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Who Punked Who? Did David Ortiz get punked by Price? Or Vice-Versa

Jun 3, 2014|

With Brandon Workman getting suspended and David Price escaping discipline, David Ortiz was not happy. We played his comments, reacted, and then got your reaction.

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Guys. At some point like to do things. The way they surely they're getting better field. Or make them feel better whatever. -- Probably that and. David Ortiz in the clubhouse. Probably about a thirty minutes ago or thereabouts ran about eight minutes altogether. Guy he can't say that the assembled media didn't try to make sure that he was clear about what he felt in. Several times heard people like Steve Buckley and Gordon needs and it just to be clear. Certainly I think at the opportunity to express. When he feels audience that what do you guys think that. David Ortiz thinks. The David Price was honking. He says you know he pumped me. But he had a and this was after they have had -- and and -- I didn't know this until David said they had to phone conversations they have had one. In the immediate aftermath of David Ortiz standing at home plate to see whether the ball was gonna go fair or foul. And -- evidently that was a heated conversation and that price was mad at -- and and you know express that anger. Then Ortiz said he'd call price called Ortiz the second time. To apologize. For the first phone call. And to apologize for how I'm Mattie was and evidently had had an opportunity to reflect on it. I think that's why Ortiz thought we had worked it out between us man -- man and in the very first time I face him the next season. He drills me so. In David's words that was -- bleep bleep. There karma bad loser. Can affect David to think David Price is a bad loser. But I still go back to this. Hitting a guy. It and maybe maybe that's it maybe he's just is very competitive. And he wasn't over he said he was over he still wasn't over any -- -- think now if you're David Ortiz David Ortiz gives you you got to David Ortiz get pumped by David Price. I -- people to get out there do you think you think so if somebody tells me. Michael you and I are cool all good sorry. And then you come and do it to me again I saw him get pumped by around a -- -- that not do it to me again let's talk about but the keeper in baseball. There that think about baseball think about what pitchers do it would batters do. Even if if and I don't know how David Ortiz can have done so. I don't know -- it if if prices could have done something that would of offended or to maybe children. Maybe strikes him out and you need a little twirl on the mountain camp and pointed to. And and and and Ortiz to have a conversation Ortiz has yet it's cool. What you think he's thinking. I'm gonna get back. I wanna get back somehow I know doesn't it doesn't match up between the batter. -- had a pitcher and that's really not not much better can do before pitcher the pitcher to say yeah it's over but they forget that means there will be nothing else. I think that would Ortiz thought the the gist of the phone conversation. Ed I was obviously wrong. In thinking that war and this is where I think Ortiz thinks he got pumped. Or David Price set to take no problem were -- everything's fine now I understand. We got no issues you know and it's all good and any drills and that's why were an and I am. I'm making up that dialogue but yeah just make sure if that's what Ortiz heard come out of the phone. Then I can see where he thinks it. It's it's interesting that he would that he that he would look at it that way. Itself it's not something in my gut tell you guys tell me I wouldn't say as a baseball fan it's not something that crossed my mind. That all -- David Price pump him but we're not privy to their conversation. Maybe if you have a conversation with a guy and he says. I'm not gonna -- you can imagine it was -- Out on and he won't say that. But if he said hey where were cool you know what I understand now. You know I'm sorry I I overreacted which Ortiz at least that part the second phone conversation sounded like that's what price was -- But you know I don't you guys know I mean from from. Interviewing. Covering. A lot. Of competitive people over the years just a ton of competitive people and all sports but it. I'm not saying Ortiz and David Price a close -- apparently that they were never close apparently not but they're both really competitive people. -- You can have a conversation. About what happened and maybe you overreacted with the phone calls and should have been upset. But a competitor. Even if their bodies a competitor will say okay rockets to do what I would do anybody else we step on the field. And off the field it's different stored on the field. I'm kind of -- different per let me ask you quite -- different god why did David Price at. Just stood just do a reminder don't do that to me a reminder of what the okay well orders -- Barbara. Maybe in regular prices it wouldn't say at the way Ortiz. Seven maybe he feels the same way. Maybe he feels like David Ortiz -- him last year and. Play outright enemies and they don't and the scenario and it's still -- -- in this scenario wasn't we've seen the replay okay he hits the ball that's like forty feet over the foul pole. The only question is is it a fair ball which it in -- in which case it's a home run or is -- a foul ball. It's not a question of it's it's gonna fall in fair territory is -- going to be a double in the corner it's forty feet over the foul ball. So we stands there and watches if it's foul ball why am ironic. If it's fair ball on the column a home run away I go. Is that -- David Price but that's an area right there. Outlook he takes long trots around the base pads when he gets home runs that's an area which is supposedly what -- David Price off. I mean I think the whole thing is Corey. Butler. Doesn't it it's a good. It's a good window into. The minds of highly competitive competitive professional athletes. -- -- -- A lot of