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Minor Details Ep. 87 - MLB Draft Day preview with John Manuel of Baseball America

Jun 5, 2014|

Less than 24 hours from the start of the 2014 MLB Draft, Baseball America Editor John Manuel examines the uncertain shape of the first-round draft board, some names that have been connected to the Red Sox and a caffeinated existence while trying to find enlightenment in Secaucus, N.J.

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Very special draft -- edition of minor details we're joined by John Manuel baseball America who is on the scene. In the epicenter John. Greetings thank -- third thank you for talking to -- from Secaucus New Jersey. There -- competent -- Libya the senate seat and implore president now for the draft and or to be part of the tomorrow I think we are now. Well let's go I'm -- and how many of these have you been to how many MLB network broadcasts of the draft of you've been their 40. Actually the first competent person or about host the first album broadcast. Back in 2002 and that's when all they did -- Call -- and since he's just conference call him. And they would just go ally and it says eight -- and get your. I don't know could embolden our deprived -- to fire yeah it's the provides -- they eat what -- fire. Only to root crying and my secretary of state university. Number and that they would feel like crap the group then his second second pick. It wouldn't go like that millions extraordinary. I tried so well lingo I I host -- code so that on the MLB network radio back then rattled Beirut I'll be radio. And that was just streamed online and that Al -- until we get like. You get it all out everywhere and so while it seemed that immediately. Say it's hit. Chance to say something we -- in light on the up and BJ Upton or what is the first minute actually hold up fairly you know that's a that we play. Really -- later just when we speak in little tidbits like the collect the schoolwork. And the in the first round. Like 01. Also we got like a minute per square your friend from the valuation and -- Go do something into that trap where. It's something that you like it you can hear -- -- else in the group. On the -- up all KG and our. A fire that's our first. -- -- -- beat a commentator for baton back up but I would other people here it's also been here -- you and helps -- our Iraqi. It was basically 2007 down to Orlando first under the TV sure. My my first BA when my seven in the public. I would Alan Simpson. Routine getting people aware and like a white border profit -- Tim -- style. Car. And we -- -- so it would come so far. The cult cult like in the mix Republican 1998. Now my second draft I wouldn't tomorrow -- series. Thanks a lot more interesting to cover draft when you know who's been picked. We can't so. So brilliantly baseball draft. Has so -- sport and now -- used to start way to go. There are repeating NFL draft. I didn't think the -- -- about all tractors in order that -- he's eligible. Three years you will -- -- Don -- people keep it by -- call or not. The process and I -- Parker as some -- and some players. Don't follow -- after -- It's somebody in the west says Israel and Egypt are whispering. To one dunk a basketball to me. And maybe NBA draft a lot -- watchable while let's go and and here's -- was desperately. Trapped a rookie class into -- awful sure. I mean -- I. Based on track catching up about old -- -- and personal and not. And that way you don't say that I didn't include interest level I think it has. Potential to get better -- into track. To be released to keep. Yes fairway it was a landmark event because -- they were these you know three at least three year oftentimes for your seniors who were. You know would already become household names things to their extraordinary high college careers. -- well so it is now you know it is now just just a set the scene into this and people are gonna play -- playback this podcast when they do but it 10:15 PM. Wednesday night before the draft so words he minus roughly. Oh to 41 hours until you're going to be until you're going to be figuring out who the Astros first pick is in -- -- let's start with that do you know with the Astros first pick is going to be. I actually don't know I just tech and there's director Michael why hasn't that fire -- I got a great big man -- speak. At. The Astros. Download and that is. Lady that I am so I don't buy into it as strong industry consensus. That they blocked in number radiate in the high school up in terms India Europe. There are some other -- we can't get that deal don't play here it can. There were some early -- of perjury Q why hasn't made million dollar deal but yes I think they -- now -- -- the largest signing bonus pool. Of the most favorite. One Coptic stood at our last week and amber did or by point oh million dollars mom so I don't think anyone. In the strap it says about any players or six million dollars stitched up forty agent after being depict them or six million the -- Director -- and not proxies in order to explain all and strap. A Bay Area so they can get at this price. -- a lot of deals are being I as you know I quite -- one person in the top ten doesn't -- Upgraded it will be critics so they're a pretty strong consensus. That you haven't told anybody -- -- prescribe them -- -- look at first. How wide open is is the first round behind behind Aiken. It's really wide open it's starting to come a little more focused now. The last hour I I really don't feel like it's -- CEO. -- movement back and forth and really the key units last. First capital first especially. To be the cups because. -- so it's a trap for elite talents. About look at Africa and they just -- Carolina got hurt. And we just went out and and says he got hurt but cease. -- pitchers that he had Tommy John surgery. That's just spin out the top ten so significantly. In a couple of days or -- and they want it sure. And attend western and they want the pitcher. But Chris I noticed them in the face I have to take Chris Bryant. And they've been validated and actually relate to last year but this year I think again entered the picture they really can take it and and you'll cut a deal sort of that it and that's really -- that the final restarts the the company connected. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In culture over the Indians catcher -- -- right that's possible. I think my book or low as possible your cup director. Calling Matt Doherty it's from a -- northwest. Got strong tie it up this country -- and they didn't tell my order. -- well all I'll bring up I'll bring met -- to a into -- this is a Red Sox universe that I kind of operated after all else. I'll mention the -- Torre was a terrific amateur scout for the Red Sox. Before he was the one guy who the cubs were allowed to bring over. In there one when the US team win over the Red Sox. It becomes rather were allowed one hire of a former Red Sox. Front office or her staff member and it was met dory. Italian how highly they think of him and -- -- and I literally bumped into him at a evaluated scrimmage almost call for lunch first came up next then. At NC state and -- brushed past him and somebody was going to just accept my door and you're like yeah yeah I am. And actually just so number in my an old email account. He was coaching the West Coast collegiate we think Obama called them like in 2003. Or something ridiculous like that. Memories are email when it actually worked out and that's where you may at other impression on the over the years somebody. The -- -- -- council either they can donate Gordon. Tom Gordon sound mean or they go they also go Mac and cops would kick out of you last summer at the which has upstate so that's -- it seemed to finally does start -- Appreciate you all the floor and a couple count one of the pitchers. -- I I think that the public position player. And I think a lot of other would like to thank in particular as it. In the first round of -- -- and get after that the draft is very that your and so. That that that we've been harder than people like. Video a bit more. In the first round that we are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't -- -- I don't think we thought it would get. You know 23 weeks ago are armed because both I think that you're desperate. You know back in the first -- I think -- just see it could be your twenties are very very picks in pitcher in the round to record five. With regard to well with regards to getting ready for the for the draft. Is it more exciting from your vantage point to have this kind of prevailing uncertainty or do you just wish you knew. It's being the first time on the point man Alex -- Only -- all the -- heavily involved in a draft ever since two albums or. Before that. -- -- and I really exploded and kind of the college stop them. -- in the -- and since -- a region of the country. And just little marks the first time I elect this way it's it's at first -- most fiery and frustrating. And that -- I just frustration is starting to go later portrait into its. My surgeon cal -- You'll -- -- protect those very frustrated during the day but -- Sotheby's commission does come in and the trapped by its always on. Will be different for me -- not -- -- baseball America. For the draft so that's a matter that your. In the opposite really is for -- I mean it. -- all worlds colliding here and accelerate the recovery torture they are a professional baseball. And we try to cover the same you know -- -- -- the program. To those two world you can get on the data -- draft. It's just really special time -- our biggest trap -- the year. But -- most relevant -- a lot of -- so. Despite some frustrating moment on the way. Incidently there's not a fun process. What's the greatest surprise you've ever had on not on day one of the draft. I. -- that there have been some talk show. I'm trying to think up top might have the biggest surprise and has been. -- a couple of years ago would not totally serious terrorist box and I'll catch up with for the overall. Stock lost because it. You know we heard some rumblings. If you go I don't 2000 non. But I don't think we saw you were just fortunate trapped. Amid a little extra the extra are trapped and Andy. Starting out -- parts that I am in the northeast was Chris Klein used to work for that America sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That blows away that the guy who two years earlier. In order to draft a little bit try to mostly work post. Didn't do -- -- -- for us and all the -- find out throughout the fourth overall pick in the draft. That's probably the biggest shot just because the those two -- but I think it will not perceived to be the fourth best player Madras. I imagination that would again and people really like play a little money here and spending more later. Do you really get into the work. Yeah when you would have thought that that that kind of you know structure of