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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, Kevin Love doesn't want to play in Boston 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

Jackie Mac joins the guys to discuss the possibility of Kevin Love in Boston, the Carmelo Anthony rumors, Tom Brady's future with the Patriots, and the passing of Don Zimmer.

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-- is -- interest. Of course. -- love interest of the box and I think. This weekend John figures suggest that he's willing to consider -- but there's so many other variables from there. He's not gonna consider Boston -- isn't going to be there. Just checking on she's gonna join us here at noon to advance Christian Fauria loom baloney baloney Fauria -- on -- -- seven WEEI. Following -- weekend almost here so are gonna celebrate his start by getting over your local market or Delhi for Dietz and Watson premium franks and sausages. Any reason is a good reason to grow liberate. What you have Dietz Watson American tradition since 1939 Dietz and Watson products made from real family recipes and only. The finest ingredients on natural spices to stop by the studio gave us enough to feed the entire army. It's delicious and you guys how -- did manage to put down. Arnett. About three currently I -- to be at six. By day the end of the show which gives me two hours to start a pound dogs. And I'm using the sauerkraut slash. Shredded cabbage -- shredded cabbage and. Sure Obama does for the day told you want back in for another once that's that's three naked docs and operating on the hot dog. -- that you load up your case India. You feature hot -- naked yes. Yes some oil when you're -- adults and they didn't give me some of that I don't -- that it is a Romeo and anything negative that prepare. Enriched -- to another emotion just sitting here on the table in the studio analyst -- have. The big in this camera well here zoom in on the low to what an -- hours earlier and I'll have more care he's got a lotion up for the 1 o'clock now the -- -- I'm gonna I'm so sending you what my three for all is at some point. You know -- for all is though. I don't know it hazard at once the view. Just joined us now I might have missed the news -- top the hour that Kevin Love has a new coach same as the old coach Flip Saunders and you have to -- for a moment guys -- Celtics -- now this might. -- Kevin Love leading. The Minnesota Timberwolves and how. I would figure Flip Saunders. A less than willing you large depart with him for just about anything you you're the guy is going to be the coach on the sidelines. Yeah Europe's umpire that a little bit more from Saunders -- now Japanese dislike it but you know it's funny because one love was here of actually interviewed Saunders. And just looked irritated like you didn't wanna deal with that -- based reckless and he he's not he's under contract for the Minnesota Timberwolves. That this thought to tell you right now. Maybe the backers that is like okay. I don't play like that they'd done. -- on the coach he's not going anywhere. Although -- it but it -- -- Kevin Love knew. Somebody here like as I know what's gonna do it's going to be that obviously the coach and I'm well. I don't notice. If you -- analyzed -- about it as it. I mean I know there's a lot of debate about it being overthrown Carmelo Anthony yesterday but it certainly is a believe that this deal was. Almost hashed out two years ago outrageous -- thought process on Dayton -- you know and how to get to that situation. You know could this it's not like you -- gaining just gonna pay day as Kevin Love let's get on OK so there right there's there's an element to all this that's cropped up recently like Carmelo went. He's gonna be clogged B. Kevin Love is gonna be caught a but part of the Anthony talk. I think that sort of remind people is there's. Possibility that the outcome doesn't have Kevin Love coming to Boston whether it's him staying in Minnesota like Saunders is saying is going to happen or -- going to golden Stater used to have there. Almost cautiously remind ourselves that it's not a fait accompli right now that Kevin -- is coming here. Well I think if either one come here and is appointed -- just brought up. Right and come -- not gonna come here inside of 56 studio without Rondo as well. So beginning -- either one of these guys. Basically what you -- and as you're admitting that you and give Rondo -- deal mean you gonna extend that indeed -- him along with him. And is that people want and is he worth that. All would you do it just to get those guys epic that's a lot of people if you get Kevin Love here that you got to Extenders on Rondo is not coming here with -- that's not -- Barrels I think this is -- to hear what Jacqui thanks but -- the more. You know new -- over this as this is -- going on really