largest flat out irrational they face the ghost there are no growth. They fee. Haters when there are no haters. They they create situation of things they're trying to create situations to inspire themselves and they take -- interpret. Common I wouldn't say every day because I had a guy getting hit baseball. Doesn't happen every day but it's commonplace thing if you watched baseball for. And if you're if you're like our guy -- kept kept that you caught the baseball but when your -- result. Actually are on a captive Dublin Ohio right right so if you -- baseball for Britain's favorite but they take it somewhere else. The case of both guys overreacting. And at a stop to. For us. I agree to what extent -- overreact by thoughts or reaction by David Ortiz -- thanks and everything instead the guys that -- done -- you know haven't but Michael he handled it fine he got drilled. He didn't say anything he didn't gesture he went to first base he didn't do when he thing. What he got mad about was when carp got drilled. That's when he got upset. When when David Ortiz got hit heated -- or say a thing. Second guy gets hit gets yet and this is after the Red Sox at three managers in a pitcher I don't on the game and that's when David Ortiz said wait a man. Now you've thrown at this guy to that's what is to mull it over to overreact but -- little bridge after the game yet known and well. I was not overreacting -- -- after -- what he saw after price did what he did he how would you how would have reacted with what you're hitting short yardage I can do that. I'm a public under Britain saw OK I don't remember that I. You know let him and I don't totally I don't know I have no athletic abilities and I mean it's not about me don't get after you when the equipped little guy and I'm not a Bob. Mean it's it's about what happened. On Friday night at Fenway Park so there and it's -- it's about what's happened in the history of baseball David Ortiz got hit. That's an appropriate -- of professional -- lot love being hit it seemed like. He's saying he said many happy he's back and hit Beck are when I hit me again. -- not be hit again -- him. Ortiz. Come when you look at his debt and you look at his standing in the game and all the things you've done all the damage he's done to other teams. A lot of times that he's been hit based on his production. -- -- -- you obliterate it -- sixteen times with the -- that you come on the -- to the last several army has -- much at all right. But the -- the point here in shocked by he didn't react to price hitting him he reacted to price hitting car. That's what pushed him over the edge. And by the way as Ortiz just said that was a fastball. I wasn't breaking pitch that got away from the guy who never walks anybody that was a fastball up and and by the way. Now Brandon Workman got suspended six games for throwing behind Evan Longoria had missing. The -- fastball was up and -- got it ends up in front of his face and blocked it. Get off the. But as fast as -- as I think the guys step back a walk and watch this. This is why David Price is part of it as crazy as that is the since this is why he's this is why David Ortiz is good. They're they they see. They see things in every situation. Highly ultra competitive. The point where you listen -- and if guys are crazy. They were to think that David Price was -- David Price is bad but the guided run faster. On a home run that he thought it was obvious when he thought David Ortiz sort of thing that it was obvious -- it's -- basic. 6177797937. The at the AT&T -- lions 37937. It's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WEEI. Basically he called me because of what he did coming out that it was a war between man a man. Bad -- back and do what he did. I think -- us. Some hookers and he did on purpose he he he called me. And covered as a suspect. So. I'm a grown ass man I've been around an excellent Diane and I know how to think of this and somehow I don't -- that. And the price is wrong bitch. David Ortiz in the Red Sox clubhouse just a little while ago. No word as yet not but I seen at least and I follow most of the Tampa Bay writers on Twitter as well. No word as yet on any reaction from the Tampa Bay dressing room and David Price and and I'm sure you know Joseph Maddon is -- Say this is this was handled so well by the commissioner of Major League Baseball and gave -- price is gonna say. You know he really shouldn't use that word bitch and has such a common solutions such as sexual connotation understands. Does -- understand. You know the impact of that -- she should know. 6177797937. -- on the cell phone -- your next on Sports Radio stale and Ali. Eric Ghiaciuc technical HO. Let's and I I I can't be a hypocrite here and I I hope they -- -- of a wonder which I -- would -- to yank. The permanent art collector. And are thought they don't Olympics that they're -- it quite a little bit now ordered the book how to react based. I -- there are times when -- -- I do think that there are times. When hitting somebody in baseball and if you hit from the right way by the way. I I I understand that it's part of the game and I'm OK without hitting a guy like next year. For something that made me mad this year seems a little goofy to me. Now to produce them. Dearly pound -- Darryl Strawberry. Didn't spring training. And also with with Pedro. You know Pedro did pay packet I can understand your argument if you snared. An American League pitcher doing it. You think is currently because -- have to come to net take the baton is right up Pedro has the reputation. Being an honor. What is -- bachelor. LA and Montreal many he had that reputation. And he still came inside and on guys there are times where you wanna pitch inside. And somebody's living over the plate and you got a -- that's one way. Well that's the argument I've heard about why the Red Sox hit Jeter so often is that he was hanging over nobody like -- the hole and he does he does lean over the place. And and the word in New York was always Jeter's getting hit too much they got to