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LeBron has cramps 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

Meter, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing LeBron's hammy issue.

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I was told. I believe everything you as Intel's bottom line a -- of sports and I'm told I was told LeBron James. Is not a human being. He's created like when -- movie cared. To. It looks like trance like robo cup I robo -- like Tom Cruise and edge of tomorrow yet -- is. Part machine part man apart robo cup -- when he -- that was Aussie goodness and that's a possibility that I don't think I got a question before all pile on LeBron as we will you know some of the bogus so people say the poor guy had -- -- some slack. But -- occurrence for you that real -- me. Never reached the point we have to be neat now that's got to -- Harry. I didn't like in bed and it a pop out of back stand up feels right. It's right it hurts but you know to cramp so it's not debilitating foot the foot crafts walks -- to crafts. And he's just feel it coming up from. Mean thicket that you're you know the world's watch and Condoleezza rule in the Reno want to but the whole world watched it. That you need to be carried. He needs. -- -- -- an advisor to explain him that that's a bad look. Looks looks looks look at the great players compare LeBron we did you picture any of them being carried off the court with cramps let's start. With Larry Joseph bird and you'd start giving me -- Ontario liberals and Larry Bird Stephen Smith told me was not give them. Right well Larry Bird gets carried off the court because like it's too hot the guy fell down shattered the bone in his face. Walked off -- came back half hour or back problems that's probably -- mr. And he couldn't sit on the bench -- -- LeBron ever reached that point where he's beyond a -- your -- Abroad -- in them -- superstars are beyond reproach obviously Michael Jordan and a world certainly Larry Bird. Magic Johnson and mr. tuchman -- too early everybody. As a player respected Magic Johnson that was no. -- there was -- cynics magic was phenomenal. There are certain guys Tim Duncan who's that way about talking about being the you have to be the greatest player ever. It's just your heart your your effort your your mind it's all beyond reproach you aren't the best player you can be. LeBron hasn't reached that point no idea yet when one is that I -- -- the game back. You yes I I think you can pick about different we view them after one do you stay and I don't back. I'll go back via achievement distorts their revert to Don let me go back at my age sing like we're -- historically not Nazis and say in Egypt's all of this lupus yes the persona and look at the in the you know even who's probably one of the greatest players ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got cramps I'm happy -- for -- grow at about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I expect him to walk off. The court of his own volition and come back in May -- -- my next question for you guys is this he says it means ball's descent he wanted to come back. I'm not buying and all of us so as I said you're not coming back of that sausage is coming back because you had. And it -- Kerr though never app and and never K I urge you. Are one of the overnights on -- -- said he's one risk Eric. Ireland or. So if you're a cramp and may be a totally wrong I'm not a doctor but. If you a cramp in a whatever if he said it was a whole -- a leg cramped at the same time. Letterman cast. Right he's got -- -- -- it's the place. It's like so it's just like -- ST -- -- an all. So but encrypt certain muscles right. So you have a calf muscle by muscle a lot -- a quad if things -- -- yeah he's adamant all blows on the left says -- He does hold left leg cramp but he got to the bed she drank his water he put ice in his neck and he was willing to go back in the game. Why would Spoelstra not put him. There's there's no way and -- it's easy lie to cover his -- now -- Moon don't know anything about this maybe goes to and you do damage to a muscle that as a -- if you go back in the game. Mean I've cramped -- 'cause bruising I don't know I have no idea doesn't sound possible doesn't pay us right now -- it's subject myself in the story but. In prep school we were on the road you're on clay court on the road I don't approaches to cut to Carell will bring him a monsoon which is never easy place to -- And I crept up late not say what the water came back play well. I'd never heard of cramping you know exactly on all the time. Knock -- out of the game forever. Do you notice I whoever heard of if we're -- the -- historically that's fine we can do. But the stuff counts. That's a discounts and you know what don't get the sense that you'll come back and you know the MVP this right MVP of the -- and I think. You get the sense that. It's gonna help. Obviously that would like that one. But the way they lost was like. -- they have they have something to prove he'd just gotten up if you missed that the San Antonio Spurs wanted to. With one of the all time great quarters all that it is war surged 319 Ron -- 319. In grass they scored 36 points in the fourth quarter. On twelve of fourteen shooting. They had twelve assists on the fourteen baskets in the fourth quarter so San Antonio put -- on the on the road just put -- away in the fourth quarter but. LeBron had to leave with cramping. And couldn't come back and apple say it was spot you have to sit under four minutes left of the air conditioning broke we saw well if you watched the