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Red Sox Manager John Farrell

Jun 4, 2014|

Our weekly look at Red Sox baseball with the Skipper John Farrell.

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Red Sox dropped their second straight in Cleveland to the Indians at Progressive Field. Once again kind of a slow start. Didn't quite get it going offensively all those in -- Bogart's in a home run for a second straight game and joining us right now on the AT&T hotline is the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell. Brought -- by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun hey John how are. And Michael and there are. Okay thanks -- That would get to have you know the the most recent action here but I got to ask yet. What your reaction was yesterday when you found out that -- starting pitcher Brandon Workman was suspended for six games and nothing will happen to anybody on the Tampa Bay race. Well. You know what we we present our case and it didn't accomplish inside that Friday night game and wants. All the appropriate and turned over -- you wait for the judgment to be handed down and I think there were some I know there were suspension. Brenden Pappas deal was suspended there might have been some fine levied on both sides -- this -- You know -- you go by the the process that's in place. The report but I didn't believe -- hope -- a part time. You know I think at the time. I'll be objective at all -- -- -- on Friday night you know what my thoughts or stretched. -- and yet. It's going to be archived story that fortunately we've got a guy that would eventually right out six -- in the Pope has appealed to Britain. Here in for that is yet to be as scheduled and -- out of it it's the reduction of suspension patents that degree we would still ought to. -- let's go back to Friday because I think that's where us space to this I guess phase one would be the benches clearing in Tampa. After the objection to of this deal in a three game but face to -- clearly out Friday night at Fenway Park. After that John did you get any explanation whether it was on Friday night. Saturday afternoon. Monday. Morning for that matter. That made sense to you Od on why things happen the way they happened on Friday currently. No no I -- an explanation was had brought stability for your opinion you can return to get rejected. -- you you have faults in the certain -- I didn't believe it took exception to those thoughts and obviously the -- did that take place. But there was no warning issued prior to Saturday came. There was an awareness to our heads up due in part of the series to get -- Which when you took when you look at the sequence of events that's what kind of makes you water. I could to protect him and handle a little differently yesterday and they played out that. Again if you're gonna have a different shot at it and I and our side but certainly different -- in the -- apart conservative activists. Did you think or were you surprised that warnings weren't issued when you work called into a meeting by yet. Ted Barrett along with along with Joseph Maddon before the game on Saturday. I know all our senior open -- you think it might be you hand you issued warnings -- -- the -- before the start of the game and everything worked which. That was my contention after David Ortiz was hit with that don't go into the warning that let the players. You know and returns on the field and at and typically do I understand the that would protect people and not put at risk. Two into the but still. We'll keep you get entered the cost that it entry got hit by that right. Will be it would seem with the objections coming -- of try to make it and so when you at all up but it doesn't make sense. But I still think that you can handle and did -- by his principles on for 130 factors. Remember we're talking on Friday John dale and I have a conversation about an -- think something's gonna happen tonight I didn't know what was gonna happen in the first inning. And it was going to be price on David Ortiz does wonder from your perspective. Were you anticipating. Something from the Tampa Bay Rays and if so what was it. I'll just -- they actually I am. Like you all you want referred to start to get -- in Tampa. For a date prior. We thought that was pretty much a done deal but I'm. By their comments afterward -- and David. -- being hit with not a result of Sunday's game but last week. That's what would you you don't go into a game thinking that this -- and -- little first. John are you concerned or. You're always concerned about everything obviously as manager of the team. But the lack of offensive production from your outfield is that a a primary concern of yours right now. I think they'll all want more powerful I think we beat. We hope that he can -- -- its partner that and were trying to find ways that it but it but the situation between the typical active partner in the return date yet because it. The -- in the media cute that he still rehabbing it and -- precondition. But the author of the overall particular Robert which prompted the update to their. It if it's possible that apple has been -- before you put it. Up there at the wheel and stock. That is that it's important that the the the -- a little bit of -- lineup that was in particular. John Longino I'm gonna I'm gonna put John -- quick you guys grab them. Michael as you can tell it's. Little tough to. To hit exactly what the managers saying it -- and we are told he's on the landline and manager's office. But I'm assuming that the manager's office in Cleveland hasn't sunk into the river there. -- -- -- Well you know that would be that would be real concern if that was where the old stadium was. Where oil can Boyd called -- the ocean about right there right out right on Lake Erie. That's down the street allies -- both the downtown