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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, refutes Sam Monson's Tom Brady article, 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

CSNNE's Tom Curran joins the show to talk Patriots and refute the points brought up by Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus, regarding the decline of Tom Brady.

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But. In no less of a source in Wikipedia says Christian. Eat this ain't nothing. And that's a nothing pitch. So since Frankie -- the Georgia is not known for certain but eat this may come from the Hebrew word which means nothing. Who's been nothing arrives at the never ending story and nothing that nothing is coming to get to. That's the movie the what the never ending story. Yeah I remember that looked dragon yeah the flying white dinosaur a look at -- lower. -- what some muscles remember. It's a hundred times all you re so that are narrow the matter one of those boards Summers supported -- -- twice in California. Never any story top ten movies your memory retention for minutia like that is mind boggling and -- it really is like is that how duke. For -- craft that scale back. Getting knocked in the head rattles different things loose and you have a nice -- used to be. You know bad things are now assets. John Curran joins us right now as promised on an FB -- or -- Christian Fauria and -- n.'s Tom how are ethnic slot for coming on with us today. Also known -- that pretty. Indeed yes -- Including the tickle his music. -- -- When Tom has always got to me to do that that was my I was aware of the largest I just found out -- music the other dancer and -- yeah I don't know what is -- music. What is it -- special and I happy anyway. How do you have people the baseball player you are not not be popular baseball writer a little. You try to be funny last year in the summer that that is not funny. That's also -- say it's -- not funny night -- you don't amused because we use you real quickly so. OK you are those guys. I hope I go that far broad brush away. A do you have beef with Sam months and after the pro football focus article about Tom Brady. Honestly and I have -- that we discussed that we have more quickly it tomorrow night. But I think that. In football and I'm sure that I'm not the first person in a statement however the story about yesterday. As opposed to baseball. In football the statistics so the starting point and not the end point in baseball. For instance some say for instance if you see. The statistic that says okay somebody's sitting. 71 with runners in scoring position in less than two outs. On you can figure out what happens -- he doesn't get hit. Whatever 83% of the time 73% of the time in football somebody's completion percentage on third down. Inside the red zone can be looked at it in negative if it's 52. Which also have to look at all a ton of other factors what are Bristol targets when they look like. What kind of separation that they get what was the time and score. In football statistics are starting point not an ending point and want to see the statistics then you see why and looking at 2013. And seeing Tom Brady's numbers down and not asking why is incredibly disingenuous. Yet that was my question use -- ever had an easier time deep bulky in article. Basically proving how wrong he was. Well I mean I think if you look at it in the media in general certainly that has many easily debunked articles. That that emanates from our profession these days some of my mind. -- it would. I mean if you think it's a shame because they do great work. They work extremely hard pro football focus football outsiders. Donate to a lot of work -- they work hard but they are to walk and consumed. Well if piercing hole and conventional wisdom without getting into know what I had a debate with it's -- has not worked for them last night. I'll start Twitter you can see how would it terminated. He had a list of the greatest -- -- after that season in NFL history. And Tom -- can be among the big four. -- -- Rogers Brady Manning. And the highest might have been breeze and then the next five or six were Brady. And he looked at his confirmation of British shortcomings and I think you know the position to hate. You're looking for accuracy. You're looking for high percentage rose you're looking for delivering the ball on time to a player -- in a position to do something like that. And -- counter is that. The receivers are doing the work for the quarterback. It's a bizarre thing because they say. They put a lot of stock in the individual stats and then when you say. Okay. Spoke Brady's record is this they say well what's the team gained so much for the best way to get confounded in in football statistical discussion. You know what they act to skip the home back to was said the -- -- in quarterback and his weapons I mean I don't know -- of the sport immediate point guard. If nobody can shoot the ball guys that -- get many assists right so. I mean look at the with a -- that he had in this type of offense. And medium holding the ball was because maybe Eric dobbs and didn't read the defense and didn't do what he should've done now has got to go to the third I was gonna go before these under pressure. More than before this -- just seemed totally ignore the fact that there was actually no experience or bunch of new guys trying to work through here with Tom Brady. -- -- I mean it in short he did it and I when I wrote my story yesterday I alluded to. This is -- timing gates with a -- cents which is completely predicated on. A receiver running down the field in deciding where to break the rule book exactly. Which shall return. You look at the play against the New York Jets that we. Dissect it forever as evidence of great frustration. When Aaron Dobson get down to the goal line. -- route to the right instead of sitting down in front of the corner and coverage. And Brady's throwing it into the ground and it skipped remembered was to open mind. That. Happened in the second game of the season I believe on Thursday night after that. Who could blame the quarterback in the timing based rhythm on offense for the open the ball more than two point six seconds is monsoonal would stoop. And trying to determine. If that's not a that they gonna go exactly where I think he is or not. Okay yes he would but now I've -- my window so much of it in anticipation wise Christian I mean you could. Thought chapter and verse about this because you're the bail out. So -- numbers. Under pressure. As a tight end target