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SoccerCast - World Cup Preview

Jun 5, 2014|

Ben and Russ preview the upcoming World Cup. Each group is predicted plus some storylines that are taking over the World Cup in Brazil.

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The WEEI soccer gas is always brought to you by the Connecticut school of broadcasting go where I went -- -- Call 1800 TV radio or visit goes he has been dot com to get your start in the broadcasting field. Welcome into another world. Cup edition of W -- soccer -- of those side. Most young demo tonight as always is my co host -- Goldman about how are you I am great I don't back down. Since the tired I think it's the weather that I think I think it's really build doom and gloom you know -- with the weather but not beyond number I'm actually doing great. I think it's the three line featured wearing I think you just channeled England and you just lacks -- physical. That could be at that could be you know listen that this is such a roll a cup where I don't even think their expectations of that high sell -- But -- I'm I'm proud wearing this today because I actually you know hope that they do all this. That makes us. -- let's start with -- India. The friendlies that have been going on right now USA had Azerbaijan and Turkey we talked about those matchups and they ended -- being Turkey but. Towards the second half of that game. That defense of one terror. Back now and there was nothing really redeeming about that back line and that. You know the last when he 25 minutes of that game they were bat and Turkey was pressuring. If you destruction pretty much the entire match. And I believe at halftime. During Clinton made an adjustment he moved. -- Michael probably two maker of a flat 442 and I think dominated difference but we still -- issues with the -- for. I think it helped moving Bradley back to that role but still you know again we saw we saw players out of position a little bit up. Up you know they're up feel a little bit too much -- not conduct where they need to be I think the communication -- -- -- -- Wentz was an issue in this game we'll. Chandler made huge huge bone headed play in. The one watching it -- on -- why's why's he doing this there's pressure wise he turning around and going towards the goalie for why inches cleared out okay. He didn't do that. -- easily got the ball taken from in the box. And still couldn't get back in position and then. You know and and of being hand ball. Fine and they scored on PK right. What the hell was he dealing what was he thinking. We'll listen to deal with it now I'm gonna say that his you know tuned to defend him. Is that I believe this is probably the first time it's played opposition silicon that's an issue with him. Then he's not used to that position and -- -- it's it's all ball it's all about the communication back -- but obviously he made many huge -- there. Is this the time to be trying people out in positions I know you have these couple of friendlies here which is little buffer zone before the World Cup begins. But don't you look at this as a time to really solidify what your role is going to be and get some -- in that role instead of maybe figuring out and let's see if this does versatile enough to do something. No listen I agree with you and and it's funny because the -- thing. Threw me for a loop on up but I understand on the other side because they wanted. -- -- I think Kevin Johnson's going to be direct government and listen we we can argue about the senate backs being peaceful or Gonzales. And and also Geoff Cameron who's going to be the top two I think it's gonna be Cameron and peace an -- I feel pretty good about peace or. As a senator darkened hold on hope Geoff Cameron -- it gets to be his partner there but it's going to be between the three of them. Left back. That's a little bit of an issue he he did employed to the -- Beasley he played Timmy Chandler and a as we saw that was an issue in this game and and now what's he trying to see how he he would react to deposition possibly put. Is this the time that you wanted to try things on -- I agree with -- -- this is the time we want to bring it together this seem like more of an experiment in game two yet. Now back a -- Bradley played together in the midfield would you think of that parent is that the pairing that needs to go forward and needs to be highlighted in the midfield for them if you're asking me yes. But I agree I just want to put -- -- if you're asking me I want Kolb back and then there. -- -- But coincident does 'cause he is the cool listener since the looks at Lowe's. -- -- to -- blood nothing against Jermaine Jones but Jermaine Jones again. It's a little bit of a wild card and it seems at times that he's not. He's not a solid. Out like it's it's a defensive midfielder white -- Culpepper and you know what you're going again I don't think he's he's gonna while you. What you need players that are going to be solid and that's why I liked Ackerman and that role. Link you said he's got to be solid he's not gonna do wrong and he's going to be in the right place the right time he is not the most gifted player in the world. But he's a decent solid right that's why I prefer and -- get over Jermaine Jones Jumaine Jones has more upside Jermaine Jones has more talent. But not when you're playing teams again I think you can get -- it would Jermaine Jones against someone like white Ghana. But when you talk in Germany and and all supports at all. That's where that's why I'm gonna be a little bit concerned then and I'm also gonna be concerned. Of how Europe and Clinton it's gonna wind up what formation. If if it's gonna be a 442. Does he play the diamond against Germany I think that's dangerous does he played against Portugal again. It just seems like a huge risk against Ghana I think you get -- get away with playing that that diamond formation which is much more offensive. But it does give you -- in the back which we saw