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Jeremy Schaap on the awful conditions in Qatar. 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

E:60's Jeremy Schaap joined the show to discuss his excellent story regarding the working conditions in Qatar leading up to the World Cup in 2022.

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By -- the migrant workers are on the left live anywhere near the homes of qatari citizens. Instead they've lived here fewer than twenty miles from the skyscrapers. -- -- -- The outskirts of the city in the -- Missed the rest he went to the camps without permission to film to speak to the workers. Who -- your passport. That a lot of innocent. You're trapped here. -- -- -- So you have Brazil. Coming up in 2014. Four more years is that Russia. Again it's right to the days in the stray dogs will be at risk in 2008 on -- -- days -- dogs that kill them all the ball. And then Qatar. Or cutter Carter now a 1020 up to. The that they are now five. Terrorists. Who have more freedom to roam. Then the workers who were building this it seems. For the so called soccer tournament there haven't been sort of ironic irony is that frightening. That that that these poor. Bastards from the Philippines and from Pakistan where -- they're from. They get shipped in the -- passports away at rates that they sleep in -- who knew the boxes. And they work all day in the hot sun and the terrorists are probably set by the pulled the four seasons question -- Netflix. And I just hate handsomely advocates and all that money back to the Philippines right away and when and where they show up there because did the deal is they they get a contract he signed this contract action signing bonus they -- -- -- -- guys you'll want this job to get there there's the -- in Britain operate departments say. You're going your camp you're staying there and you're going to work all day. So sort of forced labor camp it is exactly MP3 S&P fees approved it -- fifa has approved -- says French. And it's it's a real scandal and and show up to his credit men white women -- tremendous a look at -- right in the filthy dorms right enough. And confronted people with this holes corrupt system and I think because of him. They're gonna pull out of the kind of -- and yank it out of Qatar. Germany show up as -- those select few guests who make us. Hosts and you blisters smarter or having spoken with him. 66. Time Emmy award winner for work on ESPN. A he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Jeremy how are you. Revenue beyond begin Smart. You got some balls like you went in there thinking you could get arrested you could be. -- could be forced to be poured concrete in the stadiums the Genesis just to be jumping off par point Jeremy about the World Cup Qatar 2022 story that you pitched and got producers and ESP in the sign off on. What did this story that. -- we wanted to do for some time it took them awhile to get over there yet. Our crew together. He got the people we're going to speak to on the ground but. Best I can remember you would is. Summer. Early ball when he twelve and I got a call from undermining human rights community. A woman in -- keyword in the works for Human Rights Watch. In chief that you know I know that intensely that he confuses chemistry that you guys do. Stories about people been disenfranchised. Around the world. Whether the connection is sports is strong -- intentional. The deductible he would going on it in Qatar. And of course you know we -- when you hear what's going on there. Your first instinct at the U wanna do something about you want to find out what's going on what do you want to expose. What's going on there and and you know hopefully you can effect some change. -- Ellis is Germany I mean I'm sure you. Our still. Connected to people over there what is the number up to now the number of deaths. Construction -- is it in up to four figures. Oh well it's it's deadly sport figures. Over the last few years the. The qatari government itself commissioned a report that. We've done by ELA piper. The law firm does did the Anglo American law firm according to. The qatari -- report you know you've got out of debt in the time the World Cup was awarded to that content. And they're all kinds of numbers it's hard to get. A big that cumulative numbers but we note that. Hundreds of nepalese citizens died the last five years that's 700. And out of most of I know they're calling a -- art photographer Jack in the chip or. Yet correct it is. Typically the caught the debt they're also construction site accident. There are a lot of suicides according to the qatari. I mean imagine how -- the situation and it could be that you decide you're going to go to cut our city you can send remittances culture fame -- that they -- Nepal Bangladesh Pakistan and India. And. And you're gonna go over here you think for a few years ago work hard you're going to be. The lives to your family more bearable back -- you get to cut targets so bad. They beat you you'll need a little -- any. So we've got to which side it is big you've got the working conditions that are so terrible living conditions. We're talking about squalor in the labour came. Unsanitary conditions high heat and humidity. Dangerous work environment. You're going to get a lot of people dying it we're talking about as they -- more than the worker per day on average. He's guiding you cut our building. This you know kind of beat it like it they'll pop out of the desert jutting into the Persian gulf. You know Jeremy you're you've talked MySpace who slavery like you said in this story and he spent 200 billion dollars a -- of the bid for 2022. Point oh features this corruption in fifa but. I think the stories a game change -- there's any way in the world they're gonna have this World Cup in 2022 of these conditions are even close. 