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David Ortiz has some more to say about David Price

Jun 5, 2014|

David Ortiz had some more to say about David Price before the Red Sox final game in Cleveland.

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I don't put things in. Just. That Amy and I never look at again I never overlook. The game. You know the game. There's never going to be a player we have in the game it doesn't matter if you like if you think you or. Four or if people tell you that you're just not to be then again nobody ever going to be you know I guess you -- to end -- today. You and again continue the one thing I can tell you blow one save all these ECU used to -- -- before -- to. You know and and and that's the Damascus could ever knows me knows that I never. I think coming into the game ever reduce. Don't understand that you never know in other you know and you know since the way he carried the lessons of last year always. Mean Romo. And spiritually -- enough Christmas. This -- read that and won't be seeing the way he took the day they hit me in the way he took and that's and this deal. And now. Probably. The rules like. He basically say that he -- stars so. What -- anomaly that. -- -- is your position and who knows that price. I don't care. About continually doing it like it or not it is what it is I've -- again. He. Never I don't think that's the play of the game. That can. I mean we've got guys that. Have done a lot of good things for the game put up crazy numbers about it. We don't give. -- -- the game big game you most like you know and so you know again. My personal -- you know because people. And do it in those. To come anything is that and it's he would mean. I. On the double that I didn't do it bunker you are that we put. Normally -- come -- -- Hartnell -- and on me. Like I I like him because I like the -- you autumn I mean you changed the values certainly put them in any disrespect me. And so you know the simply won't do much. Before my bet that those doors to now it's. He's who want. This. -- -- -- -- you know you hear a compliment apologist volleys and talking and doing I understand you know by. I don't in -- -- you know. Problem of fallen to. That -- what you -- I was screwed up my man up. But I do.

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