Boston but the old stadium was right on the lake this one. They don't have that excuse. Well of being that close to water I don't know what the issue is there this is this is connection day -- Bristol. Today and I just got my. My radio -- -- -- -- Connecticut school of broadcasting commercials away from young -- Because I just used by my vast radio experience. To adjust the volume to adjust my own volume. And -- -- -- mr. fix it. Well let's let's do it on now let's reconnect to Cleveland and hopefully the line with John will be a little bit better as we try to complete -- Our interview today and and I apologize John it's not your fault it's a phone problem and it's not much we can do about that sometimes. -- what area will question. So one of them are 36 o'clock and -- -- -- it whether. It. -- -- That the entire world that about a block away. John -- all of the the issues and Andy did. Rapidly declining quality of the phone line we're gonna thank you for your time and trouble and we'll look forward to next week when we can talk a little more clearly. Are good thanks and I am and I'm sorry but. There comes a point of diminishing returns -- it -- but you know I still not the worst one we've -- Reverend. Tito every year in Kansas City. Was it Kansas City -- was an -- Kansas City. And he'd be on a land line and it did make a difference PL airlines cellphones. Go outside. Go around a court whatever was it was just always Kansas City. And a and a back connections so back reaction there from from John Ferrell but. What we did get out of it was he didn't expect we said -- and expect anything from the Tampa Bay Rays. On on Friday night. In that carried over so if if you if he thought the situation was handled. That it was over after the benches cleared in Tampa. Then they gave it brings us back to David Price vs David Ortiz. And it's clearly. From the post season my question is. Did David Price alert any of his teammates. -- that was happening to anybody know any anybody in the pitching coach know that. Some of his boys in the pitching staff on the pitching staff whether their starters or relievers they know that he was gonna go in on David Ortiz like that. I don't know if they do but according to the Red Sox have sought and and -- had footage apparently of price high biding his teammates in the dugout at the end of the inning. That in mind. If they did know ahead of time they seem to applaud what he was doing out on the field that the previous happening. -- see that takes away the at the line from Ortiz and that he's got something to get his teammates are. You know he's -- right makes an unfair position well. If if these are five guys. And he said people on purpose and I guess his teammates didn't have a problem with it may want one side of it is if your pitcher and you're hitting somebody else in your tenure in the American League and you don't have to pay. For your actions. Yet you are gonna put your teammates in a bad position the other side. It is in this -- does this come from mad men don't have a lot of jokes about Joseph Maddon and how he's like this pseudo intellectual but. Are are really do believe this at all joking asylum -- that he has. He has built this this is the mentality that he wants his team to have eight -- has really done a good job of all for 11 for all. We don't have the resources that the Yankees in the Red Sox have been for that matter would have the resources that the blue jays and Orioles that we're playing in this as a rich division. And we're not rich voice and so we have to do whatever it takes to let them though. That they won't push us around so I think there's some there's an element of it we're not gonna take any crap from the Boston Red Sox or anybody else. And hey if David Price doesn't back down to David Ortiz after the Tampa Bay Rays are all about now I saw a story for from Longoria where he said. He did have a problem with -- with being hit with a pitch. From work and his problem was where the -- to us and I don't blame. So I don't know I don't know that if the rays are are screaming. Are screaming foul. About David Price. Here's here's the deal we have a a text poll that we put up at 37937. It's a very simple yes or no text -- Do you want Carmelo Anthony on the Boston Celtics how we -- so far what we I just told him about it for the very first time so much they knew until now. But you can text either yes or -- out of 37937. You want Carmelo Anthony on the Celtics we'll find out what to think in a more direct manner when we talked the about it. Here at 6177797937. I you can text -- is always that 37937. And text either yes or no answer to our guests are now if you would like to have the Carmelo Anthony on the Boston Celtics because I'm telling you -- -- Twitter feed when I asked this question earlier today. It has been 5050 practically write down the middle will have to get -- that's all right dale. Well -- you would think with a guy who averages over 25 point -- game in the NBA would be more yes -- know -- yeah. I mean you would think that there'd be more yes than know if the if what you're talking about adding is a guy who scores nearly 26 points a game in his twelve year NBA career. The fact that it's not overwhelmingly yes indicates. There are some issues with this guy -- -- issues with his PR he's got a PR policy on topic he does he has PR -- called Carmelo Anthony note that Audi. This guy comes to Boston. -- album. And the Boston fans who love them guarantee up by the way one of the options on the on the text poll is not no laughing way. I'm just saying it's a simple question yes or no answer no that's right 6177797937. I'm sure that all of our phone connections to you guys. Will be better than they were with John Charlotte's dale and Holley Sports Radio WE yeah -- now.

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