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MFB Recaps The Pull-Up Competition 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

Merloni, Fauria, Benz, and Producer Joe discuss yesterday's epic Pull-Up battle at the New Balance Fitness Club.

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Yeah. A lesson for you kids out there. If you want something bad enough. And you feel like you could work if something hard enough set your goals high and you can attain them through work ethic and training. That's what I've found out yesterday. As we come back to -- days of -- for game bands or ends Christian Fauria and -- -- that's him vents. Winner of the first annual pull -- challenge down at an annual update so. Possible. It's it was a contest of the conspiracy well well the only way to do it later -- You're -- -- -- I do have to elevate the contest the golf. Out those code the contest I think it turned into a contest. -- is being consistent there -- -- yes in adult and the only reason why Tim. Quote unquote -- the experiment. Is because he's a 130 pounds. And it worked to athletes who are completely out of shape -- -- -- -- -- by the way it I might add. We had to due to a store for you can recoup our yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- don't forget engine will live in unity. We have what is up. With like every host that work with work and -- Because we don't have he has been evident -- through thirty years playing baseball you do. You oil experience through personally and his whole life I had a motion that that Lou was -- get -- -- right now with more but get this is. -- -- -- It's good. Intensive repair in rich lotions are out this of the white base the base that -- political debates. But -- -- that pollute the value sweet Lou Jolie wanna come and you're gonna get a big circle world oil up knowledge of phone. -- you want -- -- this -- -- take your shirt off I'll get on the phone that's the excuse to get out of you'll let me I'll always protests up. Because you're back with other men put front -- back. There's an hour. -- a weird little -- that -- each other of us on screen. I'll say this isn't usually drag earned Viagra in the woods in Argentina -- -- and rioting burning carrier of the I would rather you rather have more at the beach ball ought to be asked or lotion -- lover had a big pool party today. Christie could hook yeah -- quick -- your wife's gone she can hook you up out of practice and I like -- I all Miller looks sunny. You -- let me -- and sunscreen Nelson not why I wouldn't go broke with the wall outlet you look Lou I mean I would need to only do your back now. Richard you -- get -- You're gonna get Uga really got a -- that we know. You guys doing it for. A -- or just now rubbing lotion and Europe's notably escorting it actually he -- the -- -- I'll say this about our experimental did you set it up for people are just shooting in -- -- out of -- -- -- -- -- the number one draft prospect in the NHL couldn't -- a single pull up at the NHL -- come -- we -- found that odd that a person of that athletic achievement. Couldn't be. Good and it pressure situation of the NHL com I could get one pull it after yesterday feel and it's even stranger. But if you even more so than I feel bad for the -- -- because -- -- the next time we do this experiment I am practicing for at least through weeks and I would I would practice for one day out doing my -- five. And yet here's my issues that -- text me unsolicited and says the over under six and a half I could do six so I went before Tim I did seven. And and Tim goes and does eight. If it would make it sound like -- that it appeared in fourteen OK there. You're a white guy I'm disappointed in the most polished and well -- Always alternate Jim Scott alluded new balance Jimmy's always tweeting up visits are -- -- leading leading in the month and you go up there. And you win a buck 7065. -- even know what you work out every single day you can only do seven. I could -- earlier to 95. Okay to back I. Try to make it like to -- -- -- all our dumbest thing I did -- -- -- that's not it added three and a half a step by over three but I. I see how it first. In the -- what else got a struggling to get up the year. I didn't realize that the watching you guys that connects the jumper -- -- -- your chin but the barn at last what you credit that workers who was doing. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Glowed blue army jokes there's just not what this'll make in the stuff up now so I'm going to is that that true you try to jump on your thoughts what he get credit for it. Yeah I thought I technically did a and I abolition of county I went -- for. Q what what five foot five and Joey went seven and Timmy went in you went what they got a I got the last one just barely over the ball and -- Does he started don't know what this mean I guess again it's that whole year's little guy. You you work out so you should be able to do. But I was little and skinny when I was in high school like the last time I did the presidential fitness test the last time actually had a dual pull up I mean. I was getting emails and FaceBook. Messages from people that are you know. Still in the region from when I went to high school around it they're stunned right now I can do a couple ups. The fact that I could do one of this embedded back there's the board but you could do wine. He didn't want to back and yes that was it I know I'm getting this I have picked this past like I practice you don't. -- with a comic brown on the college he'll be only exercises we did. It was only bench press I -- breasts like 45 days a week. Trying to master at it and -- -- came out of Colorado -- -- everybody was doing that task halftime club. Bad movement is like it was crazy so you know that test is coming due to shovel you do the vertical leap we do the broad jump -- Ali practicing. I pulled for the past better than if you really -- I can I think that's more the true test of strength. Than actual like bench press nonstop they can lead to a -- company pulled into the animal's an apple players. Could not do and Paula corners companies yeah usually -- -- equivalents using my victories actually making me look less athletic them. I don't know and -- -- I'm sure there's a million undercut. Right agency committee at the more athletic you unless you can do idea I'm the most athletic -- here it's something in my life and argued charted our legs out from under I'd say it's not that that I'm giving you credit for being -- to report for all that all the Saber metrics and all -- odd -- -- people keep. On on sports and athletics like they don't do one for pull ups. You've set the bar. I set the bar at my chin I don't I don't see Logan Mankins do not. By eight Pulitzer -- Sebastien Ballmer but you can't do for pull ups. But Tom Brady can maybe do a lot. Also this cycle which couple things number one else happy that -- get the former over under history of -- out of my have been ones and I also got my man's got over their new balance Jim McKenna no illicit because I get peppered with tweets. But how I don't go over there and now I don't show law and how Jolie goes all the time in what was going all the time and I just don't do it not on this album that. What now I think the -- gonna stop. Right because what it what my mascot it like one and a half. Stars or better as the manager the guy lives in a gym and should be written Fisher offset -- -- docket I'd say listen it's -- common look like this guy no more. No more tweets. -- -- up blocking New York he gave you should mediums are where did you what -- -- -- you. Her critically wherever I try to picture of what she won't altar call here is booked up for an undefeated. The fact that he could only do one and a half now actually does make me feel better about my compass -- to DID five no question about it is an excellent village definitely. We'll put up the next down the program by talking about the calling property deal and what that means. We're Tom Brady. That's coming up next Maloney for aid bands -- -- be -- days not a presented -- VI.

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