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Chin Ups, Pull Ups, and Kipping, 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

With a Chin-Up contest on the horizon, Merloni, Fauria, and Benz set the terms of their competition. Fauria wants to cheat and use his legs, and the callers let him know if that's allowed.

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61777979371. Angle we have not discussed as a relates to Kevin Love and whether or not it would be wise for the Celtics to acquire him and bring him. Two New England is this how many -- skating -- Thought I guess you boarded up from practice on that. You my he was set to Canada might have gone on -- -- beta tested it became self a jumping off point and only did an hour reset this for people who don't know where Sharpton about it. The top hockey draft prospect as a kid named Sam Bennett he's the number one's Gator. In the North American central scouting service -- they have the NHL he seventeen. Eighties believed to be the best. Hockey prospect in North America but he can't do a single pull up there's a polyp test as part of the NHL draft scouting combine it can't always single. Pull up. I thought to myself. What's been awhile since I've done a poll up. Maybe I shouldn't be so critical let me see if I can actually go out do one to work out -- was 100% honest and forthright. And you frankly admitted that you could not do a single poll I. When I say that yesterday. You said he didn't think that you could do a single aren't new poll are you -- to do -- isn't really want to do -- -- I forget you guys are I didn't buy it could never do pull ups when I was like. No training when I was playing when -- always in shape. I was a guy attic I mean my sick he would -- polyps I was in the got to put forty pounds around my waist and continue to do like some. Idea even I would -- no way whatsoever I always struggled to polyps 'cause I'm bottom -- pictures here you'll. I don't know like secretly do you do ten now you -- fat and yes I will. Hello Joey that's what I say and I don't know see Trot Nixon yeah they -- -- that he can do depends on the handling up to the bar or. I looked at a bargain do that just fine let's go to this stage in my life that's really all that matters although there was little that my shirt wouldn't stay tucked in with the idols I -- Pulitzer differently like the question is we destroy our -- hey why Null or not how we just -- you're not my point is that we just paying here we're not allowed to use our lower body to push up. Did you get -- -- -- at least bill you can't just -- your legs and why not crucial is that she basically got. Doubt if you're talking about how awesome is your -- the military when they do -- that they're kicking their knees up to do pull up in the -- and they -- it got sure so we needed to push those guidelines which went on what you need on the ground dope -- Bows at bio the female ambassador to you know push up. That's the column. That's what I would -- were talking about it Paula. And not talk about it chin up -- which is just changing your your hands easy with the original deal that significantly and so you're not gonna move would pull him you tell me you're not gonna move your lower body at all mostly -- nothing straight up straight down well swimming -- three added three -- like a Bart -- -- what have you heard accused. Bart -- Our corn back OK no kids in the legs and when my wife -- not black and ask for your legs to get momentum. Right it just don't hit you -- you're on you're on like for an OK -- your stride I -- -- -- -- -- Your right I know you're not gonna try to kick your knees up filing. -- to go get some one now I know I drop Yahoo!. Is it -- we get short. Rules here as to what I'm setting the rules that and you you can pick your legs and go to -- do bench pressing -- allowed -- bounce it up -- -- like -- African -- well issue -- videotape this is gonna be on line and everybody is courtesy -- kicking your legs like -- try to you know if there's a difference -- putts you can how would rather not that's -- if that's what we're doing it all the -- going to be lower spinal -- thing you can't -- -- -- It's up pull up of course and bred birds pull up -- ultimately pull up. -- -- Would -- duties 31 pull ups needed a wide grip swing and his legs -- he wasn't swinging his legs around recognize Nancy. People are it's -- like the common -- bench -- right. So obviously you can't you can bounce -- RG one. Don't tell you go to outflow suggests a lot about the key is the lockyer -- So you can't halfway -- lot and just act like it is Ellis not to expand. And you get credit for one coming down -- of all you want. OK but as far as that -- up girls. Our campus -- and uptown use W over under six and half you should be able to users and this is what I'm asking you right now. You'll know well that. I would rather I don't -- pull open not swing my knees