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Brady and Pats QBs staying off Revis-Island in Patriots OTA's

Jun 5, 2014|

We discuss the news out of training camp that was Revis Island already in rare form, and what this will mean for the Patriots team in 2014.

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Michael you put much stock in OTA has some. Workouts in May and June all right so far short dale. Lots of opportunities to. Bond. So the -- of opportunities to learn the playbook patriots are like all the other teams in the NFL. Having OT gaze down at -- and you know it's it's not for people who don't know OTA stands for organized team activities. Contact. Kinds of rules that sort of thing. The irony of course is that you know the Dallas Cowboys already lost the guy for the season to a knee injury and that's sort play. But it OT gaze down at Gillette Stadium. Karen -- you know the Boston Globe reported that when they got together yesterday. They did eleven on eleven situation stated seven on seven -- -- to -- Ian said Tom Brady did not throw a single pass. Or receiver covered by Darrell Revis. When Brady came out was replaced by Ryan mallet he did not throw a single pass to a receiver covered by Darrelle Revis. Brandon -- fell Chris price of WEEI dot com quotes Brandon fell talking about Revis. He says man Revis is he's a guy -- seen at all none of your tricks are gonna work on him on quote so already it appears that Darrelle Revis. A year removed from that it's knee surgery in the injury. Is sorting to look like that guy who had his own island few years ago with a with a New York Jets. And if it's got to the point where Tom Brady in practice. Won't even pro wide receiver covered by Revis. At at at all of that when that one. But apparently grievances the star showdown. So far. As is anybody surprised. Are you surprised now with him at this bombing and he's the biggest office -- acquisition. It's it's what you expect him to do now is is brought -- allowed to. Yes -- there -- -- -- -- just can't. -- it can't play the first four games. Particularly PPE can even do training training camp I believe learn the system do all this the right. But that's so that's the thing you look forward to PC Browner. And Revis back here. Doing their thing see what what effect it will have on the patriots defense and speaking of the patriot defense if you what do you guys make of this story that Kevin Williams. Has visited the patriots he's 33 years old -- thought about retirement going wealthier this year he's a he's a bigger run stuffing guy. In his in his prime one of the best defensive tackles in the league. At the age of 33. You don't expect too much do you do you think that he could help the patriots militarily. I mean did you how can you can you manage the time can you guess what he's been on the Ross hurting us in ways that little short he can help I'm sure. But again it all comes down the right does he take up that roster spot and are you getting enough a lot of tempted to warrant he did play fifteen -- sure. I think again I think that James Anderson signing yesterday is much more important guy who's gonna see more significant playing time. -- -- -- the Chicago Bears and tackles a year ago used primarily. As a a nickel linebacker supposedly great in coverage. Something that they could use some help on. I think Anderson signing is gonna mean more and -- even signed Kevin Williams who was supposedly -- for a visit. Usually when guys I hate the phrase contemplating retirement. Because doesn't it almost feel like they've already checked out if they're even contemplating it. Or maybe you contemplating retirement because they just want to be in the perfect situation chase a ring. Based on where we are not counting on me to be that guy. I just wanna be part of the process small part of the process and and I wanna be able to walk in fifteen or twenty years so. Maybe if you plan on put me out there for forty to fifty snaps a game noninterest. The fifteen or 22 be designated. You know Oreo first and second down guy or just a designated second down guy. But it does this isn't like -- said to me it goes back to the roster spot in the money -- enemies at twelve year veteran of the game because two million dollars you know bring him in for rookie money you know bringing him in as a young guy you're shelling out some money. Again. Whatever you get out of whatever number of -- she can get to do you help who knows that limited number of snaps again. But how much money's gonna cost. I think when you look at look at the patriots based on the the acquisitions that they've made it to the world of free agent acquisitions. And then the draft picks that they've made. It clear -- just look at you look at it altogether so we already mentioned Browner. You mention Darrelle Revis. Anderson. There's Will Smith. From the saint. Talking. This talking with Kevin Williams nothing guaranteed. Look at their draft picks. The -- linemen. Look at their first round pick defensive lineman. Look at the receivers that they picked up nobody's impressed with the receivers. There's -- -- properties of some weapons you're not overly impressed. The message is so clear. This is just in terms of the thought process of of what this team is going to be this is 2003. This is 2004. We are gonna Wear you down. Here we are 88 -- strong. Bring back glamorous. Trying to be glamorous. Where -- Nothing sexy about what they're doing. All in defensively that's where most of their moves were most of their offseason moves were on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe try to win the game that way you get back to the whole you know how much is Tom Brady slipped in is he one of the top five quarterbacks and all that stuff. He doesn't have to be one of the top five quarterbacks if your defense is playing back at those those patriots defensive levels of the first couple Super Bowl years. You play defense like that you don't need a top five. Quarterback and I think a lot of it is a two dollar driving will -- the government may -- not sure. Kevin Williams even if he agrees to. Come to the patriots and they talk about his role will he be on the team not sure about that either I think it does bring in a lot of a lot of big guys. Lot of big bodies and try to figure out which ones will stick and that's what they're gonna roll. This is not going to be 2007. -- compare this to any patriots team -- to go back awhile. This is this that the patriots team. Fisher cousins that was considered -- -- just enough that your cousins patriots team. Bigger than your father's patriots team stunk. You're 'cause that was okay -- taught differently with the student this is a patriots team of your youth. This -- is simply allows you stated that they've come over Hartford this is that -- US UV you had a whole response. Prepare for the patriots teams that you really expected great things from your response was oh yes so what we don't have a bunch of pro bowlers. So what we don't have receivers to get 14100 yards -- And our our our for our top three top ten fantasy football picks would play football the right way we played football. Well this is the patriots team that that Chip -- When's the last time the Patriots defense was bad in the -- ten years ago I mean you know that was that's what we're talking about apple were trying to go back ten years ago. It was defense first you know did the touchdown when you again you know move the ball as a -- that defense was there 6177797937. Is telephone over the text line is 37937. We will drag it back to baseball when we come back is the season over from -- playoffs perspective. And if it's not what he would do want to fix it we'll get to that just couple of minutes it's dale holly and Tom Karen Sports Radio WEEI.

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