since the season out of -- season ended and I think this is a done deal I think the wheels have been emotion for a long period of time. 6177797937. It is odd is it Lou as you were discussing yesterday you brought this up I believe during the 11 o'clock hour yesterday shell. About how you've got Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony both largely making their decisions about where they wanna spend their career where they wanna play when they have the opportunity to go everywhere. As you just point out it leverages largely on what Rajon Rondo. Wants to do. Whereas a lot of Boston fans don't want Rondo to be their point guard anyway. And a lot of people don't really wanna see him maxed out or given a long term deal is of bizarre disconnect between how a lot of other players in the league view him -- Celtics fans. View him while also look at him like America similar to say -- right you know it's a great player in the August up that money team but do you wanna pay the price. You know in baseball as a salary cap. So in basketball with there is a salary cap is do you wanna pay him -- dollars you know he's good but as you -- that. These weren't that he's the ambassador -- the other two here yeah that's why the timing of John -- contract is key this whole of this next move for the any change. It did this whole thing blows up and everything falls through and actually take the sixth pick overall and -- -- and actually take the seventeenth pick overall. It now you look at you -- three years is too long it's a lot longer than three. So if that's the case then no you're not bring in John -- backyard they maxed -- with a bunch of young kids during a rebuilding year there's about a time that this team to be ready to win. Runners up the door. So you know the only extent Rajon Rondo if you bring -- Carmelo if you're bringing Kevin Love -- you think. Within the next 23 years or next year you can compete if this is a long term process need to -- kids -- -- Rajon Rondo be dealt. Or just walk us like we're just chronicled a half hour ago there are so many moving parts there's so many dominos that half the fault the sequencing is kind of important. And there is who's pro sports in everything it this way there has to beat it some certain degree element of trust. Between the Celtic management that's trying to pull this all off and all the other players involved that yes we're gonna try to get these guys here and the players. I eat their agents have to trust each other to. -- Well William that's -- I think when when I look about it we try to connect all the dots you take all the information. Eighties style look at indicate that Kevin love's agent is Jeff Schwartz and now and -- Jeff shorts and game changer bodies. So at -- ego OK so you think about this elicit a Kevin Love is not one of the year he does want -- or were gonna move on. Okay obviate any games I like start moving pieces all right. Paul Pierce on Kim Garnett god Doc Rivers wanna go clippers sure god now I have all these assets I've tons of assets and by the way hey. Owner of the team is saying there's going to be big fireworks. I may be giving away a bit of what's going on like I think. Anything about any -- I can just sit on its heels and wait for things just happen he's gonna be proactive. You know he's going to be aggressive so I think. -- the deal although it's not on paper at what's in the works. Two years ago. As promised Jackie Mullen joins us right now Maloney Fauria and -- -- news coming out about 45 minutes ago half hour ago that. Flip Saunders. Does decide to make himself the coach. Of the Minnesota Timberwolves how if at all do you think this affects the future of Kevin Love in Minnesota or maybe better said. How if at all do you think this affects the future of Kevin Love coming to Boston. Right not a -- -- all kind of welcomed by the way possible thank you very much appreciate. I'm not honor -- I think it's a lot of us were expecting. And I'll tell you what I think it means I think it means he's gonna tell data catalog you know what. I don't you wanna go somewhere else. I'm gonna take over that -- I'm gonna be the coach I'm an advocate in control here you and I can work together a little while what she's like I'm bill. Let's see if we can make the market if not I'll tell you what. What Kevin Love -- ago -- down -- OK let's go to trading deadline of February or may know it right he walked next. But here's Cynthia I want to give me some time watching kind of training camp -- -- I want you to give this to -- Don't by doing it couldn't happen. Don't buy -- the trap writes do you think it's a long shot -- that -- appear at a low. -- -- shot because I don't think. I I don't know catalog will go along with what what you're suggesting NB -- -- I'm not very likely is enough to figure out in Minnesota I think. I love it is an interesting