and in the second half when he made the adjustment from war fought for for two and move probably back. Even though I like Bradley hit and a more advanced role I see why you need him in and a more defensive brought console. So you know this is one of these things that that I find fascinating. With your -- -- what formation is -- gonna use how is he gonna use it. You know is it going to be from from match to match as -- can be changing information changing how we uses his formations. You know again this is the stuff that I that I like to get into -- I -- an interest in that he made this change at halftime which he needed to do. We were -- we got a glimpse of Julian green deaths Clinton left wing. You could see some skill there. You can also see some immaturity yes -- bomb which is to be expected to a certain agreed deeds he do any thing that kind of makes -- all right this is definitely going to be. Our guys for the future or did he -- and this is my perspective. Mean -- a long way to go. There we were sold high on him. I'm leaning towards he still has a way to go on -- long ago a way to. And you know it's funny I I've seen young players for my club team which is not much in my club in. By name we don't need to mention them blood but if both pulled -- right fit well well well they have a young -- call Patrick Roberts who. Who is going to be a bona -- it's time and time that right now he is that good and they they tried to ease him into it and you can just tell that again he's not quite ready for that level yet. Julian green seems like he just might not be ready a 100% yet he's probably I don't know. 50% there you know again to be a 100% there I don't I don't know if he's gonna get their for this World Cup so alone so again. It's a tough one that you know I wanna see implied that he just didn't look like he was there yet. Now I agree he. He made some bone -- mistakes that were costly and it worked great mistakes -- -- so couple things like when he trying to push you forward. The passes weren't crisp. That they kind of sailed on him and heating get him where they needed to be any kind of left them high and dry especially when they're trying to counter. Upfront. We got Jozy. And there's two schools of thoughts on Jersey's game during the game -- -- was commentator. And he was blasting. Jozy for not finishing his chances right now I give them a complete pass on that one with a really late whistle. That you know what you -- when you're watching it I heard the whistle I have terrible here and I heard the whistle on itself. And -- heard the whistle he turned around and looked everyone stopped. And then -- -- still going. I just kind of protected he didn't put a lot of effort into -- another one later later on after that that. You're kind of in -- c'mon you really need to get -- tonight here but I give my complete pass on that how -- -- was kill them for. Which I was completely unfair to the rest -- horrible job right. And here's my complaint would -- on that play is. -- starts to go right to combat glad he's behind the defender concedes he's behind the -- defender it's just outside the box. And he kind of fix going right to go left around him and they get caught up with -- each other. If you just kept going right around him he had that ball he had possession. So I I thought that was the mistake on the play not not finish. Now could very good point and and I remember them very well and I'm thinking this is a situation where he needs to score and that's what left me frustrated that. But we it was and we talked about Jozy agreed deal and I believe or not I'm -- -- -- on CN. His value and and again was to -- again -- he needs to finish. But I see what else he brings they need and then there are are I've come to the conclusion they need -- door. To it's it's you know again the one good thing about this match again that -- positives and negatives could talk about the back for -- negative. Cause of war when our I guess it's on a Connor and also just just right we'll play. Are offensively -- looked very good times they looked dangerous and that actually gave me hope because. If you wanna focus on -- We can go their -- but beyond that we're talking about getting everyone into the plane and the flow of the game -- I thought they were fairly well at times and and encouraging and that's in me I can deal would Jozy not scoring if he sets other sets up his teammates to score if you can do that. You can hold up the ball and the and we talked about holding up the ball then. I think that's going to be very important. Because that against the opponents we're going to be played against. They're gonna have to do quick constant gonna have to get the ball up to -- he's gonna have to distribute. I think he can do that role can he score. I don't know I mean. Hopefully he can but if you can't least hopefully you can set up others to. Here's what's encouraging about that. Is that. And this is going back to what you're gonna Klinsmann was saying. No one of those routes result documentaries on ESPN. He said. Jozy. You know a -- can do it all by himself he needs to be fed the ball in the right spot. In the best position for him to convert that into a goal at Sunderland he wasn't getting them. British he is his -- wasn't great either but he wasn't getting that support. And that leads into though whole. The drought the goal scoring drought. What I'm seeing now is he's actually get those chances on you know 45 times a game. It's gonna start coming again right -- when you don't get those chances you don't get to shoot a couple times a game. You can't lose your stride with it. You can lose your touch of the ball how you wanna shoot. And now on -- and get those opportunities and yes he does have to score. But at least he's getting back into the rhythm of the being a -- score by getting a lot of opportunities. And that's great that you put felt like because I think he's the type of -- and I actually saw last year when he says scorn for the US men's