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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Bergdahl video 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines was the 2013 WEEI segment award of the year when it. And really brought yes -- has brought to you by just -- outcome. Into question. Brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network Pulitzer. There's been talk now Peabody Peabody award Peabody of people will be the town -- body. Yeah I heard the Kennedys are considering your profile and covered pool -- my hand and -- -- auditors are nice and high profile covers come down between you and Liz Warren who was asked about -- bird -- yesterday she was she said now. Was unbelievable. That would you know when do you think about the embargo situation said no comment. Right now that. Is a woman's. Character -- constriction care -- of character no comment a lot of it's not worth commenting. On a Baptist. Church ought conference. Are there will be no hero's welcome for sergeant -- bergalis hometown of Hayley Idaho. No fanfare parades music's picnics in the parking none of that planned celebration. It the end of June which is scheduled to be marking his return after five years has been scrapped. Largely -- security concerns releases touched off a nation -- -- I hate that plus the fact with well that is -- trade up. They are saying they get the town itself City Hall as a resource thousands of emails -- city hall and a lot of emails generally. And about 90% negative. Percent of positives and tell us prayed for this guy. Those tempers could they were sent from you know Yemen -- you can look at it. You know you can go Whitewater rafting and you look with something to do well there -- nonrefundable airline ticket to. In the Hayley Idaho mountain -- that diner that he worked that Boston tables it and went to -- you know he's a gory stuff. I was hit those in some valuable Larry -- -- yeah that. -- hangs out there. The little picture if there's something that become -- that are -- this police chief Jeff Gardner yeah it received a phone call from a fellow police chief. In Tennessee. Asking him. What's wrong with people -- what's wrong -- would you leading poll asked what he met Gunter account of the color angrily replied. What the hell is your problem in supporting this dessert. Here's we have Ferris who lives and extorted the bird -- families watched spoke -- she says quote it's a modern day lynching. Yes we have been able to give his side of the story. This command will welcome him back no matter what he's a hometown kid and he's already suffered for disagrees tunnel lynching to firing score and that's we do to -- -- you notice yeah yeah. -- Geoff -- actresses you're 101000 people 5000 on one side 5000 the other. Then just do the national attention we don't know what to expect you'll Jeff -- not have a lot of this a doll stuff happen to know cable and -- I know. Again like the newspaper's -- Internet though now in another Internet -- enough to get in the news on the finding out what's the general's -- rights. He wrote -- different try to Miller went to military failed to do it we talked about a lot is author. Former general military experts not Ralph Peters -- trophies he was in general but what it but he's awesome yes currently a kernel pool. Google Ralph Peters on this subject via a -- -- great. A prolific to roll out but can't. Now -- on to the colonel hunt right now we can't tell them he thinks he should be tried for treason to. I mean there's no military guy. Who's. Whatever happened that the idea. The Taliban and the American Taliban he's still in jail John John and Longar -- Yeah he supports them yet other man who is on -- Dole's side here. Anybody Ed Schultz I mean whose price of Obama I've not right I'm not battered IE be having -- some left wing nuts out there. Effort nobody -- it was at that time it to be fair watch a lot of which Matthau and Mac news. To get their sighted view cold port facilities he talked to a number of people on the street and all yet and both corner light a cigarette economist with his -- Baghdad on out back. He did it waiting to see if he doesn't work. Sources are telling us trying website you know that Sophia biggar. -- Tom Cruise Nadal. Yes all of -- much taller should if you grow up and half should be. He's with the Sophia spirits source reportedly told Australian website. She's told Tommy can -- on the date bush wants to be wooed and then some but there's definitely -- spark. Is in Katie Holmes David Long since divorce -- just did support. A good -- god bless him. They must really be attracted tour. Sure he's very sexually attracted to -- cigar is we thank. Signature Tom Cruise is really seem to put that he rubbed the stuff is on it under the that would help would -- and the -- and I think that that new movie and it's gonna get great reviews cause of this special effects test panel dumbest movies government looks like has made him in 1990 set to never have like mark machine like magical like half transformer out and half human physical labor Dini. All atom over a Mac truck that it that. It looks like -- -- -- he's made a -- but six times yeah yeah Morgan Freeman. I'm hoping Morgan Freeman the president -- -- -- guys get I don't even know we'll -- what what's the name of it. And then. And the world Stan. No response. Did did the trailers have been the dog trailers yeah always text