start hitting David Ortiz. And Yankee fans always used to be upset that reds yankees managers would not instruct their pictures right authority is more. As I said he had a one year or get hit sixteen times. Since then have about a lot I mean I think he's been hit like six times. Over the last 45 years. One theory was that sixteen times gone Don Baylor -- is that goes. The object of fines that. There -- a month six times that now that. I I do think that there are times. Times. When hitting somebody in baseball as part of the game again and you get to -- you gotta do it for a reason. I I think Brandon Workman had the right idea. He was trying to protect the -- he did it in a horribly ineffective way first ball you don't put up there. I mean you just don't do that in the same way -- the fastball that price it carp with was up and and you don't hit him there but look I hate to say that's the way price yet. Ortiz was the right way to deal. Somewhere -- that hip area lower back area but if you can do it you know down in there you're not in output no man's life at stake here. Workman was right to try to hit Longoria. He was wrong and how we went about tried to -- still can't. Understand and I can't stand the whole Michael you just go home run off me last at bat. On the year you'd do -- on Q aplenty right in the ribs I I don't. -- one marriage -- in 1965 anymore you wanna clear somebody off the plate. Fine you wanna get back at somebody because. Another pitcher throw what are your guys fine. But I don't don't throw home run package and at Augusta I never understood that oh worse worse than that for me is you know Michael hits a home run. I'm up next and I gave it that's even dogs and that and that's the sort of thing Gibson would do Bakken well. Brought this case it wasn't. Hey I can't get you out because he threw not one but two homer pitches to David Ortiz that's not it he says. Run. Why getting hit a homer run around the bases don't stand there and admire your work but in -- back to your point. You know home run -- you can do whatever you want but with that but that's -- we know the reality is. And we're we're so focused on price David Ortiz if that scenario happens with somebody else -- it. It it is fifth. Well -- Grady Sizemore. And Alex -- There's no -- against I don't know what if you stand here in you watch in the picture at the picture feels like you're showing Emma. To be some type of consequence. Yeah but but in this case price was also wrong. Ortiz stood there because is it going to be errors -- going to be foul. If it's foul on why the hell am I gonna run to first base or beyond our -- -- wind it likely -- -- -- might not be able to finish the game I mean in this case price was also wrong about that. There was a question about whether it was going to be fair Pollard. 6177797937. -- telephone number. Our mics on the cellphone Mike you're next on Sports Radio stale and holly. It they'll prepare their -- thank you Mike. You know I'm really yeah outside and that's when -- I know him I don't know where Michael -- permanent. -- you know the term fortunately and I think that's you know to call him a little bridge proportionally -- they'd had a conversation that talked about it. -- cleared beer understood widely feared what they -- -- there and BankAmerica entered Arab no reason -- -- that compare. And -- out I just think you know -- it's good to collapse those who are prior art that took the bus was. Quote collateral for him for no reason they keep them we can disagree with the reason. I think I think we know -- you don't. I don't know what the conversation was and I heard we we all heard David Ortiz inside of what what the conversation was in Beatrice and here. -- David Price felt it went. And -- you know why you see it he says no reason -- wide David Price that David Ortiz right. -- no ideal partner and I guess we're assuming that the conversation. Cleared the year and David. Oh Ortiz sits upright while I didn't run because I would -- and see whether the ball went over the poll what was the right of the hole. And went right hurt that he's -- oh okay. Except. That there are people who won't play are going into the next next year and then very long so it here. I I I will say we we heard Ortiz his depiction of the phone call the second phone call. In which he said David Price called him back and apologize sorry about how he -- that was in the first phone call you know and apologized. I can see where your David Ortiz and you think OK. Were -- he understands what I why did what I did he understands that wasn't shown a -- You know -- good. I did report -- so good I can't wait to hear David Price comeback you know it's coming right. Well that's why I keep checking Twitter account which started already thank -- in him in the clubhouse who won or his girlfriend -- -- -- of that it -- Fourth and final -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Surprised and frankly somewhat disappointed in you my friend and partner. It is Tuesday right. While you know we've been we've been so busy it's Tuesday we've been so busy -- mean. There's so much on the table. The article on Tom Brady now being a top five quarterback. Had David Ortiz things grown as manner and -- that. And the David Price little bitch. All kind of Greg Dickerson here I've made a big difference in your life -- happy you made a huge difference. And I've forgotten about. The world famous. Lightning round. The lightning round is today. A little disappointed in you haven't said yet on the well I'm not a candidate and not oh I just surprised I mean let's be honest I was surprised. Well it's funny because I got a call during the break from Joseph Maddon. Was asking about the light -- asking if he can take part in what kind of what what wine goes with the -- either -- after all -- about -- this is not for you because. This is where we -- for the lightning from Ottawa we don't embrace pretentious and if we embrace. The stupidity. Embrace this stupidity Greg -- -- that's about it yeah that's just how stupid and you. I know that