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Brandon Workman gets suspended; David Price does not, 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

David Ortiz has some choice words regarding his teammate, Brandon Workman, getting a 6 game suspension for his role in the fight against the Tampa Bay Rays, and David Price getting no discipline for similar actions.

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Basically he called me because of what he did remain at that it was -- between man a man. And go back and do what he did. I think he wore us. Some talk that. That the west. David Ortiz yesterday. Upset by the fact that branded work and did get stranded would be back and forth. Throwing at batters that occurred over the weekend between Tampa and the Red Sox over at Fenway Park -- David Price didn't get suspended. -- we've been so and roast with the Carmelo Anthony Kevin love the Celtics. Trade rumors. There we have even gotten to this yet and I know that word came out shortly after we got off the air it is going to be -- the suspensions were. And down Lou always your first reaction to her Workman is gonna get. In the first start and not them for David Price. -- my first reaction wasn't wearing the David Price announced. You know because. Is it in baseball when a guy drills -- guy people the Britain work right now and it was just raining. You know at a ball slipped unfortunately for -- AJ Pierzynski David Ortiz pretty much on record said that he was doing what he had to do it they pretty much. Through that whole comment at a bus but that's illegal body. You don't show up the next day and pretty much admit the unit David Ortiz on purpose. That it was absolutely intentional. There that you're doing this service for the rest of baseball because everybody apparently appreciated of people contacting David Price you openly admit. The -- drilled David Ortiz on purpose. You have to address that -- Workman got rejected for throwing at a guy that is a suspension. But at the got to look at David Price he gets spent ms. Walters for admitting. And and to me it's a compassion and here here's the south from that because. Yet it's easy to -- the regional lines. It's just. Please bear and I guess notices nobody is bigger than the game of baseball. And sometimes the way he acts out there you. -- like he's bigger in the game of baseball and that's not the way it is it's not the way ghosts and night I definitely had tremendous amounts in respect to -- pop music. While -- gonna go down as the greatest Jason ever play this game. And for somebody like that it's like you have to have respect for that person. You know it's just titles. Christian here's Ortiz his response that yesterday after the -- to amount about the suspensions. Lack thereof. -- Always they're bombing I don't think there's. No. Gibson who's. Some -- you know they say the first nine and they always say the best days from the and a -- sense say I've -- going to be in the game. We're going to -- can say that about myself. Really. It's about sits so so work and it's worked -- gets suspended for not hitting anybody. Army of that it looked great 'cause it looked like it was going for a and maybe it was a driver that's with a ball and going and price who flat out. Confesses. That's a confession. In my book listen I MLB in yellow everyone who vote matters he's gonna come down -- -- -- suspend me. Here's here's a smoking -- right to -- that's it right. So are you waiting to date to define price so you don't -- done all the same day but you wanna make -- make a point to call out work them. Is -- retaliation. That's slightly and it self velocity. Whoever does something seconds -- -- in the ball -- me that's like that's your parents tell you all the time listening if you're gonna hit somebody you don't first. So you don't do it caught. We -- fast. Abdul they'll wonder too with Workman. And not at all by -- just because you get -- get thrown out for throwing an Evan Longoria level Longoria talked about yesterday. Is it baseball decided that they think is right -- fitting punishment really just think it came down to -- the pitch was thrown. And so I think it's a big deal it's been ripped gauge of the leg or ever. I'm not so sure I agree with that because if you if you drill a guy intensely at the warnings -- and you end up getting thrown out which are workmen did right or wrong. And he gets suspended I mean that's just. It's just waited Zito -- the guy charged the mound you get suspended but they had to look at the admission. Of David Price into the same. Eleven David Ortiz went. I understand. The fact that. You know. Guys. At some -- like to do things. The way they surely they'd get a better feel. For make them feel better whatever. -- Don't -- that and it. We also learned a lot I played the I'm a grown ass men -- do. In my case I my my point clear. You know I'm gonna get hit again now by him. -- Graham he did on -- he he he called me. And covered this quick. So. -- a grown ass man I've been around and if we -- -- and I know how to take care of business tomorrow. -- what's that mean translate app former -- There translate that only a little chart and he says he's put himself and David Ortiz at that -- put himself in the interesting position. Because if he ever gets it from Dave David Price again he has to immediately charged the mound around and go after. You hit it and jaw at the pitching problem and do that yeah routine as part of the -- on the go to -- -- when it came charging out of the dugout last time and minister recede got a free lane to David Price that's what he slowed up and let the rays they'll I'd hate to pull my finger. -- -- Actually to -- The bullpen out auditor. And verified it was funny about that was their war there -- any Red Sox players who got in his way -- they knew that he could barrel over them and maybe hurt them in the process again he did. David Price. But he stopped when he saw all the rays players build -- human shield around David Price. 