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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Bergdahl update 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys had an update on the Bergdahl situation.

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Where is this to have the numbers with. The back this up here it is right your headlines is in fact the highest rated segment. On WEEI that's brought -- by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better net higher than lighten the ninth inning -- a tie -- it's such yankees at 202 in the morning mrs. Obama. The regular time game. That question I have people's abilities on the street. In state. I am most headlines -- know it was -- it to say that -- ever gotten you suck yes. Yeah I got my first real negative guy a couple of weeks ago it was Matt. Will religious people yet for the Wallace and real you know zealots and yet yeah that's the one strong work real believers. He says I. Can't listen you're showing more because your feelings about Jesus. For. You -- all it's also you know we were accused for years and no one would do. Challenge me he -- It's not it's me to reduce all the time it's not the extent that you do like -- -- -- -- the war room now Holland Tunnel and I've never much too short. Exactly what to north audience can hear is how I'd probably this is how as a pie plate -- -- admits to talk about that's my boy I'll talk to me is the it's rough the days like -- it's it's sad that he's not here full time yet she's perfect he loves baseball loves the Red Sox and he doesn't care about politics or. News or at least isn't it but he can tell some -- stuff didn't -- as you say he bounces and weird as you are right -- and as the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Weird name he talked about a girl ten bucks to this. The should restore our good friend shocked look on when nude beach with your father I now have these weird Telus my -- -- -- Modesto great. -- a third -- or at least go to the news that is just a ground. -- had a stroke through more than Bradford. Two bullet Brad Bradford and get the only one of Israel for daddy -- a -- -- -- -- that is the open not you know good the first once the special emphasis or what. -- -- and I yelling each other yesterday was over don't believe Greg Gumbel -- Everybody agrees on both worked -- well we're still waiting at the idea that's Obama goes over because I do know Bobo Obama's promise everybody agrees on the New York Times CNN. Usually these. Defenders of anything he does the Taliban once. This they said they're gonna start kidnapping more people. Worked out so well this is from James Rosen Fox News Tuesday this is not one of these whacko to mean maniacal right wing knows us this -- -- US army sergeant -- bird fell one point during his captivity converted to Islam. Fraternizes opened his captors. In the -- so they warrior for his recordings secret documents prepared on the basis of a ordered purported eyewitness account -- obtained by Fox News it's impossible Africa goodness he converted to Islam. Mean can he -- he did it just to save his life the document -- per adult one point -- captive for five days it was kept. Artistry capture any metal cage like an animal an additional reports detailed discussions prisoner swaps. And other attempts at a negotiated resolution the cases appeared to of -- has released the fall 2000. The reports a rich. EDT including on the counties and location of the command -- re in the two -- rotation used to guard Byrd dole. And present the most detailed view yet of what for tools like over the past five years and like that's pretty damning. And again we ask this James Rosen has these reports. But Barack Obama and Susan Rice and they don't have -- in the cabinet in the -- regular at these they didn't know that he converted to Islam. He's broke his father did Brody from moment to be -- -- to lose control. -- baccarat on all the money is not that. Which is numbering about the father the father though wasn't even settle. -- all these new lover Obama -- and they IBM (WSJ) . Through right now in her homeland which is not getting naked. But to what she had she was pregnant last which a lot. To review the -- -- wife voters who are some space ship movement she was on the show we order from the -- -- an intern named marina baccarat on Friday although that -- -- -- homeland rewind. The crap out it does not know still it still does because it was the first it's been in Fargo. -- -- -- up -- Pardo had such as re definitely done better that I -- list of far far article Pargo had. Much Fargo had the unbelievable twists. The other on the secret twist accurate with the homeland comeback love and it's not political cronies that would -- home. That was a great crosscourt out as powerful to be honest and actually hung -- watched one for the the show sucks it doesn't it's over you what I missed that Monday night don't tell me what happened this guy is a couple hundred guests Jack it's a truckload that was -- -- and -- -- -- which -- got a cool low. -- what's her name. One on. Bad skin you saw you on bond so Borowski Iraq -- -- -- who is the -- sexy issue yet. And abroad and she'll -- it to. She's abruptly his a couple of times as mr. scheme it's nice thought it's not passes and it is not as good as it once was but still it details degree. It's still it's out of -- showed was in new show it's editions now it's it's it's -- in July and debatable enemies at the -- serious news to get to -- -- headlines unbeatable. I -- a couple of W what is -- to have a full time -- a couple of laughter. Yes and I can't. Those are overlap I know I was trying to Bustamante lured you to secede -- have a lot of us. Well sort of not really sick companies get naked on the showed that people laugh. When he audience -- it's nights like Curb Your Enthusiasm is no. Curb Your Enthusiasm sit com so thank you sitting -- the commodities and I it's it's a sit com now it's not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know anyways. Dateline Normandy France all this story again today is a big day if you if you up and online yet if you knock on Twitter. I gotta say there's lots. This is one of those days where Twitter is useful yes I -- you. You wake up you see pictures from seven years ago today unbelievable when we stormed the beaches in Normandy at dawn. And one of the bulls this most incredible. Most significant. That underrated meter events yes senator Roberts for like eight moderator yes. I'm Tanya it's if you if you just think of Britain. That's nice. Read about read about it and try to grass practice and that's what's the best book every. Two good question. What is FaceBook is great. The guy -- grow up you know. She's what's the Cole yeah just -- fears the old. The old -- -- -- -- he'd give -- some more you don't talk -- Stephen Ambrose. His book and it is great that's a good one you know I don't know they're good he's good buddies and I played him. Well what James Bradley as the best you know where award to -- but there from the Pacific to flags about father write a book and fly boys. Which is