how stupid can listen to before four -- all right fast and easy to view figure out I'm so happy tears -- Welling up right now. You're right we embrace the stupidity here this is tough for dale and Smart guy we do but for fifteen minutes. By the way most aren't really don't disagreeable bills sparked I don't know this market. Back to the calls -- that's coming up at 540 coming up at 545 last a couple of questions. Ortiz vs David Price. Who got. Because I think Ortiz would win of the fight party -- more interest in whose bright blue dogs and yet we recommend that not -- -- -- -- yeah I thought it was gonna only god knows who's right yeah wrong. And then also we wanna say. Do you think Tom Brady is the top five quarterback. It's a properties -- the top five quarterback in the theaters where does he. Tom -- Coming up at 545 when Maria give you our final drive but spectacles would you at 61777979237. Rick is in Milton Eric I don't. But I don't guys Eric. Thing that bugs me the most about price since that's not so much that he did little girl in the gaps elliptical what I. You have to become that Boeing manager. -- -- got Joseph -- you -- so what audience that you know. -- he did this because you all. What you thought he figured in the game and and then he you know the ability should mean compared to war it's like the whole organization all the -- Somewhere along the line feel the need to lecture all based. Or -- it's my erected to smarter than everybody else now pay a lot. You only want are rebuilt an organization that great young thing that you know. You know general it ever done in the treatment doesn't it Joseph Abner Doubleday Matt you know it. Putting that -- -- -- -- anything but yet they can lecture every spot. David Price has to do that because he asked to deflect the attention. Often himself when he asked to deflect the fact that he's been disappointing this year -- many are rave like. 4445. Yes deflect public at the couldn't possibly be his fault he couldn't possibly be wrong. -- he talked about it and talked about war. -- how David Ortiz shirt when he wore wore on Betty I wouldn't talk about the battle it out and a sound like a fool throws so we can talk about -- the war of 1812. What would -- -- until we don't know what you're talking up orbiting twelve but we can you talk about the battle of data -- inside of the Warren I -- Odd guys should know better blends in Boston Atlanta you don't. It's pretty. I -- particularly about -- it's it in the batters in general I think it's ridiculous thing you know they get away with it. Because they can just take it on but there's like. I him because he was admiring home run or something ridiculous it seems like. -- don't get mad when they strike around the block -- -- -- like -- -- epitome of what I'm a hockey and I love -- Burial lots fighting out of hockey well that's an analyst another cheap shot in hockey to admit they trying to legislate an outlet. I think there actually I'm done with. You know the studio picture like there and the guy it at home plate because he didn't like it on runoff that's pretty slow to do. It doesn't happen often and it's not that he was he was mad at the home run. I was mad at the the admiration of the home run but there are problematical and you're you're good example it wouldn't be a batters striking out and then getting -- and and beating the -- with a baseball bat. It would be the batter striking out and being targeted by the pitcher. -- that that's it's not act if the if the extra stuff. Exactly but even that's a lot of compares with the gonna hit it. They do I mean you're right you're right but they care little suspect. This goes into the in the dovetails into the conversation about the unwritten rules of baseball we talked about that in the Red Sox were involved there with Tampa again. When they didn't like. A member of the race stealing third base and they had me when they were facing a five run deficit now does that make sense now there are mad about. Well I but I think after was at least afterwards they got a or at least a couple of the guys came out said there were probably a little more frustrated that the losing streak -- These guys think that part of what David Price did. Goes back and in and in effect he's trying to be one of our our Friday final drive guys -- be tough guy. You know all you you yelled at my guys Sunday. You guys you guys didn't like the fact that we stole third base -- it. I didn't think of that and probably. On -- make the connection to last year that makes sense but. Docket of editorial goes back to the second and just stop and and old -- you guys think you're tough I thought I thought something was coming. Report talked on Friday right -- -- what was gonna happen this weekend. But David Price David Ortiz. There their best pitcher or. Their most decorated pitcher vs the Red Sox most decorated hitter. You can read other things into that bit of David Price could go on someone else. We wouldn't be talking about the playoffs which say all of this is just the continuation. Of what happened in saint Pete. Last week. It probably was both probably was a little bit last year's playoffs and -- to defend my guys. I Kevin's done in Connecticut hey Kevin I don't. Long -- I -- -- -- or graduation Burton. I'm on I asked him what he hasn't won yet. You're welcome an album and we don't know I mean that the voting is closed down we find out June 24 at the unit NHL awards night. That's tonight we find out exactly yeah. Well -- back to baseball you know. An article I mean it's pretty obvious nowadays I think we're instant replay -- the -- caricatured and it's pretty easy to see what all the elements are -- -- I mean. It Robby and our last leg -- -- helping it by heart stocks and now I think part of it was right but Christ I mean it will be really sure aren't. Regarding -- crying pop easily -- class act in the week. I mean you're watching on the basis. He'd always joke with everybody. You know no matter who it is -- Yankee. He has -- tomorrow he has his moments that I can understand how