guy he markets himself very well at evidenced by his little. Foray into our parts of the city last week and how much -- it is that. And so I think he's still into it and lots of places Golden State Chicago he'd love to play with can -- and I don't think they have not give. Flip Saunders back to make. -- happier here so I I don't think Boston very viable location for Camelot because. Even though Minnesota at that minute by saying we we -- Chicago look at opera where -- vehicle they can offer more sure that. I mean I don't know what what's more you can hope for it and and and the sixth extra -- the real valuable and rebuilt -- those leaders keep. You know that the going to be I. You have got the best package in terms of strapped. Probably not the best package in terms of actual players going forward young players don't -- I would give -- the nod to Chicago did not Golden State -- apartments are -- -- Yes so based on the pics of the situation and if that Kevin Love. Situation does not work out if that doesn't happen. What do they do with the picks that they have is -- do they trade back to -- stay with a wrap up number six you know you'd like seventeen trying to get an early second. What do think of the smartest move is for them to do. Well I mean there are some other free agents that he could try to plot to sign and trade. That there's so many moving parts here guys and that's that's part of the problem. If you're trying to. Draw a free agent here. I'm it was and that means you're gonna use Rondo as part of that they gonna say look he played here without. A passport point guard doesn't -- -- all or want to make you about where they make. But meanwhile Rondo can walk on the next summer and we know we don't you think about -- you want to Max deals you want to play in a big city. And you want you know you want to be lucky you know he died at very within the last year to claiming that once ardently. But -- intently at him. Feeling his ego and how the rest of these -- is because. Often even remotely a destination for analog or Carmelo Anthony -- out on. Document moments here -- -- -- 37 WEEI WBI Sports Radio network you brought up Carmelo Jacqui I was a lifelong Celtics fan I went to Syracuse there's a special place in my heart for Carmelo Anthony I'm emotionally worn over this idea. I want to see him -- -- -- -- -- don't -- but I also know that I'm going to be put the constant uncomfortable position of defending him whenever he has one of those like seven for 25 games. How should I put this through my own stall here and think about it is it's Smart or not Smart. The Celtics deal after Carmelo Anthony. What -- it the Celtics could end up with Kevin Love Carmelo Anthony and -- Enron which I think -- Just want to have all three of those guys here I can do it they could pull that -- you really shouldn't be worried about it. It shouldn't say that the issue it it's the Celtics -- number one the big worry about it. Celtics won a championship 2008 that the defense has -- That wouldn't be the case. That -- is -- so. I would say that about Carmelo I think you get the bad rap I really do. See you the guy that wants to win I don't. He takes a lot of shots but it's created the sound I don't really think -- -- -- basketball player I think you put them in the right system. I think he'll tactic or onto your I can come only -- he would ride in the triangle lot. So would you be OK with him coming here is a plan B if they don't get love them -- they love does stay in Minneapolis or something like that and it's Carmelo is a plan B for the big offseason acquisition how that's it with the. -- -- -- -- I don't think Arnold coming here -- for Rondo I'd be surprised I think that Carmela the not a guy that look in Chicago. Looking given along look at the lakers. I think -- don't think Boston would be one of the top choices I'll let let let whatever I think -- using it well I don't think it's possible. The the first Donald. After all you want all the seniors that places you -- get catalog here and based on my sources and their integrity and I got to the last couple days. And if so does not gonna do anything in the short term. And and let becoming the -- to me just cements that. They're gonna hold onto him -- -- that department saying remember that campaign 26 point five million dollar or anybody else. As their freeagent. And I think -- I think you did everything about the sit tight and he got -- at all. Objective this that -- false or erotic you're saying no Kevin Love no Carmelo Anthony the Celtics take six they take seventeenth. They go with some good young players that pretty much cement that as far as Rajon Rondo future here to meet the if the rebuild is gonna be that long. Is Rajon Rondo all the door. Remember Rajon -- at the site. Whether -- open -- not. At the things that everybody is making in my opinion. Thank you thank you