national team he scores one. This probably more to come yet and I think he just needs to get that one and then I think the floodgates could open so so he's he's a streaky player. And if you can break came through and hopefully he will. We might have something there because it because like he said he was getting in very good positions to score and his teammates were really setting him up nicely. -- doubt to me is what's encouraging about this in north. Again -- I can look at this match and two completely different ways we can really critique that defense because it's scary bad. But if you look at the other are on the flip side of -- I'm encouraged by. By what they might be able to do to -- teams like Germany. And Portugal I think that they could actually score a goal on counters because of because of the way that they showed me in this match. I think they can do that the question is can they keep -- -- committee you know can they -- it because a good point here was Turkey. Turkey on you know advance they had many opportunities to score that's Germany Portugal to score. And that's just a different level Turkey was a step up. But you're going to a major step up when you go to the teams that they're -- play. Tom all right bloodless transition a little bit this week here in New York Times article came out with your Klinsmann. And it's quotes from December which we've actually seen before we these are not new quotes if you've been following this team. More than just last month. This is nothing new from -- and Klinsmann in saying that we can't win the World Cup this year we just can't do it. Do you have a problem with -- -- I don't have a problem -- because if you are if you really pay attention you know they -- it. The goal here is to. Eight get out your group which is going to be very lofty goals this year. Get out of your group. Crying make the quarterfinals. That's and they should be the goal and and I think it is to go -- you know I I think if you ask Jurgen Klinsmann he'd probably tell you something so more. Maybe he wants to go a little bit further but to win the World Cup they're not at that while -- yes. No no -- and and and this is another this is a foundation -- -- especially with Landon Donovan on this team this is an extreme foundation year its transition. It's a transition to its a bridge you its approach here Dave would -- -- -- so ready. What's collected a Red Sox at the -- I don't problem within people -- don't know that's OW's new bit of put your best for the government that's not what he's saying what he's saying is being realistic absolutely and we don't see -- enough and sports. And I had no problem with what you said because they do not have a shot at winning. And you know what it's -- because -- tempers expectations. And to do some do something more than a great now it's magical run for them. All the way I look at it then. Let's say let's say they do -- let's -- ticket to the quarterfinals. Then Klinsmann has something to build on from four year -- okay. Then we can talk about him. Have gone to the point how how do we how do we keep this train going up. And that's to me is it's all building blocks this is a building block. Let's see how far we can get. Especially in this group of death if they can get -- the group of death. Then -- -- to the quarterfinals and and you know again that would be tremendous and -- I should centocor Faldo would be incredible. You know that's a couple steps beyond that self. Com -- dot dot to me would be the best possible scenario I just wanna get out the group throughout Connecticut other group that would be a win. That'd be huge and I don't know I didn't. When I filled out my bracket. I didn't have been getting out of the group com. I'm might rethink that depending on what's going on Cristiano I think you just -- I don't I I've before doing snicker -- snickering because I have a funny little story I was watching ESP NFC. And they were talking about that there's this which stock -- Ghana. Who's trying to -- a little bit of so called -- on Cristiano Ronaldo I just thought I thought it was funny that. Dot com you know again we're gonna. With the and although it's funny because god does not plan them until the third game -- -- but -- you know I'm in. It's going to be difficult beamer now though. Healthy or or 70% it's going to be difficult is it even if -- 60%. You know I mean he could take over not just in -- so many times so. So it would be huge to get on this group it's all for me it's all about Portugal today can be gone it's gonna be ports -- the not be in Germany. It's it's it's still had something against Portugal. It's it's beating Ghana and coming -- the Darwin breath burst Portugal that that's you have to yeah you have to drop them and hope they lose to Germany and I don't know drug. I mean and here's the thing about Portugal. And also about Germany. We're not playing against these incredible defenses it's not that they're not very good. But but on Kim can the US score against Portugal can Pickens organs yeah Portugal Germany it would be able little tougher putt. But it's not like they're going against this late -- -- this is what they're about them more ball scored the -- sell themselves for me. I think you know I think Portugal is a team we should be what can happen as as the potential game to get them throw a mean. The knock it in the not beating Germany -- I don't think they're getting anything from Germany so. I think that I didn't they -- test of Portuguese defense and that's he's going to be you know hopefully. The US's defense can hold -- but but I think they can I think they can score goals I I think Google's comment the question will be the -- for. Yes all right let's let's transition to a couple other finally the -- rosters are out. Deadline day it was just a couple days ago. Some notable -- and omissions. Giuseppe Rossi for -- Italians. I am kind of surprised I guess maybe it shouldn't be surprised. But here's my question with him is. To -- you're