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Rumors swirl involving Carmelo Anthony to the Celtics, 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

Rondo and Carmelo are friends and Lou thinks that that's a bad thing. Tim Benz, a Syracuse graduate, thinks that we've seen the ceiling on him. The guys talk about a possible Rondo/Melo/Love big three, and if the Celtics could do it, or want to do it.

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Alessio first and foremost. Before we really get into the nuts and bolts two days ago lots of -- stock lots of Red Sox Sox and patriots talk mic stand as well. That I went over to -- balanced team yesterday and I tried chipping. I can do one camp after all that discussion yesterday. I'm going baseball -- this afternoon we'll live or die. Both the thing you you you have to do to kids who were doing both the regular pull up and eat it so. You're going to be equally embarrass. Regardless huge buildup in your gym clothes altered. I admired rightful resting greed and crossed that shoes are via my little tight picture Betty and T shirt to the Q irritable dragged that may or may not always resist that's when you resistance to real leg up there -- -- -- -- -- the lady and a -- oil. -- You put oil there's oil and I basically all oiled up bright outlook is workout lotion on -- you know emotional when he got to shower. Think it's our put emotionally -- Chrysler and Seattle where a piece lotion I would body lotion. Definitely no illusion emotionally -- shower them you don't -- -- and no I don't. I don't. Well and he's so yeah well. Now if you -- -- and it's a bit -- children and -- you like all all up. -- -- Oh I noticed ears you know and -- use contest with you after the show and well it like it is a contest like this right it is not a contest and not say that. Do you bailed out yesterday you. Tapped out yesterday you relate it was not a contest it into consideration -- that -- spare -- for an experiment to see if that first overall -- -- draft pick. It is all that off base by not being able to do. One single. -- -- And he shows -- today. Puerto Reebok -- -- games to Asia. And those should be at Milwaukee in this building and -- it's all about imitation over us all about perception. -- you have tried to break down mentally or actually start but I do notice that the shirt is Reebok crossed big games. Regionals -- -- -- not semi finals but not vital role not championships it's just the regionals. And it's sort of plot and actually participated part yeah participated in these games which may remain upbeat surely go to movies shown. More a lot of -- product that TV that show you're on. Which one obstacle course Colin Powell the storm the castle storm the castle 1990s. Fix maybe. Mr. storm the cast and although I -- gladiators show you the video. -- it's it's Christian -- attempt to not work during the summer to earn money for you running -- stop trying to knock you off with a couple Big Apple like -- note like that new show basically America anyone on ABC there's a -- Ago -- could I go wipe out it's like wipe out our shot on the same back lot as Universal Studios and I wanna work during the summer it was either that. -- -- -- And the blame Rex as we lost and -- -- making money on the games Florio. And the topic of laying bricks Carmelo Anthony and the Celtics beat I think. And I should be the one that's in favor this right yes there Carmelo is -- practical. Championship he brought us a national championship yes he's great for team USA for two gold medal. Olympic tournaments. I should be 100%. Behind it right I am not. I don't wanna see what Carmelo come here with Kevin -- went too much is that guy. Too much the same and I don't wanna be and the awkward position that I know I will be. Or I'm perpetually defending him against everybody's -- slings and arrows would just like 'cause the same school as you. He yes I think my genetically you can spoke as you can't help you can't controllers saw I got to protect him right exactly and it's. You watermark your team that's the Celtics kept it Kevin Love it all they can do -- -- Carmelo that he be offset these planned beat them. Plant being a singer you sound like it's so that you don't wanna because you think he in love with the same but what if love wasn't I don't wanna I wanna. What's plan B for the exact same reasons because a peace plan B as to who they get. He's option A when the games actually start is gonna take even more crap when he's. You know having games or seven for twenty million on not getting any rebounds and not playing any defense and that's gonna make -- world. I wanna find a different third guy is what I wanna find okay it is some guys I don't want -- -- you lately you've been hearing rumors. The don't want on the Boston Celtics one is Josh Smith. That was another -- -- heard a while ago. Great friends with Rajon Rondo right he's gonna they want on them may bring a -- to trade deadline. Now here Carmelo Anthony good friends -- John -- why isn't everybody that's good president John Rundle I don't want my team. Why is this and you don't want were John -- wondered what I'd like -- I don't wanna bring his buddies over here -- liked it when it was like little -- to slap around a little bit you know one. Will Paul Pierce with pigs are gonna get out of line. I don't want to be -- house with -- all of his buddies all year. So I I I want love. And obviously that type of player that you want I think he become relevant again barbecue winning anything with Carmelo Anthony or just a one. I don't want reform Celtics fans what do you want do you want Carmelo Anthony. With Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo do you want him as a plan B if they do not get. Kevin Love 617779793. And if you want. Carmelo Anthony do you want everything that comes along with her -- is. I -- over the years. What I've seen from Carmelo Anthony is that Carmelo Anthony is not going to change. He's not gonna stop being a ball hog he's not gonna stop shooting the ball 11 everything else tells you that he should pass it. He's gonna sit up there on the way he's gonna shooters three pointers he's gonna he's gonna just take 3040 shots. Regardless. He thinks he can take over game but he can't just go back to it. Of the pacers game the series where he tried to take over the game in the last game but the bases -- -- winning. He tried to take over he couldn't do it. So. Is is -- -- Rondo the guy who can keep him in check. It would Kevin Love being the guy. That -- -- -- -- keep a check I mean I'd hesitate I'm passing the ball don't -- Carmel put down the post you know Carmel soccer played defense. If he's arguably divas you need to guide. Like I'd love it's gonna -- your rebounds. But can it that's gonna give you some extra points but it's gonna be a force on defense. It's normal have -- it might be better love isn't a force and all might listen -- of all the rebounder. You can rebound OK he's got a rebound but you're gonna need other guys -- we're gonna play defense and not worry about not getting the ball. We give you some numbers on Anthony -- compared to Kevin Love. Kevin Love was sixth in the league and Melo was eighteenth in league reporters attempted. Ever talk about Anthony taking too many threes Melo didn't take as many as well did they were combined. 