what's the -- of the stupid talkers were supposed to know these what was. -- -- asked what's the best Tom Cruise know there's there's two movies. Rain Man which is great absolutely I thought I think of that as it doesn't -- better than dust off now know is not all I don't know he's not only my life easier level given. Given anybody can do when it was -- one. Risky business. Great now what's the collateral damage. Good movie to just glad -- -- -- and I think fuels the -- -- great and I know you don't like because -- movies I think few good -- was -- terrific not a great and Alex Siskel and -- -- all the best picture -- tomorrow. That's the crews -- edge of tomorrow would ask that substitutes your favorite Tom Cruise movie. If you Goodman and and you Curtis. Mission Impossible. That might reports and reports excellent I tried to get this one of those -- Wall Street the exit of the Indians this I know he would look minority report. He's never -- never -- now LT. Tons and tons of movies I don't mean. I you're advice yesterday on Fargo -- made a mistake caught -- catch up in the middle. Of what was available on the matter shows start. Why's he in Fargo groups he has -- good surprisingly good seat minority imports of mine and in -- he's in the pre crime unit stopped crimes what happened twists and sit there trying to figure out how can do that. It's against the -- returns that they can. Cruise the last five or 67 years and Jack reaches a good move -- not mean it's classic tropic thunder is pretty good too I hate that movie was if I understand. I talk. Are you about that age and he'll talk talk about you know what. All the right moves that is he's the best -- all the right most is underrated did he brings it you're -- the typing -- you're not god that's my favorite line from any -- crews move. Better than you can a true detonating a few good men. Yes I've presented recruit but is now in his fifties we should stop -- and we've reached mechanical arms out like component was at age you do in the verdict. Represented used to indifference Hackett was at age should be -- She sort of real -- -- -- to meet -- need them and society and its allies always dumping -- because I'm Sophia is. On -- sign does that concern you at doubts that that's like. Although I say this. It is believed was else know it is absolutely like if you're like aliens and buried in the ground and tomorrow as opposed to every animal going arc. A great guy living to be 600. A little bit differently I don't I went out -- work on that mattress and though is that -- Republican they'll say it's this is the old testament because of parables that just -- alarm or Robertson in parables. The most horrible I don't actually believe aliens are under the ground out -- -- -- and anything John Travolta believes that's at war ask more Bosnia. Apparently Travolta at all. Broad yet Johnny Depp took we would triple its approximate pitcher Gina. A picture of the chipotle. Jump at the ball was in the elephant costume yet Noah now pitchers that scare the crap out of Italy blocks in some. Spoon diner in missile Charlestown without your help I don't know irony. I am optimistic about them every chemistry pictured -- -- -- this this could actually work now could actually work. It's good Bellingham Washington last year it -- -- high school drama teachers issued a formal apology after awards ceremony. Devolved into -- even profanity jokes about a priest having sex with kids and a box of sex toys. Let's -- the report. Drama club advisor Terry Grimes is in trouble she's in trouble after her awards ceremony at Bellingham high. Degenerated into what one parent described as a rush that appearance -- -- and some of her students on stage used the F word and other pro -- eighties and performed a skit about a priest wanting to have sex with kids. Then there was the awards for horny it's died in thorniest guerrilla with the winner presented with what appeared to be a box of sex -- Ex new -- in Bellingham Washington washing ought not match yet what -- we would never happen here at least she didn't do an inning with a slender man that's true. One of the categories as horny as stunned. And I don't have any experience like this at all and high schools now a British teachers and I understand it -- technically they're they are rapists again. I see these teachers all the guys. It'll limit the woman has sex at fifteen year old boy -- mean tactically it's a -- attack. I think I look at the teachers would never crossed my economic outlook -- I'm at it it it was never like possibly reciprocal ever right. Now I don't remember ever that that come in closer to them that the authority nothing wondering if there are you know what's going on thirty years we had one in our high school. Who was a math teacher and drove Corvette and there were rumors that there was one particularly -- girl that got a little too close to. Really mr. M. -- -- We got lots of callers -- talk about berg goes down Haley they wanna give your primer on what it's like an excellent you done I'm done that's headlines brought to you by AT&T 617777937. Teeth in Franklin has been to haley's Steve. -- to talk about homeland. And Marcus or whatever recent travels to Hayley Idaho quite often will talk with them and we will at some point -- the next segment segment after that. It is very -- retrospective on Don -- career.

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