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Red Sox Great, Rico Petrocelli remembers Don Zimmer 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

Red Sox Legend Rico Petrocelli joins the program to reflect on the life of Don Zimmer and to tell some stories about coaching Lou Merloni

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Darius right now as we talked about four at the top of the hour during her WEI. Trending now it's -- a -- only former Boston Red Sox player and someone well. -- your former hitting coach yes absolutely. Someone who played under Don Zimmer and etiquette meeting it is legit. Rico Arizona right now here on WB -- -- -- thanks for joining us. Hey are you welcome hey I got -- you know I just kept up throughout lunch with a friend didn't -- -- And I'm right here up route tree that turned on that some guys talk about. A little. -- -- -- and wait a minute elephant yeah lunging at all and a director. Helped stationed -- -- Cycles that he -- you know. Seven aglow with these idiots that. Might get into this robbery and -- -- -- -- on. Let's say if you get mad at somebody could send -- percent of a bag a poop as as I guess. I don't know what you immunity to president on this guy good or -- not comedy that. That's you do it that's -- do Rico listen the -- said news yesterday Don Zimmer. On its ambassador of the game 66 years. In the game he's 83 years old at the time and oh you play form miles 976. That -- you about norm norm a pretty much his whole life. Normal long time -- yeah. Should go over the managerial job and I have the year in I was there last year. He was a coach. Or there and of course you know. They -- -- guy that sometimes. Players got mad but. It that it statement or long you know because so that symbolism and talk he expect a lot from the players. And what you know meant was that he wanted -- -- little you know to play. Hard every game. Like you to view get little. People traps that type of player you loved. You know and that's Somalia as a coach and a manager and what you guys. Type guy that you would want to know well. Protect you know like a Teddy bear. Really and you couldn't dislike him the only no really dislike the -- so witty they had the year ago. Problems. But overall it was great a great great baseball man everyone respect for the so gonna miss some and a daughter lives up here in. Windham new -- it dedicated field that is annoying and a couple of years ago and Joseph Torre came down and built Stoudemire myself from the Red Sox and it was just fabulous so a great time he was really touched. Roger. Yeah I'm glad it. During the broadcast -- on ESP and Rick -- clip was telling a story about Don Zimmer going to the clubs and how he in essence broke down in tears at the end 1984 season. And said -- When I was in Boston it was so tough on me I could -- to -- my family to the games now you guys don't have a job movement when manager of the year thank you that was the story that Sutcliffe was passing along the audience last night. I'm wondering if you can take us through what you remember about how hard things may have gotten for -- here and how he reacted to that. The guy he -- so I'm very hurt I mean the fans got on him you know those. Seventies. And eight in the Sox -- and I think 9799. Why B 797 and 99. -- And probably won't that the Yankees don't want a few more and you know they got through the for the playoffs and one year sit. Like that is -- Deleted and -- all too well and instruction on all those weren't there weren't very happy with that bill. Bill load. Left the team in Europe because Bernie -- got traded in the clothes and so it's got to be left. So simply -- him servants -- certainly. 77. Yeah we -- you know soccer chance to win. -- -- And started get on them and they get on them. All in the name W is terrible call -- and swear. Are you bring your family -- short. In his daughter and her family. So you took it hard manner that's the thing about it could be talks are on eagle where -- talked -- though. -- want players to play our. And sometimes get all over here in Tokyo didn't. And that but he also very emotional. Nobody. Manager when I got released. And it was late march. 