34 years from now is they were already detailed the story. I I I hope you're right I hope I hope that they do have to change. If they've announced. Recently that there will be changes through the cup -- system which -- workers through their employers. Which which. She has been. Light into modern day slavery. But there are a lot of obstacles to get that done. And you know whether he says okay they are making these changes -- intent to make these changes where where you know is. We expect it -- good -- to meet the flight eight. Two alleviate the plight of these workers who goes to -- defeat there really -- accountable to anyone. You would hope that there's enough international pressure here that there -- enough I'll read throughout the world about what's happening. The migrant workers is that the Asia bet that they will have to. Act in effect real change. But you just don't know with the that you just don't know if the rhetoric you know we are changing things or change thing is going to be good enough. And then of course they're people were talked about boycotting the 20/20 two toward mr. means you cut are the type that moving the torment. Improving the performance he's he's he's certainly is an emotion I understand. But of course that the beat the best result would be. Instead of isolating. The qatari actually making lied to these workers better by fifty we do put the toward mid bear you have to change you have to. Treat these people as human beings threat that the animals which is Al I think it -- that they they're treated now. Jeremy isn't clear how much power. Fifa has if indeed they're not talking about lip service here but they truly want change do they have the ability if they get behind this. Genuinely and systematically. And they control things and change if they so choose. Control. At some level. 88 it's not like they could just laid out the law obviously you're not get an anecdote that. But I think they have a lot of leverage here they have a lot of leverage cuts are pretty Egypt now wrapped up in this 20/20 two -- It is an enormous opportunity for these concrete fewer than 300000 citizens -- will be the first -- ever held. In the Middle East in this part of the world World Cup tournament because the world's most popular. -- -- Forget that sport then if this attract more eyeballs than anything else that goes on. Among QBD. -- would be the focus of the world. Forward 67 weeks in the during that summer war richer -- will be that time of the year the. People had a lot of leverage here the question has always been about whether it is willing. We inserted into apply pressure. Maybe you don't know the answer of this Germany but the do you think the five Taliban commanders are just freed let go go live in Qatar for a year. Did their living better they better and living conditions than the migrant workers who were building all these stadiums. I -- if that appear quite I know nothing about the conditions in which those. Guys. Are get a -- I get -- get -- by. -- -- if they won't wanna be living in the conditions in which migrant workers. You know it's not just. I think we showed in the -- You know the squalor. In the built in long hours. 62 week -- that we -- getting -- I mean it's essentially apartheid in these people. In or visible to most qatari because they're not elected in Europe you know is it did you know this typical daily gain a lot which. My understanding is you know. Basically abated single bid from both have been -- public -- until they call it family day. Daily day after the -- of the fighting. Typically which is the day typically would most of the workers have thought that there that we can find the can't -- -- go walk around. The night series could go hot. Speaking at. You know just walk up and down the EU waterfront corniche to. There they're completely. Isolated. Yeah they're goals we'd meet in their lives. You know -- Not just a monkey she insisted his work and that it is like being in. You know 88. In some ways like slavery these be the rhetoric you know it in pictures servitude. Slavery it's it's certainly something it. It was eight guys who -- -- chair rice 68 guys aren't. For more yes and I to a room. It would dump cans are better than others that would related to all pretty bad. Ball that went to me the most maddening thing was when they send them home in the pine box after the you know commit suicide. They -- nothing I mean this the richest country in the world and you have this war whenever nineteen year old widow -- other kids and and her husband comes -- and a box and is not even in a hundred bucks. For her heart trouble. Yeah. I mean in our experience. Sometimes they take care of the -- right but there's no compensation beyond that. If they get over there in the first place in the promised certain wages which. You know almost a week slashed its and they get over there -- contractor -- up in front of their faces. And there's no legal recourse there's no one to appeal and they are right. In -- country. They could be. You know it is they'd leave their jobs without permission they're breaking the law they can't go home and let their employers sign their expertise. That Qatar is is the only place. Like. Which I don't think make it any better