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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Nasty Boy Edition - 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

We tackle four topics all stemming from the possibility of Carmelo Anthony coming to Boston.

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Not calling this. About the end. With some folks thinking that Carmelo is this a bit of a nasty boy it. It's sort of led to today's report four -- -- brought you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans -- -- you a better. Network is still holds up like I think it. She's a pretty good as it is. While it twenty years old is that. Not Janet outside Janet today. Janet today is our. Like. Two days. -- -- -- -- Go to your high school reunion. And sometimes -- behind the reunion in the pretty girl twenty years ago you know maybe he looks a little different that. Janet Jackson but he hides the reunions and yet after the same way -- don't -- -- I'm at -- -- still hasn't been out he did has it are right and that. Sort of -- the software were going to be today on the stimulus Janet Jackson -- I don't know -- say whatever you what did you are sitting in a room all by yourself margin. Yeah. -- As we've been talking about Carmelo Anthony possibly to sell this Carmelo while being a great offensive player can also be complete pain in the ass. For four for today we'll talk about the biggest pain in the butt for our Boston teams and we'll start with the Red Sox. They've got a long history -- bringing in players who were just nit wits before the 2000 season the Sox traded for Houston's troubled outfielder Carl Everett. In his first season with the Red Sox ever was an all star with 300 with 34 home runs but he couldn't stay out of trouble on the field or off the field. -- that is old in a bathroom. In the courtroom. And they have been through don't have -- -- in them so. Little good. He retired the wars does that sparked a well can you say -- and I remember he was talking to Dan Shaughnessy. Suck it up or out -- -- answered yes yes yes you clearly have important. -- -- -- That's great that's good stuff -- did have some issues then I'm off. But wouldn't -- can you make very strong argument even though it was much more talented girl ever could make a strong values argument for me and he. Coming anyway is that a bad guy but it was a met with. The bad guys to -- And and you know the whole incident with Jack McCormick -- pushed over the top but there's always something -- Manny off the field to -- by. Young -- description of you never knew what you're gonna get out with Carl Everett he could stay out of trouble on the field or off the field. Manning was the same way. Especially -- the feeling that some strange things but Carl Everett actually scared that. And I -- Manny ever well that's really -- out Foreman yeah you're right now -- scare anybody. Just didn't know. As many managers came to say about Manny I can't do this because I don't wanna lose him. So they would they would kind of tiptoe around -- issues but I guess. The winner here is. Carl Everett. And I would say Manny is around as a nice runnerup. -- Yes we are Michael Christian arm of the hated rivals the Bruins when his player for the Canadians. He repeatedly took cheap shots the Bruins players. Alvin and the Bruins -- buddy Dave -- on the call by the way the Bruins after that traded for him in the summer of 1990. Do you think. Knuckles island dale was the biggest. Nit wit. I think I think the fans ought to be in that way before he wore their laundering. And I will say they asked. The incident that we just played with the whole fight that went down the steps and in the hallway at the garden and all Latin it was probably the most famous one when he was a member of the Canadians. But to this day the incidents that that has Bruins fans most of sets as when he crossed checked Rick Middleton in the face and knocked out his teeth. And and many fans just were not willing even with the changes the uniform they were not willing to. Forgive Chris an island for what he had done the middle. I wonder wouldn't think martian. Race. I may not an enforcer. But he's a guy who. You know he does a lot of stuff that just pisses people often and he's not the you know I'd say he's like a he -- Kevin Youkilis type guy. An NHL it seems that. You know you like companies like your team when he's out on your team that just some that a bottom that rubs. Most players the wrong well. Interestingly enough on the play by play that we just had Dave -- that got the Christian island took a swing at -- he was headed off the ice and down the runway. With Ken linesman. Who was probably on -- that same category as well as Brad -- But for most Bruins fans and they have some others you know Marty McSorley was hard to root for. But I think -- island was the guy that Bruins fans have the hardest time with. Probably because of his history when he suddenly was wearing the Bruins black -- Factory. Randy Moss was a pain in the vikings asset. You save dis gusting again finally. Fourth season. We have got on our airline. Menus don't Charles and -- you know he proceeded to quit on them. The patriots finally traded -- -- superstar wide receiver for the 2007 season. When all seemed right -- mosques and a Pat's uniform. This -- and I are alike say some. Not take -- I take my job seriously -- that time and time again. But I think there's. I don't really wanna say here an organization the organization but I think here around here and a New England area -- a lot of people don't wanna see me do good. And reason why I don't know really don't care. That's why -- brought a. -- right you know early if you think about it Michael is it's safe to say. That the patriots have had more of those pain in the -- guys kind of players than the other organizations because they take more chances I think. Maybe it's just 53 guys. Yeah I think it's more like they admit -- I mean we -- as we're -- about what we mentioned you know -- it was worth -- Thomas. Brandon Meriweather. Corey Dylan was an issue before he got here they've they've been well I'd have to take these guys on I think. -- and there's another one. Oh I wouldn't say it was Randy Moss they still would even after you know shooting his way out of town. Randy Moss doesn't win this one for me I think. You know -- -- is in the mix. The party starter. Brandon Meriweather and America out. I -- Ochocinco. Yes. It was probably gonna win it he'd been deep banged by the time he got here -- let me know. -- -- And by the way for the people who who include this on on the text machine obviously we didn't include Aaron Hernandez that's totally different category. Yeah I mean that it takes it from tree you know you trivialize we don't want you know we're gonna leave him out