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Melo and Love to Boston? 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

The guys discussed the new rumors surrounding Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony coming to Boston.

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I'll be getting them out like -- six. With the team and it's all it's on the -- thankfully this there was only something policy. Business. And it's and many others to enjoy his time here. Until the full court press was applied the -- lulled into Boston this weekend it -- review. Did any of you about their listening read see or hear anything encouraging. -- the ping pong ball. Tragedy. Up until the day Kevin Love decided -- -- Boston was there anything encourage you about the Celtics until Kevin Love. Showed up for -- -- not not not the next cup carriers very. Now not encourage. That will be the first part of that weren't until he was never mind are you not buy you -- So -- don't want -- real quick you know. -- his public was named -- Ulster was some legal talent they can you get a might that Hasselbeck is about her hands and yes it. Parent that are laughing at me anymore. As topic would be starting right now and he -- be to right -- nobody's laughing at you went for. That's right yeah this we're laughing he's not paying attention my question jury was until the full court press. Was applied to Kevin Love. It anything in this offseason encourage you about the future of the Boston Celtics. Now -- excellent that changes today. Jake O'Donnell. It's refereed yes you know sports -- -- -- -- -- the nineties is Jake O'Donnell it's out of Apple's site NBA free agent rumors. -- -- -- Sports group says the following rights the following. The Celtics the heat and the Houston Rockets heavy rich tradition of sucking it happened from less prestigious franchises. One of those franchises has Rupert -- superstar. One of those franchises does not have the money. But what has to draft picks a young coach big poppy making a public effort to recruit talent and infinite cap space. That team as the Boston Celtics report. And they're going after a new Big Three. Are you encouraged now are you retreat now are you voiced. Off I'm always -- in the morning so you like yeah right I'm not a Carmelo guy. But hot money to but he feature third guy where your second guy in the east. On the tree I need to know plan because I'm not a -- -- either way he. And I hate to Lee plays the game. Doesn't play defense and -- score some spots up the ball third guy. You think he's OK with that well Stephen. Yesterday that the bit that brought those not one of those guys -- he doesn't -- -- -- a superstar superstar because he. Score the basketball. Doesn't Carmelo sort of take care that orient. Yeah -- was distributing you need somebody like Carmelo the black hole. When the ball goes to him doesn't go to anybody else have a lot going to have another 250 yeah yes I am OK but I need to. I am a Jared there's a better alternative out their ballots there is there's there's got to be a plan B I'm sure English ancient six or seven scenarios in mind Rudy Gay the other one better Rudy -- -- whatever whatever the other scenario is that's what I like better disarm -- -- You got Camilla is content actively that's always fun dale let's hear them. A more about it. All right I will read this to you the source an insider at real GM dot com says quote below deal. Is pretty much done -- that the other day that is eight that is 88. Declaration that I don't think anybody's. Ready to make my point I can tell you else I can tell you this. It's it's not far off. You can tell me I can tell you it is we have sources I have a pretty good source really yes I've been there it is not that far off. The source an insider -- GM dot com said quote the love deal is pretty much done. I think the fact that Kevin Love is so out and about in Boston is something that Danny ones out there. So he can show somebody like -- he means business. The mellow thing is the one that is. -- -- Melo is the primary target they need to score from the wing position. The -- need to get love first in order to work one with Melo. That's -- Kevin Love was in town. He knows he is headed to Boston and here's the statement love is a done deal. The focus now is on Carmelo Anthony. Is -- something comic or through -- here. Carmelo it will cover all cannot doubt that's one thing you can opt out of his contract if that's obviously going to be in New York. Jackson is asked them to come back he's not going to opt and deal. So I mean he's gonna probably be pretty close to a Max guys just gonna have three Max guys which you can have obviously Miami has. As that you can see -- three Max guys are Rondo. Love and infineon based New York trading. God knows how many picks for -- that's that's going to be what it is yeah. If he's been in the playoffs every year doesn't -- he's he's advanced first round twice. In ten years that's not good and I know it's always gets hung around. George Karl's neck causing his coach and her. A day under achieved in the post season every year. Forget. Winning titles. Is get the finals he doesn't win in the post season and his teams deal to be fair right