born in America just you know you could have been you'd be -- best player on the American team. You don't do you believe that are in my commission -- -- No I think that's -- I totally agree with you it's funny because of coming here than in the wasn't play for the you know what the hell Michael and we've done an Italian coach instead of a German coach. That was a notable -- he's 27 years old so that was most likely his last shot. And I'm not a 100% certain of what the transfer now transfer rules but the switching of your nationality rules are for fifa. Com but I believe you can't do you know I don't think can do they were talking about the out on the on the road to Brazil -- Julian green to -- entry made his decision he's going to be playing for the US he can't play for Germany. -- but there's I know before you couldn't. You you had to be under money to switch in nationality. And I know the rules have changed. I think it has some to do with how many. You know first human appearances you've had so you can be an older player and do it has provided Utah and had certain amount of but I think -- still count by. Tournaments count sort of played with them in like the heroes -- cancel it right. But what the hell yes we can dream it -- of course we cannot listen. Every time I sit imply it's like I I have always wanted to see. What it would have been like to have them on on the US men's national team and I guess we'll never see it -- are there any omissions. The suit covertly and -- the right to go down that road again. Any other ones you've seen from around. The globe that are. -- directors' deal. Well the one that that again that I grow a little while back with -- On the season and answers may announce trees you know and that's a little bit of the surprise but. But the French are moving on from him and you know he's become -- runs hot and cold -- get it a little bit and done that they're moving on from from now three brought up. NASA is always a part of it's always impressed -- event I want kind of surprised me a little bit but -- the most noble want from me of emissions. Does it surprise you especially with the news that front reverie is banged up. They wouldn't -- -- announcer. None of the same position but now three has the versatility where he say all right. And notes to play outside right now but you've got the pace to do stuff. Can help south. The from positions are unsure very critical I'm sure that has something goes up for that. If you're asking me that that's and his father is is the river injuries second and he -- for answers -- just -- short term setback. It's a good one you know again he's he's -- doctor Goldman. He's a dangerous player so law you know. When you don't have your best players have heard it -- -- -- let's be honest it hurts you know I was talking about -- About Alexander. And on sky sports. And I saw little little treat for them or that he could could be could be. -- saves in three weeks and that that hurts England because he's a young player that has a lot of talent and I and I could see you make enough space to -- -- -- sort of have been. I'll react click on this. Demand. Because you're boring me -- that Alex opted Chamberlain black and it is. When he had three names -- just can't say. John look he's boots Britain's -- all it's all come -- down. Leave port deals both. And so just a moron illiterate. Right. Top how -- He's out -- that's huge. -- -- -- -- I think so I think so I mean that and it was writer -- down on him and that's not happening right so. So long good good good luck to them I hit that put a Fella -- by Columbia. Mexico -- trembling in his name Burnett who had a big injury I didn't like much of a chance. -- -- -- to get I forget the name as well but the yes you know it's funny I was watching some of them option Mexico just don't scare me like they used to. -- -- -- Now. They don't have that. Consistent that core midfield that really can control a game at least half and there's -- -- terino upfront I mean it's dangerous but. He's dangerous but. Like you just said. He's never broken through to be simpler than everyone expected him to. The stroke he -- just a -- -- you to -- it was going to be one of the next great strikers you -- -- him in that top five you know tops 78 strikers in the world. He's not there where he needs to leave Manchester United yes he needs to get more opportunities and I think as time has come with that he needs -- ago. Let's see keep moving around. Well -- Faris. Let's go back to your going welcome as far as he's got an injury. I don't I am kind of confused as to where it is some people are kind of downplaying its abuse thing -- Lewis is not good for them this could be a couple weeks here. But it Hussein and be fine and we find where were your thoughts on the. I have a feeling he's gonna be fine I don't have to another I would never come out display this player you know again every time I've I've. I've you know again but that it never count him out -- but with everything that's gone -- with -- that's off the pitch or even -- shouldn't even on the -- With uses some -- issues. He's he comes back even stronger so every time. People on Agassi could say. Not look down on them but you know critique him a little bit or or have questions about him he seems to step up the east of big time players -- He's at the heart of -- -- does powerful perhaps the heart of three lines. Sorry. Ethnic analyst -- Danica realistic Wear the shirt today historic enough consider it's and I -- as just. You don't see too many people -- on grow anymore while I like -- it fits well. -- it was my team that was the team are predicted to win at all. Because of lose ours right I don't Diego for a line -- mountains do it yourself ready. Get yourself ready canoes were riding in -- -- you. So. I mean for -- not a player he was for eight years ago obviously now he is the type of player that. Is a very very Smart player does not the pace once had where he could bomb you and get by you and