6177. Cents and I had 797. I thought you -- going down the path was saying he set himself up in terms of discipline. But I would think that that wouldn't matter based on what Major League Baseball just it would David Price which was. As he put out an explanation. You're gonna suggesting that David Ortiz is putting out somewhat of rats. But that does seem to matter what you say it's what you do with the action of throwing behind Evan Longoria is the only thing that got a suspension here from this back and forth. Yeah -- did the next time they go edits down in Tampa. July 25 26. Point seven that's over the weekend. So it got away awhile. There's got to wait a while long while before big. Yeah he's got he's got an -- right because he can't he can't just -- hit just in their jaw on the Bengie Molina and Jose Molina rugged front is getting is gonna take off. Go to Carolyn -- for -- earlier on 90% of -- yeah. Ain't saying I don't I can't tell me a great thing -- ratio Christian I met -- said I don't remember about -- I did a year. I'm you know Larry you medium -- you remember this -- this. Easy mistress mr. what I didn't know yet that they are best argument suits. Mr. says yes sir Alex Rocco got to take it that you just baking need to make an inappropriate. Jokes here. I do want to say I. I hope David Price is still pitching well our. Camp when we got out there in July and I hope he hit it -- But I really wanna see if he will charge. And you know. And that's what he talks about that would be really anxious to me. And still I wanna ask the question now hang up in the city feedback do you think it's really time to that he or what is in reality is they're rebuilding air and being. The outfield is so embarrassing it. It's crazy and get -- Grady Sizemore. Maybe we just go see you and and face the fact that it rebuilding -- it and economist thanks. -- -- don't do that adjustment say you don't need to have a rebuilding our in Boston with the means and resources that they currently. Well I mean I'm taking the first question quickly -- -- and David can he make it to the mound I mean is he fast enough to get up there. Muted that does happen pesky calf problem I mean is that gonna happen I mean. I know is working out off seasons -- now -- out of shape he has but I see around the bases back -- well you may have -- -- -- Longoria or James -- to -- there guys an order. It's gonna -- really wanna fight Lou I mean let's break it -- -- really -- they've really it became down to it. OK fine I want like go ahead make big circle ice panels and. You -- a -- amount once you know I charged. Got -- in the dugout for the Cleveland Indians they're pitching coach Mickey Callaway. They're pitching coach right now -- actually AAA just gets it down -- it like fifth. Coleman went deep -- the ball 440 yards of the limited -- -- an -- she drove -- -- shoulder and I'd just gets it down and I was just pissed. Andy was John and it would jump back and forth and and in the process he -- appears to you don't get a box next time. Who all -- so -- so that we can go back and forth in the dogs big -- and I was just so upset. Social pissed I was pattern -- first place that just -- mean next time just hit me again. The next time burst pictured her all the dirt with a backstop those guys not doing the next pitch -- initial it to go off. And I got thrown out the game gets spent three days knows that I would have put the future and -- Dram product that's the question yeah I did at what's going on there and bottom of the pile and its head -- -- bottom policy that it needed to purpose I swear to -- her. A little -- that's -- African labor got like thirty people a topic you publisher was off like making sure my teacher on. It just strolled into the dugout that was there the only time in your career Cleveland Indians pitching coach right now Mickey cal let me go as the pitching change that's the guy. Distribute a question I'm asking I so quarterbacks they teach them the slide sometimes -- jets they brought -- like some pitching some slightly Eagles had to coach when they teach you to slide. Always thought about the pitcher. Like there's got to be some sort technique. What in the batter's gonna its rate at you -- I mean do you wait till the last second and then moved. Are due to you aggressively approach though the batter also what's. What's the smartest thing to -- Elected a charged -- at about ten feet close there to ailment often -- -- chest. OK so now he's it's like you know it's gotten -- punt block that help. And I tackle them usually got us on. It would be that additional penalty slides. And I had a helmet. It's a weapon the weapon of mass destruct use the weapons and it really hurt sounds like six all our president is adamant that -- -- It again as I look at mouse. Who's the best fighter is the best buy or use as a pitcher. One guy you know you're not you're not you're not going to matter and -- -- and Hurwitz Nolan Ryan. There's not a well there's not a chance alassane human being -- ever charge UB. Ever charge -- beat him what -- secular and it means that from wood since the third and yet and he's a boxer and he would just. You just don't it's not advised never never is imprisonment somewhere as well believe he attacked like his landscaper -- the machete. Is grass yeah Korea has not -- static game in his voice that broke him in the now's the time which year poured gasoline. That's item charge the mound. It's. Nobody in this. Six -- 77797. And 937. Up next James in a car phone hi James. Good arm Howard I just felt that stock I would aren't just curious if you thought our lives even and I -- you can get free agent Omaha. And I -- think he's a pretty not to play play hard and not know it and they are just ridiculous. Eastern Conference finals -- -- do you -- opinion ordinary and ultimately Oaxaca back. You might as well -- Brad marsh and a pair of high tops. Is the same guy -- just an