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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: "Papi didn't show anybody up" 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

Former Red Sox Kevin Millar talks about the David Ortiz-David Price feud, Brock Holt, and Cramp-Gate

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It's the noon hour Maloney Fauria advanced demands -- -- Christian -- Christian as the chicken sandwiches -- ago while doctors -- I laid out eating out of order by the way airlines leaving cookies before you actually now that's my role. Now not anymore after my ice cream dinner for Super Bowl for a couple nights ago I feel like that you do that now practice in this arts. Joining us right now and I decreased seven WEEI as promised it's -- he's brought to us by ERS restoration. And running -- smoke shop. Kevin we're gonna get to baseball obviously but we got to start with a hot topic of the day and that's LeBron James cramping up in the Texas -- Kevin were you look great emperor. During your career. No idea what to trapper. Thank goodness and -- muffle the cramps but the bottom line is that. Some decorator cramp bird some bad dark and crazy because when you yet had a cramp it's a brutal feeling it just scared the crap here. Hopefully but the policy aspect of it you'll be fine and he won't have a -- more news he keeps in -- -- -- Matt Taylor might be in the cart and go bird in the it was conduct cannot lay out. You just just maybe crack up because you're right when you get a cramp. You yell and clap it's like yelling shark regret the beach like everybody but don't like all at the the clay. Yet Kevin what was. -- noise do you detect clinically is again. It's all out. And aren't you that grabs your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you also panic when late 95 about the ribs rise. Got to get one of those once the wallets are we talked on Friday. Right and all hell broke -- done -- apartment the rays David Price. And David Ortiz to your overall just your take when you saw that happened the whole thing maybe Dave price we all went along for the. How surprised were to be out to be out of vodka you wrote an asset -- I can't talk you think there's lower and you know I would certainly over the same thing happened on the way to win -- -- -- crime -- You know he say she say who's the cup -- in turn out. We don't lecture out about three. Poppy had a record will work I'm going to -- well I was surprised. I I I I will say this. You know and and good luck and I love poppy and you know that I'm -- art group beat the moral of the story -- point system that you think aunt and an -- bank. That's something that stood out you know guys like Miguel Cabrera tremendous human means it Turkey's -- -- him being at the end of the day. You know you architecture and you have and we also all sorts like you see a ball go in Latin -- -- so much about patriarchy but. -- we go corporate Republicans that we seem sure at the pictures like. You have to back he's got off the plate at some point because there aren't a lot also about -- we get people you know 138 RBIs a year. And it being a good guy. So that it was on purpose we know that but in the big picture. The county guys inside -- gonna you're going to be ball away you don't want want want price set you know nobody's gonna gain on the other side but not out. And you're not rookies -- eight. I can -- -- guide that you know they rub the wrong light even -- or you let or market it was a run and it's accepted but you wonder now want coupled with the slow trot. And get the scene and they had about I get to that rub you wrong. Tomorrow it is here or not it through seven WBI September when he hit the home run against Cleveland and stood there and watched it. Was that a message not to the Indians but to David. I'll I don't know -- -- and let me get some -- when you get that leaned back on the Lackey hit that ball in Cleveland. You have been -- cowardly -- -- -- -- like OK I haven't got all -- five all monetary unit after the game. So now what if we're on -- all restraint on all harsh. Shell and they're all their -- -- and the the short time. A lot let them let go Olympic. He -- anybody up you know -- understand you know not a factor demeanor you don't realize that what you are around their immigration reliever Matt. You know on here -- tremendous human being more than the other dugout. You understand -- common problem because he's going to damage you. And it's got a little bit showmanship that you know that might -- a lot like but I got a great -- -- surprised -- rarely do we see their game starts. -- -- they -- quite therapy to get into it it's usually you know wired together so I was surprised at all happen on right now. Yeah I'm with -- as far as you know David Price how he feels about us this is -- -- -- home runs and it is accepted but not everybody has to accept that and prices been around this league as well but my question you was because no doubt he -- David on purpose there was warnings given out. He -- it's my car I don't think you caught up -- intentionally but would you give the guy the benefit of the doubt the first time do you think he should have been wrong at that game. All I don't think Clark's. What intentional by any means at all I think now you're looking at -- -- it's a way to build up an enemy that we have in fact on golf ball where you want a well. You know -- rubble and bigger like carpet not purpose now. At oak harbor on purpose that's ever on a much -- umpire came on I 95 my arrest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I think I'll have been done a -- -- when you suspend work and. You have to expand -- replied the only -- at the end of the day you're asking -- to be here -- they all. You have to be fair now I know now that the suspension -- a fine and I'm vote them out but they are part got fine. We know all the intent was it David Ortiz with that pitch and what the league looks at a. Gotta go for six game also not just work. Yes that's -- surprise me because -- reference