of drafting top -- would never existed back in 2009 because -- before. Major League Baseball I implemented to I kind of thought I kind of punitive slotting system as opposed to then where there was a recommended slotting system. That they had in place and done so yet Allen was don't was a shocker that they. Took the number four overall pick in 09 draft and took a guy who. It in took a guy who you know -- -- saved money yes on that first overall on their first overall pick. I've played Ed you know it to what benefit as -- Right and I you know I am a little one was dumb. As -- cigarette in 2001. And Jimmy Howard the first -- high school. We knew that our not going to assign the pretty news and I include the -- so they basically threw away -- first topic they drafted him. In order to have a predictable pick. And then did not want to sign him and because it is happening money in their budget -- spent the money for. Your budget in the draft the previous year of and -- -- And sterility. And then it was proper that this thing. Money and gotten so imbalanced or some of these teams that -- -- -- not realize it and it didn't look at saint. I'll return on the investment. Whale like in most teams do now to this sort million dollars perimeter player poppycock -- doormat you. That's the likability news. Treat it as a candidate was owed some you know it was just hanging. And particularly industry that would change -- -- And and says that it's shot that we want shocker especially adept at time like how could attacking. Know at least for its first round pick like a conscious choice in now -- could say anything for yeah who who destroy man. There were there was stories back end of teams intentionally sending guys who had a -- or type B compensation attached importance that they would NAFTA and amateur -- he's -- to retrospect I'm going. My talks are -- I have absolutely -- I liked. But -- and I think we ought to pick in round. They've still got some place match or Sergio Romo did not address they didn't crap and so does the ground so. We got three or four big -- in order and essentially punting humbled and. So John as you as you sit in front of a fairly uncertain border what are some names that you're hearing attached to the Red Sox. In this kind of T minus but either it's like to play be taking in about 23 hours from when we're talking. You know look at -- time I touched -- a member of the Red -- from -- like oh. We have no idea what's going on -- product looks like the please help us out on the acute think that possibly two -- they have order 20/20 six degree right. I think Boston and try to get one of these college that in at least eight to college -- -- -- earlier. I'll explain keynote Stanford match and for them. And play -- that area that -- it's a very pretty area and put up higher upside. Our high school that I going to be Moving.com. Forced to all our fiscal second baseman. Florida. He's probably the most kill him in the track. Com that's the guy who. And I participated in the league -- will be able to examine what our columnists aren't -- game on TV and I know more about this program. Well I think that's a bit off so recording us this year and -- other player in the mix in the first soccer teams and all a lot of them. High school second baseman. Will be up sort of a lot stronger. Shorter injury and votes short of the belief is dislocated both shoulders an entire school career but just some people. I truly compare the -- too high and -- to give mr. credit Peter imminent it's Chase Utley and out of the middle ground is a guy who was could -- Chase Utley and -- college that's exactly -- the North Carolina. I think some people think Bali to a new standard. So -- -- in the field. And -- -- got our agreement comes so people are convicted in the that he's allowed cart has the injury and the position -- where -- limit to what you are. I'll not -- that they can compare generally works again. But yes and so he's cute I think it's incumbent board for Bob I think keeping consideration. I actually high school back. The series following port where Bob and here's. Monta here and you're here athletic numbers very outfielder he committed to Nebraska graceful all you're more athletic. I am. To equal -- about the stalling them I think -- similar question about it tool. I believe the people -- that. More -- to creating. And frankly who likes baseball more than Bubba starling I think the ghost of problem and -- and public struggles right now. In the minor league are being visited on Monday here and and his. -- offensively. Is called in to drop downs and draft board I think Bob it would go or not and they want product portfolio approach. Well it can't two -- and some upside with some. -- -- -- I'll but that is -- -- upside -- Yorkers are -- some forced all. The talent that's -- -- -- particular point the American. Anna Chapman's. You mentioned Bubba starling which actually brings up an interesting point because had Bubba starling gone to college this would have been his draft year. And that was part of the 2011 draft class which featured a extraordinary talent extraordinary college talent but also extraordinary -- -- though. As an interesting exercise I'm gonna give you some names of off the top -- had some of the top names from some of the top. Our players from that 2011 of the top high school guys from that 2011 draft. I'm -- I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on where they would go if they were in this 2014 