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David Ortiz Pregame Reaction to David Price

Jun 3, 2014|

David Ortiz talks about getting hit by another David Price hit and has a very strong reaction.

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You know so it. You know make him. It's better you know when we got to pay for Christmas for you this is that the message don't get it right. So. And asks over there and. Let us yeah. Way too much evidence. He didn't Brooks. And now. And the funny thing is that we're the ones getting. Fine suspension and a constant and -- those rules -- photos. -- What he did and we'll support to buckle was tremendously did. You know. And call for me and that -- us you know we're getting you don't gonna hurt -- -- -- And and we -- and as we should know what you plan. Warming going out there and and for it to be the border which usually mix you know -- -- you send a message you know you you might -- a very yours. You know. There's. Places. Always they're bombing I don't think there's a Carl. Distances. Some property you know they say the first night and they always say the -- days from the and a summer in a sense. Say I think going to be in the game. We're -- -- -- can say that about myself. You know way. Is expected to do -- -- better -- to -- was look for excuses and say. You know and if you featured governor say yeah I had no purpose. Oh they're just so I was going to start my thoughts swirling and broke. Q are you saying walks and eighty meaning. You know which is doing out there you know and and and in my case. You know. When you there was a little confused Packers. You know I -- We everything that we went -- to -- before and stuff and I. Basically. Percy in the you know break. Up the game goes by start thinking about things and seeing things different and that's why I was so angry after the game. You know break. Think or more -- to a don't view this saying -- -- -- real -- -- -- -- -- to what they do in this business that's fair I think the rules you before the way. Saying we didn't start -- I think nobody -- when pitting anyway in the first inning. They did so. He keeps it. It's. Sometime this column all right after right after right after. -- everything's he understood. -- well he called me back certain time. And I apologize about the way he was the first time. What should think about. I was the -- -- called him he called me towards. First one he was saying that you may. We talked certainly give that. He -- right after the game rewriting. We were writing to. Think we're going back to Boston somebody is going -- -- going to camp 20 Cleveland Browns yeah yeah yeah -- with the up and home. So. Everything was fine. That's why. I mean it doubled us. Right after the play. And that the single that wouldn't leave me McPherson Brad it was almost got a real -- -- that's why I'm thinking. That's why -- like. -- do you -- that on purpose you know like. But like I say man you know I don't care about what you do what he doesn't do it more from this point and or care about what was that movie you know. Look at the case. Farmers. The point where I didn't start -- Portman didn't start visa. -- David what would you think it's unfair question -- do you think -- like quite. It's. I don't know and I don't want an always. Because I -- who was what everybody. I. Did that mean you figure that somebody -- -- him on purpose. Of ruled that it says right there you gonna follow -- But in this case since thinking that. -- for the entertainment field. Four. Issue a warning for us. Or. Later it. Car do you think the umpires probable. Thing. I think for May have very. You know. -- select SA -- and you have a warning. Up to somebody did hit. You're not allowed to see anyone get people we have for us but we've breaking ball what are your offense that -- trust -- No I must say day because of purpose you know -- You know you know with the situation of the game works they -- over the given worn -- -- What is it ten or -- got thrown out. It was just one pitch behind. Longoria. He got thrown out of the day. So ward told -- We're having him away. But the guy threw a -- behind Longoria he got thrown out of the game so what we're. What does it tell you that Longoria. Said he didn't have any problem. You know he understood. In fact these kids he said he wished they hadn't issued a warning so you guys could hit. Here. Like it's like -- -- the first and you know main. He got his feet Jews but that pitchers and they he always teammates and different. About doing what he did. And that's why don't go to more. Issues. Expecting being hit. You know say that's why guys had to be careful we. How sensitive thing there. Paul. How the mentality is going to be -- You know that we -- -- -- -- somebody gonna hit. That's out of my attitude that's articles and again that's what you -- part not given morning from the very beginning doesn't used to relay that. Did you think that is in fact. Added attention. To it by -- coupled. And I think I think players. From this point and on the -- mark a ball or they go over the business because it's a lot of things. Book one of the band that you don't wanna be is. Putting -- thing and the situation. You know thing in my case I my my point clear. And I never did it again now by him. Benefited you by him he did on purpose he he he taught me. Head covered this but so. I'm a grown ass man I've been around an excellent Diane and I know how to take care of business tomorrow. It used to be clear. Price caught up with him because he was standing at home plate after the second I guess it's. So excited they didn't look he he he he put -- at the poem by. -- I understand by the time -- us. He given up. He's not a loser. Mean he's a guy that I competition which just which which was what what that wherever my point clear when I took. I like they -- and you know like that I don't win -- -- the older and I know you wanna think you -- into the playoffs for whatever you know like a pretty good. And because of that I called me back later -- Because I didn't play like him if I wouldn't be angered him then -- would have been different way. I play I think I play good. Way. Basically he -- me because of what he did coming out that it was a war between man to man. And come back and do what he did. I think it wore us. Some bunkers. That the west is. So that's why I am standing by. The way him spend about access. I understand. That fact. You know. Guys. At some point -- like to do things. The way they surely did get a better feel. For make them feel better whatever. By. Probably that.

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