and have the number be lower than swing around like I'm doing what I don't think I'll figure you're not it's still a whole lot. IPod whatever -- can do about it of course Ursula. I don't care. I don't like these I'm tired bat out bodies. I don't care and we do web pages last pleased that the violence in -- My credit card that I didn't pop idol loser has the bias that. I. I'm not loosely by a goal and I don't do a lot of good tries these -- gather all out he's got ready I -- -- Republicans always cheat no -- DePaula would not trying to pull up instead of by -- cynical hard you know. -- to put -- freaking wait 45 pounds he was top heavy bottom that. Two in election -- saying you can usually -- real quick before we step aside a year and we do have some Red Sox -- that I wanna get to specifically about Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz but tell me what you're saying about the military angle to this because I wanna find somebody in the military that's going to back your -- That says it's okay. For the drill sergeant to stand by and let you keep your legs like a thirteen year old Ariel look at stripes watch the movie stripes. So that's that's your contention gonna put this out of our hair out like -- -- -- brought great for anybody who's in the military I well look it up pull off military stuff pull you out if there's somebody in the military please call -- 61777979837. Is it allowed to kick your legs up and down. To make it official poll up if you're in. Army -- no I don't think it is dead saying. Now saying no now or did text 379372. Girls you've the got it just gets the whole law happened public. Bad just different -- -- girl girls girls isolation and Carlin at the should be doing 20 that's right. Every now and then you have -- one where the picture now. All of the I don't camps gives a different answer to skip. I can't -- pull up with the legs your. Figure out -- across the people. Where are you -- phone lines are lit up like Chris mystery girl will come on back and its response. So what do you do for a living. I lift things up and put them all. Season I lift things up and put the dollar and okay here's this strengths are kind of things I've been put them down. We're here himself and put the dog. Here's the line was -- Sinister trade about our keeping vs Milosevic -- -- you're just tuning in moved Christian and I -- on baloney Fauria and bends to the days and at the we got into it over the top hockey prospect Sam Bennett. And the fact that he can't to a pole up which we thought was odd for highly trained highly conditioned athlete. Lou and -- of these same opinion and Joey are producers well but it pull up is simply holding onto the bar in pulling oneself up. You've brought up the idea of chipping which has swinging your legs back and forth with your biggest cheating I think it's cheating Lou you brought the topic of momentum. When practicable to pull out yeah I do that it's -- understand. Today working different parts of your body but it's not. In -- it was in military style pool up so I brought it up in that fashion Christian estimate. -- Chris Gilani I'm not in the military but a lot of military guys -- crossed it. Which uses a -- pull up what Christie's talking about. We have the phone lines lit up with people. Document camping vs pull ups we're going to put the exact Tesla let's get -- -- Christian doing pussycat. You know although it -- herself. -- join you in the military. Yes -- -- other -- little more than a year ago so these Christian right about this is this an acceptable form of pulling up or now. No it's not if you kill and eat it training in the morning. So like other people said the next electoral corporate crust it's -- depicting pull up every day. -- we need to do an actual at our ports. This sort of suck it elects. Don't make you stop in the -- -- -- when you start to elect. So we -- to stop it as soon as Christians starts kicking. That's the dividing line like girl I know so that would hold on a letter. There's -- -- -- is arguing there's a few errors that is why it's so that's what you're defining a whole lot that's what you guys do old school. -- -- -- I am new age progressive. I'm duplicates. Is Whitney oh wait you written right now bode well at the new balanced him tomorrow. The discussion started with this kid at the NHL com by -- you wanna call. Were they doing kip things we couldn't do one or that you're doing well I like the rest of the world. Believe he was doing a pull up old school grandfather pull out where you have to keep your body completely still. Go all the way up all the way down that's one no no rocking yourself back and forth no using your legs to. Catapult yourself a little higher even out yet I get somebody chips -- But -- does it. I feel that I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- has to go over the ball -- could not sure you're light over the bar. The medical equipment