beginning of the games. And it was -- that put ice in the Nixon went Powell's. And you know they have this built in excuse they were I think -- account. -- One person left the game perhaps at a superhuman. You know faster than -- says ask them what was Lamborghini -- Vegas a Mac truck receive a Mac truck may be in shape that's. Well I just asked these guys find out -- We need to hear that -- -- the chained to find their Brian when horses okay because. He ice and we was equivalent to rub that. Crap out of this guy gets the talks and not a clock yesterday no bride doesn't have to do that after the game is a part of his job. Look at port up and it's a completed by and so for well it's this it's appropriate sympathy cramps and historian as a Michael did it -- it. Now this story that's a smaller from an order -- -- considers -- will won a slam. Now it's you know there's a and and you know skip Bayless will knock him. And they will turn on skip Bayless and beat him with ax handle. Believe that LeBron was hurt I believe he cramped up but you come back in the game Spoelstra. Said that was the case and try to come back in the game you signaled place walters' book. At one point he was getting out with about three and a half minutes ago and I just looked at Macedonia and think about it. And you can't you can't move at this point. I don't believe that I don't believe it amid if he couldn't go back we still cramping that's fine that's one thing I'm not questioning. That but why would a coach signal. It may -- was worried about the the past and the fact that -- he was played by Elvis assault in the press up again he comes out again -- pass description -- -- -- -- -- -- -- passes -- is -- -- cramps -- -- that this might -- -- -- at -- -- -- but I don't know what you don't get it. I made again as it may be some medical thing maybe schools to talk to the trainer. And the trainer said. It could get worse you could Eric -- there was no -- there's no air conditioning in place and to be totally fair Larry Bird play his career. And one of the great air conditioned palaces in the bodyguard and usually 45 degrees in the summer right there during isn't it. Ironic that the heat couldn't handle the heat. Negative. And it couldn't have an -- Spoelstra says we normally of the hottest read. Because it's so hot and humid and humanness -- and I assume that LeBron like every professional basketball players played in eat a thousand. Now here's what is wrong he's led to a pool reporter we don't have this now because there's not an Israeli reported no it is not we in two hours it was the whole left leg. -- damn near the whole left side the best option for me was not to move. I tried and any little step -- nudge it would get worse it was locked up worse in my muscles spasm and out of ten. Brian when most rights that hot arena's our genes his -- -- -- wrote the I heard it right. As tourist hot and it won't be hot Sunday and he'll probably win by one. But the image and LeBron is a very image conscious guys he's not he's built like a Mac truck. Yet somehow. He can accelerate. Like a Lamborghini. -- -- -- That's the otherwise. Somber -- sober mark Schwartz but he said the SPN and when your ideas -- and you have to turn into a fourteen year old girl that Justin Bieber concert around LeBron. But LeBron had to know. That when he asked his teammates to carry him off. -- that image would go around the world by. This morning. Of course you damage the muscle. Cramp his -- full force cultures the muscle muscle is so much flexibility deport bears. When they say unity muscles transit normalcy could very easily -- muscle in that circumstance. You think trainer told Spoelstra he could there has -- well -- a. -- get current guys can craft all the time including this guy yet if you know he's gonna have cramps like in the stomach delete it per option that popped him with four well liquids after. The pumped everybody rivers mean you have his statement in Kokomo which he drank he changes uniform and don't have to. They make it off the court of your own volition right knowing at least you got a limp off the court -- -- -- it's a -- look better now. 97 Dijjer Gregory Campbell made an off the ice he's equally John John it's better. You can make -- -- to be carried off. No and it wasn't broken leg or or even a sprained ankle and it was -- I don't doubt he cramped piece that he plays hard he plays all the time. What is your leg ever cramped at the same time and a not that I know I mean -- never heard that anywhere else now and -- -- it. And now I have like 310 not a threat if you're online your -- twenty's the everybody's LeBron and now the -- Nicosia is caring in him being carried a off the you know on the officer Michael Jordan play with the flu and it was a seminal files well of course he was -- my gadget on the -- cramps. Took -- what do they don't come back and win. This will be the that -- -- members right I mean I don't know what's gonna happen next -- like San atone for 567 games. That you think. It's gonna go seven doesn't feel feels like it's all on it and there's an and at that 111 thing at the end that's right. Forget about the -- I want one more rigorous as the spurs win this game to. Can he beat them four or five he can beat them in my right. I don't see that happening and why when it bars. -- they're unbelievable they're going to be you know when I notice and I don't know. With the you know with the adjustments they can make the doesn't Duncan's doesn't seem like a no answer for Duncan. Yet earlier it's one game August Duncan nine for ten. Ethnic and nine for ten it was just too easy -- widened