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The Bradfo Show: Media mogul Jon Meterparel talks all things Jon Meterparel

Jun 6, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by radio and television play-by-play man/personality Jon Meterparel to take an honest look at his past, present and future

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another it's in the -- -- -- -- as -- by the people who make you look so dark. The -- and company which I feel might have the most integrity -- That's called doing insurance. And -- of integrity and speaking of looking good. That's Jon reader Perot to meet -- is joining us thanks for joining us. My pleasure out decision that's been like years. Hasn't really been years I crossed -- with you may be at BC game. And I hear of your exploits like gossip site it's spring training. Mr. Villa that was two springs ago there was this there was not a sprint drowned out by Europe you're doing myriad of things in us when -- -- -- about the life of -- here because the media brand. Pays red hot. And has been ever since you walked into these doorways of Libya. But but I think it's it's an eclectic. Group of undertakings that your your participating in now that I he fears that I would say that's it -- the -- -- are great in and you excel at all of them. So I want to touch on a few things that you do on and do exceptionally well. I want to touch on what used to do here which is a third person and you talked a little bit when you filled room and Dennis -- and show this morning. I also talked about play by play how yeah how you're -- meet your new unique style play by play and how to go about that if -- having. The bit on the other cheer on market try to do home run calls on market tried to put -- what but I have grown I have grown -- increased. Appreciation for joke listing the known him for Dave O'Brien in for these guys. How this is executed in you do it very very well you do it for BC football and you also are doing it for the Yomiuri Giants looks. I think Japanese Baseball I think on percussion thing to me -- -- I don't know to this Pacquiao inside wrote together and won one world. Okay we're gonna get to that I desperately want to talk about that by the start this start with -- -- with the start with being the third person and for the -- account and show. And you just talked about his concerns like the after show up where you reveal things that maybe that you census form. So. You go through the showed today deaths account and show him he would -- the years sponsored by the good folks of moxie. If you go through that. Whether or anything that you guys talked about or didn't talk about the -- -- men and I thought a minute I was gonna have to talk about that but I didn't thank. Goodness yeah you know that there -- some trepidation on my behalf when they called me to fill in because I felt like. When -- can you go home again it was one of those old flashback segment that I hadn't taken. It may really go -- regret this if I did go back for a day or two and filled and yell at my left the first time I did I left feeling really figured. Second time I left feeling good as well I do the show -- -- -- -- minute left. -- half hour drive that. And yet -- first time doing Aurilia picture you remember that was -- -- -- it was theirs -- did apologize it's always tough for two runs and and I remember. Yes they asked me. Not not that it cares but I don't really want to do that show -- -- forget where it was a particular on the road area but anyway so we'll do it another time but I'm sure will but you know it there's some. Billing of weight limit -- I really wanna go back and you know I love you don't Debbie -- enjoyed every year that I was -- John and -- was phenomenal experiences one of the best things I've done. I learned a lot. But a lot about the business continue to learn a lot about about this business outlook. -- -- Now about what -- -- what you live look at African star cancer island a lot of up and I did I do that's like I learned about. We -- just about the mechanics about the rumor mongering edit the backstabbing. And -- -- and did present a New York Montreal after forgiveness is in this. It used to fly from from many angles of the clubhouse so that's changed that I doubt this is the third today says they're dinnertime. And in -- out -- if -- troops we believe this is. More you more prominent. And I think it's I think I think in the last probably five years -- DNC I was viral really changed the Jimmy morbidity. Prominent voice in not just got to just today updates and was on every ten minutes what you. Going back that was your game and what you want it that -- -- has always been to do full time club a couple of -- always been but I felt like. You know I've selected talk show on driver it was -- thing for me because first of all I've I'd like doing it second -- I never had a problem shooting from the quoting a yes. Can you point where yes I. This is radio so I can point to them. I -- like Derek Lowe right here accessed through the ropes. The -- -- -- that was that was it but I just didn't fit so. Ed I like the fact that I could say what I wanted to say. I didn't really feel like there was that much. I mean there was -- stuff -- the sweet we all this stuff that we couldn't. We didn't touch at times but they -- it was good for me to work for them because they had balls. -- -- doubles yet so mobile media and they don't have good thoughts and back then it's even back when it shows and be little looser. Very