then score with these these -- type player but. That's an iso complementary piece to say are we got this guy in our back pocket if we need. Look at the start with the eagle for the. -- -- in don't get me started with The -- -- -- -- Garrity did you. I still have nightmares of Diego for a lot he scored the winning goal against Fulham and and -- In the Europa league final but. I will say this about the -- for a lot. I think he's if I was player even at this stage scares me because he can still score yeah I. Until you know until you you know until he retires this is a part of that I'll always respect. Because he's got the talent you know he might not dispute anymore tell it's still there yes. Don't tell doesn't go go away overnight it just might not be what are what -- once was when you're you know we were you getting up their earnings chief. And David Beckham could could still do something or even even at 37 on a -- America. You know he's he's wise. You've just lies and he knows that a positions exactly and that's a huge huge bonus he Sutherland David Villa does -- two years old. Doesn't have the same pace super fast. He's Smart he gassed out in that champions league final. But earlier in the game you're watching going. This guy knows where to be adults aren't exactly so part of it is positioning part of that is being in the right place the right that's -- for a -- Will be perfect as a super sub. You know last twenty minutes. Past ten minutes I don't think he's the last thirty minute guy -- -- you bring him in in the sixtieth minute. But if it's close if you need a goal you bring -- that -- even if it's okay say you're down 21. It's the 62 minute you bring him -- I would bet I would -- just that's just me you know again I haven't watched much of him lately but even a couple of years while he's playing in Oaxaca. The -- you don't -- that might be why dumb that you like buy -- I always thought you'd be perfect as a you know what what animal get into this later. -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- Ideal for a haven't uniform come here. Or wherever you are not the revolution and it happened but none of these guys are coming admirably though there's no. No blood -- to come to the -- -- well. We all know that David did this and and I think that's a great thing for analyst I've heard some criticism of of -- of someone like -- coming because over with and become an old folks home you know Landau. -- circled around back and a few minutes here bottom. So the landscape has changed. I don't think -- -- change for any of the big boys but it has changed. Has your opinion changed on any do well what's the one team where your opinion has changed the most in the past you know thirty days sixty days since the beginning of the year. -- -- World Cup yes well I'm gonna fraud -- -- in the might surprise you Bosnia. I've had a chance to watch a few games of Abbas and -- and try the other part of that there's a -- yeah okay well. I'm not gonna go there because -- hit the ice took a single man Denton and that's for another show. And I I'll tell you would tell everyone. This is how you know Harris announced who man's name -- it's a little -- It's just -- moment now in nearly that's OK I'll try that sometime. All but Bosnia Bosnia a stupid it's that the Dow was but that's in Europe you know look and feel Dilfer to keep it -- ammonia. The conduct of Bosnia. I've had a chance to watch a few of their matches in and the one the one good thing about that is that that they have of an excellent striker and n.'s Erica. They have an excellent goalkeeper and they have a decent this field it's a team that could surprise you if you are a team that could surprise I think Boston might be that team. And I I like what I see in these on these two front it's. Well they looked good. Did it. They do have the talent I don't think they really do much. But I do agree I'm -- I'm not say when it -- not to say no I I know they might surprise that's onset as in. They'll steal a win that you don't expect and steal or get out of the group. I think they could potentially get out of that group. I am trying to look -- who's in the group right now that's the corporate profits on mine and the other cannot be honest but the beauty do -- gases. Distant air that you're not and here will be added -- That's correct. It is is -- -- I guess we're back. I've got -- groups of your Cyrus actually but -- group F with Argentina Iran and Nigeria so maybe they can get that group. Yes you know. Listen Argentina should should be winning that group but if you're looking beyond that they could probably. Get that second spot -- let's let's do and now we -- not game when this in any way shape or form but we'll do it knowing it will go through the group's. And -- give our predictions now and then you know again we'll do -- right before the World -- -- -- -- any of Brazil Croatia Mexico camera. Brazil I think is both that are both our -- to get out of that group at the top. I don't see them losing game. I would agree with you can but who's your second team getting thicker because you actually have three. Talented secondary teams there in Croatia Mexico Cameron Cameron obviously has. Saying let's go. I'm gonna go Croatia Croatia look in my church yes a guy. So group BS. Yeah. Netherlands Chile and Australia I think we don't agreed to soccer -- will be. Crying their way home after three games. -- but this is an interest in three though if you really think about it and -- refused three. OK -- just. Okay fine Spain Spain and Netherlands I wanted to give -- a little bit you know of credit yeah bellicose than it's a talented team but. And they don't have enough I think the Netherlands really the they really wanna get back at Spain to that's going to be most interest in match at first highly accurate -- -- groupings I believe. All right so Spain Netherlands I think that's lose. -- group -- Colombia we mentioned earlier with talk -- now playing so I think we can actually this is