tight end without your slot receiver Danny Amendola was was irrelevant. -- an element that we needed to. That guy the pale guys -- numbers are gonna go to W all the more than two point six he didn't have to bail out except for treatment all the complete except for a moment. And you can take one guy away especially when he -- and. -- current -- send up plug the column that were talking about from Tommy can go to CES in New England dot com and it's entitled. In defense of Brady as a top. QB in the NFL that CSN and where we were going discussion yesterday was I felt like the points that were made in the column for pro football focus. More or less suggested that there was a dip. In Brady's productivity as opposed to where was in 272010. I think an argument can be made there. I think it was a little bit too broad brush to say that he'd fallen out of the top five that's the beef that I had with it whereas Christian went so far to say not only is he not dipped. In fact he's better. Where do you fall on that part of the argument. There are aspects of his team. That are far different than they -- in 200345. -- six. He gets to keep up. -- completely different. And fired up. In big games. And that's -- done that. Yeah but took to his detriment and I would -- 2011 as a as a pretty good example in Super Bowl. He -- to -- up early games. And forces himself -- some mistakes that he could otherwise avoid that I think you played will lose in big games earlier in his career he does have a feeling that at all on him. I think so he kinda tends to. What moron so -- -- -- little art but it got a negative I think into wants 2003 Super Bowl which Christian -- it was true superstar. And you can see the mobility in the number times patriots rolled pocket let him throw on the move even -- that 2007. It is accurate to state. That he hates pressure up the middle and it also accurate to state that he doesn't get out of it as well. Only one player would actually right now but I'd rather have started game maybe. And LB Aaron Rodgers because of the ability to extend the play with a seat and then the accuracy of the cases that. So -- that -- all of all the news all the stats and all the numbers. It still comes down to with the guys he's throwing the football to. Do you see any spike any improvement from the youngsters from that from last year moving into this year. Do you think will be there at the biggest impact not using element. As one of those guys. I do this every year I find Mac guy that they sign and I say that should guide. And then I end up being wrong. On its side now and to -- it would handle it well. What to man I mean you're you're Danny Amendola like the -- every day all day. -- fell did you put up the ship right now Amendola. Well I mean -- had a pretty good here. Did you expect more from him. Although it is -- the -- -- amidst -- -- current belt with respect -- and -- always. What he was not beyond all comprehension about what he couldn't do by the end of the year because of the two growing. Separations in each each leg. We're getting separation at all we couldn't could not get open period and the story and as a result -- Hollywood the preferable. Target he got the better. Where it's going to be -- done here he and you know I said political last year look at salt freak injuries Nancy. Was under control -- -- -- collarbone he broke his wrist that stuff like that happen anybody at the plant -- Well to to grow into an issue that's not it's a non contact injury and it's. I have to -- it step by step foot on the brake on on saying giving him until but I think that. All around you -- and he can not count on Dobson right now. To come back -- be a weapon because it took too long for them to diagnose and address his injuries stress fracture really butchered that in terms of the initial. Diagnosis. And addressing other because he comes back and breaks the flip that was our stress fractures. Open it. So yet to figure comfortably better George Bush did not include. Really get anybody's confidence from the roof last year so I would think that -- felt. And any Amendola would be curious -- and hopefully Rob Gronkowski complete early in the year. And not have to wait seven weeks for him to emerge. Last atomic brought up a piece that was on Yahoo.com. About Andre Johnson despite all his accolades still being underrated as a wide receiver. In your mind is he still a viable target as many fans want him to be for the teachers to acquire before the season starts and is it fair to call him under rated based on what he could be if he had a quarterback like Brady to work. Tim I think it did you read it accurately I think he's he's got a body of work that suggests that he is probably going to be. A guy who gets plenty of all the same consideration. Based on personal statistics. So I don't think that is underrated I do however. Think that. Bill O'Brien develop a salesman. And I think that he will be able to convince Andre Johnson of the merit of waiting and seeing. Foot stomping his feet getting himself extracted from the Houston Texans. Franchise because if you look at that game title we can find it seemed it was gonna more radically and drastically. Release. Have the potential to radically in drastically change as much of that -- we look at their draft. It was insane that the players that they added on all over the place. So I think that. You'll probably -- if you most likely will stay right where he has. CS and any dot com it's very confined appease the Tommy current. Wrote about Tom Brady in defense of Brady vs the pro football focus -- that we spent so much time talking about yesterday. Tom thanks for joining us good -- and we hope that we did have any beef here that you wouldn't come on again in the future. No we ain't got no -- with a quick split -- -- candidate -- and AK Adams all of that plus CM there. Tomorrow night and Mike Florio would. What Russia would have on. Negative viciously attacks and the same way Gerry Callahan did on the morning show. I listen to a little bit of that minute there ought to do it turned. Hey you have -- yeah. Yeah you have a new girl do in the do the weeks and all the social media what happened dear. That all common to play. Take Adam's yeah terrific that she's worked at NBC sports network would not iron or four primary was phenomenal. And she has all of new direction. Has moved out of state but she will remain. Well enough art is a tremendous. Asset to that program. Thanks a lot novel -- soon. And I that is Tommy current once more see as an.

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