shipping admitting when you go up. Can you can't sit at their pitcher Chien over the bar in the kind of wraps that might happen -- have to -- that that -- -- zero. Always do what we do this other machine would you put your -- you get your feet on that -- got to give yourself a little push on that yet another machine bikinis that. No I assume those are beginning articulates at least that number. And that Olmert under you wouldn't fix yet for now. I think you were -- -- for flat outlets want I have a reason -- -- want it to you and yeah I like he just got a football knowledge I have not done a poll out. 6000 -- as -- -- all day you walk through at his beach -- is pool parties water publisher circle aliens on Musharraf and its upright. Why do you go to show up at the break a button like I did it get tired just intimidation. That his Lou that's intimidation -- coming in my my gym clothes. Tomorrow morning I'm not messing around I have to go early discounted beta test myself just like no. Because oh. Beat you go to the pool and keep your shirt on the beach in your socks and they'll do everything at dinner when you're eating yet this year roughly at our entire life outside toddlers and always have those cargoes that totally partners that -- it to where their shirts. Who calls listen I'm not -- you obviously shares have. Nine no not. Well liked DuPont why didn't just look hypocritical -- I could -- I -- up. Mike Nash who's gonna get your back Christian hi Mike. Hey Christian I haven't -- -- exploded in the Marine Corps. But ten years ago any -- a -- he can't Al can't look at that let go wrong. -- -- -- Darryl Carr were you in the Marines is well -- yet Iowa all camaraderie can't they used there's two. What else did you guys do for trading Dow is gonna go to a apparently we're gonna go through -- now a marine worked out give me some other work out things that we can do. -- elite push -- sit -- -- -- run without without the heat goes and actually you know. Ed it up and reviled -- chin ups and -- and that's this rocket ship bearing the ball up at the same thing we're. There you go here's the deal. By the defense that -- but you can use your legs. All -- consensus that not everybody agrees that consensus. Okay fine. Fine you you you can't move at all doable ways we'll do a kid -- -- just doesn't care about comedy is sleazy Lou has to care more. Has Lou automatically to consult on America's -- -- loses -- have yet to come out of an analyst edited I don't like that -- to you so it's like is there's only three of us. The automatically doesn't count. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll do that -- after pull ups right right tips after pull ups unacceptable that's fine little ball. -- Now the tipping it looks like there's an actual technique to this we swaying back and forth and now it looks like your ads as well and that's what you're suggesting to better exercise. Because it's more and inclusive mobile most engaging everything you'll be sorely at some joy and I am did you get into bounced him cross the street in order to camps. Three sets of through that the ten. Okay and I'm telling him that he will be sort is all get out. The next day his whole core and is is shall restore his comically solar -- -- -- store who won't -- your -- at some point -- why else. Sure that if you have if you do if you do you -- camps like Q do you you'll obviously have a much better technique. The Tim and I -- would be better. Not see that's the thing I will definitely be better yet just because it is done this so my point is so instead of calling it can't -- to say you can -- relates. You don't have to do to -- motion because you'll probably really chipped tooth and -- the the technique first when your legs at the same time pointers sop up. Scott opinion about the learn so just be able to usual legs usually momentum but to say that. You can use all your momentum to do the poll should or eyes and Pedroia start camping I'm a little bit more maybe three. I already habits so -- coming -- -- sister who -- that the contest shots -- that I. -- -- don't drop our pants that this agreement find out more -- Why that it. -- all of sudden it's highest -- you know don't tell you I know that I can't do so you wanna do something that nobody but you handle all -- I got to try and what I'm getting from music but if you're not gonna -- not going to won easily in and they have done -- -- -- legal as I was like and what I'm telling you. Is that I can't do with them so we did try to -- is basic and. You start opposite okay Kampman has got questioned the kid who can't -- -- is going to be playing in the and number one draft choice okay it was pulled and we now. The next thing is that Christians which counts as both to a slam dunk contest to see how I can't -- I can't -- carpet let's do that yeah. That door right now let me -- -- -- and I.

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