nervous -- -- news. Shows it. I would I was young pop man I was. You know I was -- Tibet's. You're coming up to a triple play play a lot of positions and why people via the posts you are going to be hi this is trying to slam oh era you know so but that you wanted to do you wanna do the other shows -- you know I really you know. Not -- so you other corporate opportunities or openings. Throughout your ten year a few different endorsement days have -- you know what I -- One of those regrets Sunday probably in retrospect there would have liked to have been passed via. That was I never realized. You know and really thought about much of my agents did but. I just ate it it was never so they wanted to do full time so to speak to that was one do other things via. Even though Jessica I was a full time job part time hours via. It's still felt like York and like twenty hours today because he didn't -- -- -- -- like that times are I like to the fact I got home sometimes by 11 o'clock -- in my day was over. But I didn't like the fact that a -- -- asset about a four Wednesday it's Sox beat you to go back this go back to a new. This is what we can reduce it touched on what exactly. It was all about me was all about my decision. -- they didn't I thought they get a little bit more resistance from the powers that be the old management. But I really didn't. Why why it's so listless. Was stunned yeah and didn't quite know how to handle it. And I think his hands are tied at that point in terms of may be helping. Enhance a package to action to maybe meet victims a little bit easier for me to stay. A part of me thought -- might get a little bit of -- you know a little bit of it has been in that area. But I didn't. And I don't maybe they didn't give enough time because I just blew the day my contract was up you know I left. I was there is people work through it can't. Exactly and I said and -- Maybe I should of I don't know maybe it was a mistake then maybe if you ask my wife formed when the when those checks the sexed up -- maybe -- was that you use your best it was a day that you have to feel good about yourself. It is Tuesday focused I felt I felt 'cause I left on my terms. And -- I was going to the blocked if people really thought about why I was leading at the time. They -- it it was not hard to figure out one there was a good play by play position in town that was open which was that was the knowing the pitchers oh that's right. So and you are optimistic I was very optimistic about that ship and I thought I had cover my bases very effectively and I did at the that it puts on the shelves he kissed it then why are you I guess I tried to play the property you yourself. Absolutely if you wanna call and I try to play the political game would you have to -- those jobs. So yeah it's it's cutthroat and it's all about who you know on how to open the capsule so I I thought I'd. Was -- that wrote pretty well. And that was that was the job I want it so what you after year you're saying that's what mine that's absolutely. And you know unfortunately there on the other station. So I had to I had to. Go that way to depart I had to depart. To make it easier for me to get that ship that was it win now with a guy that now pot shots OC. -- -- So you look -- Seventeen years -- may -- the -- user grizzled veteran in the college ranks -- he worked his way apple wasn't like they hired at 26 year old up the street and god love me will be paid his dues big time. But I thought I might have a little ledge because I was already in the marketplace already had a brow. And Ari head the you know pretty good marketing strategy -- and they did they go to -- going back through the decision. To me they were actually more -- year do you think that that they were just saying we don't need that part of the show. Obviously it was a mistake because many hands in there now and he tried other people before that but he said you know what we can just put him Joe Schmo. And I think they knew. I mean at least -- -- -- that I think that there is of vital part of the show and that's why he was more upset that is the deal GM was. -- hit him in the face when they when they went to the parade of people they brought in try to replace yes that and goes. Now did not then it's. It's a special type to take the bullets -- mistake if -- -- to do a show around. You know if they still wanted to quote flash guided do. Creatives flashes and to be funny and to be a little -- and today. Pick on John and Jerry a couple of shots -- is hurt mean news it was so much more than last thing is it is. It was for real but it was a different congress was absolutely -- -- I think. A couple people describe it when I left. Even weathered friends or just even people in the street would say you know why you guys worked so well is because -- like the little brother. It yet and you. You are willing to except whatever that we know whatever comes your way I never took seriously I never did I always left here at that did you know what. So I made fun of myself and it's -- summit I was not. The instant bright and has continued not to be instantly opened. Where where it's -- when you go because it took awhile. To take from the time where you rule out the time. Mates -- came senior authors are particulars. At least six months yet so you probably sitting next. Me April. That. The -- work you know listen in -- remember the first week. Job would text and Jerry attacks in you gotta come back this is awful. You know we can't find anybody this is terrible