the crappy -- group of ball. Colombia agrees Ivory Coast Japan. That's a terrible group you you've arguably two groups of death and then you have back. Of the British Columbia was expected to be a little bit better you do know thought I was going to be hurt when this was put to I guess he will hurt when this is put together. If it what he was -- so I'm actually still gonna go Columbia because that's the that's not a good group that's not a good group and I'm trying to think of who's the second can come out of I'm gonna go to -- Part of me wants to say our because part of me is gonna say Greece so a political agrees and -- little bit of an upset. Not that Greece is that good and I'm gonna say Greece it's gonna get out -- it should be Ivory Coast but I'm gonna go race. All right I'm gonna go to Ivory Coast you go with Greece I might go with Ivory Coast in Greece -- Columbia -- I. I love yet he Greece at the same time up the country but the soccer team. I just want to make it clear from my Greek friends up there which was like to -- -- come. Their defense is what their defenses excel of course they play left India and the ball to it's a pain in the ass to watch it's really frustrating. Because it ends up being very boring game even if you're big -- and it's a -- came -- sorry Gloria I know you can't defend it but they don't care. We're not here entertainment here to win which is actually ups and really what sports is about. All right group. You're going Costa Rica England Italy who. Now that that's the group of that it that is the real group that absolutely you've got -- four teams that -- legitimate. -- -- -- closer -- them back customer does not -- they've got some talent there -- -- and -- no they're not getting through but they have some talent -- -- You know Austin that's not a bad team while I have to be careful on this one but you're wearing a three line I'll Google -- you go first on this. I'm so don't I have your way -- the whole thing -- despite the -- news. And and England or Italy she uses. You know one. I mean I -- in my English friends through one. I think you know let them through while. I did. I can't know I take that back Italy's doctor Andre Pirillo is on my fair players in the world he controls -- game so well. There's not a better passer of the ball right now on the world. OK I think I have to go with your way in Italy. Okay I'm gonna go your way and boy do I have so many followers on Twitter that you know careful I have to be very careful because I've many followers that that are that are. Offense of the Italian team so this is going to be very difficult. Because. Italy is Italy is either. Could win it all or go on the group. I am going to gonna go with -- England political my heart's gonna go with -- England because. I believe in the manager I believe in Raleigh and I believe in on some of the young players that he's bringing in the long. And I think they might surprise some people's well -- goal with -- England for the upset. Long distance -- -- see our group B Spitzer released Ecuador France Honduras. As another group that's. Not great not. But. I mean France I think we can both agree is gonna come out there Switzerland's not -- Switzerland is the woman leaning towards its okay. Honduras. They're not me they're not making it. I think they could steal a game from someone not France but I don't think -- -- you know. Switzerland -- Ecuador. And go in Ecuador. I'm gonna change among embargo that -- soon. Good to us here and there are group -- Argentina Bosnia or some I ran Nigeria. Argentina is making it out there should be the top team although -- I don't have them even sniffing the final. I'm gonna go with Argentina and -- -- I'm gonna go in Argentina and Nigeria cut. My best friends from injuries and so. We've got group G obviously the one we've been talking about a lot. It could be argued that that's many group of death. Germany Portugal -- USA we both -- Germany coming out on top. Mean imports or else. I am I of Germany Portugal it's her -- and I don't unfortunately for our US friends group H Belgium Algeria Russia Claudia. Well -- got a chance to give yet to give to give might tune that out get out I'm sorry reversed back to group G. You have I know you have Germany coming out and I -- I it and Portugal. Her thanks for her to cut -- a group H Belgium lived Algeria Russia Korea. -- so this -- -- my pet peeves about about. International soccer and delta -- the golden generation and attack. They've got some -- to pieces. They can't compete they're gonna make it out of this group. And I believe they'll make it out with Russia. -- -- I disagree I like Belgium he isn't revealing people one tells -- like people that I believe in Belgium. I -- I I I definitely getting into this group think Russia get out Algeria not on talented African squad. There -- better African teams but. They're not connect. I can compete Korea on the other hand. They're always. They're always. A contender for someone that sneaks up on news and just -- by -- like what the hell. When we saw them before we -- in 2000 to make a run. To to have -- without them again. It's possible but I happen -- like Russia and most of their players play in Russia which is actually. Kind of unique now that it's mostly -- its good to homegrown and and they play well together so they're going to be tough I'm I'm I'm definitely go to Russia duffel. In their right to -- with Corsica. Are there right now but is there a smaller. I guess all right so that's what we have movement on -- for the group's got -- and you know it's just coupled as I'm Brooks I can't speculate for this to happen you know I'm not too looking forward to the the last front against Nigeria. And that'll be good I'm actually going to Portugal Mexico for -- Ayatollah that's fantastic. I believe tickets are still available so book your tickets now if you don't already have them. Actually had a big big weekend soccer. Portugal Mexico. This is the rest -- rebels that's going to