we. Kicks off a pitcher or two and I can understand now -- Get them across -- the guys. I wouldn't be idol hero it's lucky has these did that dictator tracker that website and actually times how long it takes to get around the bases on home runs up. Fiber -- lawless home run -- of the year. This one time this time. Prices wrong. He wasn't style and -- profile and it was. If it's -- I'm not gonna run. If it's fair it's a home run it's clearly one or the other. -- was just wait for them to make the call one on -- home -- -- not -- -- David Price that it was so obvious that he added that it was gone. While David Price is in the exact worst place to -- that it was it was. Right down the line went right over the poll that it was colored boy -- I know it was clear that it was not going to -- awesome and I got that -- I'm I'm I'm asking. Just try to figure wide what do we think David Price believes. It was so obvious. Because he's trying to justify. And he's trying to he's trying to somehow justify his action would be what your -- he couldn't possibly be wrong. He's grasping at straws symbol laden may see. Not may I I didn't over re look at what he -- I'm not at fault it's the way that Tampa Bay Canadians play the game. 6177797937. Johnson cellphone it John I don't. Gentlemen how -- you know. It is there any question of public David Price and actually get David Ortiz. Not doesn't know that's why the umpires on ball dug outs. No not not at all and especially when the comment I made up the back right he he more or less admitted it. Right -- at least it's debatable whether or -- get back on our subject so people keep some people think he got. Not annual pace and what they couldn't quite -- because based all of the infinite wisdom. I resolve these situations. Is that it actually worked wonders invited is the intentional boy you are somebody in the minor league. We're gonna turn around the world somebody like Evan Longoria right in the ribs. Or somebody -- went down the first baseline next time priced. It is against the -- slot. A lot of -- -- them or something along those lines. What are you gonna -- What do you know I cracked -- the gonna basically let it slide right through the pitcher's spot to send a message back that you don't get up -- this is still. When you're calling -- paste all of under a mile an hour you don't actually get somebody wanna take it like -- like that's part of again. The current -- and and I wanted to know this from you guys. What would have would have to throw the baseball ninety miles an hour. Like Ryan Dempster did last year on Iran is wrong. I agree I thought it was I was flat out I don't but I thought it was wrong not because he had them. Because he hit them in that situation. He he was trying to he was try to beat him on the right do something for baseball everybody wants all the -- At Fenway if I get this guy credit than they did right and they did. Ironically it was David Ortiz who -- operating right. And said hey this is we can't be doing that it and -- that he said they woke up the Yankees. You could make an argument. At that dust up on Sunday in Tampa a week ago Sunday woke up the Red Sox. They lost that game and that was their tenth loss in a row then won the next seven now they lost yesterday but I would hope it woke up the Red Sox. And then -- them out of this the thought that they can't really didn't have the ability overcome a five run deficit. -- -- -- I hope welcome to that while we didn't -- that over this if that's who we aren't where we're at the Boston Red Sox and no we haven't scored a lot of runs that you were really struggling at the plate. But this is what we do this -- I -- -- -- why aren't paying you better keep -- you better keep playing if that's because we'll come back. Text brings up a great point hadn't even thought about it. So that what David Price did with the with David Ortiz -- was essentially -- David Price infomercial to the Yankees. Say saying hey I'm ready for the big time -- -- free agents soon. What you would endear yourself to the Yankees if needed some like that when yeah. And he probably is now I think he might get traded before he gets two free agency the way they're falling like a stone. I have a feeling he's one of the guys they're gonna have to at least explore dealing its trade deadline this year. But you don't want that he did. And I have felt this way I've felt this way last year hit it like there's certain things that bothered him -- the Red Sox did. In the playoffs. And he was really really sensitive about it every -- as a -- went on Twitter all he went monetary literally ran had just talked about all the -- -- nerds in -- -- -- -- In the Vanderbilt but yeah. So political nerds. -- -- was done that's what it's all about them grown ass man probably that and my grown ass man. That's right so. David Price on Twitter was from all the great things he's done his career of things -- high school things didn't college of things done and in the pros. Somebody tell let you know. How to really pushed her buttons what would you do. So now David Price has told everyone -- -- he's very he's very talented pitcher but he told everyone. Not only is he sensitive. But it may be hypersensitive in in my -- off a little bit if the opposite of talking at the Red Sox from the opposition -- use that against him. It's it's fair right. I try to assemble. The kind of I don't really think you need tried -- -- ball I think it just happens. Naturally. I don't think you really have to try and do what they wanted to -- him off but think it's. You get you got a couple hits a score a couple of runs off me gets pissed off because a lot of -- -- Like some ever have them there we all have we've been across we've we've met some professional athletes. We'll just have some of the strangest quirks remember some guys. They don't like feature stories written on them. Didn't like the PR department putting too much stuff in their bio information because they -- other teams would be reading these stories you reading these press press guys. And they would