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The Bradfo Show: Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava talks his uncomfortable, unexpected season

Jun 5, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava, who goes through the entirety of his season, dating all the way back to last offseason. Nava explains how he felt throughout spring training, the challenges felt early in the regular season and how he views himself now after returning to the Red Sox

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. What other additions brown folks show sponsored by schools distinctive. People who make you look so darn. And knowingly insurance -- of five people -- more integrity speaking of integrity. If someone with plenty of it right here acting on the -- outfielder Boston Red Sox. You have been on this podcast before replied it was a different name it was in the off season so it's like a new beginning. That's -- and make yourself feel like it's news like -- teacher that's fine but we weren't giving out teachers back -- so. Is that it. So so there's a lot to talk about me you you've had an eventful year I guess nine unexpected year in some respects. What I wanna current view is go through the process. Of the year the offseason to the spring training to be in the years to. Being sent down coming back out and and because this isn't just about all well you know what. It is how it is right now because it's along the ability offseason that would match in news it was a month shorter because of the World Series. But you go in the offseason and kind of have different status I guess in the world of baseball on this team did it feel that way at all. I mean I was aware that things were different compared to -- going into his 2013 when I knew I was trying to make the team. I knew that that wasn't immediate cases going in this year but I mean I was aware took stock of where I. I sacrificed. And I used that meant that I could become complacent it still. Trained worked. And took everything in the same way that I did the prior offseason so nothing changed in that regard my mental outlook was. I still wanna stay sharp. And so I want it to be at top of the team in terms of that taking these are grants. It was as if I answer it now that I. How the season that I'm just gonna put it increased control wasn't anything that I intentionally. Did it intensity that the opposite nature the that was the case. Missed because that is. I like to look at season after stunner any seasons. What can I do for Nazis and the next trying to improve and there's a lot of baseball's great get a lot of things can improve on this a lot of different areas that you can address so it's not just the physical swinging it was also the haven't approach to understanding what the next season was at least. Initially. Going new going offer. You know this in spring training not only for you talk about individually to. And it team to team and a lot of time -- utes haven't done I mean things change. And -- it in your pain in mind sets change in than. -- so I think when you're training EB. I'm still do approaches like. Season before if you look back and -- well there was a little bit different or. It was doing this different or that different ways that the case or did you feel like it was. The same mindset. Well we knew as a team that it was different. You couldn't. Sit back on on what happened in 2013. It was time for 2014 and get ready as as you mentioned. But I don't think that. That changed anything from the team's perspective of well now we we will the World Series so everything even from here on out is just you know -- indicate it was. A lot of professionals on the team as you know. They've been around enough to know that. You know to try to make it a second you know repeat sort of back to Pakistan especially. Everyone else can be guiding force and I know that was the theme that the team. And that was how things were done there's enough guys on this team you care about winning. More than themselves. That they were gonna let that happen at least the mentality but. The results are something that. Kind of he get away for you in terms of the you know the mentality and the folks is what the sometimes things always play out how you clearly intended them to. When you were going through spring training did you feel like you are doing everything. Well where did you or was there anything also that you -- -- -- you know what this -- -- quite clicking OK hope -- and but the ground running when it came to opening day. I know that I was from an approach employed my approach was the same as it always been I've never never deviated from that approach in terms of trying to hit home runs are trying to do this trying to that. That members I have learned enough through the wrote I've taken again here like what works for -- what doesn't and a typist -- -- -- in the house and stick with and it wasn't. I was in the change that's right no words mean at least ballistic trying to change that but. I was a step in the box looking for fastballs up in in the trying to you know hit doubles off -- for -- his drive and sometimes you right in the function and how quickly get out of a missed a turn a lot of things and it's retraining -- just trying to get my feedback or anything -- like every hour wasn't. I was off and on I would say but I was as couples I want to be but I sometimes you it's just aren't as it was unfortunate that. That that's how things started in the season. And I like -- that I would have got things going in the right direction on -- personal I think is the team though only the team expected things start the way that they did and there's a lot of close games that just didn't go our way and we -- team and we were we were hitting we were pitching so. Last year the first month. Everything's clicking and so a lot of comparisons are made about old last year this year already is understandable it's always gonna be like that. The same time there there's some great sense of understanding that there two years in the same. You know he goes I think that you -- in the first US through the first three weeks of the season before you're sent down and and three weeks isn't very long time. At any point those three weeks to do you feel. Like that you were in a rush to get to -- going because as we say three weeks is in the long time and a lot of times. Click in a hurry up and you -- good -- -- went to