be it's. Been materially. Disappointment but yeah. The first -- talent that Arianna. -- -- is the guy and he's very good player but to -- rather the other the other so we desperately it's -- Alina Shaun Phillips is still in England but Bradley's Bradley here but he's he's actually real good he's very similar players whose -- dollar. Very fast and and fairly skillful enough. Tom so I'm excited for the second it's going to be fun and it'll be fun to actually see Portugal up close and personal. That should be that should be -- again tendency Portugal and that should be a -- a good you know good primer to the World Cup I know this is the World Cup petition. But we do got to talk about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do we know what tournaments I don't know we have seen its New York six going NYSE. Actually kind of like -- that's chemical. David -- is their first player. I thought it was a coup. Getting him -- as we saw he still has to go to place for some major European clubs yes he's 32 which in soccer is getting older. But he still got a lot to give and that's a big name. Not a huge drop. For American fans that don't really know who it is. But that's a big name. Here's my question you're -- isn't starting. You know they're not going to be playing for one x.s and so what do you do with -- do you ship monologue in the fall. That's a that's a great question that you within that you might you know you might you might -- to keep him active you know for if he's going to be out for what. Almost -- six months almost sell. You know and I've -- interest in that they are able to to make that deal and there's still speculation about frequent part. Which I think it's a done to death of them go to. We've heard about him coming to an analyst for a -- those as the galaxy for a little while right and now it's. Erica see what I wanna make a splash back and they want you know again it's a new franchise in new York and and they're trying. To try to make a splash you know again the not the New York Cosmos because they can't just by. You know the best around the world but by it but you could still have some big names in these days with two are still very big minutes. But here's a key it is in New York City. It is arguably the greatest city in the world it's a huge destination -- for anyone you know around the world people always wanna go to New York City. People wanna play there. I like it makes sense to me. Now with two teams in New York that we're worried that. The rebels claim flushing meadows over the -- there are you -- really in new York city park just outside but that's fine. I like bringing in the bigger names. As long as they still have something left. Went hard we didn't really get to see a lot of this is I don't know how much webpart has left because in the -- he might have some Obama -- -- -- Big strong player. Can score from midfield as the last of. Well he could do a -- come -- and still have a couple good years he could do that you could. I'm just saying on talk about how all obvious because he's 36. Bullets on said he's only got. You know again he's -- that you know he's older than via -- against peerless 3016. But that's fuel -- and hit it hit that go back to our they would. With with parallel but I mean. Did out of forty amounts are you could you will be doing it where he looks like he's right you know I mean it was there there are few players -- -- it. Rose one and look at what to grind it targets could do it scholes did it scholes could still play at an advanced image. So I'm not against players that. That on can come off the bench may be starting who wants a while but if you're talking for the MLS this is my little thing with -- -- -- I'm afraid it's gonna get this reputation that as the old age home I don't want it to get that reputation. I wanna I wanna get -- you know you're gonna have a reputation of I guess it's a -- may be a few of these pars but. Coming in and helping vote on it it's got to be about young players you know that to build this league up it's going to be. Homegrown players at the part of that way but that's where it's gotta gotta start but I guess if you bring in a few of these guys that could get notoriety. It's that it's not a terrible thing I just don't want to be out. At all place where so many of them come. I hear you on the old age home analogy I've heard it before. I get it but here's the caviar for me is when you're bringing in established players. That have logged lots of years in Europe and played at the top of the game. Went card played at the top of the game or right with Chelsea. Obviously it's not a game of Barcelona he's an atletico. I look at them as they can only help the younger players because they're getting a chance to play at this point. Not premier talent but upper Echelon talent and they -- to -- the game from those guys. These are the guys. That. OK let's say I'm 21 years old micro playing fifa 29 years old group when people. Both Sammy young player in the -- 121 point two years old and played -- If I played. MLS I played has Barcelona Chelsea. You know Real Madrid manager Jerry -- Munich whatever you have it. And I played but these guys. As a player on some awesome I get to play materially since this dude is amazing I know how good he is. I don't learn so much from him and I'm gonna be more prepared for the next step of my career when maybe I get to go to Europe and play at the top. Top leagues in the world or I'm staying here and I'm gonna be the next and don't. I see it is being. A helpful equation now if every team starts doing it that's where I think it becomes a prop. That's my concern my concern is that is that we see you know again. I like their Rodney king and came -- a lot you know it's like I actually won. More players just a little bit younger and I think it's the agents that that this is is you concerned people were and but again they're not gonna get. And I think it Robbie Keane had 26 to come over -- just not going to get that player