go with the Celtics straight -- Well I think the Celtics would've liked to kept them but for pricing again that you point out depending on the -- scenarios that and then other. But remember a lot of the players as the ultimate. Say in where he's gonna -- And I'm not to that you want the same often cannot really blame them if this is gonna be rebuilt and it's another 23 year. Think it is -- place to go endorsements make. You know. Released to win and I don't know that anyone to -- and that. It Jacqui we don't -- you talk about everything and and I know basketball maybe number one for your job -- your heart is on the football field so it. So obviously cal cap recite these huge deal out would say -- that does that you know you could put yourself a Tom Brady's shoes based on what he's dump the team for the city. At a new deal he struck do you think at all there's appoint -- where he's using illicit I want more even though we decide an extension last year. You know I don't think cell and -- -- totally believe that there's bigger things than Tom Brady future with the patriot. You know he and Robert -- -- in the very close relationship and I thought they did a Smart thing. I would -- about that contact he'll -- until he's forty years old and the money. The money's the small right compared guilt that the economy at quarterback. If you aren't aging quarterback. And you know presumably you're not going to be at the peak -- your career when you're 39 years old. It's a lot easier for the -- Itself Tom Brady. At your quarterback. When he's making five million you know I'm saying yeah. -- -- -- that that was strategically done. I expect Tom Brady and been -- opposite entering the patriots at least at my expectations don't ever. Concerning this you know -- -- -- news story that aren't but I think it's one -- -- Christian I think and I didn't. Yeah no we we it's funny -- because we talked about before you were on a -- or their -- so I don't listen radio right. I operating -- -- insecure about a hundred by now maybe he doesn't either I thought when you were the last ill. In other supposedly again it is open to prove they're receiving corps and what do they do they let. His favorite receiver go and really didn't -- anybody like it's an -- that that certainly that work out that they'll fire Tom Brady I don't that a lot more impatient. Publicly that he has been but that's why you gotta admire that I would ever complaints he has -- Wherever you know he keeps it behind closed doors and that's that's what leaders do. Well Jackie -- Christian he's not only just as good as he used to -- he's actually getting better so it's gonna need two or three more contracts -- if you buy and of that as well but that's that's for Christie. Is getting better. Certainly Smart. And you know -- -- -- deal of about the the article about Tom Brady's foot is not that I just think court quarterbacks -- cerebral that's what they are and -- he's one of the best. And and I think that opinion you know he's studied the game every article ever done on Tom Brady is not about. Is is intelligent and the way he approaches the game and and I don't think that. Elections any over the years so I mean you couldn't be -- that -- not seat you know that. You know Jackie yes they get the news Don -- past the three are up. 66 years in the game and those kind of look at him Micah -- Johnny Pesky type. What your thoughts when you heard the news. Well I was sad because you know I I didn't have the privilege. -- on emerge during -- stretch here. At an accurate but I was younger don't college but certainly covered a lot of baseball. After that not to -- a little bit when he was in new York and you know. Feisty fiery. -- about the game I mean my goodness gotten hurt at all play in the minors. Played with Jackie Robinson. With the Brooklyn Dodgers. Mean what does this story it's not as important as the shell and everybody around and talked about his love for the game as -- that play the what Alex felt bad about. Out of the little that you paid Euro. -- -- that incident when you know that chart the mountain. And court speculate going to be -- that the cabinet -- at -- Because. About to -- for -- I don't know it's like he had the guy coming -- That's part of the narrative as. I don't think it should be great based on regulatory value that he made. You made it look outside his comfort zone -- technically pretty conservative manager until I got beside him and convince them. Take some chances as you know and that ground were some of the work. Same players and a what a great legacy for Don Zimmer. Jacki thanks so much for coming on glad you joined us here and let's do it again next week okay. Sound like a plant and technique for. That is secular -- here on MFB Maloney Fauria and -- -- -- 37 WEEI. WEEI Sports Radio network.

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