remember feeling you know like I could be going to really quick. I think maybe was -- -- into his thing that I have to get this going or else this will happen and I never. Looked at the map perspective because I felt that I was in -- Position where. I had some room to work -- stuff. But -- the nature of how we're playing it's I'm understanding now that that you know their fees are different than what I thought. But my felt towards the and it -- simplify things a little more and and sometimes as well as athletes it's baseball players you can look at the results more than you Keyon. How you're going about process it's. I know I lost side of that being that I wanted to get off to a really good start again and maybe I was pressing more than I wanted to but I never was. Never was going through life greatly what the world -- -- as frustrated as I don't know what the world going on I can't believe that. I am going office of it was just frustrated that things were clicking -- as quickly as I -- him but baseball's. A sport which sometimes you can have extended periods of frustration and things aren't going your way and I think because last year was what it was there's a lot of comparisons to. For teens and maybe for me about all that's not what's what's happening last year we needed access. I understand that obviously you'd like I let me I would still. -- able to fix it with the team the team you know when their last when he hero but that's just no way it was taken place well. You know is it isn't easy narrative to say when a guy gets in -- the senate pro bowlers to let him drop back and relax and and work on things and by. I would imagine that's easier said than done him and maybe that changes over after being a week in the minors. Is that true or is it is it easier said than done isn't because there's -- Shall shock of going down and you have to be used to everything is not just -- simple as I am -- is attributable -- to work on things. How I think when you. Get sit down in the position -- your neck while wasn't I'd see this coming. You know I was I had take responsibility that -- play as well as I wanted to and if I had played better this would be happening is so. That those that was something you have to do if you wanna make appropriate test Vista to get back in the get back the type player that you feel like you can be and so I had to do that I've got down there -- it's -- to work this time the focus on. I guess become a better player for having more proof what I'm not doing missiles along its you and -- -- governor and he coached. Who have seen me play force we that worked on its mechanical stuff but it is it easy to sit back and relax decade. -- Ebb and -- sometimes and look at -- relax and really work on this but then there's that -- Get back doing what I feel comfortable doing which is step in the box set on the -- feeling a certain way so this is a little. We'll press -- you get things going quickly that you want to. Then next knowing you can be -- relax it's. That goes up and down. I think the -- you can balance the middle of that you know I'm I'm just wanted timers brands have. It's a process like symptoms so that's a process to get myself to where I was. Comfortable in the box and questions you know exits as couples I want it to be I'm pretty hard on myself. And set standards I think everyone does this game so. I'd just because Thomas of the process it's where wanna be kept that in my allowed me this I think takes steps -- quicker than it would have by. Was in Superman frustrated -- at the people it. Allows itself. It's where you wanna be quicker through it all when we come back through your original point which is a long season and and if you don't -- a lot can happen a week a lot can change in two weeks like contingent three weeks so. As we see here right now here in a major leagues here on the Red Sox. -- and you're scheduled to start tonight offensive play. Do you feel through all this through everything you've gone through do you feel like you're you're the same player than you were that you were at that hit 300. That had the OPS of over 800 do you feel like you're the same player right now. I feel like there were players got a little more. Perspective on things again I mean. Gone up and down and there's a lot of players in this league who have gone up and down and you like to learn from those times as you go up -- -- then hopefully never gets that down but if you do you. You -- builder for it. Not to feel like I have tried this -- what I can from that situation and understand of baseball's a great game. And bless the play at the same time you know. If incidents today that says a lot you know I need to be a place where I'm OK with that. Or friends and a year from now I need to be in places. There's more to life than in this great game. But this instance while I'm playing it you wanna go out I wanna Max it out and maybe sometimes. We as athletes hold onto to telling me get the all encompassing everything in. I think rather -- relax have some fun with this don't get so worried about having to. Repeat what happens the years prior or living up to anyone else's expectations except for claiming him as hard as I can. And I know that looks different for everybody some people are extremely vocal about how they go about it but I'm more quiet and keep it just. To myself I go about it but. I know that I don't need to do you have people do it's it's everyone's different please Davis going about it the way that I can look back at that plated. Left column field. And trained in a way that got myself that this so I feel like -- I can't be that same player but you know hopefully. Could you please gave it and I can be that another step in that direction become -- I don't wanna be the same player it was last -- -- A better player. More poorly than in the time clarion is. If you play game when we're in the World Series and we're trying to get the ship in the in the direction in which we feel like it's. Going in now way in that setting history that a lot. Cynical things that are in click it and if they do I think we'll be wrong. It's a good news. The teachers which I will be handing out our European cut. Which which is as good for a guy like you would not necessarily race. Thank you European. What that means I'm glad that. It's going to be -- -- -- I guess is that it's a perfect record thank you.

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