but I get David Villa out. Twice you're gonna get a more. Where you can get on and if they still have something left -- what you said maybe they can. They can mentor younger players then that is a -- -- and very again another good point but then you always have something to say I need some kind of sound effect until I know what I'm always -- Now Miami David -- having some trouble down in Miami -- and and this could be some really big trouble actually is. He really wants the stadium on the waterfront Davenport. The cruise lines are. Be guest about it. Saying no no this is where we operate out of and now they're kind of playing hardball with the city of Miami saying. You're willing to -- 70000 jobs -- soccer stadium. And from Miami and send presents screw off world street and ago. You can go on the other side of Florida well they could but I probably. Again you're cruise line you're operating out of Miami Miami is the destination city regardless the -- our Vator. And you know what I know people that work on resigns. Big Dick Dick come from all over there not just Miami residents I know about ten of them that are from Massachusetts. That are not there that are still messages residents that are not Miami residents hope. FO offers the earth. I'm -- figure out a way to make it work for both of view -- don't play hardball we're trying to make the city better. Yeah is this really get into rail. Good to Miami I'm gonna called fusion perhaps that was under and it's funny or let's just -- the Beckham's. The optimize the Miami -- no because he's got so much clout. They're gonna get it done I still think you know again the city of Miami -- law. Located told that's what I I think what when push comes to shove I think that -- of getting what he wants. Will Beckham's name and clout as you said be able to draw. That guy that we've just been talking about which it's a fictional guy that -- have -- that's like I live in Paris and Miami and lucrative back term. I don't know I don't know I think he angered -- -- -- things I know better. But I'm not it on the on the notion Thomas. It -- I thought we're gonna circle when you roster Thomas but I guess not select that action roster dominance of clinical. But if you get every group right that'll be your new. OK okay. Well that's that's something to get to struck hard. And but what can he get to get a Robbie -- yes -- can get a 3031 year old. Can get someone in the prime I don't think so I don't think even Beckham can get that I don't. Yeah because again everyone wants to play in Europe I mean that's just the way it's going to be one human origins you wanna you wanna be in the champions league and it goes back to hold Clint -- thing for me you know I was upset the clintons who want to we've fallen. But he wanted to go in the champions -- looking back -- now understand why he wanted to leave. It worked out for him now -- that he wanted to play in the champions league and some -- win the champions league. Well with that comes a lot of money endorse Obama right. And exposure and you need that to raise a profile I understand that completely. And if you're playing here in the states -- profiles on his great around the world as it could be doesn't hurt a player like Beckham whose profiles. -- -- again right. Some could argue that. I will call you fool every day of the week. But everyone in the states knew who David Beckham ones before he even played at all or he played a minute here. There were movies with his name that had nothing really to do with him. This is true and I happen like Angela welcomed the announcement of the -- to deal for -- On idol fix at the -- everything as. What if fraud out there that's not true but it didn't would be saying you don't like in the eye and say that you're trying to get the truffle. I -- -- just totally -- I don't know I just happened elect and elect Akamai like makes fun because I still watch and what that might just I'd just like the story I think we both can agree we both like Karen. Outlawed definitely accurately and about that how -- we agreed to. Content in the atonement which -- I was joking I don't know if Felix Indian girls and guys. I just like throwing crap out there and seeing how you react to that that's great. He so mad at me right now. Does that -- what is a political -- it. Yes it actually doesn't -- just enough because of that it just happens to be our time's up it's been an hour. And now we -- -- like to spend an hour with you guys as always. The WBI's soccer casts are brought -- you by the Connecticut school broadcasting it's where I got my start broadcasting industry and if you like to talk sports all day every day. Check them now 1800 TV radio or go -- SP dot com that's GO CE SP dot CO. Check him out. A great program you can get your start in radio or TV however you want to do it they will help you out. Check them out at 1800 TV radio or goes he SP dot com. And moment is that concludes this edition of our World Cup. To be -- soccer cast will be coming back again next week. And as it creeps closer and closer we're gonna try and provide you with. More and more episodes. During the World Cup we're gonna try and talked about preview and post view. The US games. Offer them. And hopefully they'll be more hopefully there will be more I'm not holding my breath because of -- to beat fifth -- -- So again thank you guys for joining us as always on WEEI soccer cast. You can find Ross on Twitter -- Ross underscore Goldman -- you make it really easy. You find me on Twitter act young -- WEEI. I will trying correspond with -- as much easier as I -- because I get sold many messages on Twitter. Line and I'd like to. Thank you to those two people all right I'm done talking -- anything left. No Ben I think you set it on still I'm still high up on the bend like Beckham situation which which hopefully you'll edited out cook up a because US and -- Sonoma the united. Thank you guys see on next week.

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