thing you know Cole Hamels -- hopper right -- Cole Hamels came up the next day he didn't get ejected by the way in that game either. Came up the next day the guy hit him on purpose -- of data priced into all those words but the next day which generals at all. When he gave that all speech he was admitting that he had -- Ortiz on purpose and and I'm stunned that eating its suspension because of that. -- Leekpai dropped the ball period. They dropped the ball in that situation what they looked like spent actually irritate you come out when they Turkey's call you a quote the next day. Why are got only you know the only guy spent and I agree 100%. What is unique situation rarely do we -- -- starts. Go out like they have and it's a great life great turn into one that's -- -- debate all the Yankee let's not got taken a backseat the last year the rays and red. So I -- so what about Stephen Drew I don't think that experiment is going so far I'm calling experience. Because some people think that the best thing to do with him would be to trade him. I do think that's possible or Smart. Our mile look at big assignment got to get ten million dollars you know he's got to try to get back a little magic last year. At the time no geragos -- short swing the bat better anybody on team. Little hole -- just an absolute lightning you know our spark plug for the club he's been playing unbelievable baseball and then drove -- often rated -- -- bright -- And I -- situation. And it'll actually job -- -- it looked like a situation you know on the market doctors outfield situation it's not on. You know especially when got like Zander and and -- -- swung the -- Great up that point you know meet Rockwell are probably 500 -- an incredible -- at about 48. You know 11 when Stephen Drew gets called up but now he got -- -- eight and nine dollars. You know what that the answer was that would holds a direct shot -- struggle now what they're trying to do something that's where you start. And I think in -- sign out and a couple a little bit because guys are all playing well. Kennedy brought -- brought column glad he did I'm curious if you're in the Red Sox clubhouse right now what you've given your stamp of approval to his nickname as the week. At the -- -- what do I mean this young man actually I you're watching what you might be a -- now. You know those -- trickier for the Red Sox -- -- type player you can put them anywhere and a lot happier knocking dirty secret that arrogant are quite good pitching. It gives you everything you want to baseball player is you're pretty -- at that -- -- Almonte all. That's not what you trample over you move around you know you contribute -- to that it just seems that he gets he gets in there and put. Note in that batter's box and -- -- I mean -- -- -- -- a ticket so I'd like that it. You know at the thing too is now talking about when -- comes back -- -- -- the next hole record that's what he's been doing he's got a position that they're not position first approve the next hole. The main let's indicate that the wall right let's see him out there in left field and you know that it's not always easy transition to be that Chone Figgins he can be X John Rodriguez who actually been. Brutal out here Fenway Park. You you -- get a little bit right you went from yeah infield through that -- -- -- guys give it some guys don't. Yeah you know what though it's it's a -- -- left field. It's neat spot to play it really is pretty much probably a tad overrated that proposition to right field and Stanley Park -- that short rest eat all. In circles around 390 quit he'd play a lot of double into the triple. Are you help you -- that all about line and you know what might be some continent by the Parker a guy but. He's still the proposition -- Dwight Evans over the years remark all right fielder underrated because Fenway Park. You know he played a great right fielder great throwing -- left nearly Gallic -- -- -- all kind of gloves now because you want to line up. You know right is that utility got -- is gonna come back merger first based -- power. -- gonna play a little very little short makes -- Pedroia and they -- that's acting you put him in left field equipment situations you know what you get up at bat and get the top right at bay. Yeah you play a little bit shallow -- Fenway -- -- -- -- I keep hitting team they play eat. What's up all over your head at least over your head and I gotta go walk the mosque at what you try to take away those line drive over the -- -- at you might -- -- -- single. So I didn't panic Stanley Park is not as far left field if -- played shall. I'm not cops and not think you can short. I nominated Eric -- an -- on -- threesome to be I would Maloney for an bands that we sent this out on FaceBook Kevin we asked the folks who follow us on FaceBook. You ask you a question from the fans wanna be honest when comes from David it's a good one. Kevin could you bat higher right now than every other outfielder on the Boston Red Sox roster. Right field. As you know what what part. Under -- all the bad thought about it out of there Rubbermaid. -- -- now I lay out the -- Bob -- like go to now there at court you know that while learning your piece and I got I'll come up or not eighty you know like it beat GameStop. And -- you know later they -- they haven't gotten here we talked about -- can you went seven. Typically I cannot think Woodstock. It's not it's not acknowledge there is no identity and they are still trying to mix and -- trigger all out job barrel aptly anger at both speaker. You know an app support our on line got a little lob legal doubt like I get -- -- first -- five -- -- live side. So -- that Edgar -- and the scrap and you know -- not good some. Like you said -- -- -- -- -- -- off the -- get to first base and act like you're -- and applicable people carry off like LeBron James people comparing you to LeBron James. Triggered a progress report lecture robber in order to moderate and rock -- Thanks Kevin appreciate oh -- -- -- --

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