awesome we're gonna say what Stephen Ambrose who won. -- -- -- -- To go below are a lot of these books and I don't mean that we -- laugh track in the books no I just one vivid did. It is today is today today's the day seven years ago today and I'd kind of market myself on. Luckily. Veteran of Normandy at my mother is nursing home and his name's frank. And he's sudden vote I think he says obviously. Eightieth -- eighteen. And it's amazing -- there with a guy who stormed the beach Normandy and it said. In oh what was that like and nominees he was in the Higgins blow me. You know -- -- most of the guys is with died they -- -- rifles and go go. That's. They were 171819. And I'm not one of those who thinks that we don't have those kind of men anymore. You know we do there in Afghanistan. In -- day today right they were in Iraq -- -- -- all around the world we have guys like you know Markus -- Pat Tillman and you name it we have. Heroes will like Jared Monti a mean talk about a guy who would have been the first guy out of that boat to stormed Normandy Jared Monti. Was one of those guys so it's not like -- make him anymore. But the sheer numbers. And the siege. And the coverage is something we haven't seen in seventy Selena right and there's no chance that I would assume none. Will survive in a lot of -- a -- -- courage guys didn't so by the chance I think Jeremy -- received -- right wing of the -- survive -- but -- had a price I would only -- no choice you know you would have no choice you'd have to get out of the -- you -- the ghost on the B I'll wait and got what you might actually I think I remember news that it. At Normandy the number of US culture -- casualties like six I was yeah that's right it's day. A day. You see on this point seven surprise documentaries -- does it justice but today. This morning their little ahead of us this morning. On Normandy GM he we might have acted like he'd been there before because he had been there before seven years ago Jim Peewee Marten. Jumped out of a plane and parachuted in to on the Normandy on to a standing on two Omaha Beach and believe. This morning. He is 93 year oh. And -- -- in the picture envelope we between the occurrence it's a great he is like 93 and you know he's a little guy. With huge. Columnists. Huge enormous brass ones you I mean I I couldn't do it I'm sure you could know who he's 93 and he did and -- endless. Bunch of young guys a bunch of no errors troopers guys probably still don't know who was there to congratulate him on the beach Prince Charles. Really hate but god bless them for this is -- much you know he's not a military man himself he understands that guys like to stretch and guys like Jim Peewee mutton and frank from the nursing -- -- They saved. They saved. -- -- -- -- The British empire -- this is in this is -- ten years from now that's a good -- notice that this is really it's a bunch of mull over their today in ten years from the eightieth anniversary I mean there will be -- won -- -- maybe one -- -- it will not be all that aware right in it's it's kind of sad but these we have Charles during which we should get to be able to come -- and -- least one thing they have in common code in my -- frank. You don't know until you someone tells you right never -- and -- boast that is true did not like you know John Kerry walked around a long ago. He -- -- -- -- the -- when he fought that he never would ever bringing up the issue brother two and and till they die and see the -- right -- holy crap we always -- just some random guy who's. 87 guys and you just these some guy who designs clothes celebrate read the story and -- look at the -- -- you say oh it's the bottom line and the greatest example one of the great examples Charles -- and he an active one knows Charles -- And that was a fine actor Austin Tutsi but it totally died. He was awesome and rescue me -- that's and Denis -- but until he died I -- you -- -- dogs were award to that -- whatever. He survived. Normandy and the battle of the bulge -- the -- and Agassi and -- on Memorial Day a couple of years ago. And in DC. Tom Hanks introduced him. And he had to make a speech in -- very emotional. But as he points out everybody was with tight right he survived and went on that in this great life in this great career. But didn't go around bragging about it didn't tell anyone didn't really fine though. What he did what kind of hero who was until he passed away was that. A year ago -- last few years ago as you have his you're Charles -- from 2007. From. Ladies and gentlemen. The distinguished actor. Mister Charles -- Hard. To describe Julio went through that day. For those of us. Who weren't -- when -- understand. There were frightened all the time. As sharp answer may -- some. Emotion yes I am. Vision that's good. Good good to be scared. He shouldn't we all. This kind of already turned to me. And he threw up all over me and I -- -- it. There was skip. An opinion about anything you're just thinking about. The hope that show -- -- You're gonna have this vote. Given the guy's pitching and a lot of action before. And after my first time. There and justice fashion as Iowa. And I was frightened to death. The sick man of my Bart. In the first and -- man got killed. First guy to -- went down and I. And I tried to leap over him and I stumbled -- We both slipped into the water. There are supposed to be able to walk. And to -- over the didn't bring -- far enough. And I -- sixty feet of water resistant to contact on. Bilateral ago. I was under the water. You can choose the bullets -- Yeah. Found -- you. But that was. I was afraid. Present and come up and -- a bullet coming my way. But I came up. And I didn't have a helmet a rifle and nothing. I hit the beach the guys pulled me and who were already there. I lost everything. But they shouldn't. Defined for any of them on the beach rifles and helmets that belong to nobody. Somebody know where we were supposed to know there's nobody in charge you're on your own. Well Iran refuel and being shot at this bodies all over the place. If you didn't know whether they were alive or dead and -- the just. Relying head. We got behind this attack to protect ourselves. We're holding our own when they called us over to them. I -- a sergeant you want me to go first it would do overs. He should you go persevere behind. I heard an explosion. He turned around. And his torso. Was here. -- thought it was over there. The show. Wounded guys. -- -- to the front of us to act in America's -- and protect us from getting hit. With their own money. -- -- -- Here come up and just let you know. Take the shot. -- for that up for the you have seen for miles. We're in this news inside the bodies which. -- reports. Floating in the water. The beach where it's covered where the bodies. From American soldiers. All of these circular fashion yeah mechanical everything that we got a lot. Of this stuff now. But he still went up once in awhile. And they showed there. I can't count how many in my browser in the cemetery in Normandy. The characters -- where. The real heroes.

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