find a little piece of information to use against them during the game. Dave price. Is just advertising he's given that this is hard to get under my skin if your opponent what would you what would you do. 6177797937. AT&T -- minus 37937. On up at 545. It is our final drive and that means the lightning round on Tuesday Sports Radio WE yeah. -- back and do what he did. I think -- us. Some bunkers. That to us here. That's why I'm standing by. The way I'm standing by we it's. I understand. That fact. Guys. At some point -- -- to do things. The way they surely they're getting better feel. -- make them feel better whatever. -- Probably -- and. David Ortiz Red Sox clubhouse little while ago. Let me just give you one other quick baseball -- we told about -- -- who has just made. The fastest promotion from double later AAA and Red Sox history 54 games at double A Portland up promoted today. To the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox gonna play second base and lead off tonight. He has played twelve of his last seventeen games in Portland in center field. The word out of the -- it is he will split his time between second base and center field. Now he has. In the hopper off the ball at the plate and that's why he keeps making his meteoric rise pot with Pawtucket this year 54 games. -- 35518. Doubles three triples six home runs 994 open yes. 35 walks twenty strikeouts best strikeout to walk ratio in all levels of the miners know what a waste stolen 22 bases. You know their -- and this is -- Jackie Bradley junior replacement right here. Replacement -- well short term -- Jackie Bradley jury will go back down the minor league low wing. And work on his offensive game which needs a lot of help. And I'm not saying it's gonna happen now June July. Based on how this kid's gone so far if could be Manning center field for you for the into the season say about this Jackie Bradley junior currently has a girlfriend -- it is because I like Jack grout into her story and he's not -- here. I mean he's terrific defensively everybody sees that everybody knows it. But the work and keep you know it's it's early that's why it's tough to do that in a town like this. Normal bet. With -- Nokia brats who just said as the fastest rise in and Red Sox and 54 games at double -- at the quickest any prospect is ever. Gone from double later drove -- to four games double -- growth AAA you expect him to. Comes at a major in the I don't know if I -- let me put it to you this way I think most people feel he'll hit better than Jackie Bradley June what would you rather -- Would you rather analysts say Jackie Bradley juniors. Still hover around 200 to 218 to 10 o'clock I'm not gonna pretend to know humble keep Betts is defensively -- -- I mean he didn't play outfield mentally got to Portland let's let's let's just say you do you get. Good reports of his defense from guys go on and see him he still at the cover off the ball. Widget on the ice still wants to what Bradley I think you've gone far enough with -- you're not talking about a year which have to win another World Series I wanna see this kid I've -- it are showing that this year matters by the adjustment and I don't know -- shortstop. I know I look -- -- decided that this is not a bridge year. There and six games out. In about division but I I still wanna see Jackie Bradley junior. Work through this a little bit longer -- -- I don't like it's going to be now why like I said he just got to put docket tonight for his first game. I think you have to give him right now Jackie Bradley juniors at -- 170 bats this year 191 plate appearances. So -- any hitting a robust 200. So. Can you afford to give them 100 more bet the next 100. Don't know I have a sample size -- hundreds excuse me 270 -- Kenya where torture under that you 10030. What -- not a hundred at bats the fight I mean if this guy is supposedly is good as they once body was going to be. Why not I think again yeah I like the -- I think you can and I think. I think if if you. If you abbreviate Jackie Bradley junior's time in the major leagues. And you rush -- that's what you -- Is that right -- think the stupidity. Are all the I thought well 55 quarterback David Price that's not for you you're not embraced that stupidity larger problem you're braves at the protectors if we don't want. Your -- year Michael oh Michael enact a one you're next on Sports Radio stale and holly are young guys and Michael Michael are they don't -- just put her. Major League based all in all -- -- how warmth spread. Out of saying hey we don't want anybody can do or just go wanna make the next start. You know should they did nothing to just got at all. All of a that it will be -- -- -- -- quench our election may get paid apps we're. Yeah its Capital One time that we can remember I mean look I'm sure it's -- other times in Major League Baseball history but I certainly remember that one that I I don't I don't think anybody's advocating that's a good plan. Nobody got in here and to meet or the rest of my life because she's put up or -- -- -- it chew them out and I'm. -- that completely ignores. Play your -- I know which is your side had to be based at some point to certain people eat curbs. Well I think now I now that you you're on to something there now and it's amazing to me. That after Friday night's game. There was nothing for Major League Baseball they did not give warnings before the game on Saturday saying anything and then they come back with the suspensions so. In their eyes they didn't screw up I thought it was so obvious. That that the game got out of control and that they were able to contain it they weren't able to bring him back. I thought at some point maybe the suspension a public network from which would be suspended I think it will be six games. Maybe that's where they they counted do little wink wink thing -- saying I know. We screwed up on Friday will give a little something back here was suspended for three games which you don't. Why you know why they think they screwed up. It brought a veteran umpiring and