ones. I I know I never was one to say you won it four or maybe it shouldn't you know I'm I'm I'm full speed ahead and -- -- -- -- you're on that's on this -- I've known for a little bit and I can tell -- you always. Look for a creative thing to do next it's important to me people in this industry the plate plates -- and I understand why. Because jobs are absolutely and I've come to trust me there's been days -- over that you know is lucky that we on the to make a living and there's been some dark. Couple days for -- was the darkest. Public. You know I mean. -- with the that's a good question that Pakistan in my life in your years you think I walk the darkest might have been the data using the pages that was that was tough. I was really hard because you -- okay what Lloyd observed with a friend at launch I got a call and the management ignited -- yen. I was buried -- via in the you know I literally had to leave the launch. They'll use him -- a couple days before I had gotten a call from them saying we need. We need some more stuff from you were given -- the patriots. Which I thought was a great -- yeah it's kind of like the finals whatever -- final to funnel three I'm on the five yard line I'm almost there. You know I'm like what immediate stuff from him in you know -- -- give me everything I mean that you need to stop -- -- and -- tough whatever so I didn't. Who knows you know those jobs are weird those does a string it's it's unbelievable really it is and admired you for saying that's what do. Because it was one of the things on my list that I felt like I won't always wanted to do. A team that I grew up with Villa and yet that's not the Red Sox about the -- -- the -- it's about the Celtics. Bruins had to stop the big hockey background. But what your best. What are you best -- to argue pro apps I'd probably -- -- -- house. You know I pick -- over the years I think I've gotten much better basketball. Yeah Philip basketball might be my best part when it do it for play it is hard and I think football. Football's a rhythm and you really need. And analysts to be him because and I have a great relationship so it becomes easier that way. But if you don't have a good analysis of radio football probably it's tough yet. It's difficult jobs oh so it's all about the timid that's another thing I feel like. When you're doing play by play now -- and it drives me nuts. Is TV play by play guys. Who. Talk too much should describe tell me that there's a ground ball to shortstop I don't need to knows Ramos shows and I can -- I think that's what personal. I don't know -- And. I think he he gets into it yeah he has a radio background the athlete he -- in fifteen years later he's still almost. And that it's top in you've done TV and radio I'm pleased that it's difficult it's. In an ID. I don't know what I'm doing. -- a few times pointed. In six and crap games last year -- Radio. But the the criticism like ours you -- to right but you know how I feel it -- B this is about me for two market share. When I feel like this is what they're paying needed to. You know right -- that like let -- prequel I was an analyst they're paying you to bring information that we don't know right but still a big -- this policy -- -- -- there really is not the total note the note that you never told me. The nit wits on Twitter off Colo -- and I. I write to your degree assault David David I never thought they did it held the job and I sat on the I think you were doing when I was I was still here who appreciate it yet. Despite. It was. Gateway is the third one pricing I don't know what I'm doing it's true. Buy it I'll say this to agree NASA was re not telling you what to do ever told me to do. So yeah you'd have to learn -- -- fly a little bit by the way I approach it meter that I'd say hey I went through my head with the information. And -- There Stewart goes by that you can over prepare as well and they feel like you're paralyzed by -- the numbers yet haven't all that story. An interesting thing because ID. I would like to re issue like John Marshall law and he would come down this spring training of -- And he would always do -- returning game two -- -- -- doesn't. And he would suited that kitchen table for three days at -- uses like 34 days between games with -- cards in everything. In an active. Schools and stuff legislative read it and let the game tell the story and you could -- it's -- have stores look at your Vin Scully you do in the game by yourself. That's great that's what that's it that's who he is he's built an empire on that but. It's hard I think from like dom doing the pocket for ten years under -- whatever was four years. To go into TV in 2000 in his first game was a day or Nomo thrown a no hitter this and we -- your monitor Russian. I called in the next day to apologize -- it's really really took over the top secret diversion and when else you're called to apologize because sometimes. I know. On the other station like you going get ripped or whatever I know people. Have a relationship with people and via the kind of sit there. Man and take it one the other people who don't know ripping you please visit yet to call besides he was probably the only guy. One -- -- I really thought about it though it badly though is for one day that goes through reports retirement. At the garden and we -- all kind of stupidly you know doing our frat house type his daughter's very attractive yet and we kind of went over the top a little bit of that -- and we all. Got a little bit of brush back for