920. When he came to reporters attempted this year. That would be the third most of any two teammates the National Basketball Association that's a lot of threes. They were eight. And sixteenth in three pointers made while was eight mellow. Was sixteenth. Melo was twentieth. In three point percentage. What was 61. Before we go down the -- route or before we go down the dismissed Carmelo because he takes too many threes route. Jesus I'm already doing it. An artist I told you I don't have any already are moderate Rockefeller get it that's the biggest crop or Carmelo Anthony is only get six and a half rebounds a game that's ridiculous. Yeah when you won three -- four on your team can't defend. Q what people -- -- Rondo. He cheats he's lazy get in lanes he gets steals. 101. On ball defense not good hitting it 34 Carmelo and Kevin Love. Now no I don't I don't I don't want that I don't want to happen they're going to be frightened -- Toronto. Are eager to guys that all the want to shoot. To -- just he -- just feet all day long you know he'd be good with those guys. In each of the last two seasons in New York -- field goal percentage and three point percentage haven't proved. To the theory that he's getting worse is he's getting older that some people have statistically it's just not true. I don't think he has Peres met a practical back to last year relaxed who's gonna have a net. MVP type season last year there was a point any Greg carjacking a -- -- to tomorrow. Was in the notes. Talking at least she's happy form looks like he's different guy looks like he's more team looks like he's kind of buying in. And it would've played well for a lot not this past season you before we're talking about how he's maybe he's richer all these other things may be adds maybe his game didn't better. I just don't want I just don't want that. Doors and reelect this war I don't want our mellowed out and -- like there's more to be had from the player more as for as what he keep diffuse forest W wind are more -- -- an -- is taken open personality yet you feel like. You were so tantalized by what he did when he burst onto the scene he put a team of freshman on his back as a freshman and won a championship record and your politics your velocity. Of the fight off after he outlined as immediately get the best I. Our outdoor grilling and it would by the big -- auto -- -- His name bottles name and I don't rally -- -- buffalo so does the best -- and all sports. Lied buffalo run on the field I'm building it up with -- college resonates so as to suggest that there is more that we should have seen by now on his pro career that's what I'm getting and again I am not a fan of this idea of him coming here it's actually. If Kevin Love comes to because I just think it's gonna be too much of the same thing. I think as we too much the same I think you're gonna have two guys that are big enough to help -- in the boards we've float outside too much and I think in eighty different dynamic for your third guide and Melo if you get well but but it is intrigued as to the concept of it. The name recognition alone. Anthony relevance I guess my point it just it is that sounds great. But is living in a not -- it at this point. You wanna be relevant that's fine. Right it's not like Carmelo and love have like a cup years left new deal. And Rondo a couple of years left the new -- let's be relevant for a couple of years and sort of reset this thing -- but whatever no moving forward. There's such as the ball relevant as the team you think he can win with because you are going to have to turn Rondo and on Max player long term deal. You're going to have to extend love and Carmelo. You are putting these -- on the court. For the next 67 years. So it's not about being relevant it's about winning a championship it was a -- and relevant you bring -- -- who -- when you left ideology let's be relevant next year instead of this crap that we put -- this year. This is about building a championship is every guy can invest. It's gonna be 456 years on the road this is this is the next group the next six years. And -- I'm not crazy about it. No I don't in my political analyst at just eight as far as the handles what's possible with -- three. You have to kind of give a little bit excited now you are correct about there is a long term commitment. That goes along with Carmelo Anthony. Now -- you wanna be part of that. Now with all the intangibles what the upside deal with that. Well what he did back in college and what he did with. Denver when he had Chauncey Billups. It over the years filling get a guy. Like Chauncey Billups. Colorado guy OK who cut -- how favorite are doing today. We're going to kill me and -- job that -- love me let's look at that the guy. That was able to facilitate and you know I think that was one -- Carmelo Anthony's best years when he was in Denver. OK so he's still political but put about to start round in New York. You're still not -- I guess. The ceiling I don't know the feeling is a growing company I think you've seen it not a big I don't think you have because the question is. Can he make the other guys around him better now I think he has that ability he can do OK he just needs to stop. I guess that being sold sulfur speed because Mel happened. He needs to take a page from LeBron James can LeBron James score forty points can shoot the ball ABC the -- at -- sure -- can. Because they do it anymore which I understand a Carmelo never had. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade got too much joint like this would be this is an intriguing concept to me okay to I think it's going to happen. Probably not one of the two guys between -- winning all three probably not are not gonna get any of -- I -- -- hospital yeah me. We're looking like crap -- I Gordon in donated. This is where the story came from the real GM dot com as written by Jake O'Donnell who -- this beloved deal is pretty much done. I picked it back to Kevin Love is so. Out about Boston is something that Danny wants out there so he can show someone like -- that he means business the mellow thing. Is the one that's on the hush Melo is the primary target they need to score from the wing position. The Celtics need to get love first in order to work. A deal with -- that's why Kevin Love was in town he knows he's heading to Boston the -- deal was done. The focus now is -- he was the primary target. Love opting out his final year allows disease. To go inside -- long term. First 61777979837. Let's go to Miguel. Miguel you're on night 37 to be. Hey guys that it would start by saying a minute I have to choose metal or love how will still go to -- -- But the idea of -- -- -- scorer of Kabul Anthony's caliber to me is prayer reentry to the point where. It was gonna build the character you will -- about wanting a minor knee. How are we going to defeat them and these are pulling them back -- as possible and I don't think. There's everything remarkably here -- -- about the gonna create this heat of course a lot of Celtics are a better seeing. They're what their current partly due this year with -- know and love so that we don't -- -- know what the Miami -- are going to be after next season. Now we don't know we don't know we have no idea what he will be. But there's basically saying are you ready to take a disk in our Arnold and I think everything that they have a Miami -- -- -- our -- I think if they were to get both of them it has to be known that love is the number one. That's my opinion if they get -- law of -- to be the number one my right or wrong and that 617779797. Guys don't become well. And except that. The mission get him out of the except that. The mile -- -- -- -- literally a lot more lover or -- I want love it -- Danny came and sat in the studio right now -- -- -- who do you want more lover Mel you'll love what love Christian who do you want. Alamo locomotives and the that it's sort of -- Good for into the green and go to my room. I watched Kevin Love more than I want Carmelo Anthony and a -- -- placed the number one that you don't get a guy that can't be in number to shoot him now we've seen. Carmelo defer to -- brawn. In the Olympics. But out LP we will -- to defray the Atlanta while it's everybody isn't goodwill write good bye Geiger right around the circle is that higher. This is just about this to me it's just about personal feeling with a you feel about the individual. Is it no doubt the Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony make the substance very good team. And makes them a contender in the east one of the top three teams in the east just those three players. There's no doubt so the simple answer is to be -- the Celtic do you wanna watch him win the yes you do this it's also the fastest way to be good again. You know I just would have a tough I'm rooting for Carmelo Anthony we have lots of -- years because I just think he's a selfish player. You know I I don't I don't like -- even now it's too -- to Denver now it's New York I don't like it you haven't done enough for me we're gonna go next. -- -- put my the LeBron James. This will be my -- -- get there. Indication of how selfish years. This would be because now there's it's not -- the question of deferring or not deferring -- play with the guys these plane with largely in Denver and in New York. There wasn't much to defer to -- had to be selfish maybe not to the degree that he was. And the thing of his selfishness to me has always been not the about a shot that he took. It was sort of the type of shots but he took that lead just pull an up and taken three when I could be going to the glass -- could be go to the rim. Or our post an opera once more dirty work. That to me was the selfish angled his Galen just sit back out here and try three when I could be doing something else or passing off to some. Offense yet the -- runner off but passive three times pulpit hoosiers listen you can't get -- -- -- three ties before you shoot. You know I think what what would love I mean with with Anthony -- just seems to be. I guess you know self awareness of how he can affect a game in a positive way so. And when you think about the knicks. Meet basic they must be like grinning -- for you guys don't you think they want this off the books I mean is this that immediately they -- this would -- a god they would want to move. That they were there because he can opt out of his contract next year. He's the same situation as loud. I mean they're gonna rebuild. That none of these guys they have so many guys -- who were opted Tyson Chandler he's -- expires after next season. Stoudemire same same thing. So it's there are tough situation -- -- world peace you remembering what metal piece you played. But then I'll also look the Rondo factor though. It was John Roddick exhibit where these great player to a bit better point guard and game. And you know that first few of them for league would have 670 I don't care that's still a very good player. Well we don't like about sometimes is you know his antics or his personality. Of the type of person he could be some -- -- difficult on superstars are. So you wanna surround him with his boys. Would that make it even. English even tougher to deal with. That -- he's got even more Pollard got my boys here. And again I go back to -- for some reason Josh mitnick Carmelo Anthony by the Al lot of Natalie wanna Celtics and happen to be. -- -- best one that's closest friends that got to open your eyes that why he's got I don't like. Like his good friends. Well forget -- predict get a lot forgetting the talk of Paul Pierce coming back to Boston which we haven't gotten into yet the Celtics -- -- done one thing that made me very happy. And I think you should be happy about it too will play when it is we come back it is baloney for -- and Ben's been days been at the end WEEI WEEI sports network.

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