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It Is What It Is Cast: Patriots OTAs get underway

Jun 5, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss the start of Patriots OTAs. They touch on all the new faces as well as Danny Amendola and Stevan Ridley.

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Welcome to a water soaked waterlogged at Gillette Stadium week number two patriots OTAs I'm Mike betrayal yeah. Joined as always by patriots expert columnist and writer for WEEI dot com. Christopher price okay Chris we arrive until -- stadium here on Thursday. Morning and were thinking to ourselves it's it's got to be in the field house right this is going to be in the bubble. It's a mess out there don't take the chance of anybody getting -- problem blah blah blah churn up. The OT days good hour and half almost a hundred minutes worth. Outside in the pouring rain the waterlogged grass fields outside behind Gillette Stadium here why did they do it. You wanna put a little pressure on guys you wanna see how they do in certain situations that are not ideal. And they'll tell you in the guys talked to a downstairs after practices that looked. You know we play in this over the course of the years of this is not a real surprise. One thing and I think we were talking about a while we're out there -- there were making some pretty severe cuts they've -- they work they were moving especially the offensive skill position guys. We're moving in a way that -- -- suggest that it wasn't a perfect situation -- put a lot of pressure on the knees but they got through it there were no injuries it look like a pretty fair price. Does this afternoon. I was talking to Danny Amendola. -- locker room we had availability with several patriots players as we normally do once a week during these OTAs and he said the biggest thing about. Practicing in conditions like this is you focus on every single move every single cut like you mentioned. Every single flash for a pass pattern. Out in the open you have to make sure that everything you do is precise because of the elements exactly. -- I mean you just can't simply go through routine. You it forces you to -- point your point. To be a little bit more precise to be of little bit sharper when you're going through these drills because -- you have to focus obviously you wanna focus on every rep you ought to focus on every situation wanna take advantage. But every opportunity regardless of who you are out there. But at the same time this gives the pass catchers this give some of the other guys a chance to really gain some focus really gain a bit of image when you're going out there in conditions like this. All right we had our first look at boy wonder Jimmy carafe below wearing number ten. It shorter on the field than I kind of expected to you know -- the modern day quarterback -- Brady obviously is six foot four a Ryan mallet even taller six foot five but by comparison he's just about 616 foot six. But one. And he had a couple of adjustments to make out there he's pulling back from senator for the first time. In a long time obviously in college he played the shock and quite a bit. He is pulling back from senator had a couple fumbles out there couple picks but that's to be expected. Exactly this point in his professional career. What you're looking for -- just did he's not overwhelmed these Nazi you know we got out of -- -- you know -- he's being asked to do an awful lot at this stage of his. You know professional lifespan in so what they're just looking for him. Is just to be a little bit further along any offense every single day we talk to -- notably in the dark -- look so we talked to Danny Amendola downstairs. And they also he's doing a good job picking things up it's still very early so you know you're you're not expecting a quantum -- his first few months in the system but. Again all you want from a guy like that at this stage of his career. Is that he does not appear overwhelmed that he's not making the same mistakes over and over again. Your point by committing to go to a the really good thing to look for when it comes to drop below is the fact he hasn't worked under senator he did work under -- over the course of his college career and only worked in -- and so. Making that transition is going to be something to watch for over the spring and summer -- The sessions and let's move on to some of the other notes and news and notes of practices below practice today OTAs. More specifically and that is Logan Mankins returned a Rob Gronkowski again was out there -- during the preliminary warm ups really before practice began. He was doing some cutting on that me and that is obviously a good sign he eventually went into the bubble so did Vince Wilfork. With the rehab group but does some other takeaways that you noticed during the 100 minutes. Again I added I think you know going back toward talk a micro Rob -- when it comes to the rookies you don't want him to be appeared to be overwhelmed you don't want them -- to. But it should be you know kind of thrown into the -- looked fairly natural again this is. These routier's. You know guys are wearing T shirts and shorts and in no -- no -- exactly know shelves so. It's still very early on in the process you know these guys you know -- you're talking but the course so full season if this is a marathon we're not even a -- one yet for this group so. What we've seen to this point was good a ball security to their thought was very interesting it look like there were a couple of guys are problems hanging onto the ball on the wet conditions. But. You know kind of broad brushing it didn't appear to be a major issue. When your being outside but but it's just guys looking to build a foundation at this time a year. When you're on offense whether you're on defense you -- get the playbook down you wanna get the schemes down -- of personnel combinations down. In a thought their accomplishments today you're in on the group Brothers from around Brandel fell afterwards. Were -- takeaways from what he had to say about getting used to. You know the patriot system I will tell. The viewers and listeners out there that one thing he mentioned was it's not a number system it's a code -- words system. Yeah it did that's one of the things the other thing was I asked -- -- -- what's the one thing you really wanted to do. When currencies OTAs which are one -- is has learned though playbook I have to be able to get their playbook I have to be able to know. What I need to do so Tom Brady has defeated me down the road to throw the football. Seems like a good guy seems like he's acclimated fairly well to the situation to this point meaning it is time -- New England but again time will tell with a current situation. And one more quick notes Steven Ridley I thought was sensationalizing normally is you Hawkins does -- Any restarted this is a great data talked to Steven -- because it was a rainy it was -- it was miserable. And it toward the end of OTAs they worked on as they do during the course of the season. Ball security drills and players the types of players wrapping Adam from each side. Going down the line. Your thoughts on on Steven Ridley and how focused and determined he is. Coming into this season starting with the OT. He has a Ricky is a real interest in -- because it's not just trying to bounce back from last season the ball security issues yet -- These are the -- you refer to contract -- -- you're looking at a guy who is kind of dealing with two different things a mechanical problems between different major issues ahead. If you can overcome the ball security issues. He's gonna be okay and I think he has a chance to be another thousand yard rusher on it but then there's the question a contract paying -- headed to dole. What his future and in what his future is going to be whether it's in new englanders somewhere else. It's going to be a really interesting year he's going to be one of those guys to watching a wrinkle in the same situation -- Alaska last service his rookie deal as well also there could be some turnovers they are. At the running back positions going to be interesting to watch -- again and how -- responds. Not just the ball security issues but what is what's gonna you know where where his future's going to be you're going right to notables. Not here Aaron -- the wide receiver. Maybe dealing still with a foot issue India and Alfonzo battered still not here in camp or. With the team in these organized team activities any. Idea any guesses to when -- -- might join the team. I go -- -- but but from what Ayers and about Dobson is not considered serious do you think that the team would obviously love to have him here and have him get as many reps as possible within the system. Coming off what was an uneven occasionally uneven rookie year. But yeah I don't think either of those are going to be long term issues when it comes to the both of their futures you're going. All right one more week to vote TA is then June mini camp and then the team gets some. Well deserved time off before they come back for training camp. In July at a very soggy Gillette Stadium he's grist for price saw Mike which rally at WEEI. Dot com.

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