to more than ten shots. But it's also the it when you watch. A lot of times now it's which team gets hot from three point land which team can -- knocking down threes that would be on both teams. But it was Allen in the first five minutes thirteen of 25 on threes for San Antonio got love Chris Bosh who didn't pitcher don't they eat you said you know forget about the heat we turn the ball over 23 times. -- bottom line in Miami confidant an impact on his neck -- -- you did that's -- -- Mac is tough Jerry is -- -- to a man every guy have that Tony Parker did they have their air conditioning Europe no. Didn't bother don't know if -- -- believes doesn't isn't he supposed to affect the old guys more like Tim Duncan Ray Allen. Ray Allen she batted did they have -- to Cameron indoor I know. So you're looking at the text in the secret Toro that's happening half. Torn a muscle could've been a bunch of people saying that's not true it's crap -- never in my life hurt that you are muscle. I didn't cramp out and maybe it's related -- get. The doctor wants the callers on the team that was -- we get to know what's gonna happen today it's already happening I'm -- lag and he circled. Circle the wagons yes Campbell circle the wagons around their guy just the way. Boston the Boston media and those around him or not that's. Now not that's. -- that's that's tough but it's possible let's skip Bayless will -- -- says something like you know -- of Alamo he'll skip -- is can be -- ask -- -- -- bronze. And -- House -- -- that pretty volatile history and it shows on all -- right -- and PT -- almost will Kornheiser or will one and know now of course and -- around the horn crew and they will set up the straw man who says that you know LeBron was fake it. Don't -- -- -- and I just don't understand why if you Spoelstra and your stock fell the most important player in the Sears in the league says. I'm ready to go back in coach you say in oh. It's it's strange. To make any sense that it -- argued that the camera show that on trying to get up and sports -- single. So was he still cramping and couldn't move well media is totally cramped up -- you can move. If it's that puts that I thought -- intently you have levels of cramping and yet I guess. We -- doctorate. Sort of heat he just have that shut off -- commissioner. One saw Maria in. On the -- rate outlook that he says it. Basketball and it's it's it's -- -- over the current problem you have and they said that this was the -- -- things all the -- on the floor right -- -- -- and and that's happened to that Boston we all grew up playing basketball in the summer to play indoors it was it was -- -- -- -- communities -- a lot of pleasure -- -- you last -- but it and it wasn't a problem I heard -- towards say. He was at -- in recent crisis flippant in on the mind of an issue in the month stop the game. That was the case not keeps the body loose -- what we're Ray Allen says I loved it felt right now. That's another shot at LeBron might be who we might have my sharing medical dissension and nobody was critical conditions at all at cubic meters at fifty guys singles by Brian Brian when horseless. He says it's not that my god -- prime endorsement comfortable medical is no way -- -- seven it's his Kryptonite. It's it's. It's Superman's Kryptonite. But you're right even if you knew. It was a factor and hurt your team. It's just you know it's the temperature. You can't make that an excuse yet now it's not excuse for the spurs going on 31 run right you know what's excuse she couldn't. You know complete defense the shooters you could close at any green that he couldn't -- Tim Duncan. Is possible to the most under appreciated go to Boca post I don't he's not -- -- plane addict at the beach and it's so much now these now over ridges so you guys are so underrated or overrated. I placed says about Robert Parish. Mean his whole careers how underrated well at what point when you keep talking about a -- underrated easy -- He's -- fairly. He's he's -- he was somewhat version doesn't that Popovich is great coach named won a national appreciate coach's basketball. -- what depreciation appreciate you -- -- I don't appreciate how hard it is to shape the easy us now I know is if he wins coach of the year -- and occasional. If Tim Duncan stepped pulled out. I don't think would be saying what a great coach Gregg Popovich says affairs -- probably. It's a -- -- and stayed in the navy. Persons like pepper like that disturbed that this as the spurs and purpose but here. It's fire fire and took over lose them. -- But it bought it -- while Purcell was is that portfolio for correct they were go to who's in -- Tim Duncan most underrated superstar it's definitely the ultimate in San Antonio. Right so you're going to be -- secondly your style Mexico and most boring superstar have Borg was an -- they don't use -- -- via Memphis. Boring business like this -- and -- this and I forget when somebody said. Years ago in -- look at -- -- goes -- business he doesn't have tattoos. Sharon it's ugly -- -- this massive tattoo on his pack looks like. It looks like. Andy Samberg and that's my boy back. And I expect that it just doesn't. Mom's arms. Well on the back Jerry doesn't matter what it is when -- that. Salamander -- self. It's the selfish it's a picture of Mario speed -- -- Wednesday its advocates that Boston's first cover their first now. -- at. What was. Let's not Andy Sandburg once was new kids on the philosophy -- yesterday at the center special products and underrated movie that is under what is not out primates are. Does have this discussion I was territory -- -- -- Gerri