agitator an instigator. Well I mean I think there's a place I -- I play a little gap in the respective sports they can both play great you're gonna get that dynamic if you get him I think Lance Stephenson is a step down. From what you war going for. In terms of Carmelo and while you're looking for offense scoring dynamic star power putting your team back on the map. We've seen this Ron. God can help us at third or fourth. Component of your club. But the Celtics are looking for something beyond that in my boy it just watching that series. My question knowing that he was a free agent is like. You know all the antics you know it is that step that you can best help the market that hurt him and -- seed because now Paula GM. I see what he brings to the team which is a positive. He he can't help you when he did as much he could keep the pacers and -- series. But do you wanna deal with everything else that comes -- it just as some at some point just because bush league. They don't we wanna guiding you DV go there and we're talking Dennis Rodman in a first of its kind. You know and unite you know activity as much as Robin would. But he has got to wonder surrogates do I wanna deal with this guy. 80 and if he brings it up to the table. Finding your deal with that is that a one time paying every don't think it's occurring but you've put up with a -- to your point dagger through its its. It it's it's like a push. Go to John in Peabody John -- -- through seven of media. They got I don't. I want to bring up the obviously talking topics here and you know I'm kinda backed him -- as much excuse so expand mail it in the right. But I mean if you look at that the -- JR Smith in now and shallow in Denver and all the New York. You know it's an agreement so -- point guard. You know you get him Rondo in Egypt are coached like Stephens and you only have a lot of I mean. That big -- could argue that Big Three putting Kevin Kevin Garnett obviously Ray Allen is -- not. Right now or back when the original Big Three you know right about -- and only. I don't know I did there was put those together. They haven't wanted to talk -- offered to play it in -- and that was no way they went to Egypt because of offense to. Our offense yeah I mean you know -- pardon me. No arms and they want that either one that -- because the defense for a. And -- 100% -- what Tony -- guys are great but if you bring in our valued at him you know. Those weapons I mean. I would and anybody checked you know get him to be a competitor and a championship team I think that. You brought those guys together and the Celtics and you got a solid bench like -- I'll -- also -- in the -- back -- -- let him be eligible last year so. You know you get the right pieces of how to be kinda look at what those three guys. Loving you had in Denver -- you hadn't yet the point guard yet -- -- senator. We Chauncey Billups and that in and Nene I mean was serious I mean blocked shot protect the rim whatever you want you forgot given its so we got -- we -- The defense protect the rim we get the score we get the point guard. Any hoosiers you know. One out of that town of -- -- go to New York lowest auto market this guy that guy Tyson Chandler and it's -- -- now one out of here as well. It's kind of continues. Well like the player not really but he's agreed to good score yes he has. I think you'll be relevant if you get him with love absolutely we would championship now I don't think you will. If you look at the read some units that we have between the two errors that pierce Garnett Ray Allen unit vs what we're talking about putting together here in Boston now. With Rondo and -- And Kevin Love devices do you Garnett Lou what's the first -- comes -- intense. Defense leader. Christian. Garnett but a crazy. But he's a leader he's he's he's easier user trend setter he would -- trend -- He's your he's setting the tempo he's sending the mood he said in the attitude -- Paul Pierce. We finisher. Scorer shooter and -- truth closer Ray Allen out. Cherry point shooter -- three different guys three different roles three things that they do specifically well. I think you -- talk about Rondo and mellow and Kevin Love. -- Kevin Love specifically I think they overlap with each other a little too much you're not getting three specific things. Three different guys three different roles and -- that's where I'd be concerned about the two of them coming together and actually getting the most. Out of mellow and -- -- -- a difference not the year to keep Avery Bradley that too an eagle give the kid gosh it got to Houston nine got a rib protectors well and they get. You know the treatment if it -- get these guys we have the realized nordic get those players -- probably gonna have. Five guys on your roster right that you're looking to fill pieces. And draft picks are all gone. -- draft picks are gone right and a lot of all your players are gone that the data upset about it. But you know Kenya keep a guy like Bradley can you do you still have enough to go get a guy like -- where -- -- used to protect their riveted to defenders with that group. Must assure you do you got to give up everything is -- bolt of. 617779. At 7937. You can also text is on the AT&T. Text line more baseball coming up at noon with buster only from ESPN. We'll talk patriots with Tom current. Who is defending Tom Brady. After. What we talked about for. Hours yesterday regarding the pro football focus article saying that Tom -- no longer a top five quarterback when we come back. There's one specific national. NBA experts. That's dousing everybody's optimism. About Kevin Love. Coming to Boston and no it's not Stephen A Smith from DNC earlier in the week you heard that there's somebody else out there. We'll tell you who it is what they're saying and maybe why should be as excited. About Kevin Love coming to Boston. That's coming up a Maloney for aid bands and on 37 WEEI.

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