787. And -- the office and sit down and -- start a ball. All like aren't too much about it well wasn't just my eight. -- decision but it was your position decision. Really issue. And he started all of them. Are right I mean I understand your help. Didn't get a job with somebody else but it was too late spring training because the everybody -- But I got invitation to go to the next spring training. And he -- you know it would help me with anything that you know and salute baby talk to other managers organization. Great I mean there -- that stood -- certain idea that thing ruptured well. And absolutely. A lot of reaction in Boston and new threats to the sentiment that. I was on. -- actually was WR yes it's time for WEI. They would be your station that that the -- Orchestra games and her people say look. You know I mean that's part of the gain in auto producing. And they decide let me go maybe someone else. Died down but -- they continue to arm and she. Again the arm it puts jobs in his will play and they were talking to Rico pitchers Elin reportedly. We kind of saw that feisty side I mean I was on the team with Pedro the incident that I think everybody sort of regrets but at the same point some Marist Jim was not that many many times. But his players county look at it that's been again that long in -- actually respect of these they'll still has that fire still has that by stiffness of it -- Take me through when you saw that political down. The air -- all persons who are all. I -- stick April right in in. Pointing at a facade in the dugout pinpointing who would hit the bad mistakes remember that Democrat and twice in the minor league wants. Almost diet and then the second time that are on the guy that works in a Major League so he hated. So he never told that your. The throw some. And so he was really that's what -- -- -- so when the incident happened -- recommended that dugout. Didn't it is I -- meaning he would have to April. You know we actually to a point like succeed away. That would -- good. And that they go you know. -- -- trying to buy him a little bit -- -- just put his hand on it it simply went down well. The first thing you know guys in the -- -- where wanted to kill. They were so mad. But. You know they know they've pulled. Apologize to each other and it was embarrassed. -- back embarrassed me in all the way it's been like that he embarrassed they all embarrassed the ink wasn't just him. They blamed himself floor. What he loved the game. Oil bush years in the game I mean you know it's -- These -- sort. I'm very you yellow flights in the city to Ricoh and I don't don't kid yourself I caught that act a couple of years this might. Scream and even yell and hammy. -- -- Oh yeah oh yeah. -- yell at Jew he certainly. Didn't have a hole -- slowing him about you aren't sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- As a ball player. We win a World Series it's about every year -- -- -- solid talent don't really need it talk. -- You you know you've got your money's worth a carrier that's why everybody -- you that's what they got to the major leaks. We've done that to a you know it was every day. Player it was going to be a utility guy and then you'd get a chance somebody got hurt -- -- the -- a great job but rather to. At that club they would and down in Sarasota we have. I'm -- on -- it was there -- an outfielder. And cricket club. And now and it over a mile -- will make sure we we had held the team all of the team. The public ultimate result coach -- we. Armaments downloadable we have -- the picture to. Go over. Have a that your guys. So where it shouldn't hold which -- So it could be epic game that could make all the other so Eric call below Ortiz apartment. And I backed -- all. News ticker at. -- -- they should know what's going on -- radio law. -- -- I should -- what about. The other guys had to look you know I talked to them -- they're asleep and then. We'll get a alleged what. You thought. That little better you better future but in bed nets sure are now -- that I got a ticket so they'll. -- -- got that we've got thanks a lot for coming colonists and I shared some memories -- Don Zimmer and airing out -- does the does the better part of the interview thanks Rico. Its nobody. Does -- pitchers only former Red Sox player here on 937 WEEI. Lose former hitting coach and of course played for a year. Under Don Zimmer receiving different. You know I wondered if he's not like at this point consolidated and you did enjoy that almost sending a message to David Price -- how big this is what I deal. And now -- do it against everybody. Because that was a quality -- -- we -- all. But yet you know it's a dig deep down like -- David prices watches -- -- is what I do every single time sun. It's a dear price CPR Georgia. That's -- it was so obvious there's almost like I was expecting David Price to demanded trade to Cleveland so he could throw it David Ortiz in his next -- -- It's -- Sonny is called North Carolina hi sunny you're -- 937 WEEI. Hey good afternoon. And one. Hey how glad I got it you can't see here Rico's. Input therefore I made my call and so lawyers I don't really have a lot -- say. On the fact that the reason I called in was there. Handicap on ain't got news this morning about what.

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