they -- -- three rookie -- in the game Friday they brought Ted Barrett in for Saturday but that's bad right hander -- then brings in both. John Ferrell and Joseph -- into the umpires room several hours for the game and hashes it out with them. But if you're if you're the Boston Red Sox what does that do for you right now. What you want is how do you feel all right guys great. I brought us into a four night pregame -- And Joseph probably brought as a glass of line. From Napa valley of course screw top bottle Cubans don't whine don't -- -- -- that it did not collapse and how to -- the appropriate thought she -- -- -- -- -- was -- -- The perk up a if you want your legs it's offended that I know what you got to have a subordinate credit Bartlett. Operation and I would I would I want to. What it. But it great. The Red -- In a suspension of the rays get nothing. That's that's what drives the Red Sox it's I mean not only was there a suspension for price you get thrown out of the game. That's where the begun umpiring crew screwed this one up was the second when Mike Carp got here even if you don't think there's intent. After I've given a warning you get a guy with a fastball. Not a not a breaking pitch which got away from me you get a guy with a fastball you -- -- that would have ended it. -- the umpires lost control of it not when Ortiz got plunked. But when carp got plunked and they didn't do anything about it I should check with the next game. What does and that July 25. Here. I don't know that I don't remember the Robert I'll now we have to. Listen to do all over -- -- well I think that we have to go definitely have to do our show from there let's go to typically other analysts do that odd days in Springfield -- and I don't. -- -- -- -- Yeah problems wanna talk about fuel point com. The Tampa Bay -- irritate me like -- You know how would that. That the patriots and Indianapolis about Jim Irsay people everything for them you remember when Tom Brady went and on the championship then they changed the rule where you can't touch receiver about the five -- Now. How -- replied -- -- guides you toward doesn't get the topic game. -- -- -- Took a pitch behind a guy they propagate and -- suspect them -- I don't even know don't dispute that replay up and coming out of New York they're going to remember her game against the Yankees the big big -- And every word they went against Iraq when everybody could have been that it shouldn't have been -- direct talks -- political went on to delete. Like I act I'm not gonna play the conspiracy card here I don't think Joseph Torre year or any of these guys are out to get the Red Sox. They screw this one up. It will -- the first time I think it won't be the last time. OK but if they're not out at the Red Sox. And it is not. And Smart company. Don't really embrace. Conspiracy theories. What we have coming up here were all about conspiracy to start up that nobody can argue she really don't think about these conspiracy theories that really. If if Joseph -- got out to get the -- for. Any knows he screwed up why can't I can't explain what happened today. It doesn't it doesn't add. I've been in and out of sight I think the I think the dilemma that Torre in Major League Baseball had he has. The umpire screwed up they didn't even probe David Price out of the game how the heck am I gonna suspend him. Eating and get ejected from the game until they got out about all the time that's because funded -- got so much in baseball and I and I know for I know what happens in basketball in the NHL until but it baseball. I can't remember the last time -- I didn't even get injected got -- sorry. He's the judge and jury. Then make up for our guys screwed up I'm gonna make up for -- -- -- -- let them. 6177797937. -- on the cellphone -- of. Hey guys sorry you are wondering what's up I'm just I can't be the only one that started David Ortiz and whining it. It's fraudulent behavior eat it -- going to cancel its and so battles and wars and yet despite its steel. Yeah all in the battles and wars thing I was I was so upset about that really infuriated me. And it and it should but Jim Walsh no no no Jimmy shouldn't have -- gym there just a couple of words we're just a couple of words and you know what. Why doesn't bother me about David Ortiz he gets home runs that he wins games -- -- worlds -- lives -- young got the job -- some comments on the aggregate your. Right -- important. I mean the whole thing we came here and does he was a bad hitter steroid everything. Brushed under the carpet with he's a far both particulate the president of the United States he didn't play and it is now on -- -- Are you read a lot of dog guy that -- method to my madness you'll Red Sox fan. I'm a I'm a very good -- sought out at central long tanker. The last couple years of the last -- previous. They were a likable bunch -- guys. They are they were last year they are this year I like and sharing and all I think he ownership of a wonderful job that. And that's in the product made the ball our our. Far more enjoyable place to -- game what they have to work with. But at least it's disrespect to paying little to eat every year whines about a contract. It motivates them are afraid to even make it out tough for you Jim cute to root for the Red -- mean you look at last year and that's what -- -- honestly you know. And it has not the first time I've heard somebody say this about David Ortiz but. You said you're good Red Sox fan and you like so many things about the team was it tough for you last series -- the guy hitting 688 and they in the World Series. Oh Michael though not an alleged torture under the roof and on the steel poker and think he's a great hitter he's probably. The best clutch hitter. In that issue that terrible cheer for you just don't like the I don't like the act I think it's it's I think it's brought. The hole but and I am I tired Turkey accepted that she's expecting. And I got it I just want to hear -- let's say yeah give it credit I mean you sounds like you can do it. A lot of women -- -- to