great army -- it is it's the sick and smoke deck and still classic. -- base that movie which operate a data to its top stars -- -- around you have to it's and it's a great example of what's Sandberg amendments Sandler does he says screw the critics. Screw the -- good taste on the do what I do that makes seventeen year old boys laugh and advocates but that's but that's -- usually doesn't. Publishing and -- movies he's done a lot of VoIP -- is. I'm like Duchscherer was my jacket she'll probably in total was yeah objected to was like that Tara and so -- was handled as though there -- it's my son loves them actually. I think that's -- Boise -- like 23 year old guys yeah that was a -- yet but my Summers like I wash my son was embarrass Obama obviously. If team. It was on coughed -- of -- -- love -- the wedding dress and that's about secrecy I seem like a program that the picture that that was classic the greatest hope most of hasn't done that I thought. -- that I ordered. I do that on the set this Okinawa. A minute take a picture of millenium -- a pleasure myself okay. And they get like twenty key grips and best boys watching that he is comfortable I would say I would. Speaking the -- behind the scenes -- yes right guy who's been behind the scenes now it's like having. And Jerry Bruckheimer shows right now. And David Geffen -- yes it's exactly can you haven't already figured out -- is not here. Old friend meet Perot is to seek I don't know news it looks like -- debris can be a little kid in the big -- -- -- feel like him. Look at for years and this year which are you have a back you wanna go back -- -- -- you -- We conclude a deal in the museum this point. That Hillary -- -- now nobody uses the bigger named the John -- but the problem. It would be nice ceremony at last one of these thank you and shepherd were the only ones ever used. Think alike and as I told -- this as you viewers might go in this sanctuary when he -- your job. As that you go in there you can can do you -- thing in you and you know he. Not to listen diagnosed door -- in the you can wallow in your own gases you have to look at you know pictures -- videos last trip. When he regularly calls -- -- -- Yeah but he's not here today in areas which is a -- Mean it just got back from Hollywood did this week power meetings and lunch launches a three alum took the guys o'clock on -- I'm glad because this is an interesting story and wanna give -- wanna hear -- -- here because he wasn't sure there and hung out with a big hole it would tighten. Who's from -- -- news Hollywood titans and Jones now and you know -- the cradle all the new. Mass what stories from Louie CK CK. So help us like for about John Christmas this year right Joseph wrote in is in -- -- -- Novak. Like three writers who never heard of but. There's like six or seven people go to his office guys you know back on -- It's over on this -- out of their reach there's gonna go down this would it would what's what's the PG. Is there Rahm comes epic crappy ones albeit except that they called romantic comedies. What was the Hollywood over here and India that has just one -- -- -- -- on IDB enemy thinks he's an expert at it goes out they took that to me it's me yet I picture him like it that simple one in the same places flattery eats and Curb Your Enthusiasm you know meet for lunch I went in the house. Which is did you really Larry king's favorite. Delhi is in their Larry Sabato at least I wish you so's Larry can I it's always a public I would like 1 o'clock in the afternoon that's Larry's thoughts on Larry. Only goes to places where people will bother him he wants to be -- -- it bothered sign autographs that's what he wants when he -- for. He would rather that -- go to suns' league. -- -- But the pickings things on -- just. The -- the -- at the states these what 87 diesel he tweets about how is it -- sounds like cub scout just got to merit badge for making it. Make it pops popsicle stick out the hot. I don't -- he's too old to be that its grant for candidates for its 617779793. Cents will do. Claymore LeBron -- -- as we got Red Sox stock because -- is right are talking correspondent. It was all these guys he's the guy told -- -- -- you're out of town but we talked about the -- cheap piece of the day. The Boston Red Sox have the worst outfield in a thousand years like the worst of Cuba -- half century history yet. Incredibly. Bad. Group as a group for you know. Right left center all ages under performing. In in historic ways. And everyone wants and we want what commit to a bottom and I assume. Well the only answer -- it is outcasts and then him about it for a close up it's over. You have other thoughts on this other answers. You think -- that's -- -- of the complete lefties arguably do you think broccoli like second the other not a -- it. And you know home run I think the Red Sox the big club and OC I used to be. But they have a second I'm not -- -- cookies ready for the center field them so we're gonna to that would give it to the David Ortiz stared into the dirtiest or talk to. And I don't want. And you'd think I -- I think he was so falsely accuse yes -- it's time way it was set up like a -- we have till 10 o'clock if not the boys from the -- I was gonna say the game Sunday. -- he players unified record for the funeral. Saturday. Very Iran I think it to switch back percent for ideas. Yeah there is that orders that's true but they might they'll be like the Rangers are playing for monies in whose mother. Who played for the broader public to think yes I think -- that -- we get back.

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