one episode I liked it but. I'd already kind of committed somebody else it's like I met this hot girl. And another -- -- came around. But I -- kind of invested my time game thrown at wanna shift gears and wanna I wanna ruin the release of my hat with the other -- growth but they're quick -- There's my analogy for about movies. I urge my -- and -- I'm presented. -- -- I'm not commit with that stuff and I'll watch one. But it I realized that I -- -- -- -- -- together realize that's not the way to do it that an excellent -- some going through and -- comes up in knots or. Well whatever I just silly that's like catalytic didn't intend your wife's not -- -- of free time to catch up that is -- -- -- he's -- the other -- Well as other around these -- -- quality time. That's what she wanted. -- Japanese born. What's yours am I so yesterday we had a quick discussion and I just wanted to just. Continuing comedies and help -- listeners now because before the show ends I kind of want to get shall hands are my thing was that -- it is OK. For another man. To rub lotion on another -- back. They're all watching game if roads not sure if it's sunny outside OK it's going to be eighty to 84 degrees this week it should be could be some stuff out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- And I don't know -- girls and if I don't I don't want to approach any women. K a Marty ticket like I'm not let another girl put lotion on bucket here so my boys at Nokia. My thing to listeners. Yes or no yes you're OK with another man putting sun screen not -- ago that he'd have a different connotation. Such -- on your back or you know no way no how and why Lou. I take a lotion and UK are -- -- -- yes I go all the way back at my arm. -- whatever I can get it can get. Don't you take that argued that the duke that's walking around the beats that you could tell all the areas you -- for the signs green yes life is good. Yeah true yeah. Camara or do you know our troubles your sexuality is actually are not comfortable with another guy putting sunscreen and -- -- you guys -- the next pool party will be rubbing each other up with impunity needs it. If I need in my body to put for the sir -- -- was the big day at sun screen it's not you're not in a dark Alley somewhere. Like the looming each other up -- -- just under -- Ares -- because nobody wants to be the guy walking around the beach which is Lou by the way. Okay -- you know like he tries to get it it's up he misses and there's the fingers you know reached a point where like hell. You know like he just reach back and only allele had such renowned speakers so there's -- there's a -- to white areas of that but other red areas so you really want me to put this ought to the techsters yeah right now are tied for the show and we got we don't. We have a -- over our. -- a little off Friday to give it a good mood. OK but -- yes or it's okay for your bro you're pro to put suckered under backboard no I would never do know. 3798. Reset and that's the HE eleven -- lines so Christian wants a response to this will do an informal straw poll. Of how okay it is. That you can actually -- sun screen on your guy friends back and everybody just be OK with yeah I can't believe it yourself. In the crowd just do my own it's a big enough lead to a comfortable it is -- he's got a very -- you really got that report all right. Does that really it's it's actually it's sports related because I was like that one person exit time's tuned in the that MLB draft because I never really watched it before. In their attempt to actually make it meaningful all the way to go but it was kind of embarrassing. I mean it was just to get just announced the kids because it was nice it was special but the people analyzing it. Note Seattle's pick. But it -- ought to stick -- first -- powered because right now they don't have power hitter in his opening night. How can you do this thing is -- look at it it's not the NFL's patriots need a running back they need at wide receiver. They're like projecting five years from that wrote down the road this on the team needs right now owners. It was a bad effort I've felt like all this guy this guy did that questions the closer they could use one right now remember that at the big league roster. -- how how can you. Really sit there and analyze this and try to make it sound like the NFL draft. When you know that this kid was eighteen is gonna get their public for five years loaders -- probably you're watching the Major League Baseball -- and not game of groans. The -- I watched the draft because -- is the only person. It's got to wait an Australian who lost to talk about LeBron okay Blake here's your moment you've called all the way from Australia. To talk about LeBron James what to 3230 in the morning and Australia out to eighteen in the. -- and own and not where I'm remembering even so five minute that straight I -- more. We'll go ahead Blake what's what's your point about LeBron. I think. He must have been prepared for the situation because that is documented in such a long time and that. Let me do it on what mentioned earlier I think the economic situation just did not some big debt divided everything. Simply revert he didn't no choice but they come off statement when he made that bucket just went and got that offensive language spoken about -- I had to go all the way to Australia to find somebody to agree with me now they go 6177797937. I should've asked him what injury gays would have done in that situation. Asked what a picket -- -- looks like -- entity to all it does not elegant and finally caught up backlit it was a deal and -- -- up way too quickly that's an interview Celtic. I lost a -- gave her parents did and -- ranger games casino hall guy. Australia now he was like 32 is a -- painters like injury pain music 32 years old. As a -- hall senior. Junior some like that would that would the files is the remedial Robinson team. Oh yeah -- -- now that it. Totally in god activity that you keep going keep them coming up to 1 o'clock hour. Stick around because if you're getting ready for the Belmont we have a very special. Horse racing analyst expert some call. That's going to join us about 130. If you guaranteed money on the Belmont to see if California chrome -- Triple Crown that's coming up. Here are not a 37 of media okay. --

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