be able to compartmentalize. You have done a good job is once again the auto accident yeah. Pay for that that there but. Is able to stay in my integrity. Broad. What that reform. What's your form but don't like. Okay. -- -- people can't admit that so people do that but they don't have not I I don't. Understand I can have the to apologize to me is right to me it's a little strain. I. I guess there are people who root for Rajon Rondo but don't like yes yes. And I guess they're people who root for Brad marsh and and don't like -- -- yards -- yards from the other I mean there are guy. I'm sure if you're a Baltimore Ravens fan you're not thrilled with the Ray Rice and what he did during the offseason and you don't feel really comfortable group forum this coming season but many gives you three touchdowns in a game you'll be very happy. Don't like other play you play athletes you don't like personally but they do -- team just roll. You know is speaker Ray Rice you know you did something really really bad when you give a press conference in your wife is there at the press conference and she's speaking to know. And that was. -- a footage the footage that we saw was bad enough when he's pulling her off the elevator unconscious. But apparently there's footage that we didn't see where they are attacking each other. In the elevator still little tough test if it's -- April but look at it and -- no excuses now pro football player. Well conditioned athlete -- you make your living with your body. And you are a year and knocking your fiancee aren't content and human issue. Dexter says how are you giving this caller a hard time he's spot on I don't think we gave my -- all I don't -- -- to -- Larry what I try to do I do find it. Strange that -- Jim has his opinions about David Ortiz which are just as valid as anybody else's. And yet he he's willing to admit -- affected me at 688 the World Series I was kind of form at all. That that was about I was just trying to get that out of right it was a tough. Given his opinions about David Ortiz is it tough for him to root for the Red Sox he says no. He he sees the entertainment of the Red Sox in the entertainment of David Ortiz. And trying to -- the Red Sox David Ortiz hits a home run great. We're gonna go the other way instead are but I don't like. Some of the things that he does now one correction. And this is that I can't believe people still have this. This confusion. David Ortiz with not a bad hitter. In Minnesota. Ortiz hit his last year in Minnesota if you look at it now. There's a guy with the open yes that David Ortiz had his last year with the twins. Never would be released in Major League Baseball now power is just too scarce. People aren't -- it's gonna release a power hitter like that and and that's Terry Ryan I think was the GM has an effect and said Boyd and I screwed that up. Then if you look at his history in the minor leaks. As solid diluted 195. In -- miners. You we talk about this ascension up through the ranks. Thirteenth it would demo you bet I don't David Ortiz had a similar sentient. With the twins. So I mean it just say that that's an up popular narrative that's incorrect. -- Chicopee -- excellent Sports Radio is dale -- Thanks for Michael guys I don't want to issue the -- Ortiz. A situation and that's how the umpires handled our whole -- that the benches clearing brawl never happened. If they price when they're supposed to the warnings were given and that's my only issue there wouldn't event everything. Yeah. It would have been at Everett and I think because. It would stop right there and -- into it couldn't shop there. Calling it because I take issue with people who complain try to dictate morality. When it comes to hit a guy with a baseball. That. -- would always played if you Obama and English but you're gonna get the ball underrated I don't know what that. I backed up by I'm done for our -- gentlemen I want my picture -- like that. -- Martinez with the best of all time pitching like that. You play I want to be treated that way and you're gonna take it if they treat you with no respect them. Told -- agreed that that that comes with the proviso that you do with the right way. Absolutely. A -- you don't -- guys and and I think that probably the number one rule you don't go ahead outing and I don't think we saw Pedro do that. All that often that you want to play. When the emotions got the passable but. You're gonna that there aren't sure what you're gonna get a well yes you wanna play and you want you treated that way I think that makes you a better picture I think. I think that makes you a more competitive team and I think. It's good or bad publicity that I don't think it needs to go away at all. Well and it's similar to the people who defend fighting in hockey. You know that say you know there's nothing wrong -- -- you know men settling things the way men do wooden and in the people who say if you don't like it that's fine but it's the way the game is played in. And I I don't have a problem with pitchers throwing at hitters. In certain circumstances and doing at the right way. Agitated when it's a simple -- -- -- ticked off at yourself and you plunk somebody I want to shall blow around the bases or else open match your. I got a problem plunking him in the on the right on the next that Harry. It's time that these are stupid pills Moscow. Monday that I -- I don't hear me up. That's out of 7797937. What federal or California. Two questions number one of you whose brightness David -- -- David Ortiz -- either. -- -- everywhere. Every once in either -- they don't stupid answer there's a finals at Andrews. And it's going to be still Britain and ethically appropriate that. Please go and question two questions do. Number -- its top five quarterback right now. And if yes where does he rank if he's not where does -- rank Tom Brady and football. -- gave me. The stupidest thing you let's bring it out lightning round final drive coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.

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