right his teams don't mean to have great teams. To be mean -- what was about what is the regular season look at that and the wins was the best teenager. The best teammate he's ever had because Kevin Love. Now it is Rondo. Iran does best. I don't know I don't know over the -- and are holding. -- -- Albert targeting teams I'll just pick out of Denver team gimme -- 20062007. For the elbit Kenyon Martin is not conducive skip. No but it closed -- He's banged up though. Allen Iverson was on the team in late in his career yet Andrea Miller sunset some -- an -- he's never had a great in his prime green -- -- Is that is that I love is not -- wing man is in his prime as a first team all league. Okay I'm and you know what I like all trades like all deals with -- lot of interest it would not be -- what do you like his game or not. Fascinating absolutely -- -- -- -- to keep -- in the east you know would be the third best -- all right with Carmelo this team -- love or Colorado or fifty on that were over fifty -- -- -- -- by the first round. -- -- -- -- Two weeks these three guys. Elliott and Boston only your first dancing -- the morning. Good morning guys I tell us what you think that you know -- at the kind of melt something -- -- know something because that is what that not long aware. It was talking about you know as being restricted create and -- and that's -- talk about wanted to date the only change. Almost felt that the -- -- LA. He's now committed to the -- of the future. Because he thought it might be plugged something in beer and at being -- now -- love and on budget repeat it. They would definitely need Tony Allen -- all the I'd lock down and that the longer the better. But with the meltdown that Indian don't you think that. He -- in it would obviously learn from the Big Three era at. What LL. LE a right personal defensively you'd get to find those guys it's easier to find those guys that have a group -- of in my -- and the love deal by the it's it's a lot harder to find those Big Three guys and those you know roll defensive guys that are pretty good job. Doing that target defensive guys but really I think you make a good point 888 it is more upset. That Rondo stuck around this summer and by the way made himself available and relatively flat -- standards. Friendly to the media the other day that did what talk about the assembly then Kevin Love showed up and down and in an ambiance of visible swept I think to some Alley. Would that meltdown in Vienna at don't think that a team. You know built in the -- with three guys so easily beat back at the US in the end I mean you look at -- now. The public -- -- better Ortiz -- complimentary that are being. Art that the show or important show again you know it's getting. They -- navigate back in like Atlanta. -- absolutely right they could easily be the second best team in the east next year through those three guys that wouldn't surprise me. At all -- -- applying your litmus test to Carmelo Anthony I don't like his game either but -- -- to accomplish in Minnesota before he came here when it whenever I went to the Western Conference finals Kevin -- accomplish but he had no teammates -- -- the case that -- -- nobody TI that was in and VP and the NBA and VP Gary Washburn voted -- VP last year point account. I'm looking -- is the records in Denver. It is amazing how bad they were in the post season. What was his last year in Denver. Go back with three years ago 2011 that this last year than 154535450454449. Great regular season play at the finish first in the division 123 times. And never or once -- the first either -- Carmelo those those member teams lost to a team that they weren't. Better event yet and yet I never thought they should've beaten in the playoffs and lost also you're saying they -- get a -- -- -- -- -- -- they -- -- -- -- -- his -- -- -- -- -- -- Great teams and this is life still -- coming -- channels this point spots from him it's that makes them easier -- yes and if your question should assume that yet. Apparent -- cheers I mean nine -- against Iran so I liked. Others I think other cereals taste better said oatmeal. That that be discussed at the thought of that discussed. When he's done with the -- now. You want to taste it. Not sure he'll -- bit of them like. -- sweet that's I or wouldn't it be better assailant lucky charm Captain Crunch Fruity Pebbles thinking -- you script out a it's probably his serial choice in that he eats only India and I remind they're very good I like them. Yeah that's what's gonna happen next and the -- in the race Ortiz on the line like that rate. Your wife things like honey and Cheerios Bennett song of course. They'll definitely I capture some of life you know I got to admit I know -- cells so homer's homer rich. But to -- -- design that -- -- six games yes it's nothing has admitted. With Ken Rosenthal on national TV. That he hit him on purpose yeah I don't get so hit the guy on purpose and skates and there's no -- here at all although that might have been a secret fine but. He'll suspension for starting pitcher again to three games it's not we'll hear from David who has. We move really pissed off about that. When we come back.

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