draft. But he's so I think that it's safe to say that darling based on how his broker is gone probably wouldn't be among the top especially because of how. The other guys have gone so Dylan Bundy RG Bradley. Francisco indoor. Javier -- has -- memo. Jose Fernandez and of course my apron and of course one of the ones who I have to mention every -- they do move keydets. Where they had those guys going in the 2014 draft had they gone to college. The other interesting that's an uneven this. It's Stalin gonna coach you probably considered and do better in the house that instruct. A lot of people wish all on the -- -- -- a lot of people. That you have done better at Nebraska played for Darren Erstad -- -- he -- one of the royals. I mean and the oil -- can -- hitters to hit. So they're mildly system and a lately I think that's some about the struggles. Can be easily ascribe to -- scouting player from them. But with the development of which are happening there on the -- language that's in the dirty trick or anti state shortstop. They're polite but he go to first tentative six. And it's you that's helped pull straight and are all the -- and respectful. It is he's probably eighty. -- -- -- usually running faster and more of seventy runner. Not -- that's so. Yeah I mean -- I would imagine that I'm looking for years at Tennessee. Williams development drilling issue Benny Allen at shortstop in pro ball. -- that that's a question that radical shift to second base that. -- -- there that's a lot of -- Carter and all that probably. -- -- much stronger candidates but even you know pat Ellerbe who are unsigned player -- -- -- -- rapidly that -- on the single leak sealed up and -- Peter. As Peter Gammons and John Kerry and -- dial. Out of luck this illustrious companies. I apiece followed under stress -- for your college. Sometimes to develop and sometimes you know what the others. And it's solid although got to go out there at the top players. In this year's class the possible exception. Of our -- in our culture our -- backed up this spring. I think it's a loss that was not on the cause we're gonna columnists. So it is here. That I think he's pretty stronger and I commented that last summer -- cheaper and subtle game against university North Carolina. They only seem to have the best game and I would like I've gone. He's got to get into a lot and it gets cold maybe not -- you're a -- harder dare call it physical. To talk pitchers. You know real contempt for -- All these that make you sort of rotation starter. Who would be your number one if you incorporate other. Everyone in this draft as well as those high school guys are just rattled off we go Jose Fernandez at the top or knowing goodies TJ guy. A Tommy John Guy would Dell would it be someone else. I think it probably thought to be different and as a result at all I mean you just. So -- -- -- do you look at for -- I was the second best pitcher in baseball. And that the total I would expect -- sophomore so. The goat am I'm disappointed for the baseball fan. But he had elbow surgery completely missed out on that our talent but how -- excitement -- Still let's -- and as. Good a feeling that he's shown that come into tomorrow and so are licking their chops at air. To Cuban Americans as Carlos regardless Cuban American born Miami. And I think it would actually love to have forever and ever done. In irritation. Paula Anderson -- it can be a very exciting young players. Are under development and now Miami. -- they got around China coast and he could start out and you know really competitive team. In the near future I think O'Donnell will be a part of that he doesn't get -- educators stressed it comes back healthy and call the European number one keep slaughtered so well that number two or number three starter. -- question I'll -- based on fact that we were just talking about Jose Fernandez in the Tommy John issue why do you think they've done do you think it either of the two most prominent Tommy John. Undergo orders of this year's draft class -- Jeff Hoffman nor Eric ready either of them are on the board when the Red Sox -- 26 indoor 33. Here and there not -- here it's gone not still here Kaufman to Toronto the first second pick. There have like some European -- there and the most popular rumor the night and ties Scott Boras corporation client -- Saturday -- -- -- -- and his adults from industry mustache since I attempt to get into Washington national. Who are known to have a believe it -- -- -- before or client so. Total of more adjacent parts there's about what he's. I was gonna say yes I must sessions puts a process that is that it -- all thrown into your conclusion for the night and as you get ready collective. It so we'll wander into sleeplessness and bust out so they're big great final mock draft. Which will be updated twelve times between 7 AM and seven -- tomorrow. -- the future of my immediate followed -- now are valid and that that is still centered goal right now. It definitely that fit it a -- -- public colleagues around to -- more than ninety. Well tomorrow -- -- that's what terms so yeah it's stopped a lot of fun I really appreciate him you know. Well really look forward to your coverage of course we'll be following you on Twitter we'll be calling you on the MLB network and look forward to getting all of the latest about. This kind of central day in the baseball account so in enjoy it he rather -- doctorate. --

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