here -- -- just normal. Everyday run of the mill and I would say it was Ochocinco. -- incident disappointment -- you really do much. Well that's problem. And I don't know I mean nobody on the field but but they have beaten -- really do anything that that push people. Push their buttons at all oh how Derek yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hollow man. I'll -- read that that is rubbed that it -- did it ever that was Jay Warren. -- -- -- updates into question of the day Ricky Davis was an idiot from the moment his NBA career started. His most notable highlight of his time in the league with him shooting in his own basket an attempt to recorded triple double car. It's if this goes live the rubber room. This he. They've beaten to death of the hard. I don't get relief we. Elliot making as -- -- sales for cry out I pray aren't a spam I forgot stopped -- She did the right safety -- that's ever asked for crying out loud she played the right way. With a guy and he's done I -- -- -- -- any other team. The other team was aboard the other the coaching staffs. You know both coaching staffs agreed that this is the thing to do which makes you more. So whether leno's shooting at the wrong basket now that's better that's pretty to get a rebound. Now it was was it that way here to. You you don't -- that -- you know I thought the. -- play well here they get a good job of of hiding some of these issues. And and they got rid of them at the right time I actually enjoyed it you know you Celtics fans have done it. You may be with me on this. I hated to deal initially. I don't care to have some spot. -- Ricky Ricky Davis. I'll I will say one positive. I believe -- -- though the coal specifically mean it started with which it. -- Really that was that was Ricky Davis. It was that the reason for but I remember Ricky Davis being on the team when that came about Gasol. In the reason for it was they were. -- had a radio station where they could be heard. Initially it. And I worked for. About light at the right. But at the -- they were saying that the only only people can hear that word with the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or mocking me when I said that spam but he should sales she does that register as a -- -- what she. Caught me. You. But she is my cousin outlets that mocking you know it was one of those they all look like -- -- -- -- just wish I. Had some of that athletic ability. What you didn't have the athletic ability that she had when she scored that final bucket. Still I -- there are -- she made the lay out where I'm at bat. There are. Looking at that rhetoric that act of cargo. Aircraft back at the back part. What more -- Rogers and I'm I'm usually don't. -- the court. It works out. Equally not -- but I've -- -- -- doubt about Todd day with Todd day. I'll help -- out now Todd they would have to give for the Celtics they knew that. He got to the the fight with a minor great fight. In kept taunting him during practice and in great minor man of few words. Affect blood shed okay he couldn't he couldn't talk -- quickly. As Todd -- wasn't witty as Todd day so he became more more frustrated wouldn't. Todd they were just talking around. Antarctica -- just you know what we're doing what I know best. Just go away -- At that particular asked if that's all I can do. But I don't want to west some but he got lodged today -- it's a great line. Another go away and is sharp -- allowed charmed a sharp take up issues during the game. Right it's like. Deciding to take up issues. Disinterested. I object yet we were probably miss another elitist Scottie Pippen as much. Stock actually Scotty how did. It'd take your shoes off. He sat there he was -- -- tighter some that he was bad he was mad because -- play for Antony did meet refuse to go win yes. Mean that's the same things taking issues office and take your shoes off kind of eliminates the possibility altogether it does Florida -- coaches kick -- -- drags you in your shoes are. That's good point. -- -- -- I don't know. What -- what the lesson would be here. But you wanna tell me if you're an organization and you bring up that Scottie Pippen story. Your organization how do you get it across. That something you do. In a moment of petulant. In a moment of frustration. It just stick with you for your entire career and reduce it to a 2122. Year old I don't believe -- right wouldn't believe that now all. And even if they did believe -- they'd say let's talk and happen to me. But Scottie Pippen and had a brilliant career. It was a it was a really. Underrated player for and rightfully so we should have been moderated I would Jordan Jordan was great so. He's never he never gonna get the credit that you deserve to play with a guy like that. But he did a lot of a lot of great things. Was on that dream team shut down defender could defend multiple positions. A great player and -- all right ball when you talk about Scottie Pippen. Whether you love or hate them you always go back to that moment we didn't go to a playoff game. And a -- I can hear about the -- Okay quack quack The Who were protesting knew nobody was an excuse to demand that affect -- -- brings the point. Max is a regional thing was Rick dees of the -- Disco duck yeah. Okay that's why he did it for Ricky Davis Ricky. -- And then John grandy and his pivotal. Typically these protests -- divisions made up that story. It -- out of Texas as well whatever that song Disco -- one is produced by a Los Angeles -- by the name of Rick duties. It's called -- Kind of makes sense Rick v.s Ricky Davis Disco -- the beginning of this cut that it had Max who's Ricky. And then goes into the it's really never he never -- before rich today I'm almost positive he did. We -- -- -- -- it is pretty good at this aren't good doubting you but Rican. We can contact some sources of the broadcasting and no one thing is Blanco were were three miles above the courts that signals. I've a couple. -- -- allowed here you're Sean Green and the anger. You're you're Shonn Greene -- I don't know what how how would you describe it. I don't play that this -- -- yes that's what that is. Quick note about the baseball game tonight it is raining in Cleveland right now is pouring in Cleveland right now. There is a mutual day off tomorrow. However the Red Sox would prefer not to stay in Cleveland and play. There is a another mutual day off on August 11 the Red Sox will be coming home from a West Coast trip on the way back to the Boston and it is reported. From several people who were covering the team that they would prefer the August 11 date. According to Gordon needs they're gonna make a decision around 6 o'clock tonight right now they've got about 181000 tickets holding Cleveland who big night for them there.

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