management now. But let me beat probably more so from mismanagement or for our program and into our debt and in. He's a friend like it's an -- a friend of mine now we're fine now yeah I think. In the aftermath there was not looked upon economic that you know it is when you get in there and you can. Speak for everybody Niko can also say everything that you -- So you comic cot sometimes in this. Yeah yeah that is exactly what four. -- -- it's have a gray area but. The that was -- I felt badly about but Tom let's go back this -- the play. UG UBC the BC football BC basketball. You did after her. You left years you do it costs for our SARS last year as it was just the ones Bob Scioscia ironically enough for wasn't coincidences science notes. Got the pitcher's job he left used to have Pataki yup. And they called me in Saturday you wanna fill in for Tony -- games censure is I'd done many years in my hoosiers it sure Steve fighter. Dusty is gone Jeff levering is the -- now it was -- right last year. Yeah right and it just was great and you know I just -- primarily I went to one road trip in the arm. -- -- as long -- it's I mean I've cited had done baseball in a while because amid the here and there -- -- game but not like on a consistent basis tonight. It is just you know I mean it is a privately you do some in the spring training games. -- -- of Twitter final note -- not -- -- good way to pass those gators. -- went -- the numbers change their recruiting. Here's something else I elected Steve you do. Which is one of the things I like about doing -- the way it did the TV over the radio. Wise you get a chance to talk to people before the game the noon normally you would never strike up a conversation. But -- the writer when you're typically talk to somebody. It's four I gotta get this story Don and that's why right -- it. For radio TV and despite the BC football with my BBC basketball and use -- sites. Before the game you can ask these guys anything -- because you know you can drop it in the -- I try to do that the united limited duty last shoot guarantees -- it was right. I -- toxic -- he is awesome it's in the in the dugout with them and in -- I sat there and we talked for half hour just about it and it. And you know -- that you felt comfortable with him he made you feel comfortable in in -- not necessarily go -- Jesus Salinas told me this -- QB like. Oh well this is gonna -- this is what they're looking back or not. To tell Webster's that Webster was pitching that day western is that throws fastball -- -- -- and now. Bingo. Think all -- Gary deserves its old it was poorly -- you know it's an -- and loves us. So that was that that type of the the visit doubled the post. That that's valuable I mean that's. Sometimes I don't know listening to it any broadcast Joseph broadcaster in America there's a lot of games aren't they can wedeman disguise sounds like he's just enemy alien and -- And it -- doing that job I've always told myself from you know -- so far from whoever coma black. I gotta give the audience something at least once in awhile. Other preferably every night so -- I don't know yet no regrets about it right in also everyone's well being. Yes. Absolutely that's like about your your BC broadcast -- you guys. It's a -- it's it's a talk show it's also but is a flurry of stuff but you can also laughed a little bit. Absolutely definitely that's always been my my ammo what -- so you're so you -- yup a home run calls of the touchdown call -- that that stuff just kind of I never -- -- a dark no thinking of it now and I know Reno. No. What your -- what was your best against the football all the hoping take about took off first article that was. I don't know why I need to catch phrase but. I feel comfortable like it's a -- do whatever none yet to make everybody happy but the one thing that it has done for me is people. C music take wow. You know it's it's -- to -- that. Election that would never had equated dissent touchdown DC right now to dale latitude dale that day after I did it was not. Thrilled with -- -- not ours. -- -- -- six -- Since they also realize you know I was stunned but it. Is itself Ingrid aggrandizing may be I don't know what sounds like a Laguna John Sterling every two seconds here is Maria you know it is -- it. You talked about oh. So grand rising whenever it's. This is part of the -- is we we have to account for its entertainment apps edged him at the base it's entertain. -- Also win when you talk about the basketball and football in the baseball. Witches. You said it basketball you've gotten better but it basketball I've progressed to where it may be my best sport right now. Yeah I think. And he's never starting and I wasn't as comfortable basketball. Because I too. I don't know whether it was a team from rules standpoint there's so much going on during the game that's when he really -- is that basically the analysts. An equation doesn't where he talked like for you. He he talks relief for like five seconds behind many are out. It's it's it should be baseline to half court. This is their time you tell well in order. Would be doing now I don't Abrams now I -- Obama -- a lot ducks could via via as adults did some work for an island am hoping he does more by it. Yeah no line is available food both those guys did an -- -- is great release it that's where they people. Worked to Delhi were from the Donna you were regret what took a big egos if you'd have to get caught. Arguing you take over rated the Celtics. I think you'll necessary