there are other countries in the gulf area that -- they were very similar systems in place. The world has been focused on radio that there are not a lot of people. In these countries Kuwait. The emirates. -- -- Cut -- instead they bring in because they're enormously rich countries. And keep that Qatar you could call the richest country in the world turned to GDP per capita. Had some of the biggest natural gas reserves in the world I think its third natural gas reserves in the world. He is no driver at -- lot of people live very well. And these guys. Leave. It squalor and cut -- you know would -- better. Jeremy ship that's probably qualifies as just a footnote but some of mild interest I think I believe a number of months ago I read somewhere. That they. Are going to try to create a solution to deal with the extreme temperatures if and win the competition is held there. To my understanding they are open air stadium have you read anything -- can you shed any light. Other plans to deal 130 degree daytime temperatures and played soccer in that environment. What the -- world where they would be is that they would air conditioning. Stadiums and that there was the technology to make this possible Libyan air conditioned more public -- in the semi people puck back in the air conditioning the whole city of doha. It away. You know eight and recently I've seen stories that it's not going to be feasible they thought it would be. He had been backing off of the summer timetable for the ornament which of course is when it always takes place. Because of the extreme conditions. So you know now there's an up war on the part of the professionally for particularly in Europe that they were moved toward amid the fall and winter at some -- officials have already that they bought. You know that they're -- have -- check -- this week it got a lot of problems that it it's that big. But I don't see. How you could possibly. Played the east Portman invite people from all over the world together in Qatar we can't walk outside in the summer. It's that. A practice. But a question Jeremy got ESP and we know -- -- soccer partner with the World Cup highly invested and engaged with them. Was it easy to get them to sign off on this less than complimentary. Peace I know it's a number of years down the road but did you have some convincing to do to get this done. I play through not not at all I mean I've been yet and -- -- years. Yeah I think you guys are familiar with the kind of stories that I deal. I've never had anybody. Violates -- that church and state the sanctity of the separation between church and state and there was only enthusiasm for doing this too worried that that could. Hopefully lead to some kind of positive change in this part of the world. And the I think -- Jack Warner he's you'll present he's he's being investigated right now for being paid to glean from a firm gag order yet two million dollars in bribes right and -- -- -- -- Aurora. Order yeah I think that that might be at least this problem there. My point is that like -- he -- what is the defeat that was who would -- for a long time right US is reaching CONCACAF. But the five that was very well aware when they decide to bring Qatar aboard. What that meant all the stuff they must have been aware of it. Oh well you know now -- is not just migrant worker issues that you know there's there's been a lot of reporting this week. About just. How dirty alleged. To lead the peace process was in the middle of Mohammed in common to a qatari to exercise the -- didn't believe it's a global soccer allegation now that you're paying off. African represented it particularly if he thought millions of dollars to get their vote to meet with the shock. -- cut are was awarded the corner and back into that contending with something immediately to people all of that will fit well how could that happen. Well now there are. We could figure out how. A -- shop our friend the six time Emmy award winner at ESPN always a pleasure talking to Jeremy thanks for taking some time this morning. Grab Jeremy Shepherd that -- element AT&T. -- lost respectable people would think about this 300000 it's a little tiny country. The size of Iceland's population and they don't penis museum and they know they might well probably not. But they just happen to be born. On a natural gas natural gas reserves and -- just happen so they think they're royalty and they don't do that that kind of work they bring in. Slaves -- from other countries. Actually attitude just the arrogance and just people chapter we market that's fine I think we understand while -- market but this is the biggest event. In the world. And it's going to place at 300000 people that are running under is twenty degrees is running a slave camp for the people billed as -- dropping dead every day if you haven't seen it we treated it's online we go again Chris is so good he gets right literally get down and dirty and then he finishes with this. Poor bastard who died during the construction and again. You run that month number undermine one a day one construction worker a day. Pockets. Mean that doesn't happen in the entire US like any -- and they wanted guitarist probably be the fair rate though -- -- -- that you still like it a little bit more like animals and so one day dies they ship a moment in the show this poor. And -- in the palm apple as a -- -- and they don't like about them my husband's dead. Or light them on fire here burning his body and we got a -- Buzzer -- next.

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