here I think you're well. The committees is you know I techies. This part in the probably Watsco target the -- gas and the department won the -- -- the open which was bizarre about it because he really didn't have that much baseball you -- days well -- But -- the deficit that. I don't get that because here's a guy really hadn't done baseball before. Opening his -- did you get that. The book because he -- them for three games last year to yours or not he's definitely that's what you want to do I think I think that. I think that there was a semblance. There was some uncertainty was the Celtics now. So there was a semblance oh well I I I am I can really use baseball really. I don't know. After I mean in those that -- -- Kosher was rumored for the patriots Mike based on wants. That's never done football before you know -- -- don't know where that's coming at you don't know their front leverages situation these meters. These jobs are very hard again. There and so your current position yourself the past week and in when you do -- you get so that's one thing I'd say it though this whole industries are. It's changed I think so much over the last. Decade yeah. It is it is once you get now. The it's hard to get back in. The point it is good point -- -- now I think you've done an excellent job to try and what you don't you've done what you wanna do you kept doing it in. And the cubs still try to break through this class ceiling amends you know it. I -- on talking to some big networks about what about polite but at some point is that you don't you -- now I've always -- could never gonna be an accountant errors you know go to would -- an office job -- if you do because like this much lower level with college kids -- you know our kids have got to college a couple of years ago. For sports -- slightly everything now are the ones you today all my friends make and that and I have to get a real job. Then once you get -- I tell it like back in and two to ten to two point of the electronic media to the radio and TV. We've seen here meter when guys who. Our -- haven't been successful view big and now like now. The award award and a bowl if it's hard it is art and his are obvious he's you you really do have to state. Somewhat in. And especially the -- I think its in depth look like. You know I just got to -- guess -- I'm not more while I have no idea law right I can tell. Millionth time auction about. The fact that -- -- -- -- -- -- and a perfect fit it into it. A -- does a defense. Like what it really goes in there and they say you know would be really give it. You know would you give a little over centuries -- religion is -- Acts. Are. So they can I love them you know but -- that was a big hit for me because -- actress or I don't get it. I really don't. I never had never did the zoo's old Edison calendar NASA and thing. That's what that's what yeah that was -- that was the bizarre. It is the whole thing was bizarre enough that relationship but it still is Kirk goes on talks about Comcast. -- really try to nurture this relationship now and then they were when it's what you guys write. And I don't I know Comcast one of the show right I think the -- management over there was. Upset the that it did it will listen I mean. From our corner of the world. Comcast the little discussions where it weighed down wrote about this merging of the Comcast website when it was starting. With W guy and Nazis sent off the relationship there. Was no wait wait on the road yet. It fell apart at the end. And that's when the Nelson thing and now by your right it's I agree I think that you should be what. Yeah I know I mean whatever amendment and it's our grips on my part but that was. That was a significant -- It is it is I mean I love to go I love it -- I've always wanted to do a little suited them sort of now life is great New England it's a little different it's. It's as kind of a lifestyle show we do focus on sports. Personalities events. Traveling this was in LA is yeah you just talked about -- -- -- I am and I'll say it again for you mean good for you do fun stuff. Yet it's it is fought and it's I was in Saint John for a week I mean it was. Saint Thomas to boondoggle the unity of people who would who moved from New England now business is down there who. There was a -- -- that it was blue dogs have been. Out probably. That was my life with Dennis and Callahan -- Jones who you know also do and -- -- John Yomiuri justice. So explain to me how exactly this is going to work I have a couple questions of how a person while I was gonna work. It was very difficult I had to adjust to my first couple games a few weeks ago and for a company called -- world sports -- Tuesday. Another company that says trying to a number one sport its system of just starting to emerge there. They used to be. I think primarily based in Japan but they've brought it here to carry. Two Japanese Baseball Chinese basketball Russian hockey -- HL yeah so the doing. Trying to americanize it where a guy like me sits in the studio calls the game -- broadcast yourself yeah. You know I did I -- Europe trust me and edit it you know by the way it's 5 AM -- Landowners. Where -- -- station with -- to Susan Stamford Connecticut. Yes so I stayed down there is obviously but I had to get up it was worse than enough for Dennis gallon at the army's next question games. In his yard. But my -- producer Bryan Gordon -- is needed to produce. Has been doing it for awhile now so he knows every pretty much every name so he was in my -- saying I would like any good broadcaster should I had done a little research via psychotic. Had a general idea but they're not as bad as you think -- Russian hockey might be an issue. That being licked every time -- see him medical wise. Here now -- knees he's whipping up these names yes it's this the tees up to Larry on to. You know it's but. Again Joseph Phelps running an -- used to run -- comment city on to a few games as the chair so it's it's another kind of via. Think the challenge of solidarity Americans and yeah there was. Oh you boy oh Vladimir back is fine. Had a not that that's not that I know that's your yeah. Wladimir Balentien remember him he's not American enclave reassure put the Seattle. -- the American that was planned the other day after -- The couple relievers like -- Baghdad we'll show you close was this back over here he's injured mind. Nicholas is planned for. The Golden Eagles -- playing for the Eagles Eagles also. Harbored the mystery the well yes and you didn't need to use their front. In the polls -- audience are people knew you'd do it right runaway credit. -- you and I have those rumblings of protected. By the year and that's our -- fractured -- -- -- yet it's I think he's missed Missouri yours. I -- was Oklahoma. Really -- ActiveX and that this from abroad to cut -- we earthy touch -- with the pots are excellent debut today. Babies the -- I don't know that we talked about it a brighter colors are fantastic now. Fantastic yes if that's what does does he gets it he's the past I loved it because you know we talked about it's a couple wants is an -- said the you know it's all about working -- a lot of guys to stick to place the okay I'm in the majors. But no yeah yeah yeah you are but you're not. That doesn't mean today meter that's the thing that amazes me being around those guys ambient toll seers is that. In ideal worn out after game or two games whatever and those guys -- and -- -- joke it's. These justice on the plane with music today he since writing out all the notes over and over the preparations. And Dave like you said every single it seems like that's seems like. Mean so much him. And I know detects a lot of the music Johnson missed shots -- him. It seems to have people like I like this because every single thing. Happens seems like it's important to -- that bright that it everybody has their style and -- -- the law that was yes yes it every day do absolutely. I know everybody thinks -- -- -- -- his socks he's so I don't know his doctor about you know everybody for the most part guys we mail would love sports yet. They all secretly probably wanted to do it but never could pull the trigger super and now they're get -- Hundred times more money that I am but I don't know if they're necessarily happy via. Men right near me if you're doing your job to -- In -- you sit match there. You know yeah no idea now have no clue and that's I always felt confident in my ability to you know just let -- yeah. And the fact that you can. Elect the Bo Jackson. Boy that's the first I've ever to tell them what he gave Cutler put up or is that if it -- you view your institution. -- look at me via this link you to the Swedish Swiss what to do the crotch chop. -- But yeah and I think that. It -- takes on the way you do witches. The play by play being in the race I've enjoyed -- Top facts and -- low -- a place where we work but that's the that's -- is a good morning show. It is that sort of comes down missiles -- I think we've lost. Now be the -- The industry entertainment that is right total -- -- and we talk about play by play. And her team. -- we -- we weren't gonna sit there for four hours today breakdown Andrew smiley vs -- -- now it's not gonna happen you know that's happening. It probably looks Stewart's shows to a thought that throw is quote -- that's -- -- rescinded hours sometimes during the breaks we talk obviously. And it's like what makes a good show is the fact that. Is Jerry said you you're talking about stop the people are talking about street the people. Now Joseph blows talk about bird all yeah. And I didn't know -- dole was four days ago but now -- -- know -- that's topic number one around the water cooler. Almost on BP's. Actions on past and its wholly I don't know why at least accurate. Getting. -- where I thought what if I want to target and from outlook when I tell you could talk to anybody. In my -- past and they tell you growing up. The one job they always knew that I would be noted it was these sports to deal -- the -- and why I was. PA announcer westernized I was at all to tellingly PA announcer. I. I was prefer all swimming basketball. And what's my athletic director when I was. In -- story tellers. I was in high school yet. And I said I wanna beat you PA announcer for football -- in the stimulated and heads. Sick when he talked about like I wanna do -- And so that's what it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get the football player booklet out and once that's kind of like that's that's in the media for all media guide yes. You have the other pamphlet yet the it's like. Greatest Jewish athletes -- to figure -- what but through united Ithaca and then you go to you write notes Charlotte. She struggled -- did I did the afternoon show with the house. The gimmick for all the third guy -- so to speak with the big show in Charlotte right. It was the scene to show. Now but we tried we have the wireline and it was chipper he drew is very popular. That's what they're about Charlotte now even I can go back there. You know. Fifteen years later people's government in which is bizarre. He'll take. -- -- -- the take a voucher. And it. I was just the flash guy and I was doing -- -- -- show -- basketball would be Jack there's not a voice of the watch. It yet -- and debris. Days ago -- right so you go to do. You go to Charlotte and how did you come back appears -- Jerry doing a story for Sports Illustrated was on a showdown there in -- aggression a bar -- And he I crushed him like I threw bush -- at him like you and I knew his background of African -- on. And use he was his head was spent in stardom like strong like making fun about it. NASCAR and you David I made fun of it without him. And he's -- -- Alex -- is a comes up the visas. Governor remember -- -- -- -- you know Mario's Mike -- 2.3 years old is like not be among give me a number on the call it. Mike OK showing off for five months later. David for notes Callahan who -- -- c'mon often would start a morning show a -- Imus in the morning. We really wanna talk to about giants. Won -- -- you -- -- so I was stunned but a long story short. I had trouble getting out of a contract initially because my boss in Charlotte. Would let me go via. Which is just again another story but finally -- interesting for this Chanel Carolina but finally. Let me go. Couple months later I ended capturing audiences -- -- job opened. And thirteen years their party's humans thirteen years what was that show like that like the first day. I wasn't there for the first that was stolen Charlotte -- announced when you first -- -- started his. We -- try and everything plan and it's we know we were -- those guys came in from day one I mean -- there on ten to twelve in the they've moved the -- I think there -- there used to did pretty good chemistry but I came in I was so green man I was afraid to say anything initially. Our captains. I just. I used to wanted to play by play there. At that point. Now orders bought back the mean you're going -- -- Kelly scenario years I was doing I want -- you played excellent I suggest a wolf my goal harvested now elect the first week on the -- -- -- I really wanted to do. And it was a time BC BC football Abbas spokesman told. So eventually. Days ago what it was there any other player I've played Johnson's -- BC. Football football during your time year. Where you who almost you almost. I do it here I did. Why did Harvard for applauded Harvard basketball I -- like I'm talking about. Window from the reds are all it was a timer. You mentioned John rich and I thought that. That would have been a good job for the I don't know maybe it was the tendency to think those 2 valuable for the morning show that was injured and I mean your cause your developers which -- But I think Jerry and do do noted in the first -- that was said. -- the do our show and it's viable or when you can you know I think they were work men that John Jerry would have moved yet but I think Jason wasn't -- Big picture on the yeah. One reason the other you like that that one night. Would have liked it -- you have to open up some Majorly work yeah. I think the guy give credit to John parish is it speaker is easily. Use prison it was probably something similar view is that. You -- him as much as he once it is going to you know it makes me happy it does it no it's good for him to do that I was kind of surprised that he did leave but yeah. But you know it it's it. The book again a lot of the base of the -- -- when guys leave. It's the bottom line and there's not much money -- made. You know that yes the kind of dries up yes it is so it's if that's what your goals to make a lot of money it's probably not gonna happen here. What you what this is this is this is. You're doing more for this podcasts in this podcast use you right now be perfectly view by that I -- you put that this little little little have you nature there is a great we're open to -- always enjoyed working in the -- -- yes I meant to mention this week that -- ago those days in crisis for right after -- off the it was and you're filling the cup now in. Point. -- -- the great show you talk about entertainment. It was easiest job in sports all that's right -- this so there was nothing. That -- nearly one. And so it's a summer -- summer day we did. Not -- stated this mobile and all but the phone lines you know I'll follow that news it was easy conversation -- In and we get on -- like I figured so I have a lot of fun doing an active in the car. It's. You know people some people. There because he didn't think of it doesn't blow it you that I had seen that show old guy. Two days ago in the Red Sox clubhouse. Because you're gonna yes it because become law. It is you in ways we were talking about football hockey which is Alex past. -- -- Bulls are now passing game at work ethic was there. And camper next contract on Monday decade. These -- sport. It is the practice squad -- Which is exactly what I said that was there with the -- but I think with his name in his practice squad fodder for the patriots yes that was my -- But what I remember -- -- -- what is it you don't get the most call you the both go for -- job sports. Can Walter. You know Guerrero younger not yet -- -- didn't even mention who you Guerrero and calls were due to agree about it. Practically it's X that's pretty good gas as it used to be -- sentence. These ups and then again I think the east Adams worked hard. -- -- still there now is not yet back surgery in -- member. Named executive. When time I want the story on you know is fine passed in need this. And -- -- he hired you falling asleep on the -- now and -- -- community. Of course it was -- about amenity that's a good call them might go by all accounts used -- Pitcher so anyway but the question is that Tom Cruise is sure -- it seems very sure you. 60. No no no no bigger than 57 recently I had the -- -- -- actors he's in good shape it is not Jack but -- -- elected they're athletic -- idea. Did the good the what they talked about cruise in that setting was he was. He was happy users not power you know escorted Jimmy Kimmel leads the maybe it's putting on airs but. Use Yale school of people who chicken guys and randomly -- I was kind of -- it received in wire yeah it wasn't a decked by -- if Theres like kicking around. During the playoffs plus -- Travolta. He sure guys yet he sort all -- what I hear now you know nobody. Here's the thing about those type of stars you know to be a bit even athletes they're nice the little people. Says a lot of -- a capsule is funny if we go Q was this all over the place last -- and he's sure. Like not I don't think he's sure his crew is not a short cruise by for some reason you have this image though. John Travolta being like 62. Dominant big now. Hollywood stars that's why haven't broken now you dust them off yet to market its profits like 55 it but he I was going to want to Munich on week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On -- while via you can cheat on you know to be into it they -- eighth in Q is there. At least part of the American music and pictures with people though so a couple of Jamie Parker Harris -- on the it was a most famous -- -- -- taken it to. -- Probably the -- minute. These you know -- larger than life right now elected. And a little. As I said -- the other day you discovered Kirk minute dogs that he meant that you'll like. Let's that you're politely. And now -- they're really famous baseball scouts. If it's. Going to be so -- you know who basically still a -- would be crap. Yeah trying to -- not built like a -- relate to the debt has just always are more like time. Items often. It's a meteoric rise now that he admitted to the mentality just brushed it off reside with the go ahead. One of those at a whole other podcasts baker and -- success my favor both most famous person that take a picture was probably. -- -- -- -- -- It's -- say this that this isn't our sport alive for mobile quarterback. I've ever had like -- the ever -- sheepish about. Like last year at last year and right now with down. The Phillies. And it's an athlete especially -- hate it pitchers but of this someone like it to the -- with a cute from the San. Analysis this acceptance. Amongst -- -- I would love he was a PC a couple of years ago someone there and I didn't. To meet him I really want to some people front now what -- deal news spoke to do that but there are certain. People which I think people understand goal line from San epic line. Now who do puzzle of the cell and I gotta match before you know. This is the longest podcast and he had -- history. I'm doing its -- professional. -- that's still. Professional across Boston cannons and Harvard stadium Comcast sports net to employ about political last year when atrocious and I don't know which is slips mom died when it should because I love the sports stars is artists started. I'm doing my next game is June 21 a dual home games aren't that and a another added this give it to the beginning -- great athletes and Alia. These guys are legit it's totally -- 28 years a whole lot of you know Johns Hopkins and Syracuse and Virginia. The ball does not drop now. The playing basketball on grass it's -- with -- hitting it's the beyond the back you know from fifty yards oh my god this -- they have the guys in the back and ahead this want to -- already able. Who's news W yet to come worthy of the story about. He's the most famous. Whose -- he is the -- Davis. Well it's illiteracy facts -- because he's the only guy that really makes money. He's the face of professional lacrosse -- money a million bucks -- year he -- the which is why its interest because such as American you know eighty grand. He's in his shoe named after him the warrior the league -- -- -- -- It would be easy for you to go to to go to because Jerry's sitting answering phones are -- he's in Baltimore eleven beautiful Condo in the -- But -- his caters to these kids these kids you know it shouldn't. It's shot as the -- hard -- shot in the process. Plus -- for a this is what -- that's very interesting. I find it -- regular this is what I like about with how many people in this. But this has been the most money most enjoyable authentic you have done a -- occurred. -- thanks. So be everyone's a winner because I really enjoyed it number now on. And you get a teacher in -- I would do yours yet. Also Europe as I told the new novel the novel was last podcast -- Diego -- -- -- yet -- read the excellent history and you look at that as -- mentioned it the land it's our analysts. Are weird thing. -- -- you know what it's the sport of the -- like across. Earliest because wrote in and you. Analysts in this in this -- if you want this moment -- if you want listened listened. That's that's it but are adamant teacher at the European. While my body feels -- -- it's perfect -- my European blood than from Israel that will fulfill